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REALTOR Update December 2011

Published by the Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®

Ramblings of the CEO


was thinking of everything that I want to say in my first article for the VPAR Update and I had a little piece of paper with so many things on it that almost every corner was full. It looked like the title of my article should be “Ramblings of the CEO”. I then thought it would be fun to change what C.E.O. stood for, but then thought that was too much work. Then I thought.... get the rambling part? As 2012 begins, we want to know what you, the member, want from your Association. A short survey will be going out in December. There will be simple 10 questions that will range from education, to RPAC, to how you want to be communicated with and if you are even reading the Update. If you reply to the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for free education. And to one better the survey, my goal is visit each office and talk to you about the direction of the Association and where we can help you most in your business. We need to have ongoing communications during these trying times so when we get to the other side, together we are stronger. I wanted to say that we have unique challenges, but to make that statement would be completely false. Do we have challenges? YES! But unique, no. As you have seen in your businesses, the Association has had a decline in operating funds, which the staff has been diligently working to cut expenses but not the quality of our services. We are revamping our events and education, creating areas of non dues revenue, and streamlining the overall operation of the Association. Now on a personal note, as all of you know I am from South Dakota by way of Michigan. I have heard many times that we, my family and I, will love your winters but please be warned that you have jinxed yourselves by saying those statements so when it snows record amounts, please don’t call me and blame me. While I will enjoy it, I will feel for all the warm weather people. But seriously, I have been welcomed to Virginia and VPAR with the most genuine love, kindness and support. My first month has been filled with meetings, learning VPAR, events, education and unpacking. But with each new day, someone else welcomed and helped me. On behalf of my family, husband Earl and son J.P. and myself, THANK YOU! With that my ramblings are complete for this month, from my family to yours, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


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REALTOR® Update The Official Publication of the Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS® Officers President Sheila Dann, ABR, GRI, SFR President-Elect Pamela McKinney, ABR, GRI Treasurer Sharon Snyder-Bartels Immediate Past President Dale Chandler Directors Carol Davanay, ABR, GREEN • Kimi Dornan, ABR, GRI, SFR Theresa Embler • Lynn Grimsley, ABR, AHWD, CRS, GRI, SRES Chandra Patterson • Regina Scott Barbara Lassley, ABR, SFR Chief Executive Officer - Dana R. Holben, RCE, e-PRO Advertising Policy While this magazine makes reasonable effort to establish the integrity of its advertisers, it does not endorse advertised products or services unless specifically stated. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement at anytime. Advertisements refused may include, but are not limited to, those that are legally questionable, that may support products or services of questionable standards, or that are inconsistent with the high professional standard of the Code of Ethics of the Association. Advertising is open to REALTOR® members, member firms, affiliate members and non-members. Product advertising is limited to residential subdivisions, commercial, or industrial units and real estate related products and services, excluding personal listings. Equal Opportunity Policy VPAR is pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity. The Association encourages and supports an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, elderliness, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Notice VPAR does not fix, control, recommend, suggest, or maintain commission rates or fees for services rendered by cooperating members or non-members. Editor Tina M. Sparks REALTOR® Update is published monthly by the Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS® as a service to its membership. Correspondence and requests for advertising packets should be mailed to REALTOR® Update, Attention: Tina M. Sparks, Editor, 1001 North Campus Parkway, Hampton, VA 23666 or call VPAR at (757) 599-5222. You may also contact the editor by e-mail at



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President’s Message by Sheila Dann, 2012 VPAR President


ith my first article as President, I want to take a few minutes to thank and congratulate so many people.

First, Congratulations to our 2011 Award Winners: Dewey Hutchins, Sandy White, Pam Strahorn-Roe, Olivia Laurenn, Brian Lytle, Valerie Smoot, Dennis Buckley and Robert “Sully” Sullivan. Congratulations to our 2012 Board of Directors: Pamela McKinney Lewis, Dale Chandler, Sharon Snyder-Bartels, Lynn Grimsley, Chandra Patterson, Barbara Lassley, Kimi Dornan, Carol Davanay, Regina Scott and Theresa Embler. We have many challenges ahead for 2012 but I know we will work together to ensure our members are successful in their business. Thank you to our outgoing Board of Directors: Michelle Pollock, Zoran Pajevic, Sam White and Tom Sullivan. We will make sure the hard work you have done with VPAR will continue. Dale, I want to thank you for your leadership and guidance through a challenging year. You kept us moving forward with grace, vision and wisdom. Thank you to our 2012 Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs who have graciously accept my call and agreed to work with me to grow our association. We will be calling and meeting with you soon. Pamela, Dana and I just returned from the VAR Leadership Training in Charlottesville. We learned a lot and exchanged ideas with other Virginia local associations.


VPAR has an outstanding reputation and we hope to continue that tradition. Our Association is strong because of our membership. Please stay involved. If you would like to serve on a committee, contact Dana or myself. We always need committee members. Remember, we sell the American Dream of Home Ownership so families are secure under their OWN roofs. Happy Holidays!

Expanding Housing Opportunities A Vital Tool in Today’s Market

The Expanding Housing Opportunities course developed by the National Association of REALTORS® is designed to help REALTORS® understand affordable housing issues and how they can help increase housing opportunities through affordable housing.

Employer-Assisted Housing The Employer-Assisted Housing Class Program teaches REALTORS® how to work with employers to offer home-buying education and financial housing benefits to employees.

