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Summer 2011 • Volume 9, Issue 4

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Inside this Issue: Watch Your Garden Grow pg. 5 Free Really Is Not Free pg. 9 Gala For Good pg. 10 Scottsdale Parenting Group pg. 12 Spotlight on the J pg. 18 Why We Give pg. 21

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Open House

Jewish Community Fair

August 14 | Noon - 3 pm

Our Jewish Community Fair is a great way to see the JCC in action and check out Jewish life in the Valley of the Sun. Representatives from local synagogues, Jewish agencies, schools and groups will be ready to answer questions about all our community has to offer. Try out one of our new...

Group Fitness Classes: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Active Adult Brunch: 10:30 - 11:30 am

FREE and open to the community. Call the Welcome Desk to register, 480.483.7121, Ext. 1230.

Special one day offer -

10% off program registration*

*Applies to new program registrations and payments made on August 14, 2011. Some exclusions apply. May not be combined with any other offers or promotions. Valid August 14, 2011 only.

Sponsored by:

Family Fun: Noon - 3 pm

Kids Activities • Face Painting • Bouncies Refreshments • Pool Games • Fun

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Your JCC Staff



Early Childhood

Annette Agatstein ext. 1208 Barbara Carrington ext. 1204 Marcia Fiedler ext. 1209 Lisa Stark ext. 1209


Erin Searle ext. 1205


Alisa Chatinsky ext. 1203 Harriet Colan ext. 1213 Joyce Horowitz ext. 1226 Steve Rosenberg ext. 1202 Debbie Siebels ext. 1210

Deena Boone ext. 1705 Dani Hibert ext. 1706

Fitness & Aquatics

Cover Girl: ECC Preschool Member, Tegan Singer-Lamb | Cover photo by: Lili Zrihen


Susan Ference ext. 1291 Cynthia Lupiloff ext. 1290 Lisa Owens ext. 1287

Amy Abernethy ext. 1214 Lisa Robins ext. 1279 Dae Williams ext. 1278


Israel Center

Mark Rosenberg ext. 1283 Ally Rothwell ext. 1283 Alex Sachs ext. 1280

Sharron Topper-Amitai ext. 1109


Nicole La Cour ext. 1286 Lili Zrihen ext. 1122

Suzanne Swift ext. 1201

Sports & Recreation

Volume 9, Issue 4 Summer 2011 JCC Centerline is published three times per year by the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center. Design & Art Direction: Nicole La Cour Send Address Changes to: Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center 12701 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 203, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Youth & Camp

Rebecca Carter ext. 1275 Mitch Cohen ext. 1277 Deborah Sheinbein ext. 1276 3

letter from the

executive director Dear Friends, Summer and camp is upon us…with Deborah Sheinbein and Mitch Cohen as our co-directors it promises to be a wonderful season. This year we have instituted a summer membership to encourage the use of the JCC’s pool, indoor gym and fitness facility as a way of attracting new members. If you see a new family or member say hello and welcome them to our JCC family. The Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix boards of directors continue to work diligently towards consolidation of the two organizations. In an effort to make us more effective and efficient, we have already combined finance, marketing and personnel departments, as well as some administrative staff duties. To-date, this process has resulted in a savings of more than $250,000 annually. Recently, Federation and JCC leadership held a community forum to update the community regarding the consolidation progress. We anticipate that the consolidation of the two organizations will result in the creation of the Jewish Community Association of Greater Phoenix that will oversee the two existing organizations. Currently, three task forces from the combined boards are overseeing: 1) CEO search and transition process, 2) development of a new governance model and 3) fundraising efforts for a $10 million campus operating endowment fund. For further details, please visit As we move forward we will continue to update our progress and as always we appreciate and welcome your comments and input. By the time this magazine is published, we have begun roof and air conditioning replacements. This is due to the hail damage and, the good news is, it is covered by the campus’ insurance. Once completed, we will begin going solar with the help of Green Choice Solar. It is estimated the campus electric bills will be reduced approximately 30 percent and will provide us with covered parking! Additionally, the JCC is seeking to install a solar-powered hot water system which will save up to 50 percent of the energy costs of heating the pool, jacuzzis and showers. The Early Childhood Center search committee has been hard at work— developing a job description, narrowing down the resumes and interviewing possible candidates. We hope to have someone in place for the new school year…but the most important factor is we do not plan to settle for less than a perfect fit. Deena Boone and Dani Hibert have been doing a fantastic job as the interim directors and have offered to continue in their roles until we find just the right person. A big thank you to Dani and Deena! Naomi Schuster is new to our BBYO staff. She will be developing programs for 7th and 8th graders…and also she will be helping in our Ruach camp this summer for teens. This fall, look for new partnerships with our local synagogues and Jewish organizations, as we continue to weave our community together. We look forward to seeing you at the Community Fair and Open House on August 14th!

