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Nov/Dec 2010 • Volume 8, Issue 5

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Family Holiday Party Boutique & Vendor Show

Sunday, December 5, 2010 Vendor Fair 11 am - 4 pm | Party 1 - 3 pm • Israeli style party including arts & crafts for the children and sufganiyot in the lobby. • Shop for jewelry, accessories, artwork, apparel, children’s books, gifts, toys and much more. • View the premier of the new Shalom Sesame DVD series and help Grover find the missing menorah. Free & open to the community!


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Volume 8, Issue 5 November/December 2010


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Letter from the

Executive Director

Last year, for the first time since opening our doors on the new campus, the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center ended the year in the black. This was primarily due to a successful Heroes for Children Gala and a contribution by the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix to the campus, which resulted in a significant reduction in the overhead costs of the JCC; not to mention the hard work of the staff doing much more with much less. This year, our budget is $6 million. Of this amount, fees for membership and programs cover 83 percent of the organization’s operating expenses. The Center relies on additional funding primarily from the Gala, individual gifts, family, private and foundation support. This means that excluding the contributions from the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun United Way, the JCC must raise over $700,000. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Most of that will come from this year’s Gala. To ensure the future success of the JCC, individual giving must be the cornerstone of our philanthropy program, with a primary focus made on increasing Habonim Society membership. The Society is a group of individuals who choose to make an annual contribution through this prestigious giving circle. In addition, we will continue to raise funds through our golf tournament, the Early Childhood Center trivia night and writing strong obtainable grants to corporate and family foundations. This year we have awarded more scholarship assistance for membership, early childhood, camp and other programs than in any previous year. Obviously the economy is still impacting our members. Yet, this year we are also cognizant that by and large we have more than most people. As one interesting factoid reminded me; if you collect your change in a jar at home or at work then you are in the wealthiest one percent in the world. Think about that…some people in the world would exist on the amount of change you put in your jar each night… Last year in day camp, our Ruach campers participated in a service learning project two or three days each week (the other days were fun trips). I was afraid that they would react negatively, and I was overwhelmingly surprised to discover that these young ‘tweens’ enjoyed giving back the most. Perhaps there is a message there for us…we shall find out as we are looking at creating service opportunities for our families to do together…join us as we explore who we are! The Almighty has willed that there be two hands in the matter of charity - one that gives and one that receives. Be thankful that yours is the one that gives. -Sefer Hasidim

Steven Rosenberg, Executive Director



New Members

Nikhar Abbas Michelle & James Abramson & Family Sally Munoz & Ali Asayesh Adam Avigdor Cathy & Andy Avigdor & Family Oksana Babadzhanova Roger Baker Jon Basha Judy & Robert Bass & Family Mark Beal Alex Beder Archie Benjamin Reina & Shemtov Benros Nikki & David Bernstein & Family Barbara & Jacob Beyer Arleyne & James Bishop Cheryl & Abe Bochner & Family Yve & Tim Bode & Family Michelle & Tom Bonanno & Family Lauren Bonime Johanna & Evan Bookbinder & Family Linda Boyce & Family Jennifer Boyer Becky Breshin Alexis & Richard Brown & Family Dina Browne Oksana & Mikhail Burminskiy & Family Ira Cahn Jennifer & Andrew Carr & Family Adam Charnin-Aker Jesse Charyn Marilyn Colick Rachel & Woody Collins & Family Kaprice & Rory Collins & Family Carol Consalvo David & Keesler Cronin & Family Ellie & Ronn Culver & Family David Curwin Elizabeth Czerski Liza Czopp Stephanie & Bill Dachman & Family Brandon Dahl

Karen & Joseph Dawson & Family Susan & Lawrence DeRogatis & Family Shilpa & Tapan Desai & Family Wendy & Michael Deutsch & Family Brett Dinner Greg Dixon Rebecca Donahue Shirley Dubow Jordan Dunatov Lisa Engel Nicole & Robert Estella Ardyce & Stan Felix Naomi & Michael Flam & Family Christa Fratantoni Carol Frivaldo Janis Fulford Amy & Shelly Furth Gene Gerber Mia & Erik Goldenson Lee Gonzales Eydie & Brent Graef & Family Katherine & Charles Gray & Family Marla Green Marilyn & Barry Green Susan Greenspan Lindsey Greenwald Jennifer Cohen & David Griffin & Family Jonathan Gross Cheri Guss Sally Hancock Nathan Handy Kimberlee Handy Michelle & Jason Hass & Family Janine & Stephen Hawkyns & Family Suzanne & Steve Hilton & Family Benee Hilton-Spiegel & Jay Spiegel & Family Rudha Hirsch Sandra Hirshman Aimee & Ariel Hoffman Ashlee & Cynthia Holland & Family Nann & Daniel Horton & Family Olivia & Wilbur Hudson & Family Dana & Jason Hurwitz Sylvia & Martin Inkelas

Save the Date!

Tot & Company


Thursdays 9:30 - 10:45 am

The day has been set.

Please mark your calendar, And don’t you forget!

Singing • Circle Time • Puppet Play • Arts & Crafts • And More


Sign up now in the Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center & Camp Kochavim

Early Childhood Center TRIVIA NIGHT

January 22, 2011

Limited space available register today

7:00 pm

JCC Social Hall

To schedule a tour call 480.659.7769

Welcome New Members continued Karl Isenburg Julie & Jeffrey Isquith Jacqueline Jackson Barbara & Blynn Jennings Cory Jensen Julie Johns Francine Kades Tanya Kaiser Gretchell Kaplan Michele Kaplan Sally & Jerome Katz Bridget Kelly Bill Kidwell Cynthia Kibler Megan Esposito & Viktor Kiss Holli Scharf & Edward Klebonow & Family Lisa Kline Penny & Harold Klinger John Kozleski Julie & Marc Krell & Family Tricia Kroon & Tracie Rohn Joan Kurasch Lynn Kuvakos Bruce LaBell Allyson & Jason Laks & Family Maja & John Langbein & Family Amy Lavine Joanne Lerer Lucia & Harlan Levy & Family Sharon & Avi Levy & Family Irene Lewis

Linda & Myron Licht & Family Daniel Lisker Matthew Lissy Janet Lottman Kimberly & Shawn Lustig & Family Cynthia & Shawn Mandel & Family Ilene Manna & Family Annie Marcus & Joshua Robinson Laura & Tim Markison Richard Martin Lorie & Ken Matlick Jaime McFarland Scott McKeon Jayme Sue & Mark McLaren & Family Donna Medoff Carrie & Josh Miller Sylvia & Craig Miller & Family Jamie Myers Yennga Nguyen Keren Nissimov Natanya Oakley Gail Ober Jeff Orgen Rhona & Sidney Ozer Susan Pack & Family Mia & Sam Park & Family Daniel Paul Sam Peltz Danielle & Michael Penick & Family

Arthur Perlman Jamie & Jonathan Picus & Family Veronica Piper Josh Poles Shelly Post Sireesha & Praveen Puranam & Family Michelle & Michael Raizer Sherie & Mitchell Rappoport Marla & Joe Reifman & Family Marilyn Reinherz Noreen Rice Oshrat & Nir Richlis & Family Linda & Jeffrey Ricken & Family Angie Rigberg Marsha Sandler-O’Connor & Alberto Rosenberg Ann & Gabe Rosenberg Jessica Rosenblum R&i Rosenblum & Family Maddy & Sheldon Roth Ari Roth Jesse Rozio Lacey & Ellis Rubenstein Tami & Shai Sal & Family Robbyn & Jason Salganick & Family Jodi Salvatore & Paula Shankman & Family Greg Sanders Debbie & Don Scharf

Ann Schlegel Tamar Schneider Donald Schon Jerri Schubert Adam Schulasser Elliot Schulman Paula Schulman Barry Schulman Jordan Schulsinger David Senkfor Cindy & Joel Shafron Barbara Shapiro Zohara Shenkman Gregory Sherman Dan Shtutman Sharon & Jonathan Siegel Edward Simon Todd Singer Suzanne Singer & Victor Lamb & Family Mason Slater Mistie Smith William Snyder Ella & James Soto & Family Talia Southgate Bethany & Jay Spector Colin Spray Shulamit Spritzer & Family Zuli & Sarae Steremberg Ruth & Izzy Stern Andrew Stodola Jalayne & Scott Stuart & Family David Szpzizman

Richard Taliaferro Ket Talley & Family Kelly & Kris Taylor & Family Renni Tays Orsolya & Ivan Teodorovic & Family Shelley Thomas Jennifer & Kevin Thompson Ellen Tourine Marcy & Gregg Townsley & Family Diana Turk Tim Vaudt Bonnie Verne Steve Vogel Patsy Weber Carol & Lee Wegener Audra & Marc Weinstein & Family Navon Weisberg Joshua Weiss Yona Weitzner Susan & Robert Wilder Evan Wolfson Dimitri Yakov Yael & Yuval Yisrael & Family Ruben Yunatanov Debbie & Steven Zell & Family Barbara Kaufman & Bob Wechsler & Family Inbal Gurari & David Horwitz 5

Early Childhood Center

L’Dor V’Dor ECC Binds Generational Ties As one of the Valley’s longest running preschools, the Valley of the Sun JCC Early Childhood Center (ECC) prides itself on the dedication and commitment of its tenured staff. In 2002, when the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus opened its doors the preschool had a combination of teachers from both of the JCC’s previous locations— the original 15th Avenue and Maryland location and the JCC leasing space at Temple Chai. Joanie Charnow, ECC Director, has worked at all three locations over the past 18 years. She believes the commitment to the children and the Center is not only shown in each teacher’s performance, but in how they live their lives.

“Some of our teachers have worked here for over twenty years,” states Charnow. “Their children and even some of their grandchildren are proud graduates of the program and are on staff as well.” Charnow proudly boasts, “Our staff of over 50 is a family in itself. We work together to meet the needs of our 240+ children and their families. It is important to us that even though our school is large each and every child feel they are a part of our family. We take care of and teach each child as if they were our own.” Over the years the school has had its share of simchas and tragedies and together families and teachers have proven that the ECC family is a tie that binds.

Currently, there are ten staff members with family ties.