Both courses are coming to VPAR in February! Mark your calendars for February 22nd and February 23rd. More information and registration flyer will be available in the coming weeks and will be posted on the website as well as sent out through email. December - page 4 November2011 2009 - page




Legal Corner by Brian Lytle, Attorney

Sellers of a Confusing Kind


continue to see agents get confused when the seller is not the normal husband and wife or individual. Chief among these sellers of a confusing kind are estates. In Virginia, when an owner of property dies his interest in the property will transfer in one of three basic ways (excluding trusts): (a) by will (testate), (b) by intestate succession (no will), or (c) by other operation of law, e.g. by the survivorship provision in a deed. The last isn’t really a problem and you see this all the time, all the settlement agent will need is evidence of death, i.e. a death certificate. The first two involve the administration of the estate of a decedent, and it is those two circumstances that most confound agents and sellers. I think the easiest way to understand this is to recall something you already know: typically property is transferred by a deed recorded in the clerk’s office. But a deceased person can’t sign a deed, so when someone with a will dies the will acts as his or her “deed,” and upon recordation the will transfers title to the individuals named in the will, called devisees, just like a deed. So, if you are about to take a listing you know involves a will you want to find out if the will has been recorded because the devisees will almost always be your sellers. But suppose there is no will? Well, the Virginia General Assembly has written one for people who die without one -- it is called the Statute of Descents and it will specify the heirs-at-law of the REALTOR7 REALTOR7Update Update

But since there is no will to record, how do the heirs establish legal ownership? They establish their ownership by a list of heirs (a form) executed under oath and recorded in the clerk’s office. Legally a list of heirs isn’t like a deed in the same way a will is like a deed, but it is as a practical matter. So, at this point it is fairly easy: if there is a will then it gets recorded and if there is no will then a list of heirs is prepared and recorded, and the appropriate one tells you who your owners are, that is the ones who will sign your listing agreement, the contract, and the deed. What about executors and administrators? How do they fit in this? An executor is the person, or persons, charged with the administration of the estate of a testate (with a will) decedent. An administrator is the person charged with the administration of the estate of an intestate (without a will) decedent. Virginia law strongly favors using the personal estate to pay bills and so in the normal case neither an executor nor an administrator will have anything to do with the real estate and it transfers as noted above. Administrators do not have the inherent authority to sell estate real estate, so an administrator will have to seek and obtain court permission to sell it – you will almost never have a listing being sold by an administrator. Executors look to the will itself for their power, authority and direction regarding real estate. First, the will might direct the executor to sell the real estate and disburse the proceeds, in which case the executor follows the will and sells it. Second, the will might authorize and empower the executor to sell the real estate but not direct it. In this latter case the executor has the power to divest the devisees and sell the real estate – it is this scenario where you might (continued on page 13)

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GovernmentalAffairs AffairsUpdate Update Governmental Susan Gaston, Governmental Affairs Consultant byby Susan Gaston, Governmental Affairs Consultant



Hampton OVPAR met with Senior Planner Keith Canaday to discuss a variety of issues, ranging from the ongoing revisions to the City’s 50-year old Zoning Ordinance (a process in which VPAR has been highly involved) to blight and neighborhood issues, to the City’s and VPAR’s respective legislative packages. We maintain ongoing discussions with professional staff in all jurisdictions in our efforts to be a resource to area localities. O VPAR filed an amicus brief in support of the developer and the City in the case of the Parade of Homes vs. Buckroe Beach Bay Front Park Committee that will be heard by the Virginia Supreme Court. Legal fees increased for the cost of the brief will be paid out of the VAR Legal Action Funds. O Ft. Monroe, under the leadership of Executive Director Glenn Oder, is the region’s largest real estate transaction in decades. But there is a glitch in how properties may move forward, in that state Code allows the properties to be leased, but not sold. VPAR has been asked to provide input into this issue and will be working with Mr. Oder and the Authority for relief from this provision. The issue likely will be discussed toward the middle of this month.


Poquoson OIn early November, VPAR met with the City Manager, Randy Wheeler, regarding the City’s desire to increase its marketability within the real estate community. To that end, VPAR and the City will be co-hosting a REALTOR® DAY in POQUOSON during the spring. The event, which will be held in the City and may include bus and walking tours of key areas of the City, will include meetings with Mayor Hunt, discussions with the City Manager and interaction with key staff in the City. Civic and business leaders also will be engaged. More details will be announced as the agenda is constructed! OVPAR will be providing housing data, including sales, prices, average number of days on the market, etc. to the City Council at the beginning of next year. VPAR has offered this information to all area municipal governments.

York County OThe County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors last month voted to defer revisions to the agriculture and aquaculture sections of the Zoning Ordinance in order to assess any legislation that may emerge from the 2012 General Assembly. VPAR has been engaged with the this issue for several months, affirming its long-standing position that Permissive Zoning, which generally prohibits uses of land unless they are expressly permitted as primary uses or can be found to be accessory to a permitted use, is important for the protection of property rights. (Contrast that to Prohibitory Zoning which allows any and all uses not expressly prohibited by ordinance.

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Governmental GovernmentalAffairs AffairsUpdate UpdateContinued! Continued! Want to be an R-Man? This land use doctrine is rare throughout the Unit-


ould you like to be the first to participate in ed States.) VPAR also expressed its opposition to NAR’s newest way to keep you informed of any legislative effort to limit or eliminate special breaking news? Sign up for the REALTOR® Mouse permits, which offer landowners adjacent to bile Action Network (we like to call it R-MAN), and permittees the opportunity to weigh in on zoning you’ll receive text messages right on your mobile issues during the legislative process, rather than phone with instant and important information. We’ll be limited to pursuing changes in the court sysalso use R-MAN to communicate with you when we tem. Much more to come on this important issue. need your help. It’s not a Call for Action (CFA), but rather and way to alert you to OThe O a quick County is easy edging forward toward thean impending or toforconnect you with your Member revision CFA process its Comprehensive Plan. ofVPAR Congress an instant callimportant to relay vital REALwill befor involved in this process TOR® Visit as http://www.realtoractiona resource to the and hasinformation. offered to serve County for this purpose. for more details and to subscribe to this service!

