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A decade of „secular‟ lies! „Godhra‟ the mnemonic is a decade old. The secular vultures are out in full force again. Words like genocide, pogrom and even holocaust are bandied about without the least concern for truth. It was an occasion to mourn the dead in the post-Godhra riots; not those who were brutally burnt to death, mind you. For in a secular world, the Hindu-dead are not mourned. There were no wreaths for the fifty nine unfortunate Karsevaks. To understand the kind of inferno they had endured before praying the good lord to end it all, click here: A Requiem for Godhra. The disdain with which the human rights activists and Booker Prize winning novelists treated the inhuman tragedy of the unfortunate Karsevaks is appalling. This is what Teesta Setalvad was reported to have said immediately after the train burning incident: “[w]hile I condemn today's gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.” This telling quote from the warped mind of an alleged social activist accused of perjury is from an unimpeachable independent source. To see the original, click here: Mob Attacks Indian Train - Victims Had Visited Disputed Temple Site As ever disdainful of India‟s democratic institutions and judicial system, the onewoman-republic (should we refer to it as „it‟ or „she‟?) fabricated lies to lend poignance to her narrative. She invented unborn daughters and had them stripped and burnt alive. Iqbal Eshan Jaffri who was killed in the Gulmarg incident had only one daughter - not daughters - and she was mercifully in New York on the fateful day Arundhati Roy had her stripped and burnt alive. Click here to read her fiction: Democracy - Who's she when she's at home? . To read more about the Gulmarg society incident, click here: Gujarat riots and the „secular‟ Galahads of justice! Having won one Booker with her „adultery-incest‟ theme, Arundhati Roy might have been as well writing another novel with „stripping-raping-burning‟ theme. Only in this case she was dealing with real lives, not characters in a novel. The atmosphere was incendiary and ready to explode without much provocation. (Perhaps the restrictions set out in Article 19 (2) of the constitution are inapplicable to this champion of free speech!) When accosted with the truth she nonchalantly apologized citing a K. S.

Subrahmanyam, a former IGP of Tripura as a source of her misinformation. Click here to read Arundhati's utter disdain for truth & insincere apology And click here to read about the lecherous activities of K. S. Subrahmanyam who was part of the fact-finding mission that submitted a report on the riots: Narendra Modi, Godhra, Gujarat Riots: IBN-Live 'Disregards' Truth! (The article primarily deals with Indian media‟s utter disregard for truth in making up a narrative.) To understand the true story behind the Godhra train carnage, click here: Godhra: The True Story By Nicolo Elfi For a decade now, „Hang Narendra Modi‟, has been the battle cry of the secular vultures. For them the truth is an inconvenience; the judicial system an abomination. The hunger of secular necrophilia could only be satiated by hanging Narendra Modi! Before arraigning Narendra Modi for everything that happened in Gujarat immediately after the barbaric burning of fifty nine Karsevaks, let us look at two snippets of history that tell their own tale about the role of the „vanguard of secularism‟ that typified him as a „merchant of death‟. (Click here to see a detailed analysis of some of the worst communal riots in India between 1950 and 1995: Many previous riots top Gujarat in unfortunate casualties) GUJARAT 1969 In 1969 Gujarat saw some of the worst communal riots the country had ever seen. During the riots which lasted six months, 500 people were killed in Ahmedabad alone and an estimated 10000 - 15000 people were killed in the state. There were many causative factors for the riots. The atmosphere was seeped with prevailing social tensions caused by long-simmering religious strife. It was an ambience that perfectly suited uber-secular Indira Gandhi (head of the Congress-I faction of the original Indian National Congress) to settle scores with arch-rival Hintendra Desai and bury his splinter Congress-O once and for all. The riots occurred before two of the country’s most popular television faces - who made their careers out of the dead bodies of post-Godhra Gujarat 2002 riots – were born. Narendra Damodardas Modi was a ten-year old lad, then. ANDHRA & KARNATAKA 1990 In 1990, Rajiv Gandhi was out of power thanks to the Machiavellian V P Singh. His party was in power in only three major states, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra, ruled by Sharad Pawar, Marri Chenna Reddy and Veerendra Patil respectively. The three Chief Ministers held a conclave in Tirupathi. We do not know

what if anything of significance transpired in the conclave, but Rajiv Gandhi construed that it was held to undermine his authority as the party‟s high command. He turned to his trusted acolytes, the secular Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), state party president in Andhra Pradesh and the secular Jaffar Sheriff, party president in Karnataka. Sharad Pawar was considered invincible and left alone for the nonce. YSR, with some help from the secular MIM party engineered riots in Andhra. Jaffar Sheriff simultaneously did the same in Karnataka. The riots continued for weeks and stopped – as if a switch was turned off – as soon as Chenna Reddy and Verendra Patil resigned, obviously with some persuasion from the high command. This after Marri Chenna Reddy regained power for Congress from N. T. Rama Rao, quite a significant political feat. Some four hundred people lost their lives in the Hyderabad riots alone. In Karnataka, the riots were diffused throughout the state – because of its diverse religious composition unlike Andhra Pradesh where the Muslim population is mainly concentrated in Hyderabad and some pockets of Rayalaseema. The riots occurred eleven years before Narendra Modi became chief minister in far away Gujarat. He was a simple RSS pracharak then. He did not even have an inkling that he would be asked to lead a state that had seen the most vicious communal strife for more than 200 years. The unfortunate events of February-March 2002 are being investigated by a Judicial Commission. A number of trials related to incidents of the time are underway in judicial courts. The courts have pronounced their verdicts in some cases and others are on course. The vicious, relentless campaign to nail Narendra Modi continues. Not a shred of evidence – of omission or commission - to link him in any way to the riots has been found. Yet the secular polity wouldn‟t give up. It continues to lie, lie and lie.

A decade of 'secular"'lies!  

"Godhra‟, the mnemonic is a decade old. The secular vultures are out in full force again. Words like genocide, pogrom and even holocaust are...

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