Steve Rosenberg, Executive Director



new members

Neelab Aayar Nikhar Abbas Ralph Abramowitz Shari Ahrendt Valerie Anderson Michael & Nichole Arko David & Stacey Arkules & Family Margery & Peter Arnold Larry & Jane Ash Alicia Barker Alex Beder Stewart Bell & Romana Vigna & Family John & Nancy Berry & Family Hetty Bers Elyse Birnbaum June Bjornson Randy & Matthew Brown Kris Brown Peter Brownstein William & Carla Brundige Carol Budrow Babette Burdman Steffi Burg Gary Butts Raymond & Elizabeth Camacho & Family Andrew Jodi Carter & Family Greg Chambers Karen Cohen Steve & Erin Cole & Family Sheila Corwin Dylan Courtney Gordon Cowie Carmelo D’Amore, Lauren Lehrner & Family Roberta Davidson Kimberly & Jorge De Los Santos & Family Rudy De Paola Michelle & Steven Deutsch & Family Tanner Dickerson Shari Dominguez & Family Daniel Dorchinsky & Carmen Kruger & Family Barry Dorman Paul & Flo Eckstein John Econmides Harriet Ellis Jeannie Erbe Brian Erwin Nicole & Robert Estella & Family Lori & James Everson & Family Joan Ewart Samuel Fillingame Richard Fisher Naomi Flam & Dr. Michael & Family Amy Allen Friedman & Family Geoff Fullen Bonnie Furst Esther Gaston Scott & Manisha Geiger & Family Selma Glass Sharon & Marcus Gobel & Family Joe Gold Drew Goldberg Kenneth Goldsand & Family Anatoly Golokhov Adam & Stephanie Goodman Robert & Judi Gottschalk & Family Michelle Brent Gould & Family Stuart Graines Steve Gubin Vicki & Andrew Haber& Family Michael Angela Harris & Family Marilyn & Philip Hawkes Jennifer Hecht &Adam Gugick & Family Rachele Helms Stefanie & Mark Hendel & Family Tyler Hughes Annamarie Hurtado Michael & Tammy Ilescremieux & Family Dylan Janis Sam Janis Barry Jaye

Frank Johnson Yair Jolovitz Mel Jones Mitchell Karasik Lisa Matthew Karlovsky & Family Charles Karp Bill & Berta Kastin & Family Michael Elaine Kates Eial Andriena Katularu & Family Lenore Katz Mark & Trudy Klein Glenda Kochen, Jim Baldrea & Family Ann Laib Dawn Lamberg & Alan Davis & Family Susan Leiplein Tom & Sheri Levin & Family Dolly Macdonald Alex Manov Pamela & Marc Menton Lila Miller Sylvia & Craig Miller & Family Aimet Morales Sam Mudick Barbara & Andrew Newmeyer Tracy & Jacob Nguyen & Family Tina & Tru Nguyen & Family Arleen Nicholson Ty Olatoye Matt Orchard Brian Oxman Cynthia Papa Zack Parker Casey Perrin Edward Pickens Anita Pike Mark & Karen Preul & Family Jesse Rasch Ryan Roberts & Jamie Gostyla Nicole Roberts, Stephen Koven & Family Robin Rosenbloom Nancy Rutherford & JoAnn Willinger Alex Sammatino Tzafrir & Galit Sasson & Family Myrna Schultz Lisa & Marcus Schwartz & Family Ruth Ann Seitz Louis Shaban Eileen Shapiro David Shefrin Nick Sheptock Rom Sherman Arti & Greg Short & Family Dan Shtutman Ronee Siegel Cookie & Mark Sklar Sally Smith, John Dunker & Family Judy & Stuart Stern Carol Stewart Rachel Stotts Stephen Stromberg Breyan & Jalon Sussman Anthony Tesoniero, Dr. Johanna & Family Douglas Tronzo & Family Suzannne & Scott Ungar & Family Chris Vassall Carly Verderame Deepak & Rebecca Verma & Family Gary Vernon Rhoda Waisel John Monica Walters & Family Sarah Weiner Marc & Andrea Weingel & Family Kyle Weirman Kim Lee Weiss & Family Ryan Wells, Amish Patel & Family Brandon Welner Sam Werner Rochelle Wildman Mackenzie Willneff Lillian Wright Susan Yoder Wesley Zika

Watch Our Garden Grow


by Trish Beattie & Andi Kuiper

elp children plant a garden and harvest their appreciation for the wonders of our natural world. From the first stage of seed selection, on through planting and tending the garden, children develop a sense of pride and responsibility. They are engaged in real life experiences using math, writing, reading and science. Gardening is a great activity for learning, and allows pre-school children their parents, along with our extended community to participate.

make a contribution towards our Mitzvah garden, please contact the Early Childhood Center at 480.659.7769.

