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Most women are naturally givers. They give to their family and friends first, and give to themselves last, if at all. Women often neglect their own needs. One of the reasons for this is that women tend to feel guilty about getting their own needs met. In our societies, we are brought up to believe that we are the nurturers and the givers. Right from a young age, it is instilled in us that we put the needs of others before our own. From the time that parents start differentiating in the upbringing of their sons and daughters, from the time a young woman is told that her home lies with her husband’s family, from the time a daughter in law is threatened that she may not produce a male heir to carry on the family name, from the time that even a career woman must explain her expenses to her husband or be passed up for promotion because she is a female, from the time a woman stays silent to injustice and violence against her, from the time a old mother becomes a burden to the family… it can begin at any point in time, but it all results in a lack of self worth.

In the New Year, make each day a day in which you continue to deepen your relationship with yourself and experience the life you know you were meant to live. Wishing each one of you a very happy and content 2012. Until the next issue,


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Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. -Richard Bach

Charu Chadha

More and more women today are choosing to understand their needs, to make choices without feeling guilt… it isn’t easy at all but it is a step in the right direction. Some time ago I read an article on finding ways to love yourself and I list here some of the steps that the author talked about… (1) Forgive yourself – Not being able to do so will prevent you from connecting to who you really are. People carry their mistakes their entire life, remaining unhappy at the core, but remember there is no action that is not worthy of forgiveness. It can be difficult and will take practice, but it is an essential in loving yourself fully. (2) Stop comparing yourself with others – the more you compare yourself to others, the less self worth you place on yourself. (3) Stop seeking approval - Seeking approval is similar to comparing yourself to others, and it’s fair to say that we all do it from time to time. When you continuously seek approval from others to validate your own self worth, you’re simply damaging your relationship with yourself. Not seeking approval doesn’t mean to not care. I can say without hesitation that I genuinely care about what my family and friends think, however it’s important to stop the process of seeking. When you rely on being happy from an outside source you are setting yourself up to be miserable. (4) Believe in yourself - Loving and believing in yourself go hand in hand. You can’t love yourself if you don’t believe in yourself, and you can’t believe in yourself if you don’t love yourself first. To fully experience what it means to live you must have a confidence in all you do, even during the times in which you come up short. The wonderful thing about believing in yourself is that you are the only one responsible. Trust in your judgement and know that through both the good and bad you are worthy. (5) Practice silence - Practicing silence allows for you to get a glimpse of the person you really are. Practicing silence allows for you to turn off all that chatter and self doubt and directly experience the bliss of being alive. You owe it to yourself to be silent at least once a day. (6) Eat Healthy and Exercise - Part of loving yourself is allowing your body to be in its top form. An occasional indulgence isn’t the end of the world, but making a habit of destroying your body is. Truly loving yourself means that you take care of your body and do everything you can to keep it in good shape, both physically and mentally. (7) Express yourself - One of the greatest ways you can love yourself is to express your gifts, whatever they may be. Finding and honing your brilliance is a way to reveal what it is that makes you remarkable. Do you enjoy writing? Share your stories with the world. Do you like to draw? Paint to your heart’s content. Do you like helping people find their purpose? Connect with as many people as you can. It doesn’t matter what your passions are, express them to the best of your ability.

Corporate Associate Editor

I thought I had it all planned out – this was to be the year that I was supposed to take a long break – from work, from schedules, deadlines and commitments… just take three months off, go into the mountains, be near a beach, learn Asian cooking, learn massage, read books, find a new hobby, listen to the silence, meditate, watch the sunset, not plan for another day… just go with the flow. But things were obviously planned very, very differently for me by the powers above… Looks like this year is going to be all about learning, unlearning, relearning – some things new, some things old…a very different kind of learning though, filled with challenges and finding myself anew. The past year has been tough, many hidden lessons, many people, many realizations… I have learnt to accept the shadows that come with the light, I have learnt to taste the salt in my tears and know that a smile is not far behind, I have learnt that even when things are not as they should be I am not completely far away from the purpose, I have learnt the circumstances, people and life can change within seconds…and that sometimes its wiser to step back than to fight. Ultimately, however much we think we have control over life, there’ll always be this much that is beyond our control… when we recognize and accept this, it’s easier to move on.

jANUARY 2012 Volume 8 | Issue 4

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VOW is a total treat!

December issue was mind boggling! From the cover to the cover story… everything was amazing. Neelima Sharma on the cover was just right for the concept of your story. And boy, did Neelima carry herself well! At 34, she is an inspiration. At such an age when most women think they’ve lived their life and that it wouldn’t really suit them to go out and have fun, Neelima’s story and her zeal for life can inspire many. She is a perfect example of how one can balance career and family without compromising on either, and at the same time maintain oneself so well. I really was surprised to learn that she has two sons! She doesn’t look it at all. Kudos to her. I am inspired to take care of myself too. Likewise, My Cup of Tea was yet another feather in the VOW team’s cap. I appreciate the team’s effort in bringing forth such small kids and make them share their feelings about their parents and grandparents. The whole article was full of cuteness. The kids are so adorable and smart. I also found Lux Beauty Tips very useful. I am definitely going to try it out to get rid of my own dark circles. – Indira Shrestha

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In our lives, there are days when you feel that nothing is going right. It was one such day which started on a bad note and was followed up with one thing or the other going wrong. I then decided to get hold of a copy of my favourite magazine, VOW, to keep my mind away from the stress. Once I started reading, I got so occupied that I forgot everything I was irritated about. By the time I finished reading it, I was bustling with positivity and excitement. I guess the articles in VOW are so inspiring that they uplift you and help you help yourself. Also, VOW talks about tiding over problems in the most positive way possible and it makes it all the more special. Right from the editorials to your cover stories, the magazine is jam-packed with inspiration, entertainment, information… everything. I am so thankful that there is VOW. – Bimla Biswas

Happy New Year VOW

I have been reading your magazine regularly since I was in school. But when I got hold of the November issue, I was

All letters on this page recieve a gift hamper from Foot Fetish, foot and body treatment. Tel : 4700701

a little upset because it was so thin! I don’t want to complain but I so love VOW that I want to keep reading it. VOW is the best and all its contents are laudable. I just hope your upcoming issues will have more pages so that greedy readers like me can have more and more stuff to read. Having said that, I wish the VOW team a happy and prosperous new year 2012. – Indu Rajbhandari

You instil positivity!

Namaste! Well, I am not a subscriber of VOW but I regularly read from your online archives. It might sound clichéd but I really have developed positive attitude towards life by reading VOW. All the articles in VOW are simply awesome. It might just be a regular work of writing for you all, but the VOW team must know that you have been touching lives in so many ways. So I would like to thank you all for coming up with such a nice magazine. I will soon subscribe to its hard copy. – Sudin Shrestha

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Date: 18 December Host: Kalyani Karki, student Participants: Rajneesh Bhandari, sub-editor, Kantipur Television Semanta Dahal, advocate Galen Stolee, director, Sattya Media Arts Collective Ujjwal Adhikari, Café de web

Becoming a part of the

social media

phenomena Gone are the days when we read a newspaper and sent our comment via email, only with faint hope that the writer or the editor might have read it. We are past the days when a television or a radio show got broadcast without the show host or producers having a hint of what the audience and the listeners felt about it. Today is the age of social media, where communication is not limited to someone giving information waiting for hours or even days to get a feedback, and then perhaps another few hours or days to reply the commenter, and so on; social media (facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+, blogspot, wordpress, etc) spurs interactive dialogue, and that within no time! While most of us are using facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube and a host of other social networking sites with the sole purpose of connecting with friends, in the process, we are also becoming a part of the social media phenomena where anything on the internet can be shared and talked about. We are, intentionally or otherwise, ‘liking’ pages of our favourite brands and celebrities, retweeting what a journalist we’ve been following on twitter has just tweeted, uploading videos on YouTube and sharing them on facebook, twitter, Google+ or anywhere possible, hence promoting someone’s name, brand and business. We are also blogging about anything that interests us, following other bloggers, talking about an awesome or not-so-awesome blog post by sharing its link on other social networking sites and getting feedback from friends and strangers. Not to forget how social media can make or break people – the advent of Justin Bieber and the (almost) departure of Rebecca Black are, but only two living examples of the power of social media. Kalyani Karki, a student of Law, hosts this edition of My Cup of Tea as the participants share how and why they use social media. Read on to learn what they have to say. 18 | VOW | January 2012

Social media is popular now as it offers a wide range of sharing and digital interactivity. Today most corporate houses and news channel have been utilising this platform for news flow, product branding, and even for inviting people to events. While the events have noticed a rise in funds and support, the corporate houses seem to have lowered the budget that they used to allocate for promotional activities, because through social media like facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, etc, advertising is just a click way. By sharing one link in a social medium, the information can go rampant at a really large number of audiences. No doubt the world is going digital. Look at the gadgets we have these days – digital Kalyani Karki TV, iPads, notebooks, smartphones – all of these aid the use of our favourite social media tools conveniently and rapidly. Having taken the world by storm through its effective and quick ways, social media has found its place in Nepal too. And this is one the prime reason why I wanted to host this session of My Cup of Tea. It is to inform people that social media is a platform not only to get connected to old and new friends, but also a place where we can make our voices heard and issues notified. While facebook and twitter could be used effectively in sharing news and views, YouTube videos could be used to bring to light important issues to a larger audience. Likewise, professional networking sites like Linked-In could be used as a platform to have professional interaction, and hence fish opportunities. Alon Ben David, an Israeli television and print journalist, has rightly said, “If you have a few smart people and a good computer, you can do a lot. You don’t need an aircraft, you don’t need tanks, you don’t need an army.”

Galen Stolee

Sattya is a network of media and art people who are interested in promoting the use of creative expression in Nepal while also taking in issues. We conduct various workshops, and host a lot of documentary screenings and events. We are a network based organisation, so using social media is a must. And facebook is essential in organising our events, promoting them and communicating with people – it is so great to have that base you know. When we have an event, we just put it up on facebook and it simultaneously reaches everyone who has ever been interested in Sattya. It is a great way to network with people, keep them together, and advertise. The use of social networking is also a big part of what we are about because we are not just about the old media limited to photography and writing. We are very much interested in where social media is taking art and expression because that is something we are very passionate about. The word spreads and that is the magic of social media that it can propagate those ideas without anyone controlling it. But sometimes I feel people rely on it too much and forget about the importance of networking and meeting in person. At Sattya we make an effort because we are an art organisation, so we believe in promoting through flyers and that sort of thing. We want people to feel that social networking is not the only thing we are going to do. We do think it is such a useful and important tool beyond just business, to get into activism, creating change and getting your voice heard. It has really changed many things around Nepal whether we talk about the Anti Monsanto Act or other significant acts.

I guess I entered the world of social media in 2006 – the year facebook was born. At present, I use facebook, LinkedIn and twitter only. Although I am a lawyer by profession, I find social media an interesting platform to garner a broader opinion on solid topics like law, politics and society. Social media has also helped me directly or indirectly write articles on legal issues. And I share them on facebook so that I can get first-hand comments. I really appreciate the feedback I receive via facebook. Linked-In, I find it a bit relationship-oriented, but it does help strengthen one’s social network and connect with different people more or less from the same career background. And quite recently I have opened an account on twitter and I plan to make more use of this than facebook and Linked-In. It is a fact that social media has taken the world by storm today. And we often get to hear about different countries banning certain social medium citing various reasons. But despite many rumours that circulate here time and again about social media being restricted in Nepal too, I don’t think Nepali government will ban it completely though it does have the authority to impose certain restrictions in social media. It’s quite apparent that social media has become a strong craze amongst millions of Nepalis over the past few years – there’s hardly any student without a facebook account. Since most people here are using social media to get to know more people and widen then network, adding unknown people and sharing all personal information can be hazardous. No wonder the rate of cyber crime is alarming today. Thus, it helps to be aware that there is Cyber Law that deals with cyber crime. If you are being abused in any social networking sites, my advice to you is to file a complaint ASAP at the police station. I also strongly feel that parents should keep their children’s internet use under strict supervision to prevent them from misusing it for something fun and protect them from predators working in the world wide web.

