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Goodbye 2013, ith 2013 drawing swiftly to a close, who could do with a bit of extra good luck more than students waiting on their impending exams in the New Year? For that reason, dear superstitious reader, learn the good luck rituals of lands far and near in this article (they may even save you from that New Year hangover, too. Well, you can hope).

Get some grapes at the ready, as the Spaniards across the Channel quickly munch 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the year, eaten with the twelve chimes of the clock, to signify good luck for the year ahead. A grape for every month! (Please note this probably should come with a concerned health and safety warning from the author, but then again, I’m not your mum). After eating their grapes, the Spanish then raise a toast to the New Year with a glass of Cava, champagne or cider before heading out to party ‘til

dawn – Spanish traditions suddenly got a whole lot more interesting, huh?

Before you ask, it’s in South America – next to Peru and Columbia and therefore quite close to Mexico. Now you can say this article has at least taught you something useful. Anyhow, Ecuadorians bring in the New Year by burning newspaper-stuffed scarecrows, apparently to burn away the bad things of the previous year and to scare away the bad luck of the upcoming year, ensuring nothing but good luck all year. Maybe a scarecrow is a bit difficult to get a hold of with only a couple of weeks to go, but perhaps writing all the negative aspects of the past year down on paper and burning them would be just as symbolic? This could be a brilliant way of letting go of the past, figuratively speaking; perhaps it would be the perfect time to get rid of any old mementos of previous relationships?

Now, I reckon New Year’s Eve is a time when you pull out your best outfit to enter the New Year looking amazing? Am I right? I probably am. But, the question is: what colour underwear do you plan to wear? I’m not trying to be inappropriate; Italian tradition dictates that everyone must wear red underwear for good luck in the upcoming year. Quite a few South American countries also usher in the New Year with specific coloured underwear – red coincides with love, yellow with money and white with purity and innocence. Take your pick.



Ah, the Aussies; the lucky ones that get Christmas and summer both at the same time. Guess what they do for New Year’s? Camp. They camp on a beach. A beach. Australia’s New Year is all about outdoors and physical activity: rodeos, surfing contests, picnics etc. Unfortunately, due to the bloody freezing temperatures of the UK, I would not recommend camping outside for New Year if you have a particular sentimental attachment to your fingers and/or toes. On the other hand, Australia literally rings in the New Year with whistles, rattles, car horns, church bells and anything else that’s predominantly loud. Now that I’m sure we could mimic. And I suppose we make some noise with the typical fireworks, but why not kick it up a notch this year? (Again, there should be some note on reminding you to be considerate to your neighbours who may be sleeping – but I don’t have to deal with them, so go wild!)

Danish people jump off of chairs and therefore literally leap into the New Year. They believe jumping off furniture chases away bad luck and encourages good luck in the future. Pretty easy, huh? (Appropriate health and safety/beware of the mother figure warning here). Another Danish tradition involves throwing plates and other dishes against friends’ and family’s front doors; the breaking of the plate is supposed to symbolise good luck and the house with the most broken plate remnants is the most popular, though I don’t know how popular you’d be with your friend’s mum if they caught you lobbing a plate at their door at midnight. Throw your plates wisely, my friend.

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Presents To Buy Your Man This Christmas!


hristmas is a coming and the goose is getting fat. So it’s time for us to have a look at the top 10 Christmas presents Vox recommends for your man this year ladies…


For number ONE the answer is obvious, look forward to ‘next generation gaming’ with Microsoft’s latest protégé… The XBOX ONE! Ideal present this Christmas if you can afford the hefty £400 price tag.


In two it’s Sony’s answer to the ‘magnificent’ XBOX ONE… The Playstation 4. Without a doubt one of the most advanced gaming consoles ever to be made so if that’s what you’re feeling this year its £350 price tag leaves you something left so spend on yourself.


The iPad Air: With its thinner and lighter design, the new iPad Air is easily the best full-size iPad yet and would make a great Christmas prezzy for any deserving male. Now matching the design of the iPad Mini, the Air improves upon last year’s model with a snappy A7 processor and M7 coprocessor, while keeping the same multi day battery life.


If he’s a DJ wannabe then be sure you buy him the mixr Beats by Dr. Dre. Because you know as well as he does he cannot DJ to save his life and he sits with his phone pretending his David Guetta.