State R

angel, Pelosi Comment about Tax Credit Extension - At a press conference on October 8, House Pelosi (D-CA) responded OThe O Speaker 2012 General Assembly Sessionfavorably conwhen about the January likelihood11th. of extending venesasked on Wednesday, With 16 the first-time homebuyer credit. When asked new members of thetax House of Delegates andabout six the possibility housing legislation, new membersofoffurther the Senate of Virginia, thisshe 60-responded “Yes, theresession is underwill consideration whether day “long” budget be busy as elected we extend the first timeadoption homeowners credit. And the officials move toward of a new state question is, would thatmultiple be just policy first time homeownbudget, and consider decisions. ers or leadership would you isopen it upintoboth other purchasers New in place chambers, andof homes?” She shedthe no Senate further light on whether notably for VPAR, Majority Leader isthe credit beK. expanded, note that the cost Sen. would Thomas Norment,but Jr. did (R-3rd). of an expansion would be the major consideration OVPAR, O decision in conjunction in the process. with VAR, continues to work on legislative initiatives that will be carried asked for comment, WireinSerin thehen 2012 Session. VAR willBloomberg sponsor 9 bills vicesSession reports that Chairman Rangel (D-NY) the 2012 said, “There’s no question that I think it should be extended; for how long, we should discuss.” As yet, Agency Professionalism – A “catch-all” bill no formal and action has been announced. drawn to Title 54.1 regarding real estate ouse Extends for Military, Intelligence licensees, this bill Credit will accomplish several tasks, and Diplomatic Personnel The has including any necessary “clean up” fromHouse our large voted 416 0 to extend through 2010 the benefits Agency Bill from the 2011 Session, as well as implementing the recommendations made by the Professionalism Work Group.



the first-time homebuyer taxofcredit to fixes” military, There are other elements “small thatintelliwill gence and diplomatic personnel. To be eligible, pin be accomplished in this legislation. 2009. The measure (H.R. 3590) now goes to the Senate. Timing and process for its consideration of Appraiser Management Companies – The Fedare unknown. eral Dodd-Frank Act requires states to bring Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) under VPIsupervision Interim Complaint Process in Nothe and authority of Available their regulatory vember 2009 The Independent Valuation Proboards for Appraisers. In Virginia, that is the Real tection Institute (IVPI) was announced as an inteEstate Appraiser Board. Understanding that cregral part of theregulatory Home Valuation of Conduct ating a new programCode in Virginia is a (HVCC). The purpose of the IVPI is receive slow process, we recommend taking thetolead and complaints beginning itfrom now.appraisers and users of appraisal services on the improper influence or attempted imLandlord and Tenant – A billThe for IVPI Landlord Tenproper influence of appraisers. has not yet ant Act modifications recommended tocurrently handle been established but anisinterim web site is a variety of smaller issues that have arisen this under development. year, including which portions of the Virginia LandMae and Freddie Mac to announced lordannie and Tenant Act are applicable residentiala complaint form willmay appear on the interim dwelling units, howthat rents be accepted with Independent Valuation Protection Institute (IVPI) reservation, and more. While not always exciting, Complaint Webrevisions site. Theare complaint is for these annual generallyform made withdeman onstration purposes only and is not available for fileye to avoiding costly litigation. ing a complaint until the Web site is publicly availProperty Owner Associations and Condominiable in November 2009. The Web site, http://www. um Act – A broad bill for Property Owner, will collect complaints Associafrom any tions about and Condominium Act issues is recommendparty non-compliance with the HVCC or ated to address issues that haveofarisen throughout tempted improper influencing appraisers or the the year. This year’s concerns include delays in appraisal process. receiving vital information regarding owner ocHA May Further Delay Implementation of New cupancy and delinquency, as well as exempting Condominium Rules The new condominium auctioned property from - various provisions. If approval processtounder Letter 2009-19 we are unable build Mortgagee broad consensus around was to issues, be effective for allwill case numbersdeferring assigned these VAR likely recommend on after October 1, 2009. While the new thisorbill to 2013. ***THIS LEGISLATION WILLeffecBE tive date is BY for case numbers assigned on or after CARRIED DELEGATE BRENDA POGGE (RNovember 2, CARRIED 2009, NAROUR understands that the new 96th), WHO POA LEGISLATION effective date may be delayed even further. The site IN 2011.*** condo and manufactured housing condo project changes that have already taken effect are not affected by this delay. However, all other rules of the condominium program remain in effect. For example, lenders are permitted to offer spot loans until the new condominium rules go into effect.




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Governmental GovernmentalAffairs AffairsUpdate UpdateContinued! Continued! Want toRental be anInspection R-Man? – The City of Fairfax Fairfax


ould you like to be the defying first to participate has persisted in stubbornly the Generalin NAR’sonnewest way of to Rental keep you informed Assembly the issue Inspection Or-of breaking Sign our up for REALTOR® Following verythe clear victory in the bile ActionAssembly Network last (we year, like toFairfax call it R-MAN), and General City revised you’ll receive text messages your mobile its non-conforming ordinanceright in aon different nonphone with instant important information. We’ll conforming way. and While negotiations will occur also use R-MAN to communicate with youthe when we between now and then, a bill to remedy most need your help. a Call for Action (CFA), but recent insult willIt’s benot introduced. rather a quick and easy way to alert you to an imBusiness andwithOccupational pending CFA Professional or to connect you your Member Tax – call REALTORS® a ofLicense Congress for (BPOL) an instant to relay vitalhave REALnumberinformation. of difficulties withhttp://www.realtoractionand objections to the TOR® Visit Business Professional and Occupational License Tax (BPOL). paytoBPOL taxes at for more detailsREALTORS® and to subscribe this service! the same rate as lawyers, accountants and physiangel, Pelosi we Comment about Taxare Credit Excians. However, are aware of and particitension At a press conference on October pating in a larger effort underway now that might8, House Pelosi (D-CA) responded lead toSpeaker elimination of the BPOL tax. Our favorably bill may when asked about the likelihood extending the become a vehicle for a separate of proposal, or be first-time homebuyer tax credit. When asked about deferred for study – but it is worth doing. ***NOTE the possibility of further housing legislation, she reTHAT THIS ISSUE EMERGED FROM VPAR’s sponded “Yes, there is under consideration whether 2012 LEGISLATIVE PACKAGE***. we extend the first time homeowners credit. And the Virginia is, SAFE This question wouldAct. that be justconsumer first time protection homeownmeasure wasyou required federal law,purchasers but the cur-of ers or would open itbyup to other rent exemptions dono notfurther expressly owner homes?” She shed light exempt on whether the financing from the burdensome credit would be expanded, but didrequirements note that theothcost placed on mortgage Most states oferwise an expansion would be thelenders. major consideration to address this issue now. inare theattempting decision process.