JCC Grows, is a multi-pronged initiative that promotes healthy and nutritious eating, addresses hunger relief in our community, as well as promotes a greater consciousness about where food comes from and discusses the connection between food and Jewish traditions. The cornerstone of the project is creating and maintaining a sustainable producing garden, in which a portion of the harvest is donated to emergency food providers such as local Jewish food banks and shelters. We firmly believe in the JCC Grows initiative and we have extended the beliefs of the initiative by incorporating the bounty from the garden into our snack menu.

Gardening is such a valuable way for children to learn through meaningful activities. The lessons that children learn by “digging into gardening” will make for cherished memories. You can watch the childrens’ sense of pride and accomplishment grow as our garden grows!

“Incorporating a school garden into the curriculum was a natural progression for us at the JCC and has many great rewards” says, Trish Beattie, JCC educator. Gardening teaches our children patience, respect and how to care for and nurture things. It boosts their self esteem when they are able to see the difference that they have made. It teaches them math, science, and social skills. In addition, both gross and fine motor skills are also improved when they are sifting and digging their way through the soil,” Beattie added. We fully realize that right now, childhood obesity is at an all time high. With our busy lives, fast foods and frozen processed foods are too convenient and our children may not benefit from eating these foods. Bringing the children back to nature, teaching them where food comes from and guiding them on how to grow their own food gives the children a tremendous sense of achievement. By growing their own foods, we hope the children will adopt healthier lifestyles now and in the future as well. With the help of our Parent Teacher Group and our families, we have been able to add 4 garden boxes to our playground. Our goal is to use these gardens as a Mitzvah Garden to help feed a neighborhood home for the Council for Jews with Special Needs and to grow our own healthy snacks. We hope to continue the expansion of our Mitzvah garden at the ECC. It is our goal to raise enough funds to design the garden to follow the cycle of the Jewish year with an additional section for Shabbat. A beautiful example of this type of garden is located at the Shalom Children’s Center at the Asheville Jewish Community Center in North Carolina. In order to do this, we must continue our search for grants. If you or someone you know can assist us with grant writing or would like to

“To see the children run to the Mitzvah garden boxes the moment the playground doors open, is truly a sight of wonder and amazement. The experiences the children have gained from the garden have been instrumental and immeasurable in their development” says, Deena Boone, Interim Director of the Early Childhood Center.

You too can begin your own small garden at home with your child with just a few items and you can create a multi functional outdoor garden site where interdisciplinary learning thrives. Once, while the sage, Honi, was walking along a road, he saw an old man planting a carob tree. Honi asked him: “How many years will it take for this tree to give forth its fruit?” The man answered that it would require 70 years. Honi asked: “Are you so healthy a man that you expect to live that length of time and eat its fruit?” The man answer: I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. So, too, I will plant for my children.” (Babylonian Talmud, Ta’anit 23a)

the Parenting Place New Fall Classes

workshops • safety programs • parenting lounge & more! Parenting Center - Scottsdale Parenting Group at the JCC

The JCC is delighted to announce our partnership with the Scottsdale Parenting Group. SPG has served the community for over 20 years by providing parent education. Ages of children in class descriptions overlap. Enroll in the class that is best suited to your child’s developmental stage. Topics are examples and may change based on the composition and needs of the individual class. Registration information to follow in the Fall Program Guide. To make reservations please call 480.659.7769.

Too hot to play outdoors? Come play in the Parenting Place, room 214. We’ve kept it open just for you! | 9: 30 am - 1:30 pm 5

JCC Koach Soccer

It had been almost seven years since the Valley

of the Sun Jewish Community Center had a recreational soccer team playing in the North Scottsdale Soccer League. However, this year with the help of our JCC parents, we were able to create the JCC Koach Soccer Team. The team consisted of 10 players ranging from the ages of 5 to 8 and is coached by Alex Sachs. Practices were held every Wednesday evening with Coach Alex and games were played on Thursdays nights at McDowell Mountain Ranch Soccer Fields. Even though the ages of the players on the JCC team were averaging a whole grade younger than their opponents, the team dominated the league. Over the span of a five-game season the team went 5-0 and were crowned the champions of their division. Congratulations the JCC Koach Team for winning their division and working so hard to get there. In addition to the outdoor soccer program this past winter/spring, the JCC will also be playing indoor soccer over the summer and creating an outdoor league for the fall. With the help of one of the Valley’s club soccer teams, Nike Rush, the JCC will be bringing its soccer program to the next level. The JCC will be offering leagues year-round with instruction from Coach Alex and other Nike Rush coaches. We are looking forward to the new indoor season this summer at the JCC and are also excited for the future development of our outdoor league in the fall. For more information, please email Alex Sachs at

Sundays Sundays | 11 am - 2 pm All Summer Long

Join the JCC aquatics staff as we host Fun Day Sundays with games, prizes, a water slide, and fun for the entire family. Every Sunday, ice cold lemonade will be served pool-side to help beat the heat of summer.