Photos Taken by: Nir Joels

R: Sharon Phillips, 12 yrs, T: Nancy Rosenthal, 20 + yrs, R: Judy Lakin-Fern, 20 yrs, R: Dawn Paley, 4 yrs, B: Daughter: Vicky Hartner, 11 yrs, L: Son: Brett Lakin (Club J), 2 yrs L: Daughter: Leah Schencker, 8 yrs L: Daughter: Alix Phillips, 3 yrs

Kindergarten Readiness

Wednesday Evening | November 17 7 - 8:30 pm | Campus Social Hall

L: Julie Ryan, 1 year, R: Daughter: Britney Poluszny, 2 yrs

Leave a Lasting Memory JCC Playground Tile Wall

Want a great opportunity to make a smart and educated decision about your child’s education? Have questions about how to prepare yourself and your kindergartener for school? This evening is just for you! Facilitated by Early Childhood specialist Jill Leshin and featuring local schools such as Sonoran Sky, Jess Schwartz Academy, Pardes and Phoenix Hebrew Academy. Come get an overview and ask questions on what your child needs to be ready for kindergarten. Plus information on schools’ philosophies and teaching techniques. This event is free and limited to the first 25 registrants. Babysitting is available for a fee. RSVP no later than Nov 10th at the ECC front desk or call 480-659-7769.

Leave a lasting memory at the JCC of your child’s pre-school experience. Tiles are professionally designed and maintained on the wall outside the main playground.

$500 Builders 12 x 12 Tile

$180 Sliders 8 x 8 Tile

$90 Climbers 6 x 6 Tile

• Family, individual, or business name hand-painted on the tile with names of family members displayed around the border (optional) • Themed hand-painted artistry chosen by the donor from the list of options Visit the Membership office or Pre-school to complete your Lasting Memory form.


Performances for the YTP’s upcoming show, Disney’s The Jungle Book Jr., will be on Thursday, Jan. 13, Saturday Jan. 15, and Sunday Jan. 16. Keep an eye out for further details and information on ticket sales. We hope to see you there! For more information, contact the Youth Department at 480-483-7121 ext. 1276.

JCC Youth Theater One Big Happy Family

The Valley of the Sun JCC’s Youth Theater Program (YTP) is a fun, dynamic program that allows children and teens to gain performing arts experience, develop lifelong friendships and build wonderful memories. But much more than that, YTP lets participants develop confidence, self discipline and self esteem, and helps to improve cognitive, communication and teamwork skills. Through youth theater, young people not only improve their skills in acting, singing, dancing, and overall stage presence, they also have a chance to explore issues, take risks, broaden their horizons, and test their emotional and physical boundaries. From four years of experience to first-timers, The JCC’s YTP program encourages children of all levels to stretch their imaginations and overcome their fears. According to new Youth Theater Director, Don Crosby, “We want the kids to feel that YTP is like one big happy family, so that no one, despite their lack of skills, will ever fall into the shadows and everyone is treated with equality, dignity and respect.” During pre-production months, YTP rehearses twice a week at the JCC, assisted by several wonderful parent volunteers who help the kids learn their lines, songs, and choreography and design sets, props and costumes.

u pc o min g

Camps The Great Outdoors | Veteran’s Day Camp November 11 | 9 am - 3 pm | Grades K - 5 Learn about environmental awareness, create nature crafts and participate in teamwork adventure activities. M: $50/day NM: $70/day Day of camp, add $10.

Winter break


December 20 - 24 & 27 - 31 | 9 am - 3 pm Grades K - 5

Keep your child active during winter break! Camp will include such activities as cooking, art & science, sports, swimming and loads of fun! Bring a dairy lunch. M: $50/day/$210 week NM: $70/day/$265 week Day of camp, add $10. To register, call 480-634-4949. 7

Next Year in Israel!

Each Passover we hear, “Next year in Jerusalem,” and in July 2011, the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center plans to send 25 teens to participate in the JCC Maccabi Games in Israel. They will have more than just an experience at the Games, because in 2011 the trip will include a second week of travel for a cultural journey through Israel. Since its inception in 1982, the JCC Maccabi Games has expanded into the largest annual

program for Jewish teens in the world, bringing together young Jewish athletes at all skill levels, playing both team and individual sports. Over 70,000 young Jewish athletes have participated in this Olympicstyle event representing more than 175 U.S. communities, and over a dozen different countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Mexico, Poland and Venezuela. This teen version draws inspiration from the World Maccabiah Games, the premier event for Jewish athletes held every four years in Israel. The underlying premise of the JCC Maccabi Games is to provide an important framework for enriching the identity of young Jews by promoting and encouraging health, physical fitness and well-being through participation in recreational and athletic activities. This summer, JCC Team Phoenix traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, with 48 delegates. The group brought home 24 medals (9 Gold, 10

2010 Maccabi Recount

Q & A with Delegation Head Alex Sachs Q: What was your proudest moment during the games? A: This year I coached tennis and had a great cohesive team. Meredith, Charlotte, Esther, Ben and Michael gave their all and were supportive towards each other and other athletes at the Games. I would have to say my proudest moment was Charlotte Aaron’s 2 ½ hour semifinal match, which she won. She played with such drive and after her win she showed an enormous amount of respect for her opponent.

Q: How do you feel about your overall experience as a coach? A: This was my fifth year as a coach for the Maccabi Games.

Each year I love it even more, meeting people from other delegations, working with the athletes and coaches, is an amazing experience.


What do you believe was the top experience that each athlete took away from the games?

Silver and 5 Bronze see 2010 medal count below) in swimming, bowling and tennis with the youth having the time of their lives. “I met so many great kids from all over the country and got to play tennis with some of the top athletes in other Jewish communities. It was a blast!” said one local participant. The games take place every summer, and most often, the teens are responsible for earning or raising the entire amount necessary to participate. Some qualify for scholarships due to financial hardships. The trip to Israel will be much more of a challenge financially to athletes and their parents, due to the high cost of airfare and other expenses involved with traveling overseas. The JCC is beginning a campaign to raise $40,000 by next summer to ensure our youths’ participation. The money raised will cover travel, uniforms and provide memories of a lifetime. Contact the Development Office at 480-483-7121, ext. 1203 to learn how you can help make their dreams come true.

2010 Medal Count BOWLING Scott Levine: Gold, highest series in doubles competition; silver, overall score in doubles competition; bronze, highest series in individual competition. SWIMMING Emily Bley: Silver, 50-meter backstroke; silver, 100-meter backstroke; silver, 400-meter individual medley; bronze, 200-meter backstroke Coby Palivathukal: Gold, 50-meter breaststroke; gold, 100-meter breaststroke; gold, 50-meter butterfly; gold, 100-meter freestyle; gold, 200-meter freestyle relay; gold, 400-meter freestyle relay; gold, 400-meter individual medley; gold, 400-meter medley relay; silver, 200-meter individual medley Zachary Posniak: Silver, 200-meter backstroke; silver, 400-meter medley relay; bronze, 100-meter backstroke Jessica Roussel: Silver, 400-meter freestyle relay; bronze, 50-meter butterfly; bronze, 200-meter individual medley TENNIS Charlotte Aaron: Silver, 13-14 girls, competitive division Esther Wininger: Silver, 15-16 girls, recreational division

A: Our community service program to Wyuka Cemetery was an

experience in itself. We cleaned grave markers and put mulch on young trees. An opportunity to see a cemetery as a place of peace and beauty gave the delegates a view of death in a positive way. We also put a rock on the memorial for the Holocaust victims. This memorial was built in 2007 with the help of Nebraska local and Holocaust survivor Sam Fried. He spoke at this event and one of the most powerful moments was when he said, “… this generation will be the last to hear the voice of a Holocaust survivor.” By the sound of silence and the look on the kids’ faces, I knew what he said resonated deeply with the athletes and coaches.


If interested in trying out for a sport for this year’s games, contact Alex at

One Day Only | Boys & Girls Ages 7 - 12 | Free to Participate November 21 • 1 - 4 pm Earn the chance to compete at Regional Competitions in NBA arenas and advance to the National Finals at NBA All-Star 2011 in Los Angeles, California!

To Sign Up:

• Registration forms are available through the Sports & Recreation Department. • A copy of valid birth certificate is required to verify age of child. • All registration forms require a parent or guardian signature.

For more information or to register, call Mark Rosenberg, ext. 1283 or e-mail,

• Walk-in registrations will be taken the day of the tournament.

Youth Sports Pre K - K | No assessments | first practice Tuesday, December 8 | 4 pm Grades 1 - 2 | Tuesday, Dec. 7 | 5 pm Grades 3 - 4 | Tuesday, Dec. 7 | 6 pm Grades 5 - 6 | Thursday, Dec. 9 | 5 pm Grades 7 - 8 | Thursday, Dec. 9 | 6 pm

Jr. Suns & Mercury Basketball League December 7 - March 6 Games start Sunday, January 9 Grades Pre-K - 8 Deadline to Register: Monday, December 6 The league is in affiliation with the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury. Youth players will participate in a structured recreational league atmosphere, developing teamwork and sportsmanship, coordination, skill building, respect for the game, confidence and self esteem. Parent Coaches needed. Assessments: Parent meeting takes place during child’s assessment time.

Player Assessments: Assessments are performed to balance each team in terms of skill level. Teams will be organized by staff member, with requests made by parents and coaches taken into consideration but not mandatory placements. This policy will be strictly adhered to. Our mission at the VOSJCC is to create a fun and balanced league. Practice: Day


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

5:00 pm 6:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm

Grades 3-4 5-6 Pre K - K 1-2 7-8

Practices: Coaches will be responsible for practices and court space will be made available upon request. There will be no charge for gym space pertaining to youth basketball teams.

Sunday Games Pre K - K | 1 pm* Grades 1 - 2 | 2 pm * Grades 3 - 4 | 3 pm * Grades 5 - 6 | 4 pm* Monday Games Grades 7 - 8 | 5 or 6 pm* * Times are subject to change, depending upon the number of teams in each division.





Pre-k - K 1 - 2 3 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8

$85 $135 $85 $135 $95 $140 $95 $140 $95 $140

SY0080 SY0081 SY0082 SY0083 SY0084

*Costs include uniform, team pictures, award, paid officials and scorekeepers.

Youth Recreational Indoor Co-ed Volleyball December 11 - February 28 Saturday & Monday Games | Times TBA Practice | Times TBA Grades 4 - 12 | 8 weeks M: 120* NM: $145* Grades 4 - 5: SY0043 Grades 6 - 8: SY0044 Grades 9 - 12: SY0045 *Participation fee includes t-shirt, paid officials and team picture.

For more information call:

Sports & Recreation Department: Mark Rosenberg at ext. 1283 or e-mail 9

Concierge Desk takes


Recently, you may have seen several smiling volunteers in their red shirts, around the lobby area guiding and assisting our members and visitors. The launch of our new Concierge Desk located next to the JCC Welcome Desk Concierge: Shirley Dubow will help you find a kosher restaurant, identify the closest synagogue or even offer you postage stamps. And our volunteers are available to help you identify other opportunities with other Jewish organizations.

