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This is an example of what you can do in a Word document to create an online flip magazine or brochure. Deb Carr has been doing her own marketing for over 8 years. As a small business start up business in 2004, Deb didn’t have the money to pay someone to do her marketing. There was only one solution: teach herself.

Now it’s time to stand out from the crowd and get noticed! Learn how to market yourself on a tight budget, create a flip magazine like this, produce your own marketing videos, create a blog and create visual email campaigns. I will teach you all this in 3 hours PLUS you will get my e-book reinforcing all I teach you.

Are your competitors swooning your clients and prospects because you don’t have the marketing budget to keep up online? Well let me share my secrets with you and solve that problem for you!

 Create visual emails  Create a CRM for FREE and learn how to use it for sales and

Learn how to entice new customers, keep existing ones and market like a professional in this 3 hours course for

marketing  Brand your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Accounts or create them if you don’t already have these essential social

You will learn how to:

media tools

Presented by Deb Carr from Voxy Lady Women’s Speaker Bureau

 Make your own promo videos  Make a flip magazine  Create a blog ALL ON A LIMITED BUDGET

This is an essential course for sole traders, small business, consultants and trainers. About Deb Carr Deb founded Voxy Lady, Australia’s only professional women speaker bureau, as well as being the Principal of Coyote Management International, Speaker Bureau. She has been a founding Board member of two charities and currently serves on the Board as Deputy Chair of CAN Mental Health (Consumers Activity Network). Deb is a regular guest on Sharina’s Psychic Encounters on radio 2UE, Sunday nights as well as interacts with Sharina’s audience on Facebook during the show. Deb knows only too well the struggles of building and marketing a small business and is passionate about sharing her skills with others.


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