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Faith and Family My wife Victoria and I have been married for 28 years. I graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Accounting. Victoria is a certified elementary school teacher in Illinois. After finishing school and doing missionary work abroad, Victoria and I settled into family life in Collinsville, my wife’s hometown, and now live in the O’Fallon area.


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We have two grown sons, Zach and Austin. Zach, a Endorsed by graduate of the U.S. Air Illinois Federation Force Academy, is married for Right to Life to Claire Bauer and serves as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Austin is in his final year at Oral Roberts University studying marketing and recently became engaged to Catherine Coussens. We are members of Faith Family Church in Shiloh, and serving others is an integral part of our faith. I support pro-family issues and believe life begins at conception and marriage is meant to be between a man and woman. I also believe the corruption in Illinois government has brought about a terrible economic injustice to our families. What some legislators of the past have done is fiscally immoral. The tremendous burden of taxes on our Illinois families – income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and fees – prevents us from saving for a college  education, giving to our churches and favorite charities, and investing in our dreams. The reason I first got involved in politics was to fight the injustice I experienced in St. Clair County. I will continue fighting for our families as they are the bedrock of a strong community.

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Service to Others

My parents, Linda and Calvin, taught me the value of service to others including mission work. After university, Victoria and I were married and worked as missionaries in Tharaka, Kenya for two years. We helped build a school and medical clinic in a remote region of northern Kenya. We still have close ties to Tharaka and worked there this past summer to help begin an orphanage. Sadly, Kenya, like many other African countries, has a large baby orphan population due to the AIDS/HIV epidemic. We are growing our mission to include the care of these orphans. As part of our outreach to Africa, we spent time at an orphanage in Uganda to get a better understanding of how things should be set up and administered. Our faith in God leads us to serve others, no matter where they live or what their position in life is. I sincerely hope that everyone has the opportunity to serve in some capacity – locally, nationally, or internationally – because it is a personally humbling and rewarding experience in one’s faith. There is more to life than politics. Taking time to serve others is a big part of our family life. There were few times growing up when our home was not full of families needing a place to stay after a fire, abused kids and women, or young people getting off drugs. Serving others and sacrifice was a way of life that I learned from them.

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