Semanta Dahal

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Rajneesh Bhandari

I have access to internet 24 hours through my 3G mobile set. I not only access social media as a person wanting to keep in touch with friends and family, but also as a journalist trying to reach out to people, share information and get feedback on my stories. I always think twice or more before posting anything on the social networking site, and I don’t usually share anything too personal. For example, I post links of my articles published or news broadcast asking my friends or those in my network to please read and share their feedback. Also, social media opens up accessibility for people to follow people they want to, depending on their area of interest. Most musicians, actors, diplomats and even politicians have a page (on facebook) through which they can interact with people. And most of the time, a credible page on facebook can be a good source of news for journalists like me. For instance, I was following former minister Jaya Prakash Gupta on facebook, and one fine day, he announced his resignation through a status update. Now that was big news. However, journalists and any facebook/ social media user should check and cross check the credibility of anything spread on social media. Personally, I love technology. And being a journalist with a thorough knowledge of technology helps a lot. I guess the right use of social media is updating yourself on technology, and my activity on social media has proved beneficial in many ways. For example, there was a protest going on in Kathmandu yesterday, and I tweeted two pictures of the protest which I took from my mobile phone. Later, it was awesome to learn that the pictures were featured in Right now, a website that features breaking news from around the world as and when it happens. Since the featured pictures on the website also had my byline, it was a plus point for me being a journalist, and it could be the same for anyone else in my place. Therefore, social media is also a space to express your views and interact with not only national international audiences as well. 20 | VOW | January 2012

I am an avid facebook user, and that is because all my friends ‘live’ there. I started using social networking site back in 2006 with hi5. After a year and half, I shifted to facebook and twitter, and now I mostly use facebook. One thing very few people know is that apart from the normal interaction that takes place on facebook among long lost friends and new ones, it also provides opportunities to earn – some websites like and actually pay you to increase likes for some pages on facebook. I am a web designer by profession and I pretty much make my living via internet. So basically, I have access to the internet 24 hours a day. In fact almost all youth with mobile phones use internet today. Personally, I feel I can easily get through a week without a mobile phone, but not the internet… I’d surely go crazy.

Uttam Adhikari

Nepalis are also widely using YouTube these days. And the best thing about YouTube is that you can also earn good money by posting your videos on it. Nonetheless, earning from YouTube solely depends upon how much traffic you get on our video or channel. The more views and subscribers you have, the more money you earn. Google’s ad sense programme pays you the money. A YouTube video is eligible to the ad sense ads only after a video gets at least 10,000 views. And this can take time. The viewership depends on what you have uploaded and what you have done to promote it.

By» Poonam Maharjan, Evelyn Moktan and Samridhi Rana Photos» Sanu Raja Maharjan

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Bhuwan Chand and Basundhara Bhusal with frined

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Kunda Dixit and Thomas K Shor


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Buddha Singh, Gautam SJB Rana and Anil Shah

Ranjit Acharya holds centerstage

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Get rid of it now! Tired of that little dark line of hair above your sexy pout? Do you avoid wearing sleeveless tops because your underarms and hands are hairy? Want your legs to feel silky? For most women, body and facial hair is a big no-no. But thankfully there are a range of options to remove unwanted hair.

Shaving: Shaving is cheap, easy and you can do it yourself anytime… almost anywhere! However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Shaving should be done after applying moisturiser to the skin to help the razor glide to avoid cutting or scraping. Common moisturisers include water, shaving cream, hair conditioner, or body wash. While some women shave the bikini area, waxing is a better option. And unless you are a man, put down the razor for removing facial hair. Shaving creates blunt edges which make the hair appear thicker and it is extremely temporary option. Creams: Remove unwanted hair by

spreading on a thick layer of cream and wait around 10 minutes. The cream makes the hair soft and easy to wipe away. Allergic reactions are not uncommon so be sure to test out any product on your wrist first. Read instructions carefully.

Bleaching: Bleaching just makes the hair less noticeable by lightening its colour, it does not remove it. This is especially useful for areas that have thin but dark and noticeable hair, like the arms, face, or neck. Waxing: A popular service found at

salons and spas everywhere, and a wide variety of home kits sold, waxing is an effective method for removing large amounts

of hair at one go. Cold waxes are available usually attached to strips, which are patted onto the skin. Wax that is still left on the skin must be peeled or scratched off. Caution must be used when heating wax so as not to burn the skin.

Plucking: Plucking hair with tweezers is an effective way to remove hair especially on the eye brows but can be time consuming. The hair shaft must be long enough to grasp with tweezers. Threading: This ancient hair removal method using a string is highly sought after for precise eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal that can last up to six weeks. It is quick, uses no chemicals and is generally inexpensive. A big plus is that if you can feel the hair, threading can remove it. Laser treatment: If you are tired of endless shaving, waxing or depilating, permanent treatment such as laser could be your answer. Laser treatment utilises a pulse of light to destroy the hair follicles. Those with dark hair and light skin would find this technique more beneficial as the hair colour pigment melanin absorbs the laser light better.  One needs to undergo frequent treatments a year and the results vary from person to person.



makeup tips for beginners Whether you want to play up, shine or sparkle, it’s the season to dazzle, so if you’re looking for a makeup tutor, trying to find flattering makeup for your face or just want to know how to groom your face, here are a few simple and basic tips. STEP 1: FOUNDATION


After cleansing, toning and moisturising your face, apply a small amount of foundation to the tip of your index finger, dot on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then blend in an upward and outward motion. Be sure to apply foundation over your eyelids and blend. Glance in the mirror to ensure that the foundation has blended properly and there is no line. You can use a concealer to cover imperfections such as blemishes and dark spots.

Starting at your lash line, apply your base colour first, then apply your crease colour in the crease area. Then apply your highlight colour below the brow bone. Finally, blend the colours with a cotton ball or your fingertip to remove any obvious line. If the colours are too bright, tone down with a little translucent powder. Then apply a coat or two of mascara and dust your entire face downward with translucent powder.


Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks so that it radiates when you smile. It should go no closer to your nose, but directly beneath the iris of your eye, below nostril-level and into your temple hairline. A good blush brush that’s tapered for precise placement is a must.

Using a powder brush, apply translucent powder in a downward motion for a smooth finish. Translucent powder helps eye makeup and blush to go on smoother and blend better. It also keeps your face looking fresh and your makeup will last longer.

26 | VOW | January 2012



Define the outline of your lips with a professional lip brush or a lip liner pencil that closely matches the colour of your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick and blend the liner with a lip brush. Start from the centre, working outwards.


I am a housewife with two young kids to look after. With winter already in, I am worried about my hands and feet care. They look pretty dark, rough and dry. I use glycerine on my hands and feet every night but still my skin looks dry. How can I keep them soft and supple? – Archana Bhattarai Dear Archana, unfortunately winter season comes with dehydrated skin for almost everyone. Our hands and feet get affected by winter harshness the most and we end up getting dry hands and feet. One of the best ways to keep the moisture of your skin intact is by limiting the use of hot water for various purposes like cleaning and washing. Hot water makes the skin vulnerable and washes off the skin’s natural moisture. Also keep moisturising your skin with a rich moisturiser every time you wash your hands. Don’t forget to moisturise your feet before going to bed. Wear gloves and socks every time you step out of the house in the cold. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

DOLLY SINGH, proprietor of Dolly’s Exquisite Creations, will answer all your beauty and makeup queries. Email your questions to Contact her at 4445080.

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Blow drying your hair? The pros, the cons and

some useful fixes

With the clock ticking fast in today’s fast-paced world, you can hardly afford to let your hair dry on its own while you are already getting late for work or some important meeting. And you cannot go out with water still dripping from your hair. That’s exactly when a blow dryer comes in handy. But, take heed, blow drying can also cost you your hair if you are not careful. Here we have listed some of the pros and cons of blow drying along with some useful fixes… Pros of blow drying

Cons of blow drying

• Adds instant volume to the hair.

• Dehydrates your hair follicles.

• Helps straightening and styling the hair.

• Damages your hair and makes it dull.

• It is fast – you can get perfect hair in just a couple of minutes instead of waiting till it dries on its own. • If you want to use flat iron or curling iron, drying hair first is a must.

• Hair loses its shine and health, making it prone to breakage and split ends.

Smooth fixes • If you decide to blow your hair dry on a daily basis, you need to make sure that you treat your hair right. Condition well each time you wash your hair and rinse with cool water. This way, you will close the conditioner into the hair follicle, assuring a natural shine. And you must avoid blowing the hair dry when it is soaking wet. Wrap your hair with a towel to squeeze that excess water out and be sure to keep

the hairdryer six to eight inches away from your head at all times. Do not dry your hair all the way through. The best option is to stop using the blow dryer while your hair is still a little damp. • Apply hair mask once in a while. Homemade hair masks are even better because of the 100 percent natural ingredients. Massage your scalp when washing it. Massaging stimulates blood circulation which helps in hair growth. • Use heat protecting serums before blow drying and try to make it as gentle as possible. • Nourish your body right. Have food rich in vitamins and drink plenty of water. Healthy nutrition helps your hair to regenerate and keep its natural moisture.

hold my hand I don’t like my fiancée

I am avid reader of your magazine and have always been inspired by the articles in it and especially by the Hold My Hand column. I have a problem and I am very confused and troubled by it. I was engaged last summer and we are to be married in July this year. My parents thought this would give me enough time to get to know my life partner. My problem is that initially I liked my fiancée and he projected himself very well. But the more I get to know him, the less I think of him. While he is very well behaved with me and my family, he is very rude to his mother and to his staff and colleagues. He also has a tendency to show off all the time – if somebody can do something, he claims to know how to do it better. He almost never praises anyone’s efforts, and I have noticed that he sulks if I do so. Lately, I find that he has become very clingy and is constantly questioning where I am, what I am doing, etc. I can’t imagine living with this man for the rest of my life. My parents are very traditional and I am not sure if they will be able to handle the gossip and rumours should I break off this engagement. Am I overreacting or am I correct? Please advise me as soon as possible. - Namita Namita, it’s a tough place to be in but you are right in your thinking… if you can’t respect the man now, there will be ver y little space for love to grow. Marriage is based on love, trust and commitment while both par tners continue to make compromises and adjustments as they go along in the journey of life together… we agree that it will be very difficult for you. You are again 30 | VOW | January 2012

Shalini Wadhwa

right in taking into consideration your parent’s feelings, but you must also understand that they ultimately want your happiness and well-being. A little pain right now will save them a lot of heartache later. It’s best to open your heart to them and do what you must. Be gentle with the man, he may never understand your perspective and will hold it against you, but that is something you will have to bear too. All the best.

I don’t want to marry, but I do want to have a child

I am 36 years old and unmarried. I am smart, independent, good looking and own a business. While I have been in two relationships already, I have never considered marriage. I come from a broken family and have come to believe that marriage cannot keep a relationship together if both partners are not happy – ultimately a relationship is based on love, care and commitment. At this point in my life I am single and have begun to think of having a child. When I shared this with my close friends, they were supportive but were also full of qualms. It goes against our society which is so tough on single women, but they also feel that I will be unfair on the child whose wellbeing and upbringing requires the love and care of both parents. I also want to give birth to my child and I know this will raise a

Charu Chadha

lot of questions. While I don’t care about the society, I do care if my child will have to bear the burden of my choices. I also know that ultimately it is only me who can make this choice, but I would like to have the opinion of the Voice of Women. Look forward to hearing from you. - name withheld You are right, ultimately it is a choice that only you can make. But know that if you have the courage and the determination to live with your choices and without regret…you are on the right path. Having a child will bring you lots of love, laughter and heartache… being a mother is an indefinable experience but like someone said - Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. We wish you luck… but also keep your heart open to a relationship that may just last forever. You don’t enter or not enter a committed relationship (marriage) thinking whether it will last or not last… it’s like ever ything else in life… you believe in it, you contribute to it, and you enjoy it through the good times and the bad… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t make you a better person or worse, but it does ensure that you have not stood on the edge afraid, and that you have lived fully and with hope and faith in your heart.

My brother is on drugs

I am 16 years old and have a brother who is two years older to me. My brother got into drugs three years ago and despite a lot of professional help, he always goes back to becoming a user. Our home was happy at one time, but now we are always tense. He creates scenes, disappears for days, hurts my mother with abusive language, has dropped out of college, steals money and valuables from the house, was almost arrested some months ago. There is so much unhappiness in the house and everyone is focused just on him. I am beginning to resent him and sometimes wish that he would just disappear although I am ashamed of this thought. My father has to work long hours and has blood pressure. He is a very kind and soft human being and I can see that he is not sure what he can do to make this better. I don’t know what to do. I am always the one to make compromises at home… I have to look out for him, I can’t have friends over, people talk behind our back…. Please help me help my brother. Will it be like this always? I can’t study properly these days. I am worried all the time. – name withheld

You have been a very strong, young girl and however unfortunate it is, you will have to learn to live a normal life within the constraints you have in the family. One person’s problems can make life so difficult in the family. You must encourage your parents to continue getting professional help and counseling for your brother. Drug users usually have deeper issues and they need a lot of love and understanding. It gets difficult for others to constantly become care givers, but there is little alternative. One of our columnists, Dr Sharad Man Tamrakar is available at Norvic Hospital and you may consider consulting him. Meanwhile, stay happy and don’t feel defeated… everyone’s pain, everyone’s joy counts once you are family. And don’t worry about having negative thoughts for your brother – it happens when you are overly stressed and tired, but you know that you don’t really mean it and that’s what really counts. While the pressures are high at home, don’t neglect your own development, studies and having fun once in a while. You deserve it. Take time out from home every now and then… go stay with friends or cousins occasionally and allow yourself to be happy without any guilt. While we can’t assure you about your brother’s situation completely, we can definitely tell you that there are many users who have come out of it completely and today live normal, healthy lives. Give him every opportunity to find his way back. Take care. Send your questions to

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you should not tell your parents Dear children, your parents have feelings. They were not always parents, and they had a life before you came along. And they have made many sacrifices for you. Before you think “I always treat my parents right”, let us tell you that being good to your parents does not include sweet talking them for extra pocket money, or doing chores just to finally cajole them into buying you some goodies. Whether you are 13 or 30 you are still your parents’ child and they will always be your parents. You should know that your angry words or sentences wound your parents. Think before you speak. Yes, these things are totally not cool.