The Concierge Desk is here to help! “The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center is the hub of the Jewish population”, says Phyllis Kaminsky, volunteer coordinator. “By creating the Concierge Program, we are able to provide information on what’s available, where it’s located and who to see on everything that is needed and wanted in the Jewish community, from programs that are happening in and around the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus to events in the greater Phoenix Jewish community. Our volunteers have all of this information at their fingertips, and want our members to take advantage of this vast fund of knowledge”. You can help, too! Looking to join our volunteer posse? Phyllis is currently recruiting a great group of dedicated and energetic volunteers. Help is needed at the JCC administrative office reception desk, mentoring/ homework help for our Club J kids, and filling in wherever help is needed to make our JCC programs successful and our members feel warmly welcomed. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Phyllis at or 480-657-9488.

Adults Don’t miss out on these fabulous programs Travelin’ Around Town with the JCC Bus transportation provided by

Tour Queen Creek Olive Mill

Friday, November 19 | 11:30 am* Join us for a tour of the Olive Grove and Mill. Free oil tasting of their signature olive oils, stuffed olives and tapenades. Gourmet lunch at del Piero. Fee includes round-trip bus transportation from the JCC, tour and lunch. Min. 10/Max 21. Reservations by November 12.

luxury motor coach transportation from the JCC; 2 nights and 3 days at the Holiday Inn; main floor seating and a guided tour of the Oasis Date Gardens. Min. 30. Reservations by December 30. Meals not included.

Departs: Tuesday, January 18 | 8 am Returns: Thursday, January 20 | 4 pm Double Occupancy M: $260 NM: $285 Code: AEG04D Single Occupancy M/NM: $295 Code: AEG04S

Co-sponsored by Jazz in AZ

Sunday Sunday Novice Bridge Tournament

M: $20 NM: $25 Code: AEGO2

Sunday, November 21 |12:30 - 4:30 pm Play begins at 1 pm Join us for a fun afternoon of Bridge at the JCC.

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino

M: $12 NM: $15 Code: AE025

*Bus departs the JCC at 10:30 am

Wednesday, December 15 | 8:30 am* Join us for “Young At Heart” Senior’s Day at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino.

Min. 10/Max 21. Reservations by December 1. *Bus departs the JCC at 9 am. Cost of lunch buffet and gambling not included. Photo ID required to receive Slot Play cash.

Free Code: AEGO3

Palm Springs Follies, California Trip

January 18 - 20, 2011 This group of talented performers (no one under 65 years old), will sing, dance and tap their way into your heart! Our journey includes roundtrip


0-199 Master points. Registration required by Nov. 15.

Active Adult Annual Hanukkah Luncheon Thursday, December 9 | 11 am - 1 pm M: $10 NM: $12 Code: ACS4

Israel Current Events Discussion Series Tuesdays | Noon - 1 pm | Nov. 16, Dec. 4 Date



Nov. 16 Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day and current events in Israel


Dec. 14 Gilad Shalit, Everyone’s Child Is there a price to being an Israeli soldier?


Sundays at the JCC | 3 - 5 pm Prices per performance M: $15 NM: $20

Cost includes performance, coffee and dessert. Co-Sponsored by Jazzin AZ. Reservations required.

January 30 | Delphine Cortez Joel Robin Trio Code: AEJA2 February 27 | Margo Reed and the Armand Boatman Trio Code: AEJA3 March 12 | Saturday Performance 7 pm | Mike Vax Quintet Code: AEJA4

For more information call:

Debra Kleinberg Ext. 1205 or e-mail

The Birth of JBoomerz This past spring, Suzanne Swift, JCC Program Director and Lisa Owens, JCC Director of Membership, had a brainstorm idea. They knew that the JCC did a great job of catering to both ends of the age spectrum—families with children and seniors, but wondered about the Boomers—the group that finds themselves still supporting their grown children, caring for their aging parents and has multi-interests. So they asked themselves, “What does the JCC do for them? How can the JCC cater specifically to the interests and soul of the boomer generation?” Thus the creation of JBoomerz, a new social, educational and networking group for those couples, singles and empty nesters who would like the opportunity to meet new people. Open to the entire community, participation in the group does not require JCC membership. For more information call Lisa Owens at ext. 1287 or Suzanne Swift ext. 1201.

Join us for these upcoming JBoomerz events Music & Mingle at the MIM - Musical Instrument Museum 4725 East Mayo Blvd. Phoenix | Thursday, November 18 | 6 pm (meet at the Museum at 5:45 pm)

A hands-on, multi-sensory musical experience! View and listen to over 3000 musical instruments and musical artists from all over the world at this amazing new museum. Guests are treated to an individual musical experience representing every country and culture. Self-guided tour takes approximately 90 minutes and features state-of-the-art audio headsets and wireless devices for each guest. Mingle over coffee and dessert after the tour. Min. 10. Register and pay by November 4. Coffee Mingle self-hosted at Museum Café. M/NM: $15 Code: ACB2

Educational Workshops

How To Series… We created this series for you in mind! Give yourself the gift of time just for you. This new How To Series is that perfect gift. Free! Reservations are requested. Register for one or all of these interesting programs.

How to Make Challah

Thursday, December 9 | 6:30 pm | Without Torah, there is no bread; without bread, there is no Torah. Come to a hands-on workshop demonstrating the connections between food and text through baking homemade challah at Levi Café. Instructor: Levi Cafe Code: ACB5

How to Help Lower Back Pain Thursday, December 16 | 6:30 pm Workshop focuses on specific things you can do throughout the day to take the stress off of injured areas, including proper body mechanics, sitting, standing, bending, walking, picking up objects, transitional moves like sitting to stand and floor to stand. Specific stretches and exercises will also be featured. Instructor: John Billie Code: ACB6

How to Meditate Thursday, January 13 | 6:30 pm We breathe all the time. So how do we learn to make our breath work for our health? Come learn different types of mediations and find out what method works best for you. Instructor: Jill Davis Code: ACB7 11

food for thought

Hanukkah Eats Like most Jewish holidays,

Hanukkah comes with its own special food traditions and recipes. Traditionally, fried food and dairy food are eaten during Hanukkah.

Fried food It is not unusual to hear people ooh and ahh about crispy potato pancakes (latkes), a mix of grated potatoes, onion, egg, and a pinch of flour or matzah meal. But, the Hanukkah connection has nothing to do with the potato and everything to do with the oil in which it is fried—a commemoration of the miraculous oil

that burned for eight days when the Maccabees purified and rededicated the holy Temple in Jerusalem. While the European Jewish communities fry up golden brown latkes, the Israeli crowd dishes up sweet jelly doughnuts (sufganiyot) as traditional Hanukkah treats.

Sugar Cookies A newer tradition in the United States is the baking of sugar cookies in the shape of Hanukkah symbols while relating festival of light stories. Children delight in helping and learn as they create, too.

Dairy Food Dairy is often eaten on Hanukkah to remind us of the story of the Jewish heroine Judith who saved her village from the Syrians by plying the Syrian governor with wine and cheese, thus ensuing chaos when the Maccabees attacked.

Happy Festival of Lights! Enjoy these recipes from some of our favorite, local, kosher caterers.

Potato Leek Latkas

Eggplant Ceviche

Ingredients: 2 lb. peeled potatoes, grated or pulsed fine in food processor

2 whole eggplants

1 leek, dark green leaves cut off and discarded, chopped fine in food processor

1 English cucumber diced small

2 eggs ½ cup dried mashed potatoes 1 tsp kosher salt ¼ tsp cayenne pepper Oil for frying Mix together the grated potatoes, leeks, eggs, dried potato flakes and spices. Pour ¼ inch of oil in the pan. Keep the oil on a medium heat and fry the latkes till golden brown, turning only once. Add additional oil if needed. Serve with smoked salmon, sour cream, or tofutti sour crème (parve) and capers. Makes about 20 medium latkes. Can be made in advance, refrigerated and reheated in a 4000 F. oven for 10 minutes until crisp.


4 Roma tomatoes diced small 1 bunch green onion chopped fine 1 bunch cilantro leaves chopped fine ¼ cup olive oil 1 tbsp kosher salt ½ tsp garlic, ½ tsp red pepper flakes ½ cup mayonnaise or plain yogurt Roast the eggplant at 4000 F. degrees for 1 hour until soft. Cool, remove flesh and chop into small pieces. Add in the balance of ingredients and mix well. Let rest at least 6 hours. Add salt to taste. Serve with pita chips, crackers or as a first course with salads. Best made 1 day prior to eating.

Hanukkah Sugar Cookies

Hanukkah Sufganiyot

1 cup margarine

1½ tsp dry yeast

2 eggs

¾ cup 1% low-fat milk

2 tbsp orange juice

6 tbsp granulated sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp butter

1 cup sugar

1 tsp orange rind

3 cups flour

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

Mix all the ingredients together. Wrap dough in wax paper and refrigerate for one hour. Roll out dough until it is ¼ to ½ inch thick. Cut out shapes with Hanukkah cookie cutters. Decorate with sprinkles before baking (or used colored royal icing after they bake and cool). Place the cookies on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 4250 F. for 6-8 minutes, or until they turn light brown.

1 large egg

Royal Icing 2 large egg whites 2 tsps fresh lemon juice 3 cups confectioners sugar, sifted Using an electric mixer, beat the egg whites with the lemon juice until combined. Add the sifted powdered sugar, a few drops of food coloring and beat on low speed until combined and smooth. The icing needs to be used immediately or transferred to an airtight container as royal icing hardens when exposed to air.

3 cups all-purpose flour ¾ cup strawberry jam 1 tbsp powdered sugar Dissolve yeast in ½ cup warm milk in a large bowl and let stand for 5 minutes or until foamy. Add remaining ¼ cup warm milk, granulated sugar, butter, orange rind, vanilla, salt and egg; beat with a mixer at medium speed. Add 2 cups flour to yeast mixture; beat at medium speed until smooth. Stir in 1 cup flour to form a soft dough. Turn dough out onto a floured surface. Knead dough until smooth and elastic. Place dough in a large bowl coated with cooking spray, turning to coat all sides. Cover and let rise in a warm place 85° F, free from drafts, about 1 hour or until doubled in size. Place golf ball size dough balls on a large baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cover and let rise 45 minutes or until dough is doubled in size. Preheat oven to 375° F. Uncover balls and bake at 375° F for 14 minutes or until browned. Remove from pan; cool completely on a wire rack. Make a pocket in each roll using the handle of a wooden spoon, pushing in but not through the opposite end. Fill with about 2 tsp jam, using plastic condiment bottle or a piping bag. Sprinkle rolls with powdered sugar. 13

Far Exceeds Expectations

Swim Neptune

2010 Age Group State Champions

Seth Mandel

Riley Ford

Great individual performances,

outstanding relay swims and an overall amazing team performance propelled Swim Neptune to the 2010 Arizona Age Group State Championship win this past July. Prior to the start, when seedings for the meet were posted, Swim Neptune was projected to finish second by approximately 300 points. With a meet that close it meant that every event played a huge role in the overall team championship, and it required every swimmer to step up and do their part to help the team win. Neptune won the meet just 75 points short of 20,000 possible points. To have made up that many points over the course of the weekend is testament to a great season of hard work and spectacular end to the summer!