Tenant – In an issue on which much henUtility askedLiens for comment, Bloomberg Wire Serworkvices has been the past year,(D-NY) liens reportsdone that over Chairman Rangel placed on property as a result nonpayment said, “There’s no question that Iofthink it should of be utility billsfor byhow tenants caused many As negaextended; long, have we should discuss.” yet, tive consequences owners. A consensus of no formal action has for been announced. the affected parties is near, and a bill to reflect that ouse Extends Credit for by Military, consensus will be introduced VAR. Intelligence and Diplomatic Personnel - The House has Alternative Sewage At least voted 416 - 0 Onsite to extend throughSystems 2010 the–benefits one locality has exceeded its statutory authority in requiring cash bonds to be posted before it will approve alternative onsite sewage systems – in violation of the Dillon Rule.



the first-time homebuyer tax credit to military, intelliThis needs to be addressed legislatively, while gence and diplomatic personnel. To be eligible, pin negotiations are conducted with the locality 2009. The measure (H.R. 3590) now goes to the involved. Senate. Timing and process for its consideration of areOMark unknown. O your calendars for February 15, 2012,

VPAR’s Annual REALTOR® Day on the Hill! Look VPImore Interim Complaint Process Available for details in the coming weeks on thisin November 2009 The Independent Valuation critically important grassroots effort to pass theProtection Institute (IVPI) was announced as an inteREALTOR® Legislative Agenda! gral part of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC). The purpose of the IVPI is to receive complaints from appraisers and users of appraisal services on the improper influence or attempted improper influence of appraisers. The IVPI has not yet Congress been establishedRestores but an interim Loan web site Limits is currently under development. for FHA ast month, Congress passed legislation annie Mae and Freddie that would restore theMac FHAannounced mortgagea complaint form that will appear on interim loan limits back to 125% (instead of the 115%) of Independent Valuation Protection Institute local area median home price, and with a(IVPI) cap Complaint Web(instead site. The complaint form isInforother demof $729,750 of $625,500). onstration purposes only and is not available for filwords, the limits are back where they were in ing a complaint until the Web site is publicly availSeptember. The legislation will retain these limable in November 2009. 31, The 2013. Web site, http://www. its through December Congress did, will collect complaints any not restore the limits for Freddie Mac andfrom Fannie party about non-compliance with the HVCC or atMae, so they will stay at 115% of median up to tempted improper influencing of appraisers or the $625,500. The newly restored limits take effect appraisal process. immediately, but most lenders will probably await a Mortgagee Letter confirming the HA May Further from DelayFHA Implementation of new New limits, which is expected shortly. Many thanks to Condominium Rules - The new condominium all the REALTORS® who participated in our Callsapproval process under Mortgagee Letter 2009-19 for-Action on this issue! was to be effective for all case numbers assigned


Federal Issues



on or after October 1, 2009. While the new effecCongress Re-extends Flood Intive date is for case numbers assigned on or after surance to Dec. 16 November 2, 2009, NAR understands that the new n Nov. 17, 2011, Congress extended effective date may be delayed even further. TheNasite tional Flood Insurance Program condo and manufactured housing condo (NFIP) project authority through Dec. 16, 2011. Theare measure changes that have already taken effect not afwas a part of H.R. 2112, the so-called minibus fected by this delay. However, all other rules of the conference report combining annual condominium program remainthree in effect. Forspendexaming lenders bills withare another stopgap funding measure for ple, permitted to offer spot loans until the rest of the federal government. NAR is urging the new condominium rules go into effect. Congress


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Governmental GovernmentalAffairs AffairsUpdate UpdateContinued! Continued! Want an R-Man? to useto thebe additional time to complete work on a


ould youre-authorization like to be the first participate 5-year NFIP bill to (H.R. 1309) toin NAR’s newest way to keep youdisruption informedtoof provide certainty and avoid further breaking news? Sign up for the REALTOR® Moreal estate markets. bile Action Network (we like to call it R-MAN), and you’ll text messages right onBonds your mobile NARreceive Supports Covered phone with instant and important information. We’ll Legislation also use R-MAN to communicate with you when n Wednesday, November 9, NAR sent we a need letter your help. It’sSenate not a Call for Action (CFA),and but to the Banking, Housing, rather quick and easy way to alert you to anthe imUrbanaAffairs Committee supporting S. 509, pending CFA or to connect you with your Member “United States Covered Bond Act of 2011.” NAR ofbelieves Congress an instant to increased relay vital liquidREALthisfor legislation cancall offer TOR® information. Visit http://www.realtoractionity and safety of our commercial and tial secondary mortgage markets by creating a for more details and tofor subscribe to this service! statutory framework a covered bond market.



NAR has consistently supported angel, Pelosi Comment about legislation Tax Creditthat Exwould lead to a U.S. market for covered bonds,8, tension - At a press conference on October and will continue to work with key members of House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) responded favorably Congress to move toward this goal. NAR also when asked about the likelihood of extending the signed onto a coalition in When supportasked of S. about 509. first-time homebuyer taxletter credit. the possibility of further housing legislation, she reNAR Supports Loan Flexibility sponded “Yes, there is under consideration whether Legislation we extend the first time homeowners credit. And the n November NAR sent a letter to the question is, would16, that2011, be just first time homeownHouse Financial Services Subcommittee ers or would you open it up to other purchasersonof FinancialShe Institutions Consumer urging homes?” shed noand further light onCredit whether the them to approve H.R. 1723, the “Common Sense credit would be expanded, but did note that the cost Recovery of 2011,” introduced ofEconomic an expansion would Act be the major consideration by Representative Posey (R-FL). The bill would in the decision process. allow for regulatory flexibility that would create askedfor forhandling comment, Bloomberg Wire Sermorehen options maturing commercial vices loans, reportssuch that as Chairman Rangel (D-NY) real estate term extensions, modsaid, “There’s no workouts. question that I think itregulatory should be ifications, and Currently, extended; long, we should discuss.” As yet, scrutiny for is how preventing many commercial no formal from actiontaking has been announced. lenders actions that could avoid defaults, even for performing properties. NAR ouse allowing Extends commercial Credit for Military, Intelligence supports lenders flexibility to and Diplomatic Personnel The House has take steps that prevent defaults, and will continue voted 416with - 0 Congress to extend through 2010 the1723 benefits to work to promote H.R. and other steps that might help ensure the commercial real estate market does not hamper the already weak economy.