Gillette’s up next with their 5 bladed Fusion razor. The perfect gift if you hate your man’s stubble or huge Santa Clause like beard. Or if you want to use it to shave your own legs I suppose…


WATCH OUT: If he’s always late picking you up when you’ve planned a wonderful night out. Send him out in style with a new watch this Christmas with a wonderful range of watches from Tag Heuer, Armani and if you’re feeling generous a Rolex.


A festive jumper… Just because you can pick one up for a few quid in Primark. Who doesn’t want a jumper with Rudolph and his red nose to wear this festive season!


Rugby League Fan? Try England’s new 2013 replica kit from the Rugby League World Cup this year. Keep a weather eye on


Sticking with the Rugby Spirit the Hull FC bobble hat available in Hull FC Retail Stores this Christmas for only £9.99 or if you’re feeling like a player pick up the players replica again for only £9.99


If you’re one of those who support the red and white from the east then I’m sure you can dig something out of a bin from somewhere right? Because I don’t have anything to suggest for you… Except a new club maybe?

Josh Cook


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Release date: 21st Nov. After a year and a half of suspense, the sequel to The Hunger Games is finally on our screens. Catching Fire picks up where the last film/book ended, with Katniss and Peeta returning home only to have to leave again for a victory tour of Panem’s districts for the Capitol’s propaganda mission. However, nobody is pleased, least of all President Snow. Katniss has inspired simmering rebellions in an oppressed nation, Peeta catches onto the insincerity in their public romance, Gale is starting to feel like the hopeless boy next door and to top it all off the 75th Hunger

Games is just around the corner, and it will be more dangerous and deadly than ever. Even though the first film was definitely ‘visually stunning’, with perfect casting and locations, it felt like something was missing. The books are full of little moments that are difficult to depict on-screen, because we see through Katniss’s perspective and not a camera’s. However, the trailer looks promising- a half naked Finnick, the white dress, even the locket… it all seems to be there. But as always, read the book first.

Carrie by Stephen King Release date: 29th Nov. Carrie was Stephen King’s debut novel way back in 1974. Since then, it has been made into two films, a broadway musical (surprisingly, youtube it) and now a new remake. The story

centres around the eponymous lead character Carrie, a teenage girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers in her senior year of school, to the dismay of her fanatically religious mother. As the victim of high school bullies, it’s suspicious when she’s voted prom queen, whereupon everything suddenly goes downhill. Think Mean Girls, only with a lot more blood. In this latest adaptation, Chloe Grace Moretz plays Carrie, best known for her role in Kick -Ass, but look out for Ansel Gort who stars as Tommy, the boy who has been convinced to take her to prom, as he will be playing Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars movie, released next June.

Behind every good film... a great book! The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Release date: 13th December To some it may seem as if the year has flown by, but for The Lord of the Rings fans, the wait has been tough. Picking up exactly where last year’s film ended, after Bilbo and the Dwarves escape the Misty Mountains, they must now make it to another mountain (this one’s a bit Lonely) to defeat the fiery dragon, Smaug (voiced by the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch). Only, with it being a three hour film,

they must encounter a few problems on the way - giant spiders, angry elves, and some angry humans for that matter. Of course, the extent of the adventure has been tweaked a bit by Peter Jackson and his team, swaying delicately off course from what Tolkien first published in 1937. I for one am not complaining, because this brings Legolas (Orlando Bloom) back to our screens, as well as Sylvester McCoy who plays the scatty

wizard Radagast. Despite the violent medieval fantasy element to the films, The Hobbit was originally written as a children’s book, and is therefore a short adventure well worth a read for anyone.

Kacey Gaylor


You’re welcome...