Kochavim & Shemesh Day Camp Family Pool Party Sunday July 10 | 11 am - 2 pm Lunch may be purchased the Café. 6

Youth Super Bird 2012

The Super Bird is flying your way and you won’t want to miss out on all of the fun! Get ready for great discounts on Summer Camp 2012. For more information, contact Deborah Sheinbein or Mitch Cohen at ext. 1276 or 1277.

Free. Drop-in fun Kids ages 5 - 10 Saturday & Sunday 9 am - Noon

Stop by to play a game, create a work of art and see your friends.

Kids Club Ages 3 Months - 5 Years

Attend a class, exercise or enjoy a massag while your children are cared for in a secure, loving environment. Hours (2 hour maximum) Sunday: 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Thurs: 8 am - 2 pm & 3:30 - 8 pm Friday: 8 am - 2 pm Saturday: 9 am - 2 pm To make reservations call 480.483.7121, ext. 1262 or email M: $4 per child/session NM: $6 per child/session

welcome Naomi Schuster

Please welcome Naomi Schuster, our new Phoenix BBYO Program Associate. Naomi joins us from Birmingham, Alabama and was a member of Magic City BBG and of Cotton States Region BBYO. Naomi graduated in December 2009 from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia with a double major in History and Jewish Studies. Throughout college she led and participated in various Jewish organizations and internships as well as spending a semester abroad studying Eastern European Jewry in Prague, Czech Republic. Following graduation, Naomi worked as a religious school teacher at a Conservative Synagogue and as an office manager at a local catering company. Last summer she had the once in a life time opportunity to work as a Trip leader for Wilderness Ventures, an outdoor adventure camp for teens based out of Jackson Hole Wyoming. She co-led three unique sixteen day trips in Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana with teens ranging in age from 13-18. Naomi can be reached at

Another Great Youth Theatre Production

Join us for fun activities at Shemesh

Written by Erin Searle, Rebecca Carter and Deborah Sheinbein

and Kochavim Day

Milan Kundera said, “There are no small parts. Only small actors.” This surely applies to the entire cast of the JCC’s spring production of Beauty and the Beast. Children and teenagers, ranging in age from six to sixteen years old honed their acting skills during the past few months as they prepared for the show. Auditions were held before spring time and a lot of kids wanted to participate in the play. Over twenty-five budding actors and actresses came to rehearsals week after week, learned their lines, learned songs, and choreography. Directed by our theatre guru, Don Crosby, the cast of Beauty and the Beast worked tirelessly to memorize their lines, and perfect their staging for opening night. The cast and crew of the show worked together, with great spirit and enthusiasm, to bring to life the story of Belle and the Beast. With the help of parent volunteers, and all of the actors and crew members, the show was great! This year, the show was performed at Temple Solel. With minimal set and lighting, theatre goers were treated to an exhilarating performance by our talented actors and actresses. There was a Saturday evening show and a Sunday matinee show. Parents, grandparents, and friends came to cheer on their stars. If you came to the show, you certainly could tell that all the actors and crew members put their heart and soul into the show and it was a huge success!

Camps! Many new and exciting programs have been added for this summer. You won’t want to miss out on the fun! Visit for a full on-line catalog of all 2011 camp activities and sign up today! For additional information, call our camp offices at 480.634.4949 and 480.659.7769. 7

welcome Erin Searle

Join us in welcoming Erin Searle, the JCC’s new Director of Adult Services and Cultural Arts. Erin spent the last five years working for Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life at Hofstra University, the University of Denver and most recently, Hillel at Arizona State University as the Director of Programming and Outreach. She holds two passports, as she is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but moved to Phoenix when she was ten years old. Erin graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Judaic Studies and a minor in Sociology. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Nonprofit Studies through the College of Public Programs at ASU. Erin is responsible for planning all of the adult classes and programs for all ages of our adult community, as well as cultural arts programming. Be on the look-out for some great new programs and classes this fall. Ceramics, after a long hiatus, will be offered again, as well as some new musical performances including a Klezmer band. We have some wonderful new Jazz bands to be featured this fall with our continuing Jazz at the J series. Be sure to look for upcoming information on our first ever “Yappy Hour” and other fun events! We hope to see you at our programs! When you’re in the building come and say “hi!” Erin would love to meet you.

Adults Don’t miss out on these fabulous Summer programs. Summer Programs Let’s Talk – A Current Events Discussion Group with Lee


Social group for those 45 - 62 A social, educational, and networking group for those couples, singles and empty nesters who would like the opportunity to meet new people!

Wednesdays | 1:30 - 3 pm July 6 and August 3

Look for new and exciting programs coming this fall! JCC membership not required.

Amazing Journeys For Jewish Singles

British Isles Cruise

August 4 - 15 Jewish singles 30’s, 40’s & 50’s Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and more!