the first-time homebuyer tax credit to military, intelliFreddie Mac Amends Mandatogence and diplomatic personnel. To be eligible, pin ry Short Sale Affidavit Policy 2009. The measure (H.R. 3590) now goes to the n November 18, 2011, at the request of Senate. Timing and process for its consideration of NAR and the American Land Title Associaare unknown. tion (ALTA), Freddie Mac amended its policy regarding mandatory short sale affidavits. VPI InterimitsComplaint Process Available in NoThe purpose of the affidavits is to prevent vember 2009 - The Independent Valuationfraud Proby requiring the(IVPI) buyer,was the announced seller, the real estate tection Institute as an intebrokers, thethe escrow/closing agent, and of anyConduct transgral part of Home Valuation Code action facilitator to make various certifications (HVCC). The purpose of the IVPI is to receive (including that short sale an arm’s length complaints from the appraisers andisusers of appraisal transaction and the buyer will not resell within services on the improper influence or attempted120 imdays unless there are substantial proper influence of appraisers. Theimprovements). IVPI has not yet Servicers are required implement theischanges been established but an to interim web site currently by January 1, 2012, but are encouraged to do so under development. immediately. Each servicer covered by the policy must update formsFreddie to comply withannounced the reviseda annie Maeits and Mac policy. NAR members are encouraged to make complaint form that will appear on the interim sure they are signing an updated form if Independent Valuation Protection Instituteand, (IVPI) presented with an old form, are well-advised to Complaint Web site. The complaint form is for demrequest the servicer to and update or available allow amendonstration purposes only is not for filments to the form before they sign, to avoid ing a complaint until the Web site is publicly availpotential liability 2009. issues. able in November The Web site, http://www., will collect complaints from any For about detailsnon-compliance on these and important party with other the HVCC or atissues where VPAR is involved and serving tempted improper influencing of appraisers or the as a resource appraisal key policy decision makers, please contact Susan Gaston, VPAR’s LegislativeHA Consultant, at 757-871-1445 or by e-mail at May Further Delay Implementation of New Condominium Rules - The new condominium approval process under Mortgagee Letter 2009-19 was to be effective for all case numbers assigned on or Mark after October 1, 2009. While Your Calendars Nowthe fornew the effective date is for case numbers assigned on or after January General Membership Breakfast! November 2, 2009, NAR understands that the new effective date may be delayed even further. The site condo and manufactured housing condo project changes that have already taken effect are not affected by this delay. However, all other rules of the condominium program remain in effect. For example, lenders are permitted to offer spot loans until the new condominium rules go into effect.




January 24, 2012

8:30 a.m. Breakfast 9:00 a.m. Meeting

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“We Made It”


aturday, November 19th, brought together over 200 REALTOR®, Affiliates, family and friends to support the 2012 VPAR Board of Directors and to celebrate outstanding members with the 2011 Annual Awards at the Newport News Marriott at City Center. Those honored with VPAR Awards are: Affiliate of the Year – Brian Lytle Manager of the Year – Valerie Smoot Rookie Salesperson of the Year – Olivia Laurenn Salesperson of the Year – Dewey Hutchins Code of Ethics – Sandy White and Pamela Strahorn-Roe REALTOR® of the Year – Robert “Sully” Sullivan


he 2012 Board of Directors were also honored and sworn in by VAR Treasurer and 2005 VPAR President, John Daly. Installed as 2012 President was Sheila Dann with Abbitt Realty, who will be focusing on getting back to core services.

The 2012 Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors

Sheila Dann receiving her 2012 President’s pin from husband, Bob Dann Regina Scott and others with Prudential Towne Realty taking time out for a quick photo!


Additional photos can be found on pages 18 & 19

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2012 President Sheila Dann pictured with 2011 Code of Ethics Award Winners Sandy White and Pam Strahorn-Roe and 2011 President Dale Chandler.

Biran Lytle was awarded the Affiliate of the Year Award for the 2nd time! Receiving his plaque from 2011 Awards Chair Teresa Sullivan and 2011 President, Dale Chandler.


e want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our generous sponsors. Our sponsors are to REALTORS® what the risers and banisters are to a staircase – support and reinforcement in an economy in which the strength of the real estate industry functions as one of the most accurate barometers of the health of the economy itself. Supporter Sponsors Commonwealth Exterminating MetLife Home Loans Old Republic Home Warranty Old Virginia Mortgage Prosperity Mortgage Realty Executives Peninsula RE/MAX Peninsula Rose & Womble Realty Company The Real Estate Book Universal Pest & Termite Inc. and The 2011 Virginia Peninsula Board of Directors

Patron Sponsors 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty Fulton Mortgage Company Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly Kauffman & Canoles, P.C. Old Point Mortgage, LLC Peninsula Title Company Pro-Techs Exterminating Prudential Towne Realty Shaheen Law Firm


Towne Bank Mortgage Wells Fargo Home Mortgage William E. Wood & Associates VIP Sponsors Abbitt Realty Colonial Exterminating COX Communications First American Home Buyers Protection greg garrett Lytle, Title & Escrow National Exterminating PNC Mortgage Prime Lending Presidential Sponsors Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group* REIN, Inc.* Smith & Peters Attorneys at Law SunTrust Mortgage - Hampton/Newport News* * Denotes Platinum Partners

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Legal Corner Continued by Brian Lytle, Attorney

Second, the will might authorize and empower the executor to sell the real estate but not direct it. In this latter case the executor has the power to divest the devisees and sell the real estate – it is this scenario where you might have some closing issues because the settlement agent (title insurer) is going to want to know why the executor is selling the real estate instead of letting it pass to the devisees and to make certain nothing is awry. Do you as an agent need to know and understand all of this? Honestly, I don’t think so, and I certainly would not want you to interpret a will, or give advice regarding probate, or to prepare a list of heirs. All I really want you to know is that it is complicated, that the analysis almost always involves the practice of law, and that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. What you do need to do in each and every estate seller circumstance is make sure your prospective seller sees a lawyer (and/or you should consult a lawyer) before you take the listing and emphatically before you accept an offer – because you need to know who signs, how they sign, and what they will need to do in order to close a sale, and any such action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. As always, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


re you making to lose weight your New Year’s Resolution?

