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VOYAGE charters VOYAGE world is a unique, vertically integrated yachting group. It comprises companies that specialize in the design, manufacture, sale, maintenance and management of yachts in charter and related services. Since its inception in 1993, VOYAGE charters has evolved consistently. Commencing operations in Sopers Hole, BVI in 1995 with VOYAGE yachts manufactured catamarans and a vision to develop a Crewed charter fleet. In 1999, it expanded the scope of operations by introducing BareBoat charters as well. This sector of the business has now grown to being larger than the Crewed charter activities. The infrastructure developed in ensuing years, including the occupying of Sopers Hole Marina and the acquisition of Sopers Hole Yacht Services, have placed VOYAGE charters in the enviable position of having the capability and capacity to expand its superbly maintained fleet.


feasibilities The feasibility and justification of ownership of a vessel in charter should not only be based on the financial reward but hinge on these fundamental parameters: • value attributed to the owner use of the vessel in the desired destination • quality of the experience during use and the associated pride of ownership • condition of the yacht throughout the charter term as a function of: • component choice and manufacturing quality • rigorous maintenance program • resale price and attributable depreciation • peace of mind brought by a secure investment


lifestyle programs The various VOYAGE charters lifestyle programs are uniquely tailored to meet the different requirements that owners may have due to varying financial constraints and leisure time available. Partnership - intended to maximize the owners profitability whilst insuring optimum flexibility in personal use Guarantee - intended to remove all risk of varying charter income and providing predefined personal use Deferred - intended on providing an easy financial entry with deferred part ownership and pre-defined personal use


partnership program The income produced from the sale of charters aboard your yacht are firstly used to defray all expenses including marketing, commissions, insurance, maintenance, mooring and turn around fees. Thereafter, the profit is split equally between you and VOYAGE charters, thus sharing the risk as well as the rewards from the chartering of your yacht, whilst at the same time, you are able to enjoy 4 carefree weeks of use.

The chart above depicts the depreciation on the full value of the yacht against the cumulative profit share and owners use over 7 years. 5

guarantee program VOYAGE charters undertakes to guarantee an annual income from your yacht equal to 7% of the purchase price of your yacht, paid on a monthly basis. In addition, as an owner you get to use your boat for 4 weeks of the year at no cost to you. The chart below depicts the depreciation on the full value of the yacht against the cumulative guarantee payment and owners use over 7 years


deferred ownership program By placing a deposit of 30% of the purchase price of the yacht of your choice, VOYAGE charters will secure and enter into a lease agreement on your behalf enabling you to enjoy 4 carefree weeks aboard the yacht per annum. Without any further payment, you become part owner, with VOYAGE charters, at the end of the 7 year lease period.

The chart above depicts the depreciation on 50% of the value of the yacht against the cumulative owners use over 7 years. 7

investment security Vessels within the VOYAGE charters fleet have always retained their value substantially above market averages. To date, over a renewed fleet of 60 vessels, with an average of 5 years of ownership, the average depreciation per annum has been less than 3%, resulting in a total depreciation, excluding brokerage, of merely 15% over a 5 year period! Taking the unmatched resale values achieved as well as the return on investment during the charter term, into account, the VOYAGE lifestyle programs remain unequalled in performance.


owner income generator In addition to the outstanding rewards and lifestyle enjoyed from owning a yacht in the VOYAGE fleet, the proud owners of our vessels have the possibility of introducing friends and acquaintances to the wonderful experience of chartering a pristine VOYAGE charters catamaran. For an introduction of this nature, resulting in a confirmed charter, a referral fee of 15% of the charter value is credited to the owner.


p r i v a t e vs c h a r t e r ownership By investing in one of the VOYAGE lifestyle programs you gain access to the exotic world of cruising aboard your own superbly maintained catamaran, as well as the opportunity of using time on a similar craft at any of the VOYAGE charters locations, all at a fraction of the cost of private ownership:

purchase price

price less income

price plus expenses

The chart above compares the purchase price with the price less charter income and the price plus expenses incurred by private ownership, over a 7 year period. 10

vessel types Vessels offered in the VOYAGE lifestyle programs are: the VOYAGE 480, VOYAGE 520, and the VOYAGE 600

destinations The warm tropical waters and easy sailing make the British Virgin Islands one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world, commonly known as the “charter capital of the world”. With some fifty islands with coves, featuring palm fringed white sandy beaches, a snorkeling kaleidoscope and predictable trade winds for sailing, this remains “natures little secret”.


Contact: This document is not contractual. All descriptions and illustrations are only indicative. We reserve the right to modify or improve our product without notice. January 2013

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