Sit & Knit

Tuesdays | 1 - 3 pm | At Knit Happens 8100 E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale Share the pleasure of knitting as well as helping each other with a project or a pattern. No matter what your level, feel free to join us. Do a mitzvah—make a cap for those in need! Free. Reservations required. Min. 4. Date July 5 August 2

Third Thursday of the Month | 5:30 pm Meet for dinner and socialize. Separate checks for food and beverage.

(92nd St & Shea)


Reservations required. Call the Welcome Desk.


JCC Book Club

Third Wednesday, Monthly | 1 - 2:30 pm Code Read fascinating books then share your ACK6 (July) thoughts with others in the group. ACK7 (August) Free. Reservations required.

Mature Mavens Dinner

Date Location July 21 Mimi’s Café

End of Summer Bermuda Cruise


Book club is taking off July and August, but will resume this September.

August 27 - September 1 Jewish singles 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s Five nights of blissful tropical fun aboard Royal Caribbean’s remarkable resort at sea. For more information on any of the above Amazing Journey trips, contact Erin Searle at 480.483.7121, ext. 1205 or by email at

JBoomerz is Growing! The newly created JBoomerz, for adulte ages 45 - 62, group at the JCC has hit the ground running! With many successful programs under its belt including educational workshops, a “how to” series, happy hours and dinner socials, the JCC is catering specifically to the interests of our Boomer population. In March, the JBoomerz met at Cantina Laredo for happy hour and in May, the JBoomerz traveled up north to Greasewood Flats for a BBQ dinner and drinks.

By Erin Searle The group is comprised of singles, couples, and empty nesters who enjoy meeting new people. The JBoomerz are a lively bunch and we hope to see attendance at future programs increase! Look for new programs this fall including educational workshops, a casino night and an exclusive four-part seminar with Experience Matters, which gives those 50+ a unique opportunity to consider “what’s next” in their lives. It is a hands-on learning experience that enables participants to create a vision for making their future both satisfying and rewarding. Each of these workshops will last two hours and will be held at the JCC. The facilitators will take participants through a journey of self-discovery as they explore fresh ideas and new opportunities. These programs are just a preview of what is to come with JBoomerz! Open to the entire community and does not require a JCC membership. Join us soon. For more information please contact Erin Searle, Director of Adult Services & Cultural Arts, ext. 1205 or Lisa Owens, Director of Membership Sales, ext. 1287.

Free Really Is Not Free People often say that the advantage of having free programming is that it drives people into the building. This could potentially encourage them to sign up for other programs. However, when free programs are offered, there is no commitment, or investment into the program. This enables many people to make reservations without following through. Time and again, we have tried to offer free programming at the JCC, but to our chagrin, often, people who make reservations do not attend. This leaves the staff feeling frustrated, embarrassed and perplexed.

By Erin Searle

We invest in our programs at the JCC, and hope you will invest in them as well.

When someone gets something for free, there is no investment. The person does not have to make any sort of commitment to themselves or the program. However, free programs still come at a cost to the organization. There is staff time, marketing expenses, electricity used and more. It may be advertised as “free”, but it really is not. Free really is not free. The JCC puts a minimum number of participants to be a good size group for the speaker or event that is happening. When people do not show up, it affects the mood of the program and the participants who take time to attend. Therefore, at the JCC, we have made a conscious decision to charge a minimum fee. Investing in something you believe in is very important. 9

JCC Gala for Good Raises $150K for The JCC Gala for Good may want to be renamed the Gala for Good Times, as the 350 guests who

attended praised a wonderful evening to raise funds for youth programs and scholarships. On a beautiful Sunday evening in April, guests raised a glass to our Irv Shuman Award honoree Bob Gottschalk, gave from their hearts to fund more than $70,000 in scholarships and laughed out loud to the witty comedy of Rita Rudner. Chaired by Elisa Pinkus, the Gala is the JCC’s signature fundraising event. The theme throughout the evening, A Journey Through Music, Memories & Mitzvahs included background music spanning six decades, an entertaining video sharing stories of the JCC, the commemorative journal with old clippings and pictures of JCC history, as well as the charming silhouettes sprinkled throughout the ballroom at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

The event would not be a success without the following sponsors— • Leader of the Pack – Jess & Sheila Schwartz Family Foundation • I Second that Emotion – Bill & Susan Levine • Gary Weiss of Raymond James •P  arty Like It’s 1999 – Green Choice Solar (the company that is helping the campus go green!) • Spirit in the Night – APS • All You Need is Love – Cardiovascular Consultants • John C. Lincoln Health Network • SMS Financial • SRP •Y  ou’ve Got a Friend – Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics • Benee Hilton-Spiegel & Dr. Jay Spiegel


Children’s Programs & Scholarships Special thanks to the outstanding committee— Elisa Pinkus – Chair Liz Delgado Alison Feinberg Anita Gutkin Marcia Mintz Shannon Sonder Matt Sonder Judy Sussman David Tinkelman Kathy Tinkelman Additional thanks to the amazing JCC staff and volunteers…with a shout out to Harriet Colan and Nicole La Cour! Have time on your hands and want to make a difference in the life of kids? Get involved in next year’s Gala for Good by calling Alisa ext. 1203.