The Staff at VPAR is looking to trim some of the fat from their waist in 2012. We are looking for individuals who would like to join Weight Watchers in the work place here at the VPAR building and would like to have the support from your friends here at VPAR. Call or email Dana at 757-5995222 or Join us in 2012 for a Healthy YOU! REALTOR7 REALTOR7Update Update

Home Ownership Matters  For every two homes sold, one job is created.  Each home purchased pumps up to $60,000 into the economy.  Home ownership accounts for over $2 trillion of the U.S. GDP.


lick on the image and ad the Home Ownership Widget to your website! This free widget is an easy way to display up-to-date home ownership matters news on your Web site or blog. The latest stories and links from NAR on the topic are automatically fed to the widget (the current articles rotate every five seconds).

RPAC is your business! As you can see there are many issues that VPAR is involved with. RPAC is the only political group in the country organized for REALTORS®, run by REALTORS® and exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®. Think of your RPAC contribution as an investment. The best investment you’ll ever make in your business and yourself. RPAC is your best insurance against poorly designed small business and commercial real estate legislation. If you’re not giving your fair share to RPAC, you’re not doing all you can to better your profession, your business, and yourself.

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Peninsula Real Estate School Owned and operated by the

Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®

8 HR Broker Management Course Modules I & II Location

Time for ALL Classes


VPAR Building 1001 North Campus Parkway Hampton, VA 23666

Module I: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Module II: 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

$30 per module for Members $35 per module for Non-Members

Module I & II Class Schedule Wednesday, Jan. 25

Thursday, Sept. 27

Module I

Module I

Module II

Module II

Monday, July 16

 Understand the importance of keeping pace with emerging the immerging trends in the real estate business now and in the future.  Recognize the power the consumer holds in the marketplace and real estate companies must adjust to today’s consumer driven business.  Discuss changes that have impacted today’s real estate businesses and the job of managers and changes that could challenge both in the future.

Broker Management Module II * Communications Issues and Policies * RESPA * Fair Housing * Controlled Business Arrangements

Payment MUST be made at time of registration. Register online at and click on Member Service Center to register or email to: VPAR reserves the right to cancel a class if less than 10 people are registered. Students must give 48 hours notice of cancellation for a full refund.





Broker Management Module I

Building Your Offense Insuring Against Risk Dispute Resolution Property Disclosures Anti trust

Complete form and fax to 757-596-3911. Payment MUST be made at time of registration.


Module I Module II

    

Registration Form

Phone: Email: License # Exp. Date:

Method of Payment Check

Master Card


Bill office

Credit Card #: Exp. Date: Signature:

VPAR Member: $30 Per Module

Non-Member: $35 Per Module

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(757) 888-2324

For Information, Call Jackie Findlay, Mid-Atlantic Residential

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I64 West, take exit 247 toward Yorktown/NWS Rt. 238/Yorktown Rd. Travel approx. 2 miles, right on Dogwood Rd., left on Foster Rd. , continue straight onto Maple Rd., right on Mulberry Ct. to the site. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Rivanna II 405 Maple Rd. Immediately 1,765 $239,000 Staunton 402 Baptist Rd. Immediately 1,834 $255,000 Roanoke 12/105 Maple Rd. Immediately 2,305 $298,000 Nottoway 9/107 Mulberry Ct. Immediately 2,675 $327,250 Turquoise 13/103 Maple Rd. Immediately 2,729 $329,000

Open F - M 1-5 p.m.

Oak Ridge York County, Newport News



(757) 888-2324

By Appointment Only

The Pointe at Jamestown Williamsburg



(757) 220-5566

For Information, Call Jackie Findlay, Mid-Atlantic Residential

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I64 West, take exit 247 toward Yorktown/NWS (Rt. 238/Yorktown Rd.). Go East on Rt. 238/Yorktown Rd., travel approximately 1 mile, turn right onto Taliaferro Rd. to the site. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Roanoke 1/613 Taliaferro Rd. Immediately 2,305 $305,000 Pearl II 5/621 Taliaferro Rd. 30 Days 2,762 $305,000 Rivanna II 8/627 Taliaferro Rd. 45 Days 1,765 $240,000 Roanoke 7/625 Taliaferro Rd. 45 Days 2,305 $295,000 Smith 6/623 Taliaferro Rd. 45 Days 2,494 $300,000 Smith 3/617 Taliaferro Rd. 45 Days 2,494 $300,000

For Information, Call Kathleen Hazelwood, Abbitt Realty

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I64, take the Busch Gardens//Rt. 199 exit, turn left on Jamestown Rd. Rt. 31, right on 4-H Club Rd. Rt. 680, and then right on Sir Thomas Way, then left on Yeardley Loop to the site. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Nottoway 111/4747 Yeardley Loop 30 Days 2,675 $344,000

By Appointment Only

Peleg’s Point Williamsburg



(757) 220-5566 Open F - M 1-5 p.m.

