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Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent

Re-Invented, Re-Cycled, One-of-a-Kind G.E.A.R. for YOUR everday life ...whatever and wherever that may be. HANDMADE IN ALABAMA, USA Re-Invention (R-I), a For-Benefit, lifestyle company based out of Alabama, has a vision for world-wide change by supporting and creating employment-based solutions called Social Enterprises. G.E.A.R. (Go! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent) is the newest project in our company’s efforts to play a role in breaking the chains of poverty. G.E.A.R. is a collection of Re-Invented, re-cycled and re-purposed home accents, furnishings and other goods. Beginning with “beautiful works of art” from up-cycled coffee bean sacks, our goods are then paired with remnant fabrics of cool, crisp cotton in fun bright prints, or vintage/luxury fabrics that look incredible against the rawness of the sacks. Handmade and One-Of-A-Kind, G.E.A.R. connects consumers to the lives of those their goods represent, as well as encourages and shows just how simple it can be for consumers to be a part of changing the world. I created and designed G.E.A.R. as Re-Invention’s initiative to “Re-Invent” where I live. The goal is to create Sustainable Prosperity in our community by designing and hiring from within. Our plan was to produce G.E.A.R.’s goods in our local area and create opportunities for employment for single mothers. Since October of last year we have been given the privilege to work with the homeless at Friendship Mission in Montgomery, AL. Women and men are learning to cut, sew, and create, with the ultimate goal of being employed with G.E.A.R. A few are already considered employees and daily, through this partnership, stories are being told that are touching, at times heart-wrenching, sometimes hilarious, and always beautiful! By creating opportunities for work that promote the sustainability of our world and the lives of those who live in it, we have begun a story

of love and compassion for our neighbor, whether right next door or half way around the world. The up-cycled coffee bean sacks used on all of G.E.A.R.’s products represent the mission and passion of R-I. G.E.A.R. is the embodiment of what we desire to see for people whose lives have been affected by poverty and the forms of exploitation it brings. The sacks used in the designs come to us rough and worn…weary from their journey over oceans, mountains and valleys. Once we get our hands on them, we unleash the beauty waiting to be revealed. The message we want to convey with G.E.A.R. is that beauty can regain its place in the lives of people whose circumstances have given them every reason to believe otherwise. Remember that Re-Invention is a “For-Benefit” company where our net profits will be used to support organizations and ministries with which we are currently working, as well as to seek out other places and people who have a desire to create real change…sustainable change. This means that when you purchase G.E.A.R. you increase our potential to do more…you become a part of the story! So like the cover of this lookbook, as we look out at the horizon, let’s think about the story we’re writing together and let that horizon remind us that the story is without limits. Let’s GO! Let’s all GO! Everyone, Everywhere and Re-Invent. I look forward to continuing the story with you!

Kellie Guthrie Owner/Founder

Home G.E.A.R.

Pillows Handmade and One-of-a-Kind... We use “beautiful works of art” from the up-cycled coffee bean sacks as the pillow’s face. The backs and inside of the face are in fabrics of cool, crisp cotton in fun, bright calico prints, or vintage/luxury fabrics that look incredible against the rawness of the sacks.


Constructed with re-cycled, gorgeous fabric and a re-purposed wood cable reel as its foundation, our ottoman is versatile enough to adorn your dining room table or prop up your tired feet. ...lofty, urban and homey all in one!

“Signature” Patchwork Quilts and Throws

Made from our very own re-cycled fabrics, our throw is perfect to wrap up in or as an accent. Our quilt is ...well, just perfect and that’s all we have to say about that!

“Anywhere” Accent Trays and Organizing Boards

Painted in yummy Tuscan colors, our trays are called “Anywhere” Accent Trays because they’re just fabulous “anywhere” you decide to place them. The Organizing Board is a great piece to hang in your closet for jewels and treasures. Or, display as you come in the door so reminders, school papers, and notices won’t be forgotten. The hooks are the perfect spot to never again ask, “Has anyone seen my keys?” Both are made from re-purposed, vintage window frames.


Travel G.E.A.R. Whether you’re trekking through the outback, the Himalayans, the jungle, or the urban jungle, G.E.A.R. is what you need. Tote our garment bag to Europe or the beach. Throw your passport into our messenger bag for your trip to Africa or toss in your list for your trip to the grocery store. No matter what your use for G.E.A.R., you’ll carry something unique, sustainable, and oh-so-stylish.

For more information, contact Kellie Guthrie / 334.663.9509 308 North 12th Street, Opelika, AL 36801

Re-Invention is an invitation to effect change in the world and our communities. We are an organization and business whose mission is to BREAK THE CHAINS of extreme poverty. We are committed to the development of economic sustainability by creating opportunity through social enterprise.

Check us out at or on Facebook at Re-Invention

Re-Invention Look Book  

Re-Invented, Re-Cycled, One-of-a-Kind G.E.A.R. for YOUR everday life ...whatever and wherever that may be. HANDMADE IN ALABAMA, USA

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