“I hate you!”

You don’t mean it and your parents know you don’t really mean it. But it hurts to hear someone you love say it out loud to them. This is a cruel and insensitive thing to say to someone who has been giving you so much love and putting you first, even before themselves. 32 | VOW | January 2012

“You don’t even know this.”

Every time you say this, your parents will feel like they are being belittled by you. Remember you were taught the most important things in life by your parents. Just because you now know a few fancy words or some things that aren’t really all that important to your parents, don’t act smart.

“Ugh, uff, whatever…”

However insignificant it might seem to you, these expressions are as loaded as huge canons. It is not only irritating to be faced with a disobedient child but to hear such comments and actions only add fuel to the fire. Your parents will feel slighted and more disgruntled than ever.

“You are cheap.”

This might be your weapon when your parents tell you they can’t buy you everything you want. If it seems like the end of the earth for you not to get that new pair of shoes or that video game, then go out and work for it. It is very mean to think of your parents as your ATM. If you are big enough to realise you want something very badly and call your parents names, then you are certainly big enough to work for it.

“Shut up!”

Now this is downright rude and you deserve a spanking.

“My friend’s parents are better than you both.”

Don’t ever compare your parents with somebody else’s. Parents want the best for us and raise us in the way they think best. Unless they are extremists who only give you stale bread and a thin gruel for your meals, clothe you in hand-me-downs

and make you do all the chores in the house, they certainly don’t deserve to hear comparisons. And you never know your friends think your parents are cooler than theirs.

“It’s your fault.”

It could be easy to blame your parents for things that happen in your life. Well it’s time you understand that while it doesn’t solve any of your problems, it hurts your parents. It might or it might not be their fault but stop putting the blame on them. They don’t blame you for anything, so why should you? Learn to let things be.

“Why don’t you die?”

Shame on you! You have no right to say such a thing. It is utterly hurtful, shocking, disgusting and you should be embarrassed to hear such words coming out of your mouth. Apologise profusely.

“I will kill myself.”

Okay, this might just be one of your temper tantrums’ result but it is a very serious thing to say. If you are really in trouble or hurting, try to look for ways in which you can seek help from your parents. But if this is only a way to let off your frustration, then apologise immediately. What seems like a mere sentence to you has a very powerful impact on your parents. No one deserves to hear such a thing, and especially not your parents.

Rolling your eyes

Grow up! It’s time you stopped this non verbal way of expressing your disgust. If you think something is wrong then act like an adult and explain yourself instead acting like an immature person.

male menu

Your partner caught you oggling at another woman... What's your excuse? Not a new story, is it? Women often catch their men staring at other women. So what happens next? What ‘ingenious’ excuse does he come up with to soothe her raised brows and ruffled feelings? Read on to learn how some men manage to calm their partners after being caught ogling at other hotties…

Lava Kafle

solutions architect, Deerwalk Inc Since the universe is created by physics, it makes several attractions possible. It happens all of a sudden and there is no question on why attractiveness, beauty, a certain outlook or personality creates desire in human beings. So my excuse would go something like this: “Darling, my beloved one, love is not for slavery but for sharing. Human beings are created to express love, solidarity, friendship

Saurav Dhakal,

storyteller at I would have two options if I am caught checking out an attractive woman: 1. I will tell her I know the lady but I am having a hard time placing her, so that was the reason I was staring at her. I can’t remember her but I am sure she has some interesting STORY.   2. I will tell my partner that the lady is my childhood friend but now we do not speak to each other.

But honesty is the best policy and most times, I would tell her what I like about the lady. If you tell the truth, it probably won’t be so bad and she might just nod and let it go. A lie, on the other hand, can be caught and she might have a false impression of the whole situation, landing you in deeper trouble. She will definitely notice when something is fishy, so it is just better to tell her the truth and to try and make light of the situation. It also saves you a whole lot of time and trouble. 34 | VOW | January 2012

Little Star Shrestha, CEO, Little

Star Records

The possibility of this kind of situation only comes under the critical cyclone of human feelings, and I believe such things take place only in sensitive cases. If I face this situation I would initially love to watch my partner’s reaction. And while being a Virgo, I do believe that I have a great power of tolerance regarding any circumstances, but in case she goes aggressively out of limit, instead of doling out any excuse I would prefer to say “She could be my future girlfriend”. I am honest and I always speak my mind… I don’t want to be taken lightly and I want to be known as “a man of my words” forever.

and positive feelings with each other. Love is not contained in one small pocket or heart, it’s boundless. There are no chains in love, but freedom, liberty and philanthropy. It is a human need, dignity and desire to crave for more love. You and I certainly respect each others’ love, but we are not bound together like sodium chloride. This bonding is temporary. Please see nothing in this world as permanent. Everything is temporary. We have to leave everything that we thought ours – wealth, love, partner and friendship! I will always love you honestly… forever. I would never ever find a partner so compassionate, kind and forgiving for my universal demonstration of love that I share with other attractive ones. Please forgive me and understand that I still love you, more so now that I have learnt from others how to love you better. I am always at your disposition, your heart soul and existence…”  

Dr Bikal Shrestha dental surgeon

It is perfectly normal for our eyes to get automatically attracted to beauty. I am sure almost all men tend to at least glance when we pass an attractive woman. So it’s no surprise that I have such moments too! And since I know that just looking at someone from afar does not mean I’m betraying my partner, I admit to doing so if she happens to notice it. Also I would casually tease her in such situations and try to have fun. And anyway, it so happens that most of the time I ask her to check out that cool lady around! By» Pramila Rai Photos» Nibendra / Sanu Raja

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Career moves

to succeed at your workplace! From the career you choose until the day you retire, you can maximise your prospects for success at work. You can pick a career you love and choose organisations in which you will experience success as well as personal growth and development. However, to climb that success ladder, you need to learn, understand and find out the essential skills to achieve that aim at work. To help you climb this ladder of success, here are important career strategies to become more successful in your workplace…


Raise the level of your attitude

Nobody likes a negative thinker. It is said that like begets like. Even a negative thinker will not desire to stay long with another negative thinker because we naturally seek for the sunlight. So smile. Find the opportunity in every problem and challenge. A negative thinker may get promoted because of seniority, but given the choice between two seniors with the same competence, the choice is easy. Only a positive believer can truly be a leader. So let your positivity shine through. To raise your altitude, you got to raise your attitude.


Develop the right skills

The very least that your company expects from you is that you get things done. Any employer will appreciate an employee who can do a task twice as fast as the others. For example, there are those who can write a sales letter for two hours. An employer chooses one who can do it for one hour given that the result will just be the same. However, the employer will choose someone whose every sales letter can close a deal. Business is

36 | VOW | January 2012

not a matter of luck. You also got to show that you are competent. To be promoted to the position that you desire, you must develop the right skills for that job, not tomorrow or next year, but today.


Create your own brand

Think like Coke or Starbucks. You may not like to hear this, but it is best for you to consider yourself a brand. Define how you want others to see you. If you want to show that you are an achiever, then you must think and talk and walk like an achiever. Be deliberate with the way you dress and the way you deal with people. It is said that you must dress for success. This may be true if you dress according to your definition of success, to your ideal brand and not according to other people’s definition of success.


Build network

Become a social butterfly. You can learn a lot from people. All successful business value the power of networking. Networking is about building relationships and developing opportunities for you to help other people and offer your services to them.


Act and think like a business owner

You will rocket your career to the top if you’ll think like an owner. You will see the importance of your work and that of your co-workers to the success of the organisation. There is a big gap between a labourer and a CEO and this is not because of the inequality in the society, but mainly because most people use their hands while the business owner uses his/her hands, head and heart.


Think local

Understand the needs of people in your organisation and the community it serves. When you do, you will see many opportunities of serving them. When you think local, you will be able to offer people not empty motivations but real life solutions.


Perform world class, not just global or international

To be known internationally or globally is a good thing but what is important is that you become the best, if not the first, in what you do. You need to show people the meaning of world class. This is more important than international or global. The best career move you can make for yourself is to make a goal of making yourself a world class professional. Find out what’s the best in your profession you possess and then strive to be equal to them.

Q&A CAREER I have been working in a reputed company for five years and while I am happy with the work I am doing, I think I am not being paid my due. In the five years that I have been with the company, they have just reviewed my salary once. I know I should talk to my seniors but I don’t feel comfortable approaching them regarding this. Please advise me. – Neeta I strongly believe that “if you love the job you do, you don’t have to work a single day in your life!” One deserves to be uplifted by the work one does but many are not so fortunate. There are plenty of people who hate their jobs but stick to them because of compulsion or because of the pay package or because they are too lazy to look for something else. You are lucky because you are working for a reputed company, you have already invested a good five years and most importantly you are “happy with the work”. Money should not be the only driving force. Research has shown that monetary compensations and salary hikes only provide short term satisfaction. The factors that contribute most to job satisfaction are the challenges that the job offers, the people that you work with, the reputation of the company, the quality of leadership and the joy that the work itself provides.  The other reality one has to consider is that right now our whole nation is in a state of flux. Times are difficult and organisations are facing the brunt of poor economic policies, incompetent national leaders and a general sense of hopelessness. Even if they wish to, business owners and managers are not able to review salaries and update their payscales. Keeping this in mind, try to contribute your creativity and skills to make your organisation improve and grow. At the same time, if you are unhappy about getting less than you deserve, by all means approach your superiors and talk to them frankly. As they say, “no harm in asking”. It is better to overcome your discomfort than be frustrated and allow negative emotions to fester inside. You will feel better after airing your grievances and listening to what your seniors have to say. You will then be in a position to make correct decisions that could affect your entire career. Go ahead – you can do it! 

Dr Niti Rana, professional

trainer and motivator and director of The New Era Career Development Institute, will answer all your career queries. Email your questions to Contact her at 4471957.

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woman at work

Bachcha haru ko lagi


Renu Shah Bagaria, Founder, Koseli

The sun is back and shining post this afternoon’s rain. We are in Koseli, a threeyear-old centre that educates children living in the slums and those on the streets, for free. It was started with a motive to integrate underprivileged children into the mainstream society through education and a better environment.

Koseli in Nepali means ‘a gift’. Gauging around, the centre is small and does not look overly ambitious. The size looks right for 102 students, with classes up to the seventh standard, and the infrastructure looks basic. Good news for the class seven students is, there will be class eight next year and they can continue coming here. The room where we meet Renu Bagaria, the founder, has little students lined up in their best behaviour as they are being given new jumpers just before their dashain holidays (I interviewed her back in September!). The room is colourful with word games, 38 | VOW | January 2012

junior spellings and fun with shapes, story books, toys, a mini drum set, and indoor and outdoor games. Additionally, it seems today makes up for one of their ‘happy’ days having been invited by the Cookie Man this morning at Civil Mall. Once the line gets over, a quiet boy comes hovering at the door barefoot. Renu tells him that he will be called the moment they find his size. “You know, we now have sizes which will not fit him and he is feeling so bad that he will keep hovering around until he finds one,” she says with a heartbroken smile. Koseli is sustained by supporters who are mainly individual donors. About the jumpers, someone had the blue ones sent while she bought the yellow ones from New Road. There is something nice about Renu Bagaria – a young, subtly good-looking social worker, who carries herself with ease... there

eventually realised that when you educate someone, you cannot educate him/her on an empty stomach. Absenteeism was very high and that was when the idea of having a kitchen community in the school popped up. And then clothes of course… when you see them come to school, they are in such bad shape – most of them were sick and unhealthy. When we took them to the hospital, we found that most of their health issues were related to hygiene and sanitation because they do not have proper toilets and come winters they do not take a shower for months. So that is when we started giving them a bath here.

Life in Koseli

None of these children here had gone to school earlier. Most of them come from the slums in Jadibuti and Sukumbasi while the rest live on the streets. If they are not here, they indulge in begging, rag-picking,

their classes. They come in at 8.30am but their classes actually begin at 11.30am and gets over at five in the evening. Here they are not only given schooling, but they are provided with basic needs like meals, daily showers, clean clothes, medical care, and a safe environment – a far cry from their days in the slums and on the streets.

Admissions open!

For 2011 we opened for admissions in April with 20 seats, taking only one child from a family and preferring a girl child or the older child. Around 60 to 70 children turned up wanting to be admitted, and we managed to take in 25, exceeding our capacity. But when the school opened for the year, we found 30 new children coming in to our surprise. When we tried contacting their families, there was nobody we could get in touch with! So we realised that these children desperately wanted to go to school.

The worst part of the job…

Rejecting an admission is the worst part because these children do not want to leave… and they don’t! They hang on to the gate, follow me or other staff, and it is really sad. But we can only take in a certain number of children because that is all we can accommodate here. All the classrooms are full now… in fact, we are even sharing classes, like class one and class two are in the same room. Thankfully, these kids have been adjusting pretty well.

On their first theatrical act with Jaamun ko rukh

Initially, we were a little sceptical if they could pull it off, because it was their first time. But all the 24 children who acted in the play on the final day at Gurukul were nowhere close to how they were earlier… they were simply brilliant! They happily walk around repeating their dialogues even now. is a sense of ease and giving that emanates from her persona. Grab your cup of tea to indulge in the conversation with this month’s woman at work.