Be sure to join us next year, February 12, 2012, for our third annual Gala for Good! 11

Scottsdale Parenting and tried and true solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Connect with fellow parents, meet new friends, and form play-groups. • Join us for a play-date, Mom’s Night Out event and get a chance to meet other adults at the same life stage as you. Relax in knowing your child is safe and cared for in an on-site nursery while you attend class (or bring your newborn to class with you). • Help your little one adjust to being away from you a little at a time since classes are only twice a month during the school year.

It is often said that parenting is the most difficult

and important job in the world. This job requires a constantly changing skill set and a huge investment in time, money and emotionality. Pressures in our society and the complexities of our modern family lives paired with difficult choices and uncertain outcomes causes most parents to question their course from time to time. Parents feel most confident when equipped with information, resources and social support. Scottsdale Parenting Group was created to empower parents with these tools and to help make parenting a truly rewarding journey. What is Scottsdale Parenting Group? Scottsdale Parenting Group (SPG) is a non-profit, parent education resource that has been in existence over twenty years. SPG’s mission is to offer parents access to the latest information in child development and a strong social support network. SPG allows parents to: Learn proven and trusted parenting skills in classes taught by expert instructors. • Each week, new topics are presented and discussed that are geared specifically toward a child’s developmental stage. • Examples include discipline, sleeping, eating, general health, child-proofing, potty training, speech and preparing for school. Share ideas, concerns and solutions with other parents in a supportive and fun environment. • Other parents are sometimes the best source of tips


• Children are grouped in small classes according to their age and developmental stage with trusted and loving caregivers. Why partner with the JCC? The Jewish Community Center’s Early Childhood Program has earned a reputation that sets it apart as among the best in the Valley. More than just a learning center, the JCC is a community in which parents and children of all faiths can feel fully welcome and at ease. Last year, the JCC introduced the ‘Parenting Place’ to support parents through the challenges of child-rearing. The partnership of SPG and the JCC seemed a logical and resourceful expansion of the Parenting Place, given the similar goals of both groups. SPG at the JCC will expand upon the JCC’s existing early childhood programming options to reach more area families and to provide parents with current information and extended support networks. Scottsdale Parenting Group is delighted to be a part of the JCC campus and extends gratitude to the entire community for being so welcoming. Which parenting class is right for me? Ages of children in class descriptions overlap. Enroll in the class that is best suited to your child’s developmental stage. Topics are examples and may change based on the composition and needs of the individual class. Infant Class (Pregnancy to One Year): This class covers a variety of topics of interest to a new mother. Examples include social and emotional development, feeding, attachment and bonding, infant firsts, brain development and the promotion of successful sleep habits.

Group at the JCC Toddler Class (Ones & Twos): Mobility, asserted independence and exploration are under way! This class focuses on topics such as nutrition, napping, potty training, moving from the crib into a bed, preschool selection, social interaction and behavioral guidance. Pre-School Class (Threes & Fours): Education, play, socializing, eating habits and developmental milestones are discussed. Parents learn tools to guide their children through this discovery and transitional stage, while continuing to help build self-esteem. Pre-K/Early Elementary Class (4 to 6 years): Parents discuss early school experiences, family parenting styles, academic expectations, peer relationships and develop a variety of positive discipline strategies. Continued Parenting Class (6 years & up): Parents will learn and discuss the various milestones and challenges of raising a child. Topics may include school issues such as bullying, peer social relationships, drugs and making healthy choices but will vary based on the needs and composition of the class. In addition, an added benefit‌. Parents will have the opportunity to be involved with classes and programs being offered through the JCC Early Childhood Center that will include weekly Mom & Tot Programs, monthly story times with PJ Library, evening parenting classes and so much more. Sounds great. How do I sign up for SPG at the JCC? Registration information will be available in the Fall Program Guide. In the meanwhile, you can hold your spot by contacting Brooke Roe at broe1@cox. net. Classes take place twice monthly from September through April. They are held from 9:30-11:30 am with child care available. Dates for 2011-2012 are: Sept 8 & 22 | Oct 6 & 20 | Nov 3 & 17 | Dec 1, 2011 Jan 12 & 26 | Feb 9 & 23 | March 22 | April 5 & 19, 2012 Discounts will be offered the JCC members who wish to enroll in these programs. Check out our Fall Program Guide for pricing and additional schedules. 13