First Person Nutters I ’ll be honest, with the ‘next generation’ of gaming upon us, we are going to see some major improvements in terms of spectacular graphics and unbelievably dynamic characters on our screens. However, that doesn’t mean all problems have been solved. We are about to fall prey to the people of The Cloud, who will hunt us down without rules or any sense of fair play. I am, of course, talking about first-person shooter players. Ah, nothing satisfies the stomach more than staring down the scope of a rifle and pulling the trigger on your enemy. Inciden-

tally, an enemy who happens to be a 40-year-old Bulgarian living with his mother whilst shoving Doritos down his throat and whining about how he ‘aint got no helicopter’ riding high on his kill/death ratio of 1-11. If you haven’t already guessed, I am talking about Battlefield (4). The old man’s Call of Duty. Why? The game does not require great speed, but it rewards teamwork and as a bonus the people who play it are less likely to flip out if you kill them or if they die. While it may en-

courage ‘teamwork’, I regularly find myself completing objectives alone, either because my team are messing around and getting killed or I take it upon myself to become Rambo. So FPS (first-person shooters) can be fun for most but, for some ‘newer’ players shall we say that spinning around in a circle, running into walls and crouching around the battlefield does not help anyone. Play some single-player first, please? We need the A-Team not the BTeam.


nother One! Brilliant! So what’s new? Oh...a dog? And fish swim away when you get close?!

Peek-a- boo!

Evolution is here


ext on the list is a couple of sci-fi games that need to be mentioned that are going that extra step in evolving the way shooters are meant to be played: Yeah, better graphics, new story, old gameplay, and old rules. SPOLIER ALERT: There is going to be something about saving the universe from destruction blah blah blah.

If you want real evolution I reckon these two will do nicely: If you want real evolution I reckon these two will do nicely: YES! ONE OF THEM IS A REMAKE OF AN AWESOME GAME AND THE OTHER IS MADE BY GUYS WHO MADE CALL OF DUTY, BUT, (NO) EVOLUTION BABY!


Tom Day These are not the droids you’re looking for...

Hello, do you want some ice for that?


Aries Life’s looking up for you. You go, Glenn Coco.

This month...Lara Osborne and Emma Wadforth read your fortunes...




Dreams can come true, but so can nightmares. That’s the beauty of life.

You may feel like a snail emerging from its shell right now, but bear in mind that you may get eaten by a big, hungry bird. Or you may not. Try and look on the bright side, eh?

The stars say the future is bright. Shame you have to survive the present first.




Leo’s are forward thinking, but you’ll need to focus on getting through this month. I won’t elaborate.

Having money worries with Christmas coming up? Don’t worry about that, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently you’ve had a good year. Enjoy it; the next one’s not so great. The stars suggest skipping it all together.




The stars are informing me you’ve had your heart broken. Sucks to be you.

Take nothing for granted, question everything. Except astrology, it’s completely and undeniably true.

The stars say something amazing is going to happen. Don’t ask me, I’m staying out of this.



New friends await but don’t forget the old ones. I’m sure the Christmas presents will be worth it.

With the planets Pluto, Venus and Mercury aligning it can only mean good luck for you. Too bad that Pluto is no longer a planet.

ootball games over Christmas are virtually thrown at each of the twenty sides in the premier league. All of the sides will each play five matches over the festive period until the start of January.


tion for the sacred fourth spot, which is the last to cement a place in the Champions’ league for the following campaign; Spurs, Everton, and, unexpectedly, Manchester United will be scrapping for this particular spot.

These festivities usually set the tone for the rest of the current campaign, as it gives a preview of who will be competing for the title but also who will be fighting to avoid relegation.

The relegation battle will start to heat up with a few teams still in contention to be sucked back into the bottom three. Sunderland have been caught adrift and are currently rooted to the bottom of the league, five points off Crystal Palace, Fulham and West Ham who all currently are on thirteen points (only distinguished by goal difference). Crystal Palace are cur-

This season will be similar with Arsenal as the current leaders, but Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool are currently hot on their tail. There will also be competi-

rently firing on all cylinders after the recruitment of former Stoke Manager Tony Pulis, and they’ve successfully kept themselves alive in the relegation battle. Fulham finally won after six straight defeats but it is most worrying for West Ham, who have only won one game in the past eight and look like they are nose diving towards the bottom. So as the year draws to a close, this year’s fight for festive football glory could determine the teams’ goals for the new season; only time will tell who will definitely end up on top.

Daniel Jefferson

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VOX Magazine: Christmas Edition  

A fun fiilled festive edition of Wilberforce College's magazine.

VOX Magazine: Christmas Edition  

A fun fiilled festive edition of Wilberforce College's magazine.