Swim Neptune set three State Records. Connor Roman broke the 11-12 boys 200 Breaststroke state record with a winning time of 2:43.61, breaking the 2:45.47 set in 2005. The 11-12 boys 200 Medley relay of Braxton Bilbrey, Connor Roman, Seth Mandel and David Goll, erased the oldest relay record in Arizona set back in


Cameron Heidenreich Swim Meet Photos Taken by: Jessica Paliscak

1987. Their time of 2:09.63 was over a second under the old standard of 2:10.65. The same quartet of Bilbrey, Roman, Mandel and Goll smashed the 400 Medley relay record with a time of 4:44.74, winning the event by over 20 seconds.

Individual High Point Scores The following swimmers placed in the top 10: • Girls - 10 & under: Jacee Frivaldo 1st (120) • Boys - 10 & under: Michael Niezgodzki 2nd (103), Zack Paliscak 2nd (103), Noah Williams 4th (101) • 11-12 Boys: Connor Roman 1st (114), Seth Mandel 4th (110), David Goll 6th (99), Isaiah Williams 9th (88), Braxton Bilbrey 8th (88) Individual Event Winners:

• Jacee Frivaldo - 10 & under: 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back • Connor Roman - 11-12: 50 Breast, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 1500 Free • Seth Mandel - 11-12: 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free • Noah Williams - 10 & under: 50 Breast, 100 Breast • Zack Paliscak - 10 & under: 50 Back, 100 Back • David Goll - 11-12: 400 Free • Michael Niezgodzki - 10 & under: 50 Free

Other JCC team members who scored points at State, contributing to the team win are: Sarah Campbell, Alexis Cannon, Thea Cartier, Drew Eisen, Isabella Fratesi, Kobe Gall, Zachary Ginsberg, Colin Hart, Cameron Heidenreich, Ben Kirke, Meagan Lundgren, Jacob Miller, Coby Palivathkual, Jillian Schreck, Caroline Strolic, Emmah Taylor, Jake Thompson and Joshua Thompson.

Coach Joe Zemaitis— the Backbone of Neptune!

With sixteen years of competitive swimming experience and international accolades as a Professional Triathlete, Joe Zemaitis—at age 30—brings a lifetime of experience in competitive sports to his work with athletes. Joe’s philosophy is rooted in the firm belief that every child has a genius—a natural talent that, when recognized and unlocked, paves the way to a lifetime of success.

are the primary fundraiser for the FAST Foundation. In support of childhood drowning prevention and water safety initiatives, Joe created FAST—The Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training in 2006. A non-profit organization, based in Phoenix, Arizona, FAST is about Kids Saving Kids. The mission of FAST is to leverage the talents, energy, and skills of competitive swimmers of all ages to spread the message of water safety and take an active role in teaching kids to swim. Programs such as the FAST Talkers Educational Outreach and Water Safety for Refugees are examples of the FAST commitment to water safety and drowning prevention.

Joe’s success as a coach was proceeded by his remarkable athletic career. In 1998, Joe set the 19 and under course record at the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon (2.4 Mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run), the result of a goal he set when he was 12 years old. He remains the youngest ever to finish the Hawaii Ironman in less than ten hours. He has completed a total of seven Ironman races, including four at the World Championships in Hawaii. In 2003, Joe set an age group course record and was the Overall Amateur Champion at the Ironman Langkawi Malaysia. His pro career highlights include a In 2002, Joe launched Swim Neptune, a year-round competitive USA top five finish at the 2005 Long Course National Championships, selections to two USA World Championship Teams, a top five Swimming Club that has grown to include seven practice locations overall finish at the 2005 Ironman Langkawi Malaysia and across the Phoenix metro area, including the team housed right here at the VOSJCC, and continues to nurture young swimmers in pursuit competing as a professional in the 2005 Hawaii Ironman. He was of their competitive goals. Swim Neptune now has over 400 members named the USA Triathlon 2005 Professional Rookie of the Year. Joe and is the largest swim team in Arizona. In 2010, Joe was named the won two Junior National Championships, is a six-time Triathlon Arizona Swimming Age Group Coach of the Year, an award voted on All-American, and has represented the USA in ten World Championship events. He competed in 13 countries and 27 states by coaches across Arizona. during his career as an amateur and professional triathlete. Beginning in 2006, Joe trained teams of young swimmers to Joe earned a full tuition academic scholarship to Lake Forest College complete the swim from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco. Since then the program has grown by over 75 athletes each year. In fact, where he graduated in 2002 Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta in 2008, at only seven-years old, VOSJCC’s Jacee Frivaldo was the Kappa. While at Lake Forest College, Joe was a two-time captain of first to achieve this goal. Since then eight other team members made the Varsity Swim team and three-time captain of the Varsity Cross Country team, setting school records in both sports. At Horizon their first crossing between the ages of eight and twelve, including High School in Phoenix, Arizona he lettered in swimming, cross Ben Sacks (at age 10), Jonathan Birzon (at age 12), Ben Kirke country, and track. (at age 9), Cole Cartier (at age 8), Thea Cartier (at age 9), Anna Schmidt (at age 10), Joshua Schmidt (at age 9), and Cole Whitener His first book, Joe’s Rules: How Every Parent Can Help a Child Excel in (at age 10), and continue to participate year-after-year. “Escape Life — Through Sports, was published in 2007 and promises to be the Your Limitations” program expanded to include a Golden Gate first of a Joe’s Rules series dedicated to young people the world over Bridge crossing in 2009 and 2010 with 50 swimmers successfully and those who love and support them as they grow to become the making the crossing each year. These San Francisco Bay swims leaders and champions of tomorrow. Swim Meet Photos Taken by: Jessica Paliscak

Jacee Frivaldo

Josh Thompson

Isabella Fratesi

JCC’s Swim Neptune is a year around program. For more information, contact Dae Williams, Director of Fitness and Aquatics at 480-483-7121, Ext. 1278 or email 15

Valley of the Sun Swim Academy 123 Swim Safe Brought to you by Aquatics Concepts® TM

Group Swim Lessons Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 12 years This innovative program provides your child with the foundation for swimming while making them “swim safe”! Group classes are limited to no more than 4 children per instructor, ensuring that each swimmer is given the opportunity to learn. Level One Beginning swimmers: Frogs, Gobbies, Puffers & Stingrays

Sat 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS1A Sat 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS1B Sat 11 - 11:30 am SA00GS1C

Sun 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS1A1 Sun 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS1B1 Sun 11 - 11:30 am SA00GS1C1

Level Two Advanced swimmers: Tiger Barbs, Seals, Dolphins, & Sharks: Sat 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS2A Sat 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS2B Sat 11 - 11:30 am SA00GS2C

Sun 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS2A2 Sun 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS2B2 Sun 11 - 11:30 am SA00GS2C2

Water Babies Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 3 years Water Babies is a unique parent/tot program that focuses on safety, motor skill development and swimming. The class consists of up to 5 swimmers and their parent. The child learns through song, parent/tot interaction, games, and oneon-one time with the instructor. Sat 12 - 12:30 pm SA00GS3A Sat 12:30 - 1 pm SA00GS3B Sat 1 - 1:30 pm SA00GS3C

Sun 12 - 12:30 pm SA00GS3A3 Sun 12:30 - 1 pm SA00GS3B3 Sun 1 - 1:30 pm SA00GS3C3

Pre-registration is required for this program. Ages 6 months to 36 months may participate in our Water Babies program! Inquire at the Welcome Desk.

M: $99 per month: 1 time per week • $189 per month: 2 times per week NM: $199 per month: 1 time per week • $378 per month: 2 times per week

Master Swim -All Levels (Teen/Adult) Reach your goals as a competitive swimmer, or tri-athlete. Workouts emphasize endurance and stroke technique. Mon 5:30 - 6:30 am Sun 10 - 11 am M: $25 NM: $50 Drop-in: $8 Code: SA0001 Camelback Coaching Elite Masters Teen/Adult If you need a break in the middle of the day what better way to spend your lunch hour than to work out in the pool. Instructor: Anne Wilson Mon Wed Fri: Noon - 1 pm M: $50 NM: $75 To register, call Anne Wilson at 480.363.3867.

Competitive Swim Lessons Sessions 3 6

M $83 $150


Shallow Water Aerobics Class offers strength training and cardiovascular benefits with zero gravitational impact on joints. Buoyant equipment is provided. Daily: 9 - 10 am M: Free NM: $50/month Code: SA0002 Modified Hydro Therapy Tones the body and brings relief from pain. Sessions 6 - 60 min 6 - 30 min

M $379 $180

Code SA00HT SA00HT2

Stretching Pre or Post Workout Program benefits athletes and enhances training. Sessions Duration M Code 6 15 min $95 SA00S15 6 30 min $180 SA00S30

Swim Lessons - All Ages Private Swim Lessons - 30 minute sessions Aquatics Personal Training Sessions M NM Code 60 min sessions M Code 1 $32 $52 SA0017 6 $330 SA00APT 3 $85 $138 SA0040 30 min sessions M Code 6 $155 $275 SA0041 6 $180 SA00APT1 Semi-Private Lessons. Priced per group. 30 minute sessions 3 people max. Deep Water Aerobics Sessions M NM Code Focus on cardio conditioning, improved 1 $55 $75 SA0018 flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. 3 $145 $208 SA0044 Sunday - Friday: 8 - 9 am 6 $275 $395 SA0045 M: Free NM: $50/month Code: SA0002


JCC Neptune Swim Team Sharks Once per week. Fee per month. M NM Stroke Dev $40 + $50* $50 + $50* Intermed/Adv $50 + $50* $60 + $50* Unlimited 2 - 3 days per week M NM Stroke Dev $65 + $50* $80 + $50* Intermed/Adv $80 + $50* $95 + $50* Stroke Development | M - Th | 4 - 4:30 pm Swimmers age 5 - 9, swim freestyle, backstroke at least 25 yards, and are learning breaststroke and butterfly. Starts and turns introduced. Intermediate | Sun - Th | 4:30 - 5:30 pm Swimmers age 6 - 12 who can swim all four competitive strokes for at least 25 yards. Stroke technique, starts, and turns are emphasized. Speed and stamina are developed. Advanced | M - Th, 4:30 - 5:45 pm Sun 4 - 5:30 pm Swimmers must complete a continuous 200 yard IM and 400 yards freestyle and handle 3,000 yards in a 75 minute practice. Advanced stroke technique and race preparation is emphasized. Senior Group For experienced high school level swimmers. Requires a tryout prior to registration. Call 480.695.7946 for information. *Annual fee paid once per year to Swim Neptune. Additional fees apply if you wish to compete in USA Swimming meets.