A New Face at the JCC Farhi Family Chiropractic, LLC Scottsdale Chiropractor, Dr. Moshe Farhi Born in Tel-Aviv Israel As a child in NY, I suffered from bronchitis every winter, and was prescribed medication every time. One day after injuries sustained in an auto accident, I found myself seeking treatment at a chiropractor’s office. Not only did he help alleviate symptoms associated with the auto injury, but improved my overall health. I noticed that since then I did not get bronchitis anymore. My initial intention of becoming an architect was changed by this experience and caused me to switch gears from architecture to chiropractic. I attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. I chose Life College for several reasons. First of all, it had the largest student body of any of the chiropractic schools. Secondly, they taught more technique classes than the other schools, and finally it was closer to home than Iowa or California.

from the same hometown in NY). After graduation we moved in together in NY and were wed a year later. A couple of years after getting married, Andrea and I moved to Arizona where we opened Farhi Family Chiropractic. We have now lived here for 11+ years and have two boys Coby & Zac. We enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and the beach. Farhi Family Chiropractic is committed to improving the health and well being of the people it serves. We strive to provide quality chiropractic and wellness care in a friendly, timely and cost-effective manner. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. I’ve recently created a satellite office here at the JCC, at the end of the promenade in Suite 100 N. I have office hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on weekends, by appointment. Yours in health, Moshe Farhi, D.C. Main Office | 480-948-2898 Cell | 480-326-6915 JCC | 480-634-4944 ext. 1108

During a winter break while at chiropractic college, I went to Cancun with a friend and met my wife to be (later found out that we’re both

WellStart is a personalized, health-coaching program that

enables our fitness trainers to support you in the attainment of your fitness goals. The program offers a comprehensive fitness and postural assessment, goal achievement strategies and development of a plan designed to meet individual needs. Free to members. Call to schedule.

BeWell is an online program offering an array of tools to

help you optimize your fitness, dietary and wellness goals. Meal and exercise planners keep participants on track and the health profile helps to identify potential risk factors or obstacles to optimal health. Free to members. Visit


Fitness & Group Fitness Personal Training Members only. Private Sessions 60 minutes 1 3 6

Fee $63 $184 $346

Code SW0502 SW0503 SW0504

30 minutes 1 3 6

Fee $32 $105 $189

Code SW0526 SW0527 SW0528

Fee Per Person $47.50 $136 $262 Fee Per Person $24 $68 $131

Code SW0508 SW0509 SW0510 Code SW0560 SW0561 SW0562

Buddy Sessions 60 minutes 1 3 6 30 minutes 1 3 6

Small Group Sessions(min. 3/max. 5) 60 minutes 8 12

Fee Per Group $800 $1,150

Code SW066 SW067

Teen Personal Training 19 years or younger. Members only. Private Sessions 60 minutes 1 3 6

Fee $42 $126 $252

Code SW0512 SW0513 SW0514

30 minutes 1 3 6

Fee $21 $63 $126

Code SW0534 SW0535 SW0536

Buddy Teen Sessions 60 minutes 1 3 6 30 minutes 1 3 6

Fee Per Person $40 $120 $240 Fee Per Person $20 $60 $120

Code SW0516 SW0517 SW0518 Code SW0530 SW0531 SW0532

Yoga Personal Training

Candle Light, Hip Hop, or Restorative Yoga. 20 years or older.

Private Sessions 60 minutes Fee 1 $63 3 $184 6 $346

Code SW0056Y SW0053Y SW0052Y

Buddy Sessions 60 minutes Fee Per Person Code 1 $48 SW0057Y 3 $136 SW0058Y 6 $262 SW0059Y Group Classes Total Body 360 Private Training 30 minutes M NM Codes 1 $37 $50 SW0025 5 $175 $235 SW0026 60 minutes M NM Codes 1 $63 $85 SW0028 5 $300 $405 SW0029 WOW – Women on Weights Get the results you’ve been working for in a small group training environment. Tues & Thurs | 10:30 am | 12 classes Session 6 | July 12 - Aug. 8 | 12 classes Per session | M: $145 NM: $290 Code: SW0024 Drop-in | M: $16 NM: $26 Code: SW0024D No Class April 19. Pilates Group Reformer Classes Improve strength, flexibility and balance on one of our Stott Pilates Reformers. Sessions M NM Code 1 $20pp $30pp SW0054 6 $90pp $155pp SW0055 Pliates Focus on core stability training while balancing muscular strength with flexibility. Private Pilates Reformer Program Sessions M NM Codes 1 $63 $90 SW0056 3 $184 $270 SW0053 6 $346 $540 SW0052 Pilates Youth Fit 1 Hr. Private: M: $59 NM: $79 Code: SW0065/SW005JNM 1 Hr. Semi-Private (limited to 2 participants) M: $40/pp NM: $70/pp Code: SW0066/SW0066NM Members only. Group Training Programs Boot Camp Mon, Weds & Friday | 5:30 am Traditional, “no-mercy” style boot camp. M: $49 NM: $79 Code: SW0067 Nutrition Food For Fitness | 3 - 30 Minute Sessions Program includes assessment of current diet, one-on-one shopping trip to a healthy grocery store and a follow-up meeting. M: $180 NM: $230 Code: SWFFF

For full class descriptions please refer to the Summer 2011 program guide.

