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Keep a watch on every movement with CCTV cameras from Vouch Pro Surveillance is essential to keep an eye on your daily operations. These days CCTV camera system is widely used in homes and offices for monitoring and keeping a close vigil. Vouch Pro has wide range of solutions from simple to highly complex IP CCTV cameras at very affordable price. These devices and the technology can be used within our outside the premises to check the safety of the vehicles, people and the valuables. For your business we complete system to secure any public or crowded place, private or censored place, to check and record every movement. There are plenty of CCTV suppliers in Delhi you need to identify the reliable and finest one who could provide you the best value products as per your need.

We have the expertise and technology to keep your company safe and secure. We have the analog and IP cameras that are at very nominal range. The IP cameras have superior resolution and versatile in operating. Keep a watch over your business even if you are not there with the help of network. Our remarkable product qualities and service differentiate us from other CCTV distributors in Delhi and northern region. The only well known brands are available with us because we don’t believe in serving the cheaper products that are not long lasting. We supply some of the trusted brands like Sony, Samsung, Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, etc. “Prevention is better than cure” Install a surveillance camera to get better benefits and keep an eye on the every false movement. You will feel relaxed if you have this device at your office or home. At might also you will sleep calmly without any tensions. You can call us or email us if you have any such requirement. We have huge range of products and are sure that we will satisfy your need as per your budget. Don’t delay before it is too late.

Control Your Business Activities and Defend It from Any Future Loss The productivity of an organization improves if company operates and monitors systematically. Depending on gadgets is always a reliable medium for accurate data recording. This article will tell you about the crucial security and monitoring system that are really beneficial for your organization. The size of your company doesn’t matter. The security and tracking is always necessary to avoid any mishap in the organization. It simplifies your work and the accuracy is far above the expectation. Attendance system Every business has employees and recording their attendance is tedious but crucial. Manual entry is not accurate and physical presence of the person entering the records is mandatory. There may be vague entries that may annoy you and the employees both. Biometric Attendance system records in and out time of the employees skillfully. You are free to fetch the records anytime without any deviation from the actual data. Powerful report generation assists any company to take necessary action. With a good automation you have: 

Data Security

Errors reduction

Employee Satisfaction

Money saving



Another vital aspect for any organization is to track the movement of people at the gate and within the premises of the office. It is next to impossible to see and keep a record of every movement that is happening in your organization manually. Here you will find the role of CCTV cameras. They capture the video and with the connectivity of internet you can receive the information anytime and anywhere. Internet protocol surveillance cameras are digital video cameras that are high in demand for surveillance. It can be installed in small business, residence and even large corporate to secure you from any suspicious activity. There are many advantages including flexibility, easier installation, and better image quality, economical and remote accessibility. A proper recording will save you and your organization from any hazardous event that can occur. Let’s assume you have a manufacturing unit, so there would be complex machines that would be running in the factories. There are more chances of some unwanted incidence that can destroy your machines or harm the labor. With the advanced CCTV techniques you can keep an eye on every place sitting at one room. Be careful and select for the accomplished provider among the various IP CCTV camera suppliers. You don’t need to purchase the bulky or the costly devices. Depending on your business operational needs of various departments, you can install the employee monitoring and activity recording system. Think big! Leave the tensions of initial buying cost and calculate the future savings that you will have. Plan and buy the products from the trustworthy source. Visit the website of the company to understand the features of these products. You call the company at the phone for better interaction and answers to your query.

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Vouch Protection is a leading supplier of CCTV In Delhi and NCR, we offer you the best value of your investment by providing installation an...

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