“As a child…”

…while going to school, I would pass through a city hospital where kids played along the pavement. Everyday I wished I could take them home, give them a bath and take them along to school. But I was scared of my mother (laughs).

And hence

From the time I started Koseli with 10 kids to now, everything has evolved. I

gambling, and what not! So we keep a few children back even after school hours – the ones who gamble or are vulnerable – allowing them to have fun in the school, prolonging their time spent here. I am glad that these kids are taken care of, and I feel happy to see an overall positive transformation in them. However, I feel I am still not doing enough.

A far cry from their days on the slums and streets

Once they get to the school in the morning, they brush their teeth, take a shower, have food cooked in our kitchen and then complete their homework (because they don’t carry it home), and then begin with

Beyond this and now

I wish I could build more schools like this and put all the children living in slums and streets to study it. I believe every child is capable – we just need to hold a hand. As far as I am concerned, I will not leave their hand unless they have some kind of capability which will help them in generating a decent source of income. To learn more about Koseli, visit or like Renu says, “Just visit us at our school in Tinkune. Spend some time with us, look around and you could help us in many ways.” By: Samridhi Rana Photos: Shankar Bir Byanjankar subscribe online: | VOW | 39


15 young women achievers from a wide range of fields, each with a unique potential to create change, have made it to VOW's annual list of women to watch this year. Read on to learn more about each of them… On Keki and Susmita: Glam Rush, Times Square Mall, Durbar Marg, Tel: 9851100539 On Nabina: Dress: Elegant, Shop No. T28, City Centre, Tel: 4011522 Accessories: RD Chaahat, Durbar Marg, Tel: 4225844

By» Poonam Maharjan, Evelyn Moktan, Samridhi Rana, Pramila Rai & Malvika Biswas Photos» Rajiv Shrestha, Sanu Maharjan, Shanker Bir Byanjankar subscribe online: | VOW | 41


me wo

012 • power to atch 2 crea ow t te c n

han ge

Ujjwala Maharjan

journalist and slam poet

wo years of journalism and a year of slam poetry, and Ujjwala Maharjan is already a good name in both fields. She fell into journalism by chance when she interned at Republica as part of her academic requirement. She has only grown to love her job though she describes herself more as a writer than a journalist. The 22-year-old recalls her interest in poetry as always being deep and defines the moment she emerged as one of the five winners from the first slam poetry workshop on December 2010 as the moment which gave her immeasurable satisfaction. "The difference between writing slam poetry and just poetry is that one needs to know where the pauses are required, the specific word that will add fire to the entire poem," she enunciates. She knows she needs her “words to sound correct” whether in her articles or her poetry. Slam poetry, she believes, gives women the platform to express, to speak out. The majority of slam poets here write and perform English poems and Ujjwala and her group, The Word Warriors, would like slam poets to be as forthcoming with Nepali poems and performances. Easily fascinated and prone to intimidation, she claims that one needs to face their fears and move on. She counts her aunt as the inspirational figure in her life, someone who understood her creative impulses and pushed her to pursue it. Currently doing her Masters in English Literature, Ujjwala sees herself continuing writing and performing. And with the workshops she has been giving, teaching is something she realised she has an aptitude for. The best thing about being a woman? Women can deal with egos, are open to talking and women care.

m wo

watch 2012 • po wer en to

to c reat e cha ng e

Sabeena Karki

senior programme producer and presenter, Radio Kantipur; programme coordinator, Journalism and Mass Communication, Lecturer ne of the best loved radio jockeys of the country, she has nine shows on air currently, teaches mass communication at the bachelors level at a reputed college and is also the coordinator for the masters level for the same. For Sabeena Karki, as clichéd as it sounds, the saying “If you love your job you don’t have to work for a single day in your life” holds true. Her passion for radio reflects in her voice, her face, in fact, her entire demeanour. “Everyday I do my shows, I still feel that vibe within me”, she states. With a decade in radio behind her, it is not a small feat. As a young girl Sabeena was an avid listener of Radio Kantipur. She has fond memories of scribbling “to be an RJ” in the “aim” section in her friends’ “auto books”. She grew up listening to “Hindi Hungama” and as fate had it, it was her first show when she landed a job with Radio Kantipur. It

42 | VOW | January 2012

Susmita Maskey

mountaineer; motivational speaker

to 2 201 ch at w • power to crea te change

She is petite in structure, but fierce in her will power and determination. She is Susmita Maskey, a mountaineer for the past eight years, the leader of First Inclusive Women’s Sagarmatha Expedition (FIWSE) and a motivational speaker. Counted as one of the most successful expeditions in the world, FIWSE consists of 10 female mountaineers who came from different backgrounds. It did not deter them that eight were novices. A year of training and they made it to the summit and back proving that not only physique but dedication and determination also get you everywhere. She has climbed Mount Everest three times, and in between held many jobs and climbed many smaller peaks. The strength that keeps her moving in times of adversity is her family and the great amount of will power she manages to keep handy for such times. Susmita is also involved in social work, and this stems from the fact that she was inspired by nuns and wanted to be one as a young girl. Faced with parental opposition, and probably a few reality checks, she exchanged this dream with that of flying. However, as she grew older, she put her piloting dreams aside, and instead studied dance and even same perform. The Sherpas are her true heroes. It was in 2003 that she attended an outdoor leadership programme organised by Nepal Mountaineering Association and felt that she belonged in the mountains. Eight years down the line she is happy to be where she is. Her dream, she smiles, is to climb Mount K2.

wo me n

is the oldest show of Kantipur, on air for 17 years now. Sabeena was always a good student, with two master degrees to her credit – one in Journalism and Mass Communication and another in Disaster Management. And with 10 years’ worth of experience she thought her knowledge could serve to help students learn how to be a good media person. Teaching students ensures that she learns as much in the process. The hardworking and dedicated RJ, Sabeena would like to see women pull themselves up and work against the social boundaries that might be holding them back. She feels women in Nepal suffer from a laidback attitude. "They might be educated and talented but at the end of the day if they do not push themselves they cannot truly shine to their full potential," she says. She describes herself as confident, optimistic and romantic, and would like to be happily married soon.

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wom e

Anita Thapa

president, Youth Initiative

women atch to w

s the president of a youth led organisation, Anita works on the issues of human rights, democratisation, governance, peace building and civic leadership which focus on action based civics. "I enjoy what I do. I can be creative, try new approaches and interventions, meet people, learn and celebrate civics. I strongly believe in active citizenship, and youth civic engagement and learning," informs the lady who is not just impacting the present but also the future. Standing tall at 29, she sees herself doing this work for another 10 years, with the wish to see lifelong participation of young people in the democratisation process. "I do not believe in standing out or being different. It is all about adding value to each other’s work and creating synergy. My biggest dream is to start a civic school for girls which would be a school beyond academic excellence." On being asked if she goes through moments of self doubt she says, "Of course, and it forces us to re-examine what we assume. The idea is, we should not be overwhelmed. Reassure yourself that you are not the only one, don't hesitate to talk to friends and family." Anita also loves to travel, explore new things and learn history, and she knits whenever she has time. Absolutely proud of being a woman, she says, "We have the ability to adapt and endure through the trying times. Multitasking doesn’t scare us and we have deep empathy, compassion and the nurturing spirit that seems to be so instinctive in most of us. And we know how to enjoy life!"

Sahana Vajracharya

2• 2 01

TV presenter, Kantipur Television

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c to te c rea ge han

he best thing does not lie in being a man or a woman but being human, believes Sahana. After being crowned the 1st runner up in Miss Nepal 2010, she went on to mark herself at the 11th position in the Miss Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant held in Busan, South Korea. She also won the talent award with her dance. But this 21-year-old spirited Leo says, “Real achievement is beyond the awards you showcase in your living room. It is overcoming the fear inside you.” Her first big break on television was in 2009 with an offer to co-host a talk show, Yugantar, where we watched her interviewing women from

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Mamita L Setling

independent artist and documentary filmmaker, FunkyFresh amita graduated in journalism and joined CNBC and CNN as the youngest intern. After getting a taste of the media for five years, she has recently begun to actively pursue her own independent films and the art of Emceeing in HipHop. She does this through FunkyFresh, an organisation that she and her partner, Mastakush founded. "Rediscovering HipHop set me on a whole new tangent last year. After a chance encounter with Kush in London, we both began working on a vision that could help educate and inspire young generations through HipHop. It started with one documentary, Manifesting A Dream and was eventually followed by events and workshops." These two mediums – documentaries and music, give this 24-year-old an engaging platform to reach out to people. Her biggest dream is to build their first FunkyFresh House in Nepal, where HipHop freaks from all backgrounds can have access to the state-of-art facilities and equipments, and a platform to network locally and globally. Likewise she also wants to start their first 'Ladies in HipHop' festival in Nepal, the groundwork for which for which is already being laid. In the next decade, I hope to have helped create a movement of at least 1000-strong Nepali women in HipHop (that includes graffiti artists, DJ’s, beat boxers, B-girls and poppers, beat makers and slam poets)! It feels like an inevitable responsibility now, so much to the point where I feel if I do not do this for my people, no one else will. "Starting out early in my career and taking the initiative to become a Femcee, not just a rapper, is what makes me stand out from women my age. And I don’t let anything hold me back – not my age, gender or situation."

women to w atch 2

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social sectors to the CA members. When she was offered Yugantar it required her to interact in authentic Nepali and she took it up as a challenge and a big achievement later. "Back then, I would always carry my Nepali dictionary and try to learn at least two new words each day." Today getting popular as the hot anchor of the glitterati show, Frame by Frame, Sahana is also working on an upcoming show about the circle of life and the cultural practices in Nepal. She is also working on a documentary, due to be shot soon, on Chaupadi – a practice, still prevalent in the Western region of Nepal where menstruating women are kept in isolation in a shed for five days. "I see myself engaging in documentaries and travelling around Nepal voicing various issues and stories of the country. I believe I am doing my bit to give something to the society through television – you know, bringing forward inspiring success stories, and sometimes just a little gossip from the industry just to lighten people's moods. And with television, everyday at work feels like a fresh beginning since I get so many different things to explore each new day."

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Sharmila Khadka Kali dancer

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ance for me is a basic need. I think it is for other dancers as well..., to get a hassle-free mind and revive yourself. I cannot think of my life without it,” jibes Sharmila Khadka, one of the promising Kali dancers of Nepal. Confident and eloquent, this Kali dancer with Lunjhya Kala Kunja has been living her dream for the last eight years. Growing up in Dhapakhel VDC, she recalls how she used to watch the classical dance performance of Mithila Sharma on television and practice the same at home. A product of a local school in her village, Sharmila knew it would be an uphill task for her to make it in a city, let alone realise her dream. Sharmila’s journey was laborious, but her sense of purpose and optimism coupled with confidence helped her persevere. She claims that her guts and her nevergive-up attitude were the keys to her success. She genuinely thanks her dance teachers – Gautam Tandukar, Raju Maharjan and Lijendra Maharjan for teaching her various forms of dance. Today, Sharmila is greatly admired for her performance on stage both in Nepal and abroad, and that she says is the best award she has received. She adds, “I am proud of being a woman as only women can perform these dance forms.” Sharmila now plans to set a dance class in her hometown and wants to establish herself as a choreographer.

w to women

46 | VOW | January 2012

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reate change

Smriti Dhungana

correspondent, Nagarik Daily, 23 edia happened to her by chance. Actually vying for a seat in MBBS, she decided to make use of her spare time by honing her writing skills – that's how she got into newspaper and fell absolutely in love with it! Popular today in the Nepali entertainment industry as the 'gossip queen', Smriti Dhungana has established herself as one of the most active entertainment beat reporter. "I am pretty social and I am proud to say that I have been able to maintain good relations with people in the industry," says one of the seven active female reporters looking after this beat in Nepal. Growing up watching lots of movies in school days, it was her craze to peep into the lives of 'celebrities' and her childhood fantasy of meeting Angelina Jolie one day that made her choose the entertainment beat. She still fondly recalls how she and her friends were punished for bunking school to watch Niruta Singh starrer blockbuster Darpan Chhaya. "Despite the punishment, we went and watched the movie two more times," she quips, and when in the course of her work she got to meet the actress in person, she was anything but star-struck! "I guess it's us that make the stars. Although I was excited meeting Niruta, I found out that celebrities are but people just like us," she says. Today, three years down the line, this 23-year-old quirky reporter has most who's who of Nepal's entertainment industry in her list of contacts. Recognised by the Boudha Young Heart with the Active Youth Award in 2010, Smriti wants to continue bringing gossip from the industry while she also tries her hand at writing scripts for movies and eventually directing one someday. "Had I not been in media, I wouldn’t have been able to explore my own interests in writing or directing," she says. Besides, Smriti also works as a programme presenter in ECR FM and CJMC FM, and can be found actively coordinating media for different events and programmes.