Save the Date | Sunday, January 9, 2011

JCC’s - Program Launch & Health & Wellness Day Active Adult Brunch | Find out about new programs | Learn about health issues | Participate in group fitness classes | Enjoy family fun activities | Receive special discounts on most classes and membership


sunday, march 6, 2011 | 7:00 pm

arizona biltmore | frank lloyd wright ballroom

guest speaker:

Stephen J. Dubner

bestselling author: • Freakonomics • Superfreakonomics

Watch for exciting updates about the 2011 Mega Event on Federation’s FB page:

we are federation... we are community. 17

My First Triathlon

by Beth Katz

I was always the one sponsoring friends who were participating in cancer walks, 5k races,

and triathlons, but never thought I could do one myself. I have always been a confident runner, biker and swimmer but never put them all together, let alone a competitive race. My good friends Faith and Alan Katz (no relation) insisted that I join them in the JCC/Tri-Family Racing 4th of July Sprint Triathlon. So when Faith said, “Beth, you can do it, this is on your own turf,” I hesitantly mailed in the form in May and started training. Our family has been members of the JCC for six years. Throughout the years I have met some fantastic trainers and friends—trainers and tri-athletes Lee Glickstein and Anthony Petterson taught me the basics of how to train for a Triathlon, and the lifeguards provided swimming tips. With butterflies in my stomach, race day came and I showed up. My number was written on my leg and arm and chip placed on my ankle. I set up my transition area and watched the athletes prepare for one HOT race. I didn’t come in first, but definitely didn’t finish last. I had a blast and was so motivated that I participated in the J’s October race. I challenge my peers to push themselves off the elliptical and try something new. It was loads of fun and wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Next event | February 27, 2011 –The 4th Annual JCC Scottsdale Spring Adult & Youth Relay Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon Visit for details and to register.

Trainer Tips from the Desk of Sam Berk NASM - Certified Personal Trainer | NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist | JCC Hydrotherapy Tech

There is nothing more rewarding in life than almonds or avocado, you will no longer feel those hunger pangs that you associate with your “sweet tooth.” being able to teach others the tools to live a long and healthy life. Fast food slows you down! Plan ahead so you won’t be caught hungry with no other choice than There is no such thing as a sugar fast food; fuel your energy by carrying dried fruit, nuts, protein bars and craving! turkey jerky. Your body is actually craving fats and associating those cravings with an Avoid overeating! easy source such as simple sugars. By Have an apple or glass of water before leaving for the restaurant to curb substituting your diet with a healthy your appetite. Avoid drinking alcohol before your food arrives; alcohol amount of good fats such as olive oil, raw can reduce your willpower and whet your appetite. Carrying an advanced certification in corrective exercise from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Sam Berk, has been a personal trainer at the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center since 2006. Prior to that, Sam worked as a chiropractic assistant for five and a half years doing physiotherapy and back office modalities. Sam’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology has helped him thrive in the health and wellness field. Along with traditional personal training, he also specializes in using hydrotherapy for clients who have suffered strokes, heart problems, and musculoskeletal injuries. Sam is currently in school to finish his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and then plans to pursue physical therapy certification or an M.D. in rehabilitative medicine.


Fitness & Group Fitness WellStart is a personalized, health-coaching program that enables our fitness trainers to support you in the attainment of your fitness goals. The program offers a comprehensive fitness and postural assessment, goal achievement strategies and development of a plan designed to meet individual needs. Free to members. Call 480-4837121, ext. 1230 to schedule your appointment. BeWell is an online program offering an array of tools to help you optimize your fitness, dietary and wellness goals. Meal and exercise planners keep participants on track and the health profile identify potential risk factors or obstacles to optimal health. Visit https://vosjcc.livepurewellness. com. Free to members. Personal Training Members only. Private Sessions 60 minutes Fee 1 $63 3 $184 6 $346

Code SW0502 SW0503 SW0504

30 minutes 1 3 6

Fee $37 $105 $189

Code SW0526 SW0527 SW0528

Buddy Sessions 60 minutes 1 3 6

Fee Per Person Code $48 SW0508 $136 SW0509 $262 SW0510

30 minutes 1 3 6

Fee Per Person Code $24 SW0560 $68 SW0561 $131 SW0562

Small Group Sessions (min. 3/max. 5) 60 minutes Fee Per Group Code 8 $800 SW066 12 $1,150 SW067 Teen Personal Training 19 years or younger. Members only. Private Sessions 60 minutes Fee 1 $42 3 $126 6 $252

Code SW0512 SW0513 SW0514

30 minutes 1 3 6

Code SW0534 SW0535 SW0536

Fee $21 $63 $126

Buddy Teen Sessions 60 minutes Fee Per Person Code 1 $40 SW0516 3 $120 SW0517 6 $240 SW0518 30 minutes 1 3 6

Boot Camp Sun: 9 am | Mon, Weds & Fri: 5:30 am Instructors: Dae and Staff M: $49/month NM: $79/month Code: SW0067

Fee Per Person Code $20 SW0530 Gaby’s Gliding Barre Fusion Class $60 SW0531 Tuesdays: 10:45 am $120 SW0532 FREE to members. Limited to 8 members. Register at the Welcome Desk. Pilates Members only. Private Sessions. Master Level Pilates Classes 60 minutes Fee Code 1 $63 SW0056 Members Only. Ongoing Code 3 $184 SW0053 60 Min Sessions M $95 SW0049 6 $346 SW0052 1 5 $450 SW0050 Buddy Sessions 10 $850 SW0051 60 minutes Fee Per Person Code 1 $48 SW0057 Non Member rates available. Call the 3 $136 SW0058 Welcome Desk. 6



Yoga Personal Training 20 years or older. Members only. Private Sessions 60 minutes Fee Code 1 $63 SW0056 3 $184 SW0053 6 $346 SW0052 Buddy Sessions 60 minutes Fee Per Person Code 1 $48 SW0057 3 $136 SW0058 6 $262 SW0059

Group Classes WOW – Women on Weights Drop-in: M: $16 NM: $26 Code: SW0024D Food for Fitness 3-part nutrition coaching program. M: $180 NM: $230 Code: SWFFF JCC Cycle Club Sunday Mornings: 7 am Visit Free to members. Pilates Group Reformer Classes Members only. 1 hour classes. Sun: 9:45 am Mon: 9:30 am Tues: 9:45 am Weds: 9:45 am Th: 9:45 am & 5:30 am Fri: 10:30 am Sessions M Code 1 $20/person SW0054 6 $90/person SW0055

TRX Suspension Training The JCC brings you an awardwinning training program to your fitness routine with our team of TRX Certified Trainers: Lisa R, Lisa T, Sue, Denise & Noel. TRX Suspension Training gives athletes of all-levels, fitness enthusiasts and pros around the world a complete total-body training tool and the cutting-edge training programs they need to take their performance to the next level. For full class descriptions on any of these listings, please refer to the Fall 2010 program guide, or visit

For more information call: Fitness: Dae Williams Ext. 1278 or e-mail

Goup Fitness: Lisa Robins Ext. 1279 or e-mail 19

Ask the J The powerful moves set to great music makes this a winning class under Sue’s strong leadership. Friday | 10:30 am | Gentle Yoga with Denise Denise’s passion to help others, combined with deep stretches and Yoga poses make this an excellent recovery class and a true favorite of JCC members. Saturday: Day Off!


I am a busy mom of two preschoolers in my mid-thirties. I used to be extremely committed to my workouts and I am hoping to get motivated and re-focused on my fitness goals. I hope to tone my entire body while losing the extra baby weight that seems to linger. Can you suggest some group fitness classes that will inspire me to get back on track and ultimately improve my overall health and physique?

Sunday | 8:30 am | TRX Training Join the TRX Team of elite trainers to use your body weight as resistance with the TRX suspension straps. Functional training at it’s best, a new winning program in the JCC Group Fitness Department. Lisa Robins, Group Fitness Coordinator

A: You are certainly not alone in feeling like your

fitness goals and workouts have gone downhill since becoming a busy mom. It takes no time at all to get consumed in our children’s needs and lives that we truly forget to take care of ourselves. You owe it to yourself to take a few hours out of your busy week to get some good, solid workouts in and have some positive time devoted to yourself. The best method to lower overall body fat and increase lean muscle mass is to combine cardiovascular exercises with resistance training. In addition, a good, deep stretch at least once a week is essential for muscle recovery and repair. These group fitness classes are great choices to address your cardiovascular, strength and stretching needs: Monday | 9:30 am | The Mix with Julie Get ready to sweat it out with Julie’s upbeat music and training style... no class is ever the same which helps fight boredom! Tuesday | 9:45 am | Reformer with Gaby This is a total body workout on the Stott Reformer in our new Movement Studio that focuses on core stability, strength, muscle elongation and alignment. Gaby’s style of training is truly results driven. Wednesday | 4:30 pm | Cycle with Shawn The ultimate cardiovascular challenge... extreme fat burning is Shawn’s specialty. Thursday | 9:30 am | BodyPump with Sue Get ready to push some weights and shape everything from your shoulders down to your glutes.



I’m 55 and am putting on weight even though my eating habits have remained the same and I’m performing regular activity. Why?

A: As we mature our nutritional needs change.

After the age of 35, our metabolism begins to slow down, and we require less calories each day to maintain weight. So, if you eat the same amount at 50 as you did at 20, you will gain weight unless you increase your activity level and work to burn off the excess calories. Keep in mind that you may require less calories per day, but actually may need more of some vitamins and minerals. The challenge for maturing adults is to make healthy food choices so that we obtain full nutrition from fewer calories. One of the ways to maintain a healthy diet on less calories per day, is to make lower-calorie substitutions for commonly used foods. Below are a few suggestions. • Substitute skim or low-fat milk, yogurt and cheeses for whole milk dairy products. • Substitute fish or poultry for meat (fish and poultry generally have less fat and fewer calorie). • Substitute fresh fruit dishes for rich desserts. Dae Williams, Fitness & Aquatics Director

Q&A Have a question you would like answered? We are looking forward to answering your questions. Submit questions on any topic to editorial@

The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center

Jewish Book & Cultural Arts Fair | November 3 - 14

re, Comedy & Cuisine Cultu

Guest Authors, Stimulating Lectures, Book Signings, Jewish Artists Expo, Martinis & Chocolate, Culture, Comedy, Cuisine & More

Thank You to Our JCC Jewish Book & Cultural Arts Fair

Patrons & Donors Publisher Jill Davis & Yael Bernstein Sylvia & Michael Gotlib Medwise Consulting Partners Scholar

Sandy & Ed Adler Sergio & Anita Baranovsky Judi & Robert Gottschalk


Ellen Kirschenbaum Adrienne Prince Shelly Reiss Al & Fran Sachs Suzanne Swift Andi Wolfe


Opening Night

Deli Dinner Delight! Wednesday, November 3 Dinner 6 pm | Lecture at 7 pm David Sax Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami,Crusty Rye and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen

Comedy Night at the J

Thursday, November 4 | 7 pm Sam Hoffman and Eric Spiegelman Old Jews Telling Jokes: 5000 Years of Funny Bits and Not-So-Kosher Laughs

Luncheon Event

Friday, November 5 | 11:30 am Joan Nathan Quiche, Kugel and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France. Interviewed by Andy Broder of Andy Food.

