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THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MIND PROGRAM ‘You are going to have to learn to select your thoughts the same way you select your clothes every day ... because if you can’t master your thoughts, you are in trouble forever’. From Eat Pray Love

Reboot your mind in 4 weeks - create your own reality. Are you single, and don’t want to be, or broke and done with it? Are you unhappy with your life? Your reality doesn’t match your dreams Failed with another gym membership or healthy eating program? Feel like your mind and your body/heart are at war. Are you ready to clean up your thoughts? Did you know that negative and harmful thoughts can be as toxic to your body as pollution, second hand cigarette smoke and pesticides. A superior mind is not a mindset that is better than someone else’s, it is one that is fed the most nourishing, high quality, superior thoughts into the garden of your mind for cultivation. The majority of the population are walking around with low quality, negative, self destructive, harmful thoughts. These are the stories we are telling ourselves over and over again. No wonder we start to believe them. The Way of the Superior Mind Program is your opportunity to go in and reboot your mind, and then create it the way you choose. Its about mastering the mind, not having it be in control of you. This is the most important work you will ever do.

THE PROGRAM By looking at the beliefs that are embedded in your mind, we can better see why you are living the way you are. Are the beliefs you have about life, money, women or men, success, or love even yours, or are they what you heard from your mum and dad, grandparents, role models, teachers? Beliefs are not thoughts, but beliefs determine your thoughts! Thoughts determine your language and actions. We all function with beliefs that limit us, and hold us back. Your limiting beliefs run deep, in the subconscious mind, they are a result of conditioning - family, role models, society. They have been imprinted in us with repetition.These beliefs are driving our lives. Our negative thoughts have become a default programming system. THIS IS FOR YOU IF: • You are in the same position as you were one year ago. • You self-sabotage constantly • All your ideas, stay as ideas. • You procrastinate alot • You really, really, really want change • You can’t work out why you are not getting what you want, you have done loads of courses and read lots of books, but its still not happening • It feels hard, and you just want some personal attention with this

We don’t get what we want, we get what we believe Oprah

How many times have you said or heard “Life is hard”, “ I can’t afford it” “I can’t do it”. These things through constant repetition become your truth and they penetrate deep into your subconscious mind. They are deep down, and we have to go down there to see what the programming is. These beliefs determine what is in your life and what you achieve, who you spend time with, how much money you have, how much love is in your life, how you treat others to name a few. They are all just stories we have been telling ourselves, so lets see what your stories are. We have the absolute ability to manage our minds. This work will allow you to create your mindset rather than being victim to the external circumstances. Don’t allow the external environment to determine your results, create your own environment. The most successful people in this world know the secret to success is creating a ‘success environments’ around them; this starts with a consciously created and managed mindset.

THE DETAILS This highly interactive, practical and impactful 4 week program allows you to look at your beliefs, patterns, language and allows you to bring more ‘order’ and space in your mind. Cool habit to have? More like essential habit to have. Through this program you will be personally guided through the steps to firstly identifying what these beliefs are, how they are creating the life you are currently living, and then how to reprogram your mind towards what you want. So many of us are constantly thinking about what we don’t want; ‘I don’t want to be in debt, I don’t want to be fat, I don’t want to do this job’. This program, unlike many others out there gives you individualised service, to look at your unique situation. Being personally guided is very important, it can be more difficult to do this on your own, as we don’t see or recognise these things in ourselves. THIS SPECIAL PACKAGE INCLUDES: • A new healthy and empowering way to use your mind; a “Manual for the Mind’. • 4 personalized weekly calls providing you with high quality mindset coaching • Effectively targeted exercises to help you achieve your goals. • Unlimited email support throughout the program • Bonus: “Eating to build a Superior Mind” a guide by Kelly Cornell, Nutritionist. INVESTMENT: • $1497.00. • Also available to pay over 3 instalments as well.

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right’. Henry Ford IMAGINE: • Being able to follow through with all your ideas • Getting the job, relationship, money you want • Having your mind work for you, not you working for your mind. • Having mastery over your mind, and choosing your thoughts at any time of the day WELL YOU CAN, FIND OUT HOW....TO APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM email:


Here’s some love for The Way of the Superior Mind program. “This is a game changer” Rebecca Pura “I have done programs like these before but never with personal attention, the key is having someone who can make sense of it all. I have learnt that we can’t usually see our own stuff. Just brilliant, thank you Vanessa.” Kate Hopkins “I had no idea of how powerful I am, or rather my mind is. Thank you so much Vanessa, my whole life is different now. I feel different, I interact differently with others and I now create what I actually do want not want I don’t want”. Jean Paul Lepin “I could not have done this program with just a workbook. Having you to guide me and explain everything was the only reason I got so much out of it. I will never try to do it all by myself again, having personal service is the answer. I love all the work you do”. Kathryn Lang

The Way of the Superior Mind  

This innovative and solution oriented program will help you go for what you want and actually get it - whether its a great body, better rela...