Keki Adhikari

me wo

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watch 2012 • po we r to

cre ate c h a n ge


fter that awesome performance in the much acclaimed movie Masaan, it is quite hard to believe when Keki confesses to not being a trained actor – "I would like to believe that acting comes naturally to me," she adds. With just two releases, this 21-year-old dusky beauty has been able to make a name for hearself in the industry. For someone who was discovered in a dance reality show, Keki has come a long way from the Close-up ad (her first break) followed by scores of music videos which brought her fans and fame. "Taking up movies and deciding to make a career in acting wasn't an overnight decision. I grew up wanting to become a doctor and letting go of that ambition needed a strong reason. I was getting rave reviews on my music videos and I knew I was passionate about acting, but what made me really decide to take this forward professionally was the support of my family, especially my mom," she recollects. Keki also accepts that much of her hesitation to pursue a career in the Nepali Film Industry was also rooted in the fact that most Nepalis still choose Bollywood movies or Hollywood flicks over a Nepali movie, and women working in glamorous fields are looked down upon by society. "People still look at me suspiciously when I return home late from work," she exclaims, "But I love movies and I can't help it." Also in an industry where heroines are still used in most films as mere props for the hero in a dance number or to add a hint of glamour on screen, Keki believes that with new concepts coming in from young directors, change is bound to happen. With three more movies in the pipeline, she says she would love to act opposite Hari Bansha Acharya some day. Busy shooting for her new films and in the meantime interacting with her fans on facebook, Keki also loves reading novels (Paulo Coelho is her favourite!) and spending time with family and friends, and soon plans to enrol in an MBA class.

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ith her first solo album Silver Lining launched a few months back, she has made it into the hearts of many music lovers. One of her songs, Jaaun has constantly been making it to the topmost slot on many countdowns, and the fact that most of the songs in her album are about celebrating life, rather than the clichéd love and tragedy numbers, make her stand out among a heap of new artistes born everyday. "I have been singing since a really young age, but to come up with a Nepali album was my parents' idea. You know, being a Nepali-Tibetan living in the West, coming up with Silver Lining meant a lot. In the process, I also got to realise how poor my Nepali is… I had to work on the pronunciation for each and every word," she chuckles. Currently studying Political Science in the States, Dikyi is however, all set to make a career in singing. "I know the industry here is really small and you can't really explore yourself much as a singer… one might feel stuck after a while, but keeping all these aside, I am already working on my second album," she smiles. Inspired by Ciney Gurung, Adele and Lady Gaga, Dikyi also plans to start writing songs in Nepali. "I do believe writing is one of my strengths – I have composed both the English songs in my first album, but in the coming days, I would like to try my hand at composing Nepali songs too," she says. And much like what her name means (Di-peace and Kyi-happiness), Dikyi also sees herself sharing the message of peace and spreading happiness amongst people in any way possible. "I want to reach out to people and help them. It could be through my music or some other means, but I definitely want to get involved in social work," she says.

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Dikyi Ukyab

women to watch

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cr e a te c h a n g e



Bipina Maharjan


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er first solo painting exhibition was showcased just six months after Bipina Maharjan joined Lalit Kala Campus for her Intermediate level studies. And in 2012, she is coming up with her second solo painting exhibition nearly after 10 years of interregnum! Between these years, Bipina was busy learning the 'work of art' at Lalit Kala Campus and Tribhuvan University (TU). She founded Rising Artist Group to support and push forward young, talented artists to work and contribute to the art field. And her group has held several group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Bangladesh, India, Australia and Japan) besides being actively engaged in social work. Full of life and passion, Bipina first brush with out was in grade six; she got into a six-month long camp on painting and drawing under the surveillance of Radhe Shyam Mulmi. Young Bipina was so thoroughly immersed that she went on to win several prizes in various inter-school competitions. It was only during her Bachelor's that she decided to make her forte in itching. With varied interests in graphic designing, dancing and singing, this multi-talented artist shares, that she is highly inspired by Dr Seema Shah, noted printmaker, art critic and associate professor, TU.

48 | VOW | January 2012


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sub-editor, Wildlife Times, Wildlife Watch Group


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Swechha Lamichhane



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e te chang

wo years ago, a friend of hers recommended Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) to her. Little had she imagined then that her work in WWG was going to change her perception towards wildlife totally. "I used to think that wildlife merely meant tiger, rhino and other wild creatures that are there in the jungle and to look at which people pay money in the zoo, but after starting my work here, I know how much we all are connected," she shares. A graduate in Environment Science and currently pursuing her Masters in Water Resource Management from Nepal Engineering College, she says that WWG, especially her boss, Mangal Man Shakya, has been her inspiration to work harder towards preserving wildlife. As a sub-editor of a monthly wildlife magazine, she collects information regarding wildlife not only of Nepal but of the whole South Asian region. A great fan of wildlife conservationists Dr Shirley McGreal and Jane Goodall, this 26-year-old strongly feels that there's a need for young people like her to come up and work diligently, energetically to preserve wildlife. "You know, there are only older people (experts) working passionately and contributing their bit on wildlife conservation, and it would be great to see more young people involved," she suggests. Regarding her career in wildlife, Swechha has plans to incorporate water and wildlife in future and work towards the protection of the natural heritages in every way possible. In times of despair and selfdoubt, she turns to her family – especially her mother and sister for reassurance. Apart from her passion towards her work, Swechha loves to travel and read novels, and finds Pandas irresistibly cute!

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2nd runner up, Miss Nepal USA 2010


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raceful and down-to-earth, Nabina Basnet, the 2nd runner up of Miss Nepal USA 2010 is not just another pretty face in the mushrooming world of fashion. Currently studying Media and Television Broadcasting in Dallas, Texas, she has been chosen as CyberSansar's brand ambassador for America and worked as the model coordinator, choreographer and PR officer for the ANA Fashion Extravaganza 01 2011. Besides, 2 •p Nabina has ow a l s o er t

w om

Nabina Basnet

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worked as a Radio Jockey in Radio Salam Namaste, Fun Asia Radio and Radio AZAD back in Dallas. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Anuradha Koirala, Nabina says she doesn't believe in dreaming big, "I take life as it comes, and it has been serving me at its best so far." She doesn't make long-term plans for herself but this happy-go-lucky Virgo girl knows that she'll be successful and 'may be married' in the next 10 years. Absolutely in love with being a woman, Nabina beloeves that the best thing about being a woman is her ability to rule the world while also being able to give continuity to her generation. "As clichéd as it might sound, the best thing about being a woman is her ability to create life," she beams. In her free time, she loves playing basketball, photography, travelling, shopping and learning new things.

50 | VOW | January 2012


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hen Ritu sang Reema Gurung's Lagide Lagide in one of the rounds of the singing reality show Singing Star, she got a standing ovation from all three judges – Sangeeta Lama, Kunti Moktan and Sugam Pokhrel. Little did she knew that she would win the competition, becoming the first woman to win the national-level competition so far. Brought up in a musical milieu, Ritu Lama learnt the ABCs of music from her father, Khem Lama. Balanced like a true Libran, Ritu hailing from Pokhara recalls, "My first performance was at the age of six. One of the FMs in Pokhara had organised a competition on the occasion of Children's Day. I sang 'Ma ta sano sano chu, ma ta ka, kha, ga, gha, ABCD lekhdai chu' and won the second prize." There and then Ritu didn't give up, she again participated in the competition the following year and sang Aaja rati ye aama ke sapana dekhechu doko bokne thauma schoolko jhola bokechu thus making her the ultimate winner! Both songs were composed by her father and since then Ritu has moved ahead in her musical journey after getting support from her school, teachers, classmates, friends and families by taking part in several national level competitions. Presently studying music at Nepal Music School, the down-to-earth Ritu expresses that she's a learner and her journey in Nepali music has just begun. Multi-faceted, she also skillfully plays the keyboard, guitar, sitar and harmonium and is learning to be a versatile artist. Currently working on her first solo album, Ritu precisely wants to be the change through the medium of music to bring awareness among listeners so that they respect and appreciate good singers and good quality music. And this could be possible because she is a staunch believer, who considers every obstacle in life or career as an opportunity to prove that you can overcome it an move ahead. A big fan of Norah Jones, this 17-yearold believes that gaining experience is more important than earning fame.

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Ritu Lama

Nayana Amatya

en wom


h tc ea

chief operations officer, Knowledhe Holding International was my love for Maths and the logical sides of things that prompted me to take up engineering. I love the technical aspects of things, you know, breaking things up and making them again," Nayana quips. But during a two-year tenure at Yomari as a software developer, she realised how conservative people here are in their approach and attitude towards engineers and their works. That is when she decided to shift focus and pursue an MBA. A brilliant student, Nayana was granted the AusAid Australian Leadership Awards in 2009 under which she completed her MBA from the University of Queensland. Currently working as the chief operations officer of Knowledge Holding International for the past year, Nayana is busy meeting clients, bringing projects for the company to work on, developing business for the company, and in the meantime, still engaging herself in IT related projects. Bold and articulate, Nayana takes pride in being able to bridge the gap between an engineer and manager. "As a certified engineer, I can understand what and how engineers need to work, and as an MBA graduate, I also understand how the management team functions," she says. Highly inspired by her mom, who despite being a busy gynaecologist always made time for the family, Nayana claims to not being blindly driven by career alone either. "My career is important, but family always comes first." She also believes that education alone can't help uplift women if they don't have the confidence from within. Also an active member of Leo Club of Manasalu for about a decade now, Nayana, in the next 5-10 years wants herself to be recognised through a company she might own by then. In her free time, she loves reading fiction. Joy Adamson's Born Free is her favourite.

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my beautiful life

Bhawani Rana,

Vice president, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI); managing director, Sneha Group of Companies

My life is beautiful because… I am me – loving, giving, caring and wanting.

The most beautiful moment of my life…

When I came to know that I was pregnant… oh the pure, undiluted joy and pain of motherhood… irreplaceable!

I am addicted to…

Ideal vacation

Workout regime


Luckily, my body naturally burns calories. It can’t stand fat.

Zara, Satya Paul and many more


Style icon

Rekha, the diva of all – her dressing sense, her overall get up… it is all so dramatic… you can't help but gasp in wonder. More is less with her.

Rolex President

Lip gloss, mobile, cash/credit card and a knife to stab jerks with!

Favourite designers

Four small, and I really mean SMALL meals, a day. No stuffing.

On my wrist

Always in my handbag

Fashion manutrsrelaf! Be yo

The secret behind my glow is

Positive thinking

Current perfume

Elle and Yves Saint Laurent

For nails, skin and hair treatment I do it on my own at home

Shopping destination Delhi and Bangkok

By» Malvika Biswas

©VOW photofile/Nibendra Pradhananga

The first woman vice president in the history of FNCCI, Bhawani Rana leads by example. Challenging many stereotypes and beating odds to uphold her position in a male dominated organisation, she also definitely is a woman of essence who still enjoys all that comes along with being a woman. Here, Bhawani shares with VOW people, moments and things that make her life beautiful…

My mobile, right since I was elected the vice president of FNCCI. I keep getting calls and I really can't do without it.

Skincare and makeup

I have oily skin. I wash my face with Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream. I use Precision Ultra Correction Lift (Lifting Firming Day Cream), Chanel Night Care for night and Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25 Sunscreen. For makeup, I use Clinique, Christian Dior, and Chanel lipsticks, Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Powder.

health feature

Foods that work like medicine Long ago, when there were no scientists that made medicines and no doctors who prescribed them, it was the way one lived and ate. Imagine if tasty foods were prescribed by doctors for a healthy body instead of medicines. We bet nutritionists and dieticians can sure win a debate on this one. Is what we eat, who we are? Below is a list of foods that keep us happy and give us a chance to smile than cry out, ouch! Try them. Cherries

Don’t you love cherries? Anthocyanins, which give tart cherries their deep red colour, have anti-inflammatory properties similar to those in aspirin, says studies. So have cherries instead of popping those aspirins next time around.


A single papaya contains three times the recommended daily allowance for the antioxidant Vitamin C, plus more than half the daily allotment of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is used to decrease asthma symptoms caused by exercise, to prevent certain cancers, heart 54 | VOW | January 2012

disease, cataracts, and age related macular degeneration, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, epilepsy, headache, heartburn, high blood pressure, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, and skin disorders including psoriasis and vitiligo. Beta-carotene is also used in malnourished women to reduce the chances of death and night blindness during pregnancy, as well as diarrhoea and fever after giving birth.


Ginger contains chemicals that work similarly to some anti-inflammatory medications, so its effects on arthritis pain are not surprising. However, ginger can also act as a blood thinner, so anyone taking a blood-thinning medication should collaborate with their personal physician. If you have some kind of heart or blood vessel disease, or if you have poor blood flow to your brain, your doctor could have recommended you a blood thinner. Blood thinners reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing the formation of  blood clots  in your arteries and veins.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains the “good” monounsaturated fat, which protects the body against inflammation because it contains antioxidants called polyphenols. For the highest antioxidant content, choose extra virgin olive oil.

Fish The omega-3 fatty acids in rainbow trout, Norwegian sardines, Atlantic

mackerel, and other fish may help reduce inflammation and pain.


‘The sweet stuff ’ can reduce the perception of pain, especially in children. Studies show that when we consume sucrose, better known as table sugar, in particular, we hurt less. It seems to enhance our body’s natural pain-relief system.