Global Day of Jewish Learning

Sunday, November 7 Share a day of Jewish dialogue and exploration, joining together in celebration of all that unites us. Times and locations vary.

Community One Read Tuesday, November 9 10:30 am Pam Jenoff Almost Home

Mindful Matters

Wednesday, November 10 | 7 pm Dr. Erica Brown Confronting Scandal: How Jews Can Respond When Jews Do Bad Things

Girls’ Night Out

Martinis & Chocolate Thursday, November 11 | 7 pm Annie Korzen Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap

Thursday, November 11 through Sunday, November 14 Opening Night, November 11, 6 pm

Women’s Symposium

Sunday, November 14 | 9:30 am Rabbi Naomi Levy - Keynote Speaker Hope Will Find You: My Search for the Wisdom to Stop Waiting and Start Living

Save the Dates

Monday, February 7, 2011 | 7 pm Kevin Salwen The Power of Half: One Family’s Decision to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back Brandeis National Committee Phoenix Chapter’s 21st Book & Author Luncheon March 14, 2011

For reservations, pricing or additional information, call 480-483-7121, ext. 1230, or visit

Dr. Dan & Miriam Ailloni-Charas Friedel Family Foundation Irwin & Shari Kanefsky Larney & Cissie Lilien Irene B. Metz Karen Koven Randy Nussbaum & Polly Morris Bob Segelman & Elaine Waxman Hope & Craig Sherman Hope & Eric Slepian

General Donation

Anne Aberbach Ann Baumrind Dennis & Joanne Burech Lawrence & Sheila Groman Sandy & Shel Olkon

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Borders Books at Cactus & Tatum Chaparral Suites Goodman’s Office Furniture Jewish Collection Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Levi Catering

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Beverly Morick Adrienne Prince Shelly Reiss Hope Slepian Cathy Tasman Wilma Weiss JCC Program Director Suzanne Swift Director of Community Outreach/Adult Services Debra Kleinberg 21

Spotlight on the J Open House and Jewish Community Fair

Cole Simmons

Threads of Jewish Life: Tying our Community Together. The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center’s Open House and Jewish Community Fair was held Sunday, August 15th, and brought in about 1,200 adults and 47 representatives from local synagogues, Jewish agencies, organizations and schools. Guests were able to sample group fitness classes such as Zumba, Body Pump and BodyVive. They also had the opportunity to learn about High Holiday services, upcoming events and membership specials. Activities for children included face painting and art projects.

Noel Washington with Member Vered Weiss

The JCC gained 27 member units (individuals or families) that day and more than 100 people attended the active adult brunch held that morning. Thank you to our sponsors, Greenscreen Entertainment and Tropical Sno Shaved Ice.

Jazz at the J

Co-sponsored by Jazz in AZ

Our first Jazz at the J concert on October 3rd was a resounding success. Judy Roberts unique vocal style and piano artistry, combined with the amazing vocals of Renee Patrick, was such an incredible experience for all. They performed several old favorites that had the audience moving to their wonderful sound. Judy included one of the audience’s favorite, “My Friend Bernie,” which brought smiles to all! Our next Jazz at the J is January 30th with Delphin Cortez and Joel Robin Trio, these programs are brought to the JCC by Jazz in AZ. Reservations are now being taken at our Welcome Desk or online at

3rd Annual JCC Scottsdale Fall Festival Adult & Youth Relay Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon Held at the Valley of the Sun JCC on October 17th, the JCC is proud to work in conjunction with Tri Family Racing to make this a great family triathlon experience for all. Over 250 people registered and participated in the race at some level. The races are broken up into categories with a youth sprint, and adult mini and maxi lengths. Besides being a proud host for the event, the JCC also boasts two 1st place overall finishers in the event: our very own Kara Gibson as the top female overall in the Maxi category, and Nir Joels as the top male in the Mini category. Both of these elite athletes train exceptionally hard, and we are so proud to call them part of our JCC family! Congratulations to you both! If you’ve ever dreamed about participating in a triathlon but have no idea how - or if you never thought you could, our Fitness Staff at the J have the tools and coaching to prepare you to get “race ready.” And, never fear, we’ll be hosting our next Triathlon with Tri Family Racing February 27, 2011. Find more information about Tri Family Racing events visit

Beth Katz

Small Children On Board! Attention Members: Please remember that talking on your cell phone and driving through our parking lot can mean an accident waiting to happen.

Let’s make our parking lot a CELL FREE ZONE! 22

Previvors Pre-Book Fair Event

VOSJCC Unites To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Our pre-event for the 2010 Jewish Book and Cultural Arts Fair was an outstanding success. Dina Roth Port spoke on her book Previvors. This is a story that every woman needs to read. Previvors is a guide for those women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer or are currently navigating the murky waters and multitude of treatment options. This program was co-sponsored by the Jewish Genetics Disease Center of Greater Phoenix. Also speaking and answering questions was Katherine Hunt, Certified Genetic Counselor from Mayo Clinic.

On Sunday, October 17th, the Valley of the Sun JCC opened its doors to the community to raise awareness and support for local women living with breast cancer. All proceeds of the event were generously donated to the Heal House of Scottsdale. The event, which was appropriately titled Pinkalicous Zumbathon and Polish Party included a two-hour Zumba dance class, which is a group fitness class inspired by Latin beats and movement. Girls of all ages where also invited for pink manicures and foot massage, sponsored by Kyrra Howden and the J-Spa, which is the exclusive spa on the JCC campus that provides pampering treatments such as facials, peels and massage to its members. With about a dozen specialty vendors such as Lucky Star Jewelry, So-Low fitness apparel and Sunrider Nutritional products, participants shopped for fun goodies and had a chance to bid on silent auction items to help contribute to the event’s cause. The Pinklalicous Zumbathon and Polish Party was preceded by the Susan G. Komen Walk, in which the JCC Team Think Pink of approximately 30 participants gathered downtown in honor of the strong women and families touched by breast cancer everyday.

Shabbatacise Twenty kids and parents shook, rattled, rolled and got into shape for Shabbat. Assistant ECC Director, Deena Boone, led the kids in a festive Shabbat sing-a-long while Group Fitness Coordinator, Lisa Robins, led the kids through some dynamite stretches and aerobic moves.

Sunday Family Fundays Jewish New Year was the theme of this arts and crafts event. Kids made New Year’s cards, honey jars and got sticky dipping their apples into the sweet stuff. About 20 kids and their parents created and hung decorations for our Sukkah in the Hut event. Kids also had fun socializing with new friends. Alltel Ice Den was the place to be for our Skate Party were kids took to the ice and parents schmoozed. Pair by pair participants made animal masks, sang songs and munched on animal cookies as they climbed aboard our Noah’s Ark event.

Valley of the Sun JCC Zumba Team: (l-r): Ruthie Stiffel, Gali Gleicher, Laja Gonzalez, Gabriela Banuet and Ellie Elmore

Monthly Wellness November: Diabetes Awareness Month Nov. 16 | Noon - 1 pm Diabetes Awareness Lecture with Helen Hiltz, MD December: Health & Well-Being Month Dec. 21 | Noon - 1 pm Healthy Eating Lecture Must call to register.

JCC employees and members gather together as Team JCC Think Pink before the official kick-off of the Susan G Komen Walk on October 10th. 23

Spotlight on the J Three Overall Champions at The JCC Our Staff Shines at Fitness Competitions It is no surprise that many of our very own fitness leaders in from our fitness department are able to grab championship titles at grueling fitness competitions.

Nir Joels

Lisa Robins

On Sunday October 17th, two JCC staff members took the overall 1st place titles at the 4th Annual JCC Scottsdale Triathlon and Duathlon. Kara Gibson, one of our highly sought after certified personal trainers, who is also one of our membership leaders was awarded the first place overall female award. Kara completed a 500-yard swim, 12.6-mile bike and a 4-mile run in the best time of all women competing. Nir Joels, a favorite JCC indoor cycle instructor, as well as the preschool’s physical education coordinator and teacher, took the overall men’s first place title. Nir completed a 250-yard swim, 9.5-mile bike and a 2-mile run, faster than any male in the same race. In addition, Lisa Robins, the JCC’s Group Fitness Coordinator and personal trainer was awarded first place and the overall first place title at the GNC Tournament of Champions on September 11th in Culver City, CA, in the Women’s Masters Figure Division.

Texas Hold’em Poker The JCC Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament was held on Sunday, October 17th. Sponsored in part by Dream Dealers & Party Masters Entertainment. A great afternoon of fun, prizes and, of course, Texas Hold’em Poker was had by all. Jonathan Pear (played by Jonathan Hoffer) won the 42-inch first prize TV. Second and third place prizes were an XBox 360 and Sony Digital SLR Camera. Thank you to all of our prize donors: Phoenix Suns, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel & Willow Spa, GolfTec, Reach TV, Phoenix Coyotes, Wigwam Resort & Spa, and Silverado Golf Club. Stay tuned for our Spring Poker Tournament. Next year we’ll be hosting a JCC Casino Night. If you’d like to serve on our planning Committee, contact Suzanne Swift, Program Director at 480-483-7121, ext. 1201.


Annual Meeting Kicks Off Year Ahead The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center held its annual meeting on September 20th. The evening was attended by nearly 90 board members, members and guests, and featured an acknowledgment of outgoing board members and an installation of current and new board members. The highlight of the evening was recognizing six individuals who received Kavod Awards. Kavod is the Hebrew word for honor and on this night the JCC honored individuals who graciously give their time and energy to the JCC. Recipients were— Lee Kaminsky: JCC Adult Services Volunteer Toby Fox: Early Childhood Center Parent Teacher Group Co-Chair 2009-2010 Michele Goren: Early Childhood Center Parent Teacher Group Co-Chair 2009-2010 Leslie Goldman: Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration Co-Chair Cindy Saperstein: Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration Co-Chair Adamo Zweiback: 2010 Jeff Berkowitz Memorial Coach of the Year Board chair, David Goldman and Executive Director Steve Rosenberg shared the highlights of the past year and plans for going forward. If you would like to receive a copy of the annual report, please contact Harriet Colan @ ext 1213 or

Don’t Miss It

Jess Schwartz Presents Annie Jr.