Semple Cove Hampton



(757) 825-8400

For Information, Call Kathleen Hazelwood, Abbitt Realty

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I64 West, take the 199 West exit 242A toward Williamsburg. Turn left on Jamestown Rd., slight left on Neck-o-Land Rd., left on Williamsburg Glade, left at Benomi Dr. to the site. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Powell 83/2140 Benomi Dr. Immediately 2,278 $300,000 Appomattox 108/2119 Benomi Dr. Immediately 2,559 $327,000 Pearl II 105/4780 Peleg’s Way Immediately 2,762 $364,000 Mattaponi 78/2116 Benomi Dr. 30 Days 2,746 $375,000 Roanoke 84/2148 Benomi Dr. 60 Days 2,305 $303,000 Smith 97/4775 Peleg’s Way 60 Days 2,494 $328,000 Pearl II 95/2139 Peleg’s Way 60 Days 2,762 $364,000 Turquoise 102/4768 Peleg’s Way 120 Days 2,729 $372,000

For Information, Call Mary Swan, Mid-Atlantic Residential

DIRECTIONS: Traveling on I64, take exit 261A (Hampton Roads Center Parkway), turn right onto Big Bethel Rd./VA 600. Go approx 2 miles, turn right onto Semple Farms Rd., go approx. .4 miles and turn right on Peppermint Way to the site. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Roanoke 28/1 Peppermint Way 150 Days 2,305 $276,000 Smith 1/2 Peppermint Way 150 Days 2,494 $300,000 Pearl II 3/6 Peppermint Way 150 Days 2,762 $332,000

By Appointment Only

Joyner Fa r m s Franklin



(757) 650-8782

Expires 9/30/2011

For Information, Call Dane Scott, Scott & Associates

DIRECTIONS:Traveling on I-664 South to Exit 13A/Rte. 58 West towards Suffolk. Take the Rte. 58/460 Bypass around Suffolk. Continue on Rte. 58 Bypass around Holland and Franklin. Take a right onto Business Rte. 58/Camp Parkway. Go 1 mile and turn left onto Delaware Rd. MODEL LOT/ADDRESS AVAILABLE SQ FT PRICE Opal II 50/108 Parks Pl. Immediately 3,359 $260,000 Potomac 57/105 Parks Pl. 90 Days 2,053 $288,000


Professional Development Corner by Robert “Sully” Sullivan, 2011 Professional Development Chair


oly smokes, where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday the Professional Development Committee was getting together and charting the waters for this year’s educational opportunities for VPAR. Wow! On behalf on the Professional Development Committee, thank you for making this year’s educational program the most successful in terms of attendance in the history of the Association. In spite of the lowest Association membership in recent memory, more people attended this year’s offerings than ever before. You rock! Along the way, you have also given us some great ideas for classes that will be taught in 2012. I would also like to thank all the members of the Professional Development Committee. I am not blowing smoke or saying the obligatory, “you are the best speech”. I am saying you are the best not because I have to but because it is in my heart and I WANT to. In all of my 17 years in VPAR, I have served on a number of committees as well as the Board of Directors. In all that time, never has it been such a tremendous pleasure to work with such a talented group of professionals. There are approximately 20 people on this committee and we had almost perfect attendance at our monthly meetings all year long. Wow! You made my job easier and more importantly, served a huge role in the professional growth of our entire Association. Thank you.

As I write my final article for the REALTOR® Update Magazine on behalf of the Professional Development Committee, I would like to extend an invitation to you all to call Tina at VPAR and sign up to be a part of the Professional Development Committee next year. Kelcie Carlson, vice-chair this year, has agreed to chair the committee next year and is looking for a few good people that will make next year’s educational offerings even better than this year. It is an experience and an opportunity that you will not want to miss. Thank you for allowing me to serve you this year. It has been a true honor and privilege, one that I will never forget or take lightly. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless you all.

Sully P.S. Don’t forget to call me at 660-3906 or email me at to let me know how the last two months of this year went for you. We still have a whole month to make great things happen and to establish 2012 as an amazing year.

Looking to earn your ABR Designation? Then mark your calendar for February 6th and 7th! Instructor: Pat Snyder 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Members: $ 200.00 Non-Members: $ 210.00 Registration form will be available soon!


December - page 16 16 November2011 2009 - page



Member News Welcome New Members!

The following individuals have been granted provisional membership. Please submit any concerns to VPAR in writing no later than 10 days after this publication:

Michael Cook - Prudential Towne Real Estate Debra Daniels – Long & Foster Real Estate Dee Hayden - Long & Foster Real Estate

Donna Heilman - Abbitt Realty Angela Stellute - Abbitt Realty Nina Johnson - Rose & Womble Realty

Members on the Move - Transfers Donna Hull Tag Kilgore Betsy Leahy Kaera Mims

to to to to

greg garrett Long & Foster Real Estate Long & Foster Real Estate Liz Moore & Associates

Welcome to the following new firms! Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate Debbi Gorham



New Designations Barbara Randall, Liz Moore & Associates – ABR Nathan Harley Anderson - November 17, 2011 Cindy and BJ Anderson welcome the birth of thier first grandson, Nathan Harley Anderson born on November 17th to their late son Joshua Anderson and Linda Stokely. Contributions to the Nathan Harley Anderson fund can still be made by sending a check payable to VPAR, 1001 North Campus Parkway, Hampton, VA 23666. In the memo section, please add FOB Cindy Anderson.


Nathan Harley Anderson November 17, 2011 7 lbs ~ 19” long

December - page 17 17 November2011 2009 - page


2011 Salesperson of the Year, Dewey Hutchins, accepts his award after being greeted by John Baldwin, Lydia Kapetankis, and Teresa Sullivan.

Dale Chandler congratulates Dennis Buckley as the 1st receipient of the Property Manager Award.

Tom and Ann Sullivan are all smiles as they are enjoying their time at the banquet! You know there is a party when the Gastons are in attendance!


December - page 18 18 November2011 2009 - page



Chandra Patterson presents Robert “Sully” Sullivan the 2011 REALTOR® of the Year Award.

An overwhelmed and speechless Valerie Smoot accepts the 2011 Manager of the Year Award.


Electric Slide anyone?

Harmony Munger, John Drape and Petra Zayakosky pose for a picture

December - page 19 19 November2011 2009 - page


Education Opportunities The 2012 Education Calendar Has Been Completed


eep your eye out as the website will be updated in the next few weeks with the 2012 dates for CE, PL, Night Courts, REALTOR® Enrichment Series, General Membership Breakfast, Designation Courses and more to help you in your business! Included in this month’s Update are the registration forms for the 2012 CE Classes and Broker Management Classes with Instructor Pat Snyder. Did You Know VPAR Has A School?