Drinking eight glasses of water per day can help battle gout by flushing uric acid from the body. Eight glasses is also the amount most health experts recommend to keep your body moisturised and healthy.

:::: Vitamin D foods

Vitamin D which is important for bone strength is also critical for a number of other body functions. Getting the basic daily requirements of Vitamin D leads to greater muscle strength, improvement in physical functioning and preservation of cartilage. Some of the best foods for Vitamin D include wild salmon, sardines, milk (skim, low-fat, skim plus), enriched soy milk, egg yolks and mushrooms.

:::: Pain-relieving snacks

The tryptophan in nuts and seeds helps make you less sensitive to pain, so it’s a good idea to have some on hand for day-to-day snacking. Consumed in excess, chocolate can cause more problems than it relieves, but a small daily dose of dark chocolate, which contains antiinflammatory flavonoids, could provide some measure of relief.

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stiff shoulders!


The winter demands that you wear thick sweaters and keep yourself buttoned up in warm coats. With heavy layering being the need of the hour, your poor shoulders might be feeling a bit burdened and stiff. It is a health hazard if your shoulders feel burdened and your lungs and heart feel pressed. So don’t forget to stretch and exercise your arms and shoulders. Take out your dumbbells and start now.


Stand straight with your legs opened apart at shoulder’s width. Your knees should be slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and make sure your palms are facing forward. Now bend your elbows up towards your shoulder while exhaling and then come back to the first position while inhaling. Remember to concentrate on your biceps. Required: Three-four sets (one set = eight repetitions)



© VOW photofile/Shankar Bir Byanjankar

Stand straight with your legs opened apart at shoulder’s width, your left hand holding a dumbbell. Then lift your left hand and bend your elbow behind your head, supporting your elbow with your right hand. Next raise your left hand straight up towards the ceiling while exhaling. Then come back to the first position and switch hands. Required: Two sets on each hand (one set = eight repetitions)

56 | VOW | January 2012



Stand straight with your legs opened apart at shoulder’s width, holding dumbbells in both hands. Then lift the dumbbells keeping your upper arms straight at your shoulder’s line and your elbows bent, as shown in the picture. Concentrate on your triceps. Required: Two sets (one set = eight repetitions)



Stand straight with legs opened apart at shoulder’s width, your arms raised towards the ceiling holding dumbbells in both your hands. Now bend your elbows keeping your arms to the shoulder’s line while exhaling as shown in the picture. Then come back to the first position. Required: Two sets (one set = eight repetitions)



Slightly bend your left knee while stretching your right leg towards the back. Place your left hand on your left thigh while holding a dumbbell in your right hand. Now lift the dumbbell to the side while exhaling until your hand comes in line with your shoulders. Then come back to the first position and change hands. Required: Two sets on each side (one set = eight repetitions)



Slightly bend your left knee while stretching your right leg towards the back, your left hand placed on your left thigh. Hold a dumbbell with your right hand and lift it up keeping your elbow bent at 90 degrees. Then swing it towards your back with your elbow bent below at 90 degrees as shown in the picture. Required: Two sets on each side (one set = eight repetitions)



Slightly bend your left knee while stretching your right leg towards the back, your left hand placed on your left thigh. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand and then lift your elbow towards the back. Now extend your hand straight to the back while exhaling. Concentrate on your triceps. Required: Two sets on each side (one set = eight repetitions)

Hisako Utsugi is an America Fitness Aerobics Association (AFAA) and Japan Aerobics Fitness Association (JAFA) certified aerobics instructor, as well as a certified yoga instructor.

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I have been married for 27 years and I have two kids in their early 20s. I have been working all my life to support my family and now my wife wants a divorce. I was shocked when she told me this, and right since then I have been really disturbed. I also found out that she’s having an affair with a much younger man who’s dependent on her. This discovery was heart-piercing. My close friends used to warn me but I never took them seriously as I completely trusted my wife. She does not talk to me at all while her wallet is full. And I give whatever amount she asks for because I still love her. Both my kids are in the States. I have no one to share my feelings with. I feel very lonely. I worked for my wife and kids and now there’s no one I can lean on to. I don’t feel like working anymore. I tried to kill myself twice but got saved. Now I guess it was for a purpose – that to take care of my sons who still need me. How can I get over my wife and move on in life? – Name withheld

I am a 50-year-old woman with two children. My problem is that I feel short of breath and feel like I am going to pass out. I mostly face this problem whenever I eat something sweet or take sugar. I have also visited many doctors but the diagnosis really doesn’t show anything. I am really worried about my health, and I was wondering if it has anything to do with my heart. I haven’t been to a cardiologist yet. – Sugarika Thapa

No wonder you are going through one of the most terrible times in your life with your supportive grown up sons staying away and your wife trying to leave you when you need her the most, especially as you are approaching old age, which is sometimes more difficult than “midlife crisis”.

Dear Sugarika, heart diseases typically make you uncomfortable when you are physically active. Thus one may get chest discomfort or breathing difficulty while taking stairs or walking briskly. If you get shortness of breath while at rest or while just eating it is unlikely to be a heart related problem. Are you too conscious about eating high calorie food like sugars? I recommend you to exercise regularly. If you don’t get the symptoms you have stated in your question then understand that you are fine. Prolonged standing or sitting sometimes can drop one’s blood pressure to a very low level. This may decrease the blood flow to brain and give rise to sinking feeling. You should get your pulse and blood pressure checked at that time using a digital equipment.

Clinically, no doubt you are in Major Depression (severe type) but the prognosis is good as it is reactive to adverse life events. You will need some mood elevators to start with to get over biological, emotional and psychological symptoms of depression. But more important in your case is psychosocial treatment and management, for which you can visit a mental health professional for Marital Therapy and if deemed necessary extended to Family Therapy. Marital Therapy will involve many sessions with in-depth exploration of interpersonal relationships, emotional ventilation, problem solving strategies, contractual agreement, communication patterns, cognitive patterns, etc. The first goal of any therapy would of course be “re-owning” your wife. But from the view point of life-span psychology there is one positive thing which you can cherish – you have completed your responsibility as a parent and successfully raised two kids to full adulthood who are apparently doing well abroad. And I am sure you must have had many more positive, fulfilling and heartening events and occasions in your long successful life. You could reflect on them in the mean time. You always have clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to share your feelings, professionally.

Dr Bharat Rawat,

Executive Director and Consultant Cardiologist at the Norvic International Hospital, will answer all your heart queries. Send your queries to him at

Five ways to make your family and you healthier Dr Sharad Man Tamrakar,

health bulletin

Neuro-Psychiatrist at Norvic International Hospital, will answer all your mental health queries. Send your queries to him at Contact him at 4258554/9851007474.

58 | VOW | January 2012

1. Have a pre-exercise coffee as it boosts performance, and is high in anti-oxidants. 2. Drink more water whenever the air-conditioning is on, because the A/C speeds up moisture evaporation from the body. 3. Chop some radish into your salad. It is rich in Vitamin C and magnesium, and contains as much potassium as bananas. 4. If you’re watching your saturated fat, try mayonnaise on bread instead of butter. Even full fat mayo has just 6.5 grams saturated fat per 100 grams, whereas butter has 5 grams. (But don’t forget, mayonnaise is still high in calories.) 5. Encourage your little ones to adopt better hand hygiene – set a kitchen timer for 30 seconds, the time it takes to wash them properly.



I am 30 years old and have slightly crooked teeth. I have been meaning to get braces, but I never seem to get the time for it. I am afraid it might be too late, or can braces still solve my problem? If not, what else can I do to get well-shaped teeth? – Arun Adhikhari

My 26-year-old brother had a small white patch on his neck since childhood. We consulted a homoeopathic doctor and with treatment it was slowly getting cured. But he got inked in an effort to cover it up totally about a year ago, but now the patch has become larger and all of us are worried about it. Please help. – Safala Tamrakar

The best way to align teeth is by the means of braces, and age is not a barrier. People of any age can have braces, provided, his/her gum health is not compromised. Having braces at an early age may give us an advantage due to the growth of our bone taking place during our earlier years. There are other means of aligning teeth, but they are not highly recommended, as they often involve cutting the teeth or adding onto them. Whatever we add, after some years it is bound to fall. There is nothing better than one’s own tooth. If the braces are done properly and stabilised with good biting properties, it will not relapse in the future and even help in maintenance of good and long lasting oral health. During the braces treatment, one has to be extra careful and take great care in cleaning one’s teeth, otherwise cavities and gum diseases can occur. Brush your teeth last thing before sleep and “floss the teeth, you wanna keep”.

Dear Safala, the white patches developing on the skin need to be differentiated – if they are milky white or slightly pinkish, it can be Vitiligo. If it is only a slight lightening of skin colour, it can be an infection. I am assuming, since the patch was from childhood, that it is Vitiligo. In Vitiligo, skin loses its normal colour in patches. At times there is no known cause, but occasionally it can be associated with hormonal imbalances, other autoimmune conditions such as autoimmune thyroid disease or Type 1 diabetes, and very often, as studied during homoeopathic case studies, unusual stressful state of mind.

Dr Neil Pande,

Dental Surgeon at Healthy Smiles, will answer all your teeth queries. Send your queries to him at

These patches can be very stubborn to treat, especially when they are around bony prominences, around openings, like mouth, ears, eyes, around tips of fingers and toes and less hairy surfaces. It heals quicker in flat areas covered with hair. A similar family history can at times lead to a less promising result. Homoeopathy has a good scope in treating these patches, but they may take considerable time to show complete regression, again depending on the area involved and other health factors. Yes, a patch once healed can recur in the event of returning stress or situations where body’s disease-resisting capacity lowers, like severe physical illness of any kind. If your brother responded to homoeopathic treatment in the past, I am sure he will show good response once again. Just that, a fresh history will be taken by the doctor, as earlier he was a child, and now a grownup adult, with completely different life situations and dynamics. So be prepared to allow the doctor to help your brother further.

Dr Ruchi Saxena DhakaL,

Consultant Homoeopath at Karuna Healthcare, will answer all your homoeopathic queries. Send your queries to her at drruchi@

Contact her at 4017511.

health bulletin

Fever increases immune system defense

A new study adds more reason to why our bodies employ fevers as a defense against sickness. Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute found that a higher body temperature can help our immune systems to work better and harder against infected cells. The finding was published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. “Having a fever might be uncomfortable, but this research report and several others are showing that having a fever is part of an effective immune response,” John Wherry, PhD, deputy editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, said in a statement. Earlier, researchers thought that fevers worked by hindering dangerous microbes from multiplying, Wherry said. This new work also suggests that the immune system might be temporarily enhanced functionally when our temperatures rise with fever, but the researchers also noted that the finding should only prompt people to reconsider how they treat mild fevers, and not fevers that are dangerously high.

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Celebrity workout with Sandesh

exercise that works!

Medicine ball- core workout Medicine ball can be effectively used through a wide range of exercises to meet your fitness goals and needs. The exercises shown here are selected to work your entire body and especially your core.

Back lunges with a knee twist

celebrity of the month

Samyak Udas

Director, Lotus Enterprise

Height 179.07 cms


Stand straight; hold the medicine ball (as shown above)

b. Step back with your right leg while bending your left leg (support)

Weight 74 kilos Diet: I take heavy breakfast and lunch; as for dinner it's usually light meals like having rotis or brown food!

© VOW photofile/Shankar Bir Byanjankar

Current exercise: I do Cardio Kickboxing and MMA Aim: I'd like have an overall body workout to tone up and improve on my lean muscle mass Medical history: N/A


60 | VOW | January 2012

Sportswear courtesy:

Durbar Marg, Tel: 4241802

Step forward with the same leg and lift your knee – thigh parallel to the floor

d. Twist (rotate) on your torso towards the right side; look back towards your right shoulder (chin up) Return to the original position. Repeat – 8 on each leg


a. Assume a push up position an place right hand on the medicine ball

b. Press down


Extend your right hand forward (slightly diagonal out), lower your hips keeping the whole body in a straight line Return to the original position Repeat – 8 under each hand

a. Lie on your back, knees bent and hold the medicine ball above your head (arms straight)

I’m 33 years old, 5 feet tall and weigh 78 kilograms. I eat normal Nepali meals for lunch and dinner and hardly ever eat breakfast. Sometime I snack during late afternoons. I run a business and need to move around a lot during work hours. I have been consistently called chubby since I was a child but this is the first time I have gained weight excessively. After work I am so tired that I cannot think of working out. Mornings are not an option for me as I’m a late riser. I’ve joined the gym before, managed my diet and seen good results, but I cannot be consistent. What can I do to help myself? – Divya Sharma Basically, you are overweight and to manage this weight (shed excess fat), you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Don’t look at your excess weight as a problem, but look at it as an opportunity to change yourself for the better because deep down the imbalance (excess weight) is actually created by bad habits. Foremost, I am glad that you have been exercising before even though you have not kept up with it. What you need to understand perhaps about this inconsistency is whether the programs that you undertook were suitable and enjoyable. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a life long journey and cannot be done in spurts. As you are a late riser, it is better that your respect your natural tendencies and work out in the evenings. Tiredness after work is normal for most people, but usually it is not physical tiredness but mental tiredness. Once you begin to exercise, you may be uncomfortable initially but you will free up a lot of energy eventually. Start with two days a week and build it onwards. Also don’t seek immediate results…it will come slowly and with consistent effort. Please remember that any change that you bring into your life will not come externally, it must come from within willingly to last and result in success. Slipping is a process of progress, don’t give up on yourself, it’s never too late start. Good luck.

b. Sit up so your upper body is perpendicular to the floor, push the ball upwards to get extra stretch

Sandesh Palungwa Limbu


Pause, return to the original position Repeat - 15

a certified professional fitness instructor, founder of RAGE Fitness, also specialises in mixed martial arts. He will answer all your fitness queries. Send your queries to him at

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animal anecdotes

Take care of your ageing pets Emotional attachment is very important for old age caring. In my experience as a vet, I have seen many pet owners giving up on their old pets, blaming old age as the main reason for various ailments. I wouldn’t say this is completely wrong, but if you keep certain things in mind, even your old pets can have a good life without giving you a difficult time. What more could a pet owner want? The first thing you must keep in mind is that, despite old age, your pet still needs to exercise regularly. It might laze around and prefer sleeping for longer hours and some of them are simply reluctant to go out during bad weather. Don’t get upset or force it to come out. All it needs is a little dose of encouragement from you.