Show Dates

Opening Night Thursday, November 18 | 7 pm Saturday, November 20 | 7:30 pm Sunday, November 21 | 2 pm & 4 pm Tickets: $10 adults / $5 children Tickets will be available for purchase in the Jess Schwartz school office.

Harold Resnick

Marsha and Wayne McDaniels

At 90 years young, Harold Resnick has made exercise a part of his everyday routine for nearly 50 years. He has been a member of both the Cleveland JCC and the Valley of the Sun JCC on and off since 1972. Harold utilizes weight training, aerobics and his favorite—Pilates, to keep him in good health.

Having joined in 2006 mainly to utilize the gym and workout facilities, Marsha and Wayne McDaniels can point to improvements to their health and stamina directly to the diligent support of Fitness Director, Dae Williams, and Trainer, Matt Izyk, who established exercise programs tailored to their needs. Recently, when Wayne had surgery, Dae, who has extensive rehab experience, helped Wayne overcome some huge obstacles. In fact, Wayne often boasts to his doctors that the workouts at the JCC have helped him more than any of his physical therapists.

Harold embodies the sense of community we hold dear at the JCC by having fostered great relationships and friends that keep him committed and coming back for more! His life philosophy is “there’s a new adventure to look forward to each day.” Harold has three sons, a daughter-in-law and one grandson. When asked what his future goals and ambitions are, he replied “Being positive and looking forward to each new day!” Congratulations Harold – keep on truckin’! You’re an inspiration to us all.



Members of the Month

“The JCC is just a great place and a great environment,” says Wayne. “The members here are just the best and the staff is excellent and not a day goes by that we don’t receive words of encouragement and concern from them.” “We are proud to be a part of the JCC family,” adds Marsha. Congratulations Marsha & Wayne!

Ozer Family

Diane grew up in Los Angeles and moved with Steve to Arizona 10 years ago. She has been active in the preschool, serving as coPTG chair this year, and loves to work out in the gym. She never thought she would have a personal trainer but now she is hooked. Steve grew up in Phoenix and remembers playing basketball as a kid at the old JCC on Maryland Avenue. Although his marathon running days are behind him, he still works out at the gym and chases his kids around the preschool. Danny is a graduate of the preschool and Jackie is currently in the Pre-K program. Danny has also enjoyed the Jr. Suns basketball program and Shemesh Day Camp. Both kids love participating in JCC swim lessons. The Ozers have made a lot of good friends through the JCC. They feel the JCC is an important part of their community and hope others will too. Congratulations Steve, Diane, Danny & Jackie

Jody Darrow Jody Darrow has been a member of the VOSJCC since moving from South Florida in early 2006. She and her husband Paul are thrilled to now have a family membership after welcoming their son Ari into the world this past June.



Steve, Diane, Danny and Jackie Ozer have been members of the JCC for over six years.

Jody is an avid user of the gym where she runs nearly every morning and trains with Dae Williams to get back her pre-pregnancy figure. Jody works for CBS Radio stations in Phoenix working with advertisers primarily on KMLE Country 108. Paul is a partner in the investment-banking firm, Delta Capital Group, LLC. Jody grew up in the JCC environment attending Camp JCC outside of Milwaukee when she was in grade school. Jody is also a former Membership/Marketing Director of the Tucson JCC. She is so thrilled to have her family involved and Ari in JCC daycare—“It’s like coming full circle,” she says. Congratulations Jody! 25

Why We Give Based on the amount of time and effort Alison and Michael Feinberg give to the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center, you might expect to meet a more “mature” couple. But this young and dynamic pair came to Scottsdale five years ago and immediately entrenched themselves in all that the JCC has to offer. And from where they stand now, it was a great decision. Alison and Michael became members of the VOSJCC prior to arriving from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. They came to Scottsdale for professional reasons, and were excited about a new adventure. Figuring that the Jewish community would be the best place to start, they told their realtor that they wanted to “find a home within eight minutes of the JCC.” With Michael’s parents as charter members and their wish to get involved in their new community, the Feinbergs quickly immersed themselves in JCC programming. The JCC shortly became the “center of their universe.” Alison brought their oldest daughter Nora, then 18 months old, to Tot & Company classes at the Early Childhood Center (ECC). Then she began utilizing the Kids Club, while she hit yoga classes and the fitness center, immediately reaching out to other young moms on the elliptical machines. “I overheard them talking about a book group and I knew that I had to go out on a limb to meet new friends.” Today, the Feinbergs feel that they have created a second home for themselves at the JCC. Michael also laughs and says he gets to check on his orthodontic patients whenever he is in the building.

LIVE, WORK, PLAY— Eight minutes from the JCC

In 2008, Michael noticed a story in the Jewish News that mentioned the JCC was looking for new board members. He approached the leadership and was quickly recruited. “It’s important to be able to contribute to decisions that affect our Jewish community. I like having the ability to effect change.” In addition to his board appointment, Michael chairs the JCC Youth and Camp Committee, helping to shape future programming. Alison has been involved with the ECC’s Parent Teacher Group for the last four years and is currently serving as Vice-Chair. Alison and Michael look forward to Trivia Night every year and are very competitive! The Feinbergs commitment to the Community doesn’t begin or end with the VOSJCC. Members of Congregation Or Chadash, Alison is the Vice President of Membership. Michael currently serves as President of the Arizona State Orthodontic Association. Both are involved in the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix—Alison on the Women’s Philanthropy Board and as a participant in the current Federation facilitated Wexner Heritage class, a two-year course of study established to build leadership through Jewish learning; Michael serves on the TIPS (Tucson, Israel, Phoenix and Seattle Partnership program) committee. With the strong belief, “you need to support the community where you live,” the Feinbergs have been Habonim Society members since 2008. They hope that their commitment to this important giving society will help inspire others to get involved, either by giving their time, money or both. “Giving entrenches our commitment. Our kids are proud when they see our family’s picture up on the Habonim Society wall. We want to teach them about the importance of tzedakah at a very young age,” said Michael. Today, the Feinbergs three children are all involved at the JCC. Six-year-old Nora attends Camp Shemesh, Club J, and participates in the JCC’s Youth Theatre. Younger sister Sadie is in PreKindergarten at the ECC and is building her swim skills at the JCC pool. Their 18-month-old brother Josh attends Tot & Company classes with his mom and is a regular at Kids Club. “The JCC is the kids’ second home. They are very comfortable here, and they love the tuna melts from the Café,” Alison added. “We give to the JCC because it gives so much to us. We want the J to be successful,” said Alison. This thought coming from two highly successful, motivated people.

You can help by considering a gift to the JCC. Please contact Alisa Chatinsky at Ext. 1203 or for more information. Please give!


Tributes Esther Corer In memory of your beloved Mother - Joe & Janie Newman Mrs. Tina Firetag In loving memory of our Dad, Jules Firetag, commemorating his Five-year Yahrtzeit - Kimberly & Nathan Adam, Danielle & Dan Feinblum Sadie Feinberg In honor of your 4th Birthday - The Golub Family, The Sonder & Wittenberg Families, Ellen & Mark Levine

The HaBonim (The Builders) Society helps to ensure financial stability and continuity for the future of our Jewish community. Help build our future together by becoming a HaBonim Society Member.

Exclusive HaBonim Society Membership Includes:

• Priority Registration for Preschool & Day Camp • Tax Deductible Donation • Concierge Level Membership Service • Gifts & Appreciation Throughout the Year • Recognition on the HaBonim Society Wall of Honor

• VIP Membership Card • Free Lockers • Free Towel Service • Voucher to be used for Goods and Services

Exclusive HaBonim Society Membership Supports:

• Scholarships • Programs for Jewish Education • Programs for Children through Seniors

Gold Members

Helen & Steve Gubin

Sara, Bob, Adam & Jeffrey Silver

Debra Berkowitz, Gary Weiss & Family

Susan & Jonathan Harris & Family

Mina & Stephen Silverman & Family

Jean Grossman

Suzanne & Steve Hilton & Family

Caren & Ron Simmons & Family

Barbara & Barry Zemel

Susan Donaldson & Gary Jaburg

Arthur & Kirsten Smolensky & Family

Silver Members

Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

Sandy & Edward Adler

Donna & Joel Kramer & Family

Shannon, Matthew, Zachary & Samantha Sonder

Tiffani & Dan Bachus Family

Karen & Frank Lewkowitz

The Bedrick Family, Bruce, Anita & Daralee

Collette & Benjamin Myers & Family

Morey Bernstein Charitable Trust

Karen, Rob, Arielle & Maia Nagle

Marlene & Lanny Lahr

Cindy & Adam Brooks & Family Ron, Jordan, Dylan & Allie Cohen

Gregg, Rachel, Elijah, Lizzy & Ben Ostro Elisa, Jonathan & Hailey Pinkus

Benee Hilton-Spiegel & Jay Spiegel & Families Suzanne and Richard Swift & Family David Tinkelman Family Mary & Larry Trachtenberg Irit, Jonathan & Maya Tratt Donna & Rudy Troisi & Family

Amy & Andrew Cohn & Family

Stacy, Bill, Samantha, & Gabrielle Richman

Rory, Kaprice, Henry & Charles Collins

Julia Rosen & Rich Kasper & Family

Alison, Michael, Nora, Sadie & Joshua Feinberg

Fran & Al Sachs Family

Jill & Lee Weiss

Leiba & Danny Schwartz

Ann & Ted Zinman

Linda, Andrew, David & Josh Schwartz

Anonymous (2)

Brenda, Jim, Megan & Courtney Fried Lois & David Goldman Dottie & Murray Goodman Judith & Robert Gottschalk

Sheila Schwartz Marie & Leonard* Siegel

Laura, Scott, David & Josh Weinflash Gayle & Jay Weiss

*of blessed memory

Susan Ference With love and best wishes for your speedy recovery to good health - Henry & Elaine Katz, Joyce Horowitz Randy Kaufman Get well wishes - Henry & Elaine Katz Ralph Fern In memory of your beloved Father - Henry & Elaine Katz Mr. and Mrs. David Gorenstein In honor of your Grandson Adam’s Bar Mitzvah - Shari & Irwin Kanefsky Mr. & Mrs. Ted Zinman & Family In memory of your beloved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother, - Pauline Zinman, Shari & Irwin Kanefsky Mr. & Mrs. Brian Laks & Family In memory of Frances Gilbert, beloved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother - Shari & Irwin Kanefsky Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Turken In memory of Bee Turken, beloved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother - Rich Kasper & Julia Rosen