CE & PL Online Education


re you lacking just an hour in Agency or Legal Update to complete your continuing education? Does your schedule prohibit you from attending classroom courses for license renewal? VPAR now offers online education to suit your needs (including post licensing)! You can complete it online at your convenience at a very reasonable rate. A HOLIDAY PRESENT FROM VPAR! As a valued member of the Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®, we would like to offer you a special promotion on your continuing education this December. Finish your CE course through our online course catalog and enter the promotional code (DEC25) and receive a 25% discount (expires 12/31/2011). Simply Visit:


t’s often easy to lose track of where you are in your license renewal process. Have you taken the right classes? Do you have enough credits? Where can you find that 1-hour class to finish your 16 hours? Did your credits post properly? When does your license expire? Take a deep breath – VPAR is here to help. VPAR staff is trained to evaluate your current license status and help you lay out an education plan to complete your requirements. Just give Tina a call at 757-599-5222 ext. 302 or email at


REALTOR® University


PAR has partnered with REALTOR® University to provide the highest quality education available to real estate professionals. Supported by an extensive library, research center and network of associates, a REALTOR® University education will equip you with leading-edge knowledge of real estate, and the skills you’ll need to apply it. Distinguish yourself from peers and competitors with an education from REALTOR® University. Click here to learn more! December - page 20 20 November2011 2009 - page



Peninsula Real Estate School Owned and operated by

Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS速

8-HR.Continuing Education Classes Location n

VPAR Building 1001 North Campus Parkway Hampton, VA 23666


Time for ALL Classes 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Price $50 for Members $60 for Non-Members

Payment MUST be made at time of registration. Register online at and click on Member Service Center to login or complete this form and fax to: 596-3911 or email to: VPAR reserves the right to cancel a class if less than 10 people are registered. Students must give 48hours notice of cancellation for a full refund.

Registration Form

8 HR CE Required Class Dates


Tuesday, Jan. 17

Tuesday, July 10


Monday, Feb. 13

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Tuesday, March 6

Tuesday, Sept. 11


Tuesday, April 10

Tuesday, Oct. 2


Tuesday, May 8

Tuesday, Nov. 13

Tuesday, June 12

Tuesday, Dec. 4

City, ZIP:

License # Exp. Date:

8 HR Required CE classes Include:

Method of Payment Check Visa

Master Card Bill office

8-HR. Elective Classes

Credit Card #

Monday, Jan. 23 Tuesday, June 19

Exp. Date: Signature:

VPAR Member: $50


* Code of Ethics (Meets NAR Quadrennial Requirements) & Code of Conduct * Fair Housing * Legal Updates & Emerging Trends (Law) * Real Estate Contracts * Real Estate Agency

Thursday, Aug. 16 Monday, Oct. 15

Topics included in Elective Classes Non-Member: $60

* Anti-Trust * Do-Nots * Safety

* Disclosures * Professionalism

December - page 21 21 November2011 2009 - page


Technology Corner

by Rich Benet, VPAR Technology Consultant

It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year!

Best Gifts Under $50. I like the Roku and the Lacie ImaKey but a Harmony remote for $20 is a steal.


hat’s what the song says anyway, right? I’m not sure about all of you, but I for one am not even close to having my holiday shopping done. Yes, I know a few people that have been done since late summer but I have never been one to plan that far in advance. Besides, who knows what might become available the closer you get to the end of the year or how good a deal you can find! I’m all about looking for a bargain and always try to balance the best deal with the best quality. Takes a lot of work at times to find, but well worth it when you find the perfect deal. Unfortunately I’m not always the most motivated person in the world when it comes to shopping so I usually start in a few spots to see what the people that get paid to review things have to say. The best part is this time of year those reviews and ‘best of’ lists are in overdrive. So without further adieu… A holiday gift guide from PcMag broken down into Top 10’s, gifts for women, gifts for men. Good stuff! If you love to compare prices check this one out. Top 10 shopping apps for Droid and iPhone. the-10-best-shopping-apps-to-compare-prices Best of the Year 2011 pretty much sums it up. Best of breed winners in lots of catergories.

~ Just a reminder ~ VPAR Office will be closed December 23 - December 26 and December 30 - January 2 REALTOR7 REALTOR7Update Update

Another Gift Guide from CNet also broken down by catergories. I just love that with the REALTOR® Update being online I can share these links so easily! As well, I think you have probably figured out that all of the links are for tech toys. What else would you expect? If you are looking for non-tech gifts it gets a little more difficult. Hard to find too many Best of Guides for linens, mops or flatware isn’t it? Or maybe I just have never looked too hard for one? But I can still make a suggestion for which will help you find deals for nearly anything, tech and non-tech alike. Just head to Forums and then Hot Deals and browse or search away. Just be careful, some of the deals will have you buying things you never knew you needed!

Before You Go Anywhere Else...Check Out Our Tech Department. VPAR offers our members fantastic tech support via our tech guru, Rich Benet. Along with giving general advice, we provide computer repair services at 30 to 50% less than what most tech stores charge. So, why not try us? Contact Rich Benet at 757-599-5222 or

December - page 22 22 November2011 2009 - page

December 2011 Mon Tue


Thu 1

Fri 2


6 8HR Required CE 8:30 a.m.

7 Banquet Committee Meeting 1 p.m.

8 9 Charitable Foundation Meeting - 9 a.m. Committe Chair & Vice - Chair Leadership Training - 9 a.m.


13 8HR Elective CE 8:30 a.m. REALTOR速 Fest Committee Meeting - 2 p.m.


15 Board of Directors Meeting - 9 a.m.




21 Technology Committee Meeting - 1:30 p.m.








Happy Holidays from The Staff at VPAR!

Dana, Tina, Cindy, Rich and Roger

VPAR December 2011 REALTOR Update  

Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS December REALTOR Update Online