How often do you think about your pet’s lifestyle when they get old? Just like humans, old age is inevitable in your pets, but still they could too have a good elderly life. Therefore, it is very important that you know some of the best ways to care for your old pets. Dr Saroj Yadav,

senior veterinarian at Animal Hospital and Research Centre, Koteshwor, will answer all your pet queries. Email your questions to

Many old pets do not like to play with boisterous children either – they generally have lesser energy making it quite difficult for them to chase around for long, and it is also very likely that they don’t like being teased too often. Therefore, it’s really important for you to explain this to your children. Very often old pets become a little ‘moody’ and want things to take place steadily. It is also easy to notice that many old pets prefer a quiet environment, and they may become more anxious when separated from their owners. Thus, if possible, try to avoid leaving them alone for long hours. A neglecting attitude towards your pet at this stage can be pretty dangerous. I have seen most old pets suffer from arthritis, kidney problems and heart ailments. Therefore, you have to really take care of their diet too. As they won’t be

zealous enough to exercise much, chances of obesity is very high. So you can reduce the amount of food you serve to your pet, but never compromise on the essential requirements like vitamins and minerals. You can discuss with your vet regarding their diet.

Some golden rules to take care of old pets: Ask your vet: A particular disorder

should be diagnosed at first. Then discuss clearly about the treatment options, prognosis and management of that particular condition. It gives you a clear picture of the disease and helps you act at the right moment. But unfortunately, in our context, many pets die because of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Be vigilant.

Exercise little but often: Long hour of play should be avoided at this stage, but don’t hesitate to take your pet for a walk whenever it looks enthusiastic about doing so. Exercise requirement also depends on the particular condition of your pet, so don’t forget to discuss this with your vet for guidelines. Water is essential: If your pet is diagnosed with kidney problems, water could play a vital role in healing. Always provide clean drinking water to your pet. Prescribed medicines: If your pet

is diagnosed accurately, the prescribed medicine will most certainly help fight disease and live longer. Don’t forget to give medicines on time and also take your pet to the vet for follow ups.

Q&A PET My dog is a mixed breed of Labrador and Lhasa Apso. She eats well, is active, well-behaved and is healthy. However, I have noticed that the colour of her urine is yellowish, and it is really smelly. Is it normal or am I over-reacting? I want to make sure that everything is well with her. – Tulasa Bhattarai Normally, the colour of urine depends upon the diet and water intake. Less water consumption produces concentrated urine that appears dark yellow in colour with typical ammonia odour. However, if the pet drinks sufficient amount of water, the urine should not look yellowish or smell. In your case, it is important to notice the amount of water your dog drinks. If it is below 500ml, probably you need to increase it. Generally a medium size (10-18 kg) dog should drink at least one litre of water, but it also depends on the type of food the dog is given and the temperature of the environment it lives in. In female dogs, urine can also become smelly if she’s got urinary tract infections. It should be ruled out promptly. If she is not suffering from any medical problems, then try to encourage her to drink more water. If the problem persists, consult with your vet. A urine examination should come up with the accurate diagnosis. 62 | VOW | January 2012

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quiz and polls


I’m willing to find out why I sometimes go for unsuitable partners. a. Yes b. No


I know how to resolve problems quickly and easily and learn from them. a. Yes b. No


hot are you?

If you are single and not seeing any one at the moment, try this quiz by answering ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following statements to discover your hotness metre… Confidence


I’m happy, healthy and successful as a single person. a. Yes b. No

2 3

4 5

I regularly do things that help my confidence grow. a. Yes b. No

I know what qualities I’d like in my perfect partner. a. Yes b. No

64 | VOW | January 2012

I am able to approach people I am attracted to. a. Yes b. No

I am emotionally, and legally, free of my last relationship. a. Yes b. No



I’m happy with the person I become in a couple. a. Yes b. No

9 10

I know when a relationship isn’t working. a. Yes b. No

I can bring up problems without criticising. a. Yes b. No



I am comfortable to be naked in front of someone new. a. Yes b. No


I’m pretty confident of my lovemaking skills.


I am ready to be monogamous.


Sexual chemistry is important to me.


a. Yes b. No

a. Yes b. No

a. Yes b. No

I can comfortably communicate what I want sexually. a. Yes b. No


To add up your scores, give two points for a ‘yes’ and zero for ‘No’.

0-14: You’re a struggling single.

You seem to find communication difficult and may not be mentally ready for a successful relationship. Given that, like attracts like, you may want to raise your score before pursuing a long-term relationship. You need to break any bad relationship patterns just to ensure you don’t set your sights too low and that you deal with any physical or emotional fears which stand in your way. You should find out more about how to find your Mr Right or how to become the kind of man women love. Put simply the fact that you’re single is not accidental and if it was a quick fix you’d have fixed it by now. You need help of some kind.

15-27: You’re good enough, but could do better.

You have the emotional intelligence and enough self-awareness to see a relationship succeed, so why are you still single? You have the potential to attract what you want but need to be clearer on what that is before you start searching. You’re a good catch, but something’s stopping you seeking the relationship you deserve – so what are you afraid of? To identify what is holding you back, learn how to find your Mr Right or learn how to become the kind of man women love. It’s time to stop being the world’s best kept secret.

28-30: You are a love magnet.

Congratulations! You are happily single with a healthy passion for life. In short, you are a love magnet. If like attracts like, you’re in a very strong position. You are definitely ready for a relationship. However, if there’s still something that seems to be holding you back from finding your ideal partner then you need to get in touch for some coaching if you cannot figure out your blind spot on your own.

What’s your tech-related resolution for the New Year? a. b. c. d. e. f.

Leveraging technology to get in shape. Getting an iPad i) 21% Getting a new Android phone Improving my home theater Playing more games h) 3% Cutting the cable, going allonline for media g. Decreasing my gadget use, participating in more real-world activities g) 41% h. Another Blackberry for me, please i. Staying with my feature phone (no smartphone for me, thanks)

a) 5%

b) 10%

QUESTION Would you forgive your partner if he had a sexual affair with someone else? a. Yes

b. No

Voice your opinion in our poll and make your choice count. Send your answers to or simply log on to website

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c) 8% d) 2%

e) 3% f ) 7%

spices New singer on the block: Milan Amatya

12 December marked the launch of singer Milan Amatya's new album Milan – Music Meets Soul, introducing yet another melodious voice to the Nepali Music Industry. At the official launch programme organised by at Indreni Complex, veteran singer Premdhoj Pradhan and actress Karishma Manandhar jointly released the album amidst prominent figures of the music industry, media persons and wellwishers. Milan also performed some of her own songs from the album and two songs originally sung by Tara Devi to which the audience couldn't help but appreciate her amazing vocal skills. The event also saw the official launch of the music video of her song Jahile samma sansarama. Born in Assam, Milan has already released 40 albums of Rajasthani folk songs, 10 Assamese albums, four Bodo albums and 10 Nepali albums till date, besides her latest launch. She had also secured the first runner up title at the All India Music Competition in 2003.

Population Division, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Nepal and Association of Youth Organisations Nepal (AYON) in coordination with the UNFPA organised a series of debates

Gyanodaya International Residential School celebrated November Fest – a school fete typical of fun, food, music, games and energy at the school's premises on 26 November. The fest powered by Chevrolet also saw highlights of Battle of the Bands finale, performances by the KJC band, 1974 AD and Shivani Moktan, and test drive of all Chevy models.

Times Square Mall’s December Fest

Times Square Mall announced “December Fest 2011” on 3 December. It was a month long programme with daily happenings like grand shopping discounts, food festival, bar competition, live music, fashion show, DJ session, short film screenings and much more throughout December. December Fest helped in promoting Nepali talent by giving them a platform to showcase their talents. Established artists and bands like Mukti ‘n’ Revival, Alt F4 and Kamal Man Singh performed and wooed the audience.

Live Art Hub at LASANAA

There is a new Live Art Hub (LAH) in Lasanaa, that opened on 27 December. It is a site made for interactions, performances, workshops, film screenings and other experimental modes of cultural production. The inaugural day also included the LAH Grant distribution and performances by visual artists Jupiter Pradhan and Saurganga Darshandhari.

to stimulate contemporary debate on emerging population issues of Nepal and gather national and regional perspectives on the issues among key stakeholders during the year 2011. The event took place on 2 December at the DECC Hall.

Getting climate smart with celebrities

On 21 December, the Great Himalayan Trail – Climate Smart Celebrity Trek was formally launched at Nepal Tourism Board. The event proposes to start the 1,700 km Himalayan journey on 15 January and end it on 13 May. The 120-day long trek will be led by Apa Sherpa (summited Mt Everest 21 times) and Dawa Steven Sherpa (summited Mt Everest twice), and accompanying them will be Saurav Dhakal, British Council International Climate Champion and Samir Jung Thapa, the official photographer of the event. The event aspires to bring in attention to the rapid changes that the Himalayan region is going through. Organised by the Himalayan Climate Initiative, the event had as its chief guest, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Krishna Gyawali, who spoke about the importance of the government focusing on climate and the various issues concerning it. 66 | VOW | January 2012

Book launch

Dr Shrestha saw his dream come true when his first book, Farmosabata Nepali Suskera – a collection of short poems that described his journey from Taiwan to Nepal was launched on 2 December at the Nepal Bar Association Hall. The programme was organised by Aikyabaddhata Maasik.

Prerana's album launch

With her family and friends gathered around, Prerana Shah Rana released her debut album Prerana on 23 December at Tranzit Restaurant and Bar.

©VOW photofile/Nibendra/Sanu Raja/Shankar

The world at seven billion – counting on each other

November Fest by the Gyanodaya family

rs g Hou n i Open - 8 PM 7 AM

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For Enquiries: • Narayan Chaur, Naxal, 9851006697, 4411288


Photo Courtesy : Puspa Shrestha / Ingrid Chiron

An organisation that addresses kerosene and acid burns and violence

Celebrating the 9th KIMFF

Burns Violence Survivors – Nepal united on 4 December at 1905 to end acid and burns violence against women and girls. The events of the evening included a play poem performances by actor/director Eelum Dixit, a musical performance by Kutumba, a performance by the B-boyz and B-girls of the Nepal Break Dance Foundation among others – raising voices against such violence. Attacks with kerosene and acid, as well as burn-related suicide, often stemming from domestic violence, are issues being addressed by the organisation.

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the tourism sector

Nepal Tourism Board, in partnership with Nepal HIV/AIDS Alliance (NEHA), with support from UNAIDS organised an HIV/AIDS awareness programme for the tourism industry stakeholders on 30 November at Nepal Tourism Board. Of the many activities planned, the first one was entitled “Half Day Workshop on Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Tourism Sector". Lokendra Bista Magar, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation was chief guest at the programme.

Tavern Tales at Café Cheeno

This set of tavern tales by Quixote's Cove brought together Thomas K Shor, an American writer and photographer, and Kunda Dixit, the editor and publisher of Nepali Times to talk about Thomas's latest book A Step Away From Paradise.

©VOW photofile/Nibendra/Sanu/Shanker

Himalayan Odyssey

On 2 December, Indian Cultural Centre commenced a three-day cultural programme titled “Himalayan Odyssey” in Bal Mandir and Patan Museum. The programme comprised of talks, a photo exhibition and performances by dancers from Arunachal Pradesh. Venerable Ngawang Tenzin Jangpo, Rinpoche of Tengboche Monastery gave the inaugural remarks where he talked about the importance of peace in today’s world. The welcome address was given by Jayant Prasad, ambassador of India. Prominent personalities like writer KN Daruwala, Carroll Dunham and Anil Chitrakar gave talks on various topics.