Dr. Raymond Steinberg In Honor of Your 90th Birthday Marilyn & Gary Reinstein – Palm Beach Gardens, FL Belle Swartz – Toledo, OH Don & Jan Steinberg – Boynton Beach, FL Marla & Howard Schecht, Sami Jessi & Britti – Toledo, OH Sara & David Becker, Dana & Jacob – Phoenix, AZ Edward Reinstein, Ashley & Zac – Toledo, OH Bonnie & Jim Swartz – Palm Beach Gardens, FL Jennifer & Eric Wasserstrom, Chloe, Phoebe & Wendy – Columbus, OH Meredith & Benj Swartz – Chicago, IL Peggy Mendelson & Zale Freed – San Mateo, CA Linda & Lester Burke – Palm Beach Gardens, FL Bob Swartz – Palm Beach Gardens. FL Michael & Danielle Swartz & Family – Los Angeles, CA Mark & Jenny Swartz & Family – Takoma Park, MD Diane Bernstein & Erwin Katz – Toledo, OH Patti & Mel Gerbie – Chicago, IL Dana & Andrew Klein – Brighton, MA Jon & Amy Gerbie – Evanston, IL Andrew & Stacy Bernstein – West Orange, NJ Jeffrey Steinberg – Toledo, OH Joel & Nina Swartz – Villanova, PA Steven & Beth Steinberg – Columbus, OH Richard Papurt – Toledo, OH David, Ying & Philip Papurt – Pittsburg, PA Daniel Steinberg – Toledo, OH Vivian & Paul Grossman – Wayne NJ Bobby & Lesley Bank – Vail, CO Suzi & Fabian Van der Stappen – Chicago, IL Frieda & David Levitch & Family – Spokane, WA Jean & Andrew Balcombe – Jerusalem, Israel Nancy & Gary Beren & Family – Palm Beach Gardens, FL 27

JCC Business Alliance Works for Your Business

3 - Networking, JCC Style How many times have you walked up to someone at a networking function and said, “Haven’t I met you before?” and they responded, “Oh yes, you are in my class at the J. How is your downward dog?” The VOSJCC has partnered with the Arizona Jewish Business Alliance (AZJBA) to form a cooperative network of Jewish and non-Jewish businesses in Scottsdale and Phoenix that are interested in collaboration with Jewish business owners. Our networking events help your business grow. Events range from lunch meetings and evening happy hours to speed networking. These networking events serve a great marketing tool and help your business present a positive face to the community.

Does your business need a fresh outlook? Do you need an infusion of new business? Would you like to reach the JCC target market of professional and affluent families, but have been in a quandary on how to accomplish this task? We make it easy for you here at the Valley of the Sun JCC (VOSJCC) with our JCC Business Alliance Programs. 1 - Your business deserves the VOSJCC Sponsorship Program You too can reach an upscale Scottsdale/Phoenix market when you participate in the VOSJCC Corporate Support Program. With more than 31,000 visits a year, the Valley of the Sun JCC has a targeted audience from birth to seniors. Each segment represents strong purchasing power. Packages provide tremendous exposure for our participating sponsors. Our options include gym signage and in-house screen advertising, Centerline magazine, e-news and website advertising. 2 - Happy, Healthy Employees make for a Happy & Healthy Bottom Line Imagine grabbing a cup of coffee in the employee lounge and your operations manager asks if you will be joining him for a spinning class at the JCC. You then begin a discussion on how much more energy you have since you joined the J. Now imagine that all your employees are happy, healthy, focused, motivated team players because they participate in your company’s corporate membership at the JCC. We can make this dream a reality by tailoring a corporate membership to fit your employees’ needs, all while providing individual attention at a top of the line fitness facility open to all regardless of race or religion. Plus, we have options that won’t cost your business a dime.  ive your staff the gift of health! Take your company to the next level G with a VOSJCC Corporate Membership. Book a free week for yourself and see the difference good health can make.


Coming Soon… 4 - Value Added Program We know that it’s hard to improve on a good thing, but we’ve added more value to our JCC membership by offering members discounts and special deals from participating local businesses. Members simply show their valid JCC membership card at time of purchase to receive these benefits. Business owners, if you are looking to expand your business reach, then the JCC Value Added Program (VAP) is the perfect exposure platform for you! Free to our members and to our member merchants, all you need to do is provide an ongoing discount to our current membership base and you’ll see your business grow. For more information on any or all of the above programs, please contact Lisa Owens, VOSJCC Membership Director at 480-634-4909 or

JCC Marketplace Informative (in•forma•tive) adj tening educational, enligh



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Arts & Culture ‘Hard Love’

Community Historic home

AJTC opens season with Israeli drama ... Page 11

Fundraiser benefits Eisendrath house ... Page 3

of Greater Phoenix October 15, 2010/ Cheshvan 7 5771

Your Independent Community Weekly

Orthodox remain silent on anti-gay violence, issues


JTA News & Features


hen the Republican candidate for New York governor, Carl Paladino, addressed an Orthodox crowd on Oct. 10 about his opposition to gay-pride parades and how children shouldn’t be “brainwashed” into thinking being gay is OK, he clearly thought he’d find a receptive audience. He was right. Orthodox viewpoints on homosexuality are derived from the Torah, which is clear in its condemnation of male gay sex, and Orthodox leaders almost uniformly oppose celebrating gay identity. It was that opposition that prompted The New Jersey Jewish Standard, a Jewish weekly in a heavily Orthodox area of northern New Jersey, to apologize earlier this month for offending Orthodox sensibilities by printing a gay wedding announcement (though the newspaper later switched course, expressing regret for its hasty apology). “Sometimes people feel that they have the right to make their choices and then to obligate others to celebrate their choices,” said Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, a past president of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County in northern New Jersey. “We believe

hen Frances and Irving Horn moved to the Valley in 1987, the couple became involved with the Eilat Chapter of the American Red Magen David for Israel (ARMDI), an organization that helps support the Jewish nation’s emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood services. Although the retirees hadn’t yet visited Israel, they were drawn to ARMDI because “we’re Jewish and we wanted to help Israel,” Frances Horn told Jewish News. When the Horns later visited — on a 10day B’nai Brith mission for their 50th wedding anniversary about 18 years ago — “We were very excited when we

See ‘AFMDA’ on Page 6



Managing Editor

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Volume 63, No. 6 • $1.50

Saving lives in Israel

ARMDI hosts concert, dedicates third ambulance

This fall, Arizona Friends of ARMDI will donate its third ambulance to Magen David Adom, Israel’s sole provider of emergency medical services.

See ‘Gay’ on Page 6

Photo courtesy of Jay Bycer

JFCS marks 75 years

Celebration includes debut of collaborative exhibit MARILYN HAWKES Staff Writer


ince 1935, Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) has been providing behavioralhealth and social services to children, family and adults throughout Maricopa County. The organization assists more than 30,000 people each year. When Rachel lost her job two years ago, she turned to JFCS for help. Through JFCS’ Helping Hands program, which offers short-term financial assistance to Jewish individuals or families in Maricopa County, Rachel was able to catch up on bills, heading off what she described as “disaster.” In a letter to JFCS she wrote, “We heard about JFCS and came to you for help. It wasn’t easy for us to reach out, but things seemed desper-

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ate. ... If not for JFCS, we might have lost our home. ... Remember our story. A little help can make a huge difference.” Another letter, from Margaret, expresses gratitude for the services JFCS offered her mother. “We appreciate your warmth and sensibility towards (my mother) and your sympathetic listening. It is comforting to know that she can count on your help, support and expert advice when she needs it and we cannot be there. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank JFCS for their generosity in making this high quality professional service available to members of the community free of charge.” (The letter writers’ names are pseudonyms to protect their identity). Dr. Michael Zent, JFCS president

See ‘JFCS’ on Page 12

Women gather for a United Jewish Appeal meeting in this undated photo. Many of these women were also involved with JFCS at the time. Photo courtesy of AJHS

1625 E. Northern Ave., Suite 106, Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-870-9470 •

? e c n e r e f f i D ake a M o t t n a W r! o s Do You i v d A O Y B Become a B —

? e c n e r e f f i D ake a M o t t n a W r! o s Do You i v d A O Y B Become a B —

Scottsdale BBYO meets Monday nights at the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus

Scottsdale BBYO meets Monday nights at the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus

For More Information Contact: Leora Hoenig, Phoenix Program Associate (480) 634-4900 x1127

For More Information Contact: Leora Hoenig, Phoenix Program Associate (480) 634-4900 x1127

Must be 21+ years old

Must be 21+ years old 29



Individual Solutions from Independent Advisors

• Retirement • Death or Birth • Sale of a Business Adam M. Brooks, CFP ® Managing Partner

• Job Change • Divorce • Marriage Lee C. Eisinberg Managing Partner

6991 East Camelback Road, Suite D 200 Scottsdale AZ 85251 TE L 480-258-6104 Toll Free 888-258-6108

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN), Member SIPC. ABLE Financial Group, LLC is a separate entity from WFAFN. ABLE Financial Group and WFAFN are not tax or legal advisors. 09/10

Membership Deals November - 50% off registration fee December - Join and get January free + $0 registration fee Call Membership at 480-634-4909 to inquire. One Stop For You •

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JCC is a relaxing environment where guests can enjoy a theraputic treatment of their choice. Experience a calming massage and facial, or breathe deeply with a private Yoga session and feel the stress melt away. Call the Welcome Desk at 480.483.7121 for appointments.


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Hanukkah in the Hallway

Programming begins at 4:45 pm | Candle lighting at 5 pm Events: Wednesday, December 1 Latkes in the Hallway 7 - 9:30 am and 4 - 5:50 pm

Thursday, December 2 Maccabee Obstacle Course Friday, December 3

Early Candle Lighting at 4:30

Sunday, December 5

Hanukkah Family Holiday Party

Monday, December 6

Activity with the Girl Scouts

Tuesday, December 7

PJ Library Story Time

Party 1-3 pm, Vendor Fair 11 am - 4 pm

Wednesday, December 8 Dreidel Games in the Hallway

Sunday Family Fundays with the JCC You and your family are invited to join us for fun family programming on Sundays.

Global Day of Jewish Learning PJ Library Storytime in the BJE Library November 7 | 10 am


Join us for great programs all week | Nov. 3 - 14 See October’s Bookfair Guide for complete details

Community Learning

November 7 | 11:30 - 1 pm

Cracker Jax Family Funday

December 12 | 1 - 3 pm Ready, set and go over to Cracker Jax for a fun-filled day of mini golf, bumper boat and go karts! Registration, pricing and details to follow.

JCC Holiday Boutique & Family Hanukkah Program Yoga Family Style Turkey “OM” with Ms. Sierra

December 5 | 1 - 3 pm Israeli style arts & crafts for the children, latkes and sufganiyot in the lobby.

November 28 | 10 - 11 am 31

You BELONG Here There’s something special about the Jewish Community Center. You feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Whether you’ve come to bring your child to preschool or camp, take part in a holiday celebration, learn Pilates or attend a fabulous adult enrichment program, you’ll feel right at home. The JCC is a place where you & your family Photo by: Saul Loeb

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