68 | VOW | January 2012

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) opened its ninth edition on 8 December at the National City Hall. The festival organised by Himal Association over five days had 258 entries representing 54 countries. Selected 52 films were screened back to back at the City Hall and Nepal Tourism Board. KIMFF concluded on 12 December with the top award in the international competition going to Summer Pasture (USA) directed by Lynn True and Nelson Walker. Family Instinct (Latvia) by Andris Gauja and Au Dela Des Cihes, Beyond the Summits (France) by Remy Tezier won second and third places respectively. The first prize US $1500, second prize US $1000 and third prize US $500 was sponsored by Nepal Mountaineering Association, North Face and Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) respectively. This year, the Audience Award went to Journey to Yarsa (Nepal) by Dipendra Bhandari. In the Nepal Panorama section, The Desert Eats Us directed by Kesang Tseten received the best film award, which received a cash prize of Rs 25,000 sponsored by the Film Development Board Government of Nepal. A three-member jury comprising Helena Mielonen (Finland), writer, painter and climber John Innerdale, and Nepali actor, novelist and teacher Sanjeev Upreti judged the films.


Supporting World AIDS Day, Tone Music Store and Silence Entertainment organised a concert for all music lovers on 3 December. The lined up bands – Horny Monks, Newaz, Space Cake Break, White, Underside and Albatross –gave performances. Bishal Manandhar, management head, Silence Entertainment said that World AIDS Day should not only be celebrated on 1 December but throughout the year.

Talk to me – Let's Talk about Sex!

Story Cycle and Y-PEER Nepal jointly organised a programme titled Talk to me – Let's Talk about Sex at Adarsha Kanya School on 4 December. The programme was a useful platform to talk and express values and attitudes related to sex, which still remains an unspoken taboo in our society. During the programme three short videos – Apabad by Purnendra Jha, No Threat Found by Sagar Budathoki and Two Lives by Evan Manandhar were screened. Keynote experts –Dr Rajendra Bhadra, Bhumika Shrestha and Pooja Ghale spoke and interacted with young people on art, culture, sculpture and sex in Nepal, homosexuality and HIV related stigma and discrimination and youth respectively.

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What’s New

What’s Hot

What’s Selling

Your guide to happening movies, music and books


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Cast: Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig Director: David Fincher Genre: Drama/ Thriller

A much awaited film for many who read the 2005 bestseller, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a story involving a murder, family saga and money, all set in Sweden. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist, facing a ruined career, is assigned a task by Henrik Vanger, one of the richest men in Sweden, to find out the mystery behind the disappearance of his great-niece, Harriet Vanger. It is also about Lisbeth Salander who is intriguing to say the least. A young tattooed woman with a photographic memory and great computer hacking skills, she teams up with Blomkvist to unravel the 40-year-old mystery. Make sure you do not miss out on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.



Artist: Mausami Gurung Mausami Gurung’s third solo album Mahasus is now available in the market. After delivering hits like Chyangbaa oiee chyangbaa, Ma Nepali, etc, fans can hear more of her melodious voice in this album. It comprises of eight folk pop songs. Many lyricists and musicians have worked together with Mausami to present a good quality album for her listeners, and they have done a good job. Music videos for her songs Shital Shital and Oye Chyangba can also be enjoyed.

Revolution 2020: Love. Ambition. Corruption.

Author: Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat’s fifth release Revolution 2020 revolves around the lives of three friends – Gopal, Raghav and Aarti, set in the time of engineering entrance exams in Varanasi. These three individuals, whose lives begin from the same primary school in a small town of Varanasi, experience life’s vicissitudes and handle them in their own unique ways in their attempt to find success and love. Gopal, the poor little dumb boy eventually becomes a corrupt college director; Raghav, the talented engineer decides to work as a reporter for a local paper to fight corruption and bring about revolution, and Aarti, the pretty daughter of an army man, falls for the idealist but when he’s broke, realises she always loved the engineering college director after all. Written in simple language with lots of cheesy lines, Revolution 2020 gives readers a good picture of love and hatred, treachery and vengeance, richness and poverty, success and failure, ambition and corruption, and of inner drive to bring revolution and succumbing to the lure of lucre. All in all, this fast paced story loaded with scandal, sex and corruption makes for a good one-time read.

70 | VOW | January 2012

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Let’s hit

play! Malina Joshi Miss Nepal 2011

72 | VOW | January 2012

It takes all of twenty minutes for me to wrap up this interview. And not because I run out of questions. Malina Joshi is easy to talk to, and no sooner I put questions her way than she comes back pat with her answers. Well, maybe I did run out of questions after all! The reigning Miss Nepal is 23 years old, an MBA graduate, wants to meet Ricky Ponting and would someday love to learn to play the guitar because she thinks “it makes you look so cool”. A pretty girl next door who found fame and is learning how to deal with it, that is Malina Joshi for you. Here’s what she had to say about music, Ronan Keating and other things in between.

Music is great company

For me music is a friend. If you ever happen to be alone, just put on some good music and there you have a friend to take away your loneliness. With music at your disposal you are never alone. I start my day with music and that is how I like to end it. Listening to Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad is kind of therapeutic for me because the words give me strength… I am set to go for the day! I find myself hitting the play button almost every morning, and again at night I turn to some good music.

My musical tastes run from Ronan Keating, Lady Gaga and Fort Minor to Sugam Pokharel and sufi songs. I really enjoy sufi songs. I have so many favourites I cannot name just one particular sufi song. They hold a special place in my heart along with slow rock. Sentimental Bollywood songs are another favourite. I start to dream whenever I listen to them. I think Sugam Pokharel has such an amazing voice that any song he sings is automatically good. His first album 1 MB has good songs. I don’t play any musical instruments though I do wish I knew how to play the guitar. Sometime ago I thought I was ready to learn it, and I even enlisted the help of my brother but when I was told I had to cut my nails, I let go of the idea. I was involved in some dance programmes and I couldn’t afford to cut my nails. But you will definitely see me strumming one day!

Lyrics versus music

The music wins hands down if there is to be a fight. Let me tell you why. I like listening to Korean songs. I have no idea what they are singing about but I still do it because of the music. I don’t understand the lyrics but I certainly understand the music. Some are catchy, some sentimental and some haunting. Music leaves a deeper impression then. While I don’t underestimate the power of good words, a song needs good music more than good words. A good song has good music, good lyrics and of course, good vocals to bring it to life. Failing that, good music is a must to salvage the song.

Musical memory that makes me smile…

When I was 15 years old, Sanjeev Singh’s Chulesima was probably at the height of its popularity. It had good music, good lyrics and it was kind of romantic. Then one boy dedicated this song to me and I had one more reason to like this song (laughs). So now, whenever I happen to hear this song it brings back pleasant memories.

My favourite artist: Ronan Keating

I would love to meet him one day. Since the days of Boyzone, Ronan has always been my favourite… I like all his songs. I guess

when you like someone you automatically like everything about him. A good place to meet would be a cocktail party, or somewhere with just him and me, preferably a candle lit ambience. Oh, he looks so handsome! (Laughs)

Future plans

When I was in London I realised Nepal is full of opportunities. It has vast potential. We have such a lot of developing to do that the opportunities are boundless. I believe we can start any kind of business ventures here. I am an MBA graduate but have no practical experience, so I plan to work for a few years to gain some experience, then I want to start my own business and be an entrepreneur. I am interested in a lot of things – advertising sector, movie theatres, clothing store and restaurants. Ten years down the line it could any one of those things. People here are not short of money. They are ready to pay if good products and services are available.

Captured memories

I love collecting photographs. Be it a small gathering, a party, or a picnic, I am there to take pictures. I make sure I keep at least a few photographs from that event. I started when I was in class nine, so I have quite a few photo albums filled with memories.

A lesson learnt

These past few months have taught me that one should not be judgmental. It is very easy to form your own opinion about someone and criticise them. But we never know what is the inside story or what is going on with that person. I know people who start judging you because of your zodiac, or the way you talk. It is not fair. I believe you should reserve your judgment until you know the person better.

My favourite five

A Thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton Saya Janma – Sugam Pokharel Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihanna Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd Irreplaceable – Beyoncé By» Pramila Rai Photos» Shankar Bir Byanjankar subscribe online: | VOW | 73

new spark

Experience a new world in Books Planet

Expression the Café

For all the book lovers out there, Books Planet is a new bookstore in New Baneshwor that has fiction, non-fiction, comics, business books, philosophical works, autobiographies… you name it. It functions as a petite library alluring you to stay and read on in its warm and cosy ambience. New Baneshwor Open: 9:00am to 7:00pm, seven days a week Tel: 4786400, 4786900

Now here’s the ultimate destination for bakery freaks! The newly opened Expression the Café offers you a variety of bakery items, and also specialises in a wide range of specialty of coffees like Cappuccino, Espresso, Cafe Latte and Americano. On the menu are some irresistible Swiss fare and bakery delights like Espro chicken sandwich, tuna sandwich, bread, brownies and doughnuts! Naxal, Narayan Chaur Open: 7:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week Tel: 4435948

Blue Room Lounge and Bar

Cocktails & Dreams Cocktails and Dreams has recently opened the bar school dedicated to provide bartending, party bartending, mobile bartending, cocktails and flair related training courses in Kathmandu. Their bartending courses offer the opportunity to train in all disciplines of cocktail bartending from customer service to bar etiquette, sales and presentation, product knowledge to mixology and much more. The school also offers contemporary courses and practical hands-on and theoretical training, leading to industry recognised qualifications. Nagpokhari Open: 7:00am to 7:00pm, Sunday to Friday Tel: 4434900, 9841079039 74 | VOW | January 2012

If you love Chinese, Thai and Continental cuisine, and enjoy exquisite drinks, then Blue Room Lounge and Bar is not to be missed. With fresh and relaxing interiors, this lounge is a must if you are looking to unwind after a hard day at work or just have some quality time with your friends and family while enjoying a drink or two. Jhamsikhel Open: 2:00pm to 11pm, seven days a week Tel: 9808926186

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star signs

Surprising places to

Love find

Aries (21 Mar – 19 Apr)

Try the livestock barns in the countryside. Slow-paced and smelly, maybe, but Aries, the Ram, has a soft spot for small, fuzzy animals like sheep and goats. Or, on a hike, Aries will be the one who is bushwhacking and can’t stay on the path. Don’t try to keep up, let Aries come to you.

Taurus (20 Apr – 20 May)

Leo (23 Jul – 22 Aug)

The charming stranger who speaks to you in the elevator may be a Leo. Leos also like the wilderness, so look for them at the zoo or a safari park. They might even volunteer for a wildlife organisation. A Leo might wander around in a jungle, bird-watching in the proper season. Go say hello, and watch too.

Virgo (23 Aug – 22 Sep)

Taureans love good food, and while you can give it up for a while, in the end you might blow weeks of effort by returning to your old eating habits. A good low-fat cookbook can enable you to push on for considerably longer. Invest in two or three – and you’ll be eating delicious food and slimming down the entire year.

Go to a cricket match. It’s a sport, but one that’s leisurely and full of tactical decisions that a Virgo can enjoy. Your Virgo will be the one eating a hot dog without losing a single drop of mustard. And, a Virgo never forgets where the car is parked.

Gemini (21 May – 20 Jun)

Libra (23 Sep – 22 Oct)

Cancer (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

Scorpio (23 Oct – 21 Nov)

The lights and noise of a casino will attract a Gemini, who is always thrilled to win but doesn’t need to. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and bike paths will also draw your more physically active Gemini. Remember the coffee shop or juice bar at the gym too.

All things antique and traditional appeal to Cancers, so take that logic to the social extreme and consider dancing, dohori programmes, or even contra dancing clubs. Live music and fun costumes… you can expect to find a Cancer here. Change partners and dance! 76 | VOW | January 2012

An adventurous Libra might be lured to a hot air balloon show. Beautiful, breezy things draw Libras, so consider boating and even para-gliding events. A Libra might not compete, but you can meet one in the stands with the spectators.

You might find a Scorpio at a science fiction convention – if only in a hotel’s bar. It’s an ideal place to strike up that most profound, if offbeat, discussion about the most universal and personal subjects. Scorpios are often very smart and will speculate about a range of interesting subjects.

If you’re single and looking for that someone special but don’t know how and where to find him, here we help you discover some of the more ‘secret’ spots to meet a partner – the one you’re meant to be with, according to his star sign.

Sagittarius (22 Nov – 21 Dec)

These people love horses, and especially love high-class races, so if you can’t get to the tracks, try the nearest sports bar with a lovely big screen. A love of the great outdoors rates high too, so you might find a Sagittarius out bird-watching. Dress warmly and in good style.

Capricorn (22 Dec – 19 Jan)

Classic cars and railroads touch the Capricornian heart. Think power, not speed, and workhorse technology. A Cap might hang around some narrowgauge rail line restored for public use or amusements. Caps might also visit a history museum.

Aquarius (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

An Aquarius can turn up at a renaissance fair or other historical reenactment. It’s part of the Aquarian respect for the ingenuity and long-suffering endurance of past people, societies, and cultures. The seeds of the future are in that past, and your newfound Aquarius will be thrilled to explain all to you.

Pisces (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

A Pisces might haunt a favourite teashop. Enjoy a soft, low-key chat about the international varieties of tea, knowing that the water is what’s most important. Ask a Pisces’ opinion of the muffins and pastries, too. Let the love flow!

80 | VOW | January 2012

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