Zumba Madness Sundays: 9:45 am Sunday mornings are always a party with our super, extended 75-minute Zumba Class. Dance and move to the hottest Latin dance tracks. Free to Members. Body, Mind & Spirit Programs Gaby’s Gliding Barre Fusion Class Fridays: 8:45 am & Tuesdays: 10:45 am Work upper body and legs while engaging core stabilization throughout this range of motion workout. Free to Members. Limit 8. Sports Clubs JCC Cycle Club Sunday Mornings | 7 am | JCC parking lot Meet at the JCC for early Sunday rides. This club was developed by our members looking to improve their technique, while sharing their passion and dedication for cycling. Free to Members

TRX Suspension Training The JCC brings you an award-winning training program to your fitness routine.

Adult Sports Adult Basketball Leagues Join us for great exercise and social experiences that last a lifetime. Leagues compete in a round-robin tournament (minimum of eight games) followed by a single elimination tournament. Team captains must have a completed team roster by the program deadline. A - Competitive July 27- Oct. 12 | Wednesday | TBD M: $45 NM: $95 Code: SL0005S Registration Deadline: July 20 B - Jules Firetag Semi-Competitive July 27 - Oct. 12| Wednesday | TBD M: $45 NM: $95 Code: SL0002S Registration Deadline: July 20 C- Semi-Competitive July 28 - Oct. 13 | Thursday | TBD M: $45 NM: $95 Code: SL0003S Registration Deadline: July 21 For more information call: Sports & Recreation: Ally Rothwell ext. 1283 or e-mail 15

TM Valley of the Sun Swim Academy 1-2-3 Swim Safe Brought to you by Aquatic Concepts®

Group Swim Lessons Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 12 years

This new, innovative program brought to you by Aquatic ConceptsTM will provide your children with the foundation for swimming while making them “swim safe.” Group classes are limited to no more than four children per instructor, ensuring that each swimmer is given individual focus. Level One Beginning Swimmers: Frogs, Gobies, Puffers & Stingrays Sat 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS1A | Sun 10 - 10:30 am


Level Two Advanced Swimmers: Tiger Barbs, Seals, Dolphins, & Sharks: Sat 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS2B | Sun 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS2B2

Now Offering Swim Lessons All Year!

For class listings, call 480.483.7121 Ext. 1278.

Water Babies Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 3 years

Water Babies is a unique parent/tot program that focuses on safety, motor skill development and swimming. The class consists of up to five swimmers and their parents. The child learns through song, parent/tot interaction, games and one-on-one time with the instructor. Sat 11:30 am - Noon SA00GS3A | Sun 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS3A3 M: $99 per month: 1 time per week • $189 per month: 2 times per week | NM: $199 per month: 1 time per week • $378 per month: 2 times per week Pre-registration is required. Ages 6 months to 36 months may participate. Inquire at the Welcome Desk.

Camelback Coaching Elite Masters Teen/Adult What better way to spend your lunch hour than with an aquatic work out.

Mon, Wed, Fri: Noon - 1 pm M: $50 NM: $75 To register, call Anne Wilson, 480.363.3867

Competitive Swim Lessons

Work with one of our technique coaches to see how far the proper stroke can take you. Sessions 6

M $150

NM $215

Code SA00PCST6

Aquatics Personal Training

Participate in high intensity swimming, weight training and cardiovascular testing. Sessions 6

M $330

NM $426

30 minute sessions Sessions M NM 6 $180 $252


Code SA00APT Code SA00APT1

100 Mile Club

Deep Water Aerobics

Focus on cardio conditioning, improved flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Sunday - Friday: 8 - 9 am M: Free Code: SA0002

Shallow Water Aerobics

Class offers strength training and cardiovascular benefits with zero gravity impact. Buoyant equipment provided. Daily: 9 - 10 am M: Free Code: SA0002

Modified Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy and hydrothermal (heat)is used to tone the body, stimulate digestion, circulation and the immune system bringing relief from pain. Sessions 6 - 60 min 6 - 30 min

M NM Code $379 $420 SA00HT $180 $252 SA00HT2

Pre & Post Workout Stretch

Program benefits athletes and enhances specific training regimens. Members only. Sessions Duration 6 15 min

M Code $95 SA00S15


$180 SA00S30

30 min

Tracking cards provided. Aquatics staff will log your swim distance after each workout. Reach the 100-mile mark and receive a Club t-shirt. Registration is required. Members only. Free Code: SA100MC

Swim Lessons - All Ages

Swim lessons are available for children and adults year-round in our heated pool.

Private Swim Lessons 30 minute sessions Sessions M 1 $32 3 $85 6 $155

Semi-Private Lessons

Code SA0017 SA0040 SA0041

Priced per group 30 minute sessions. 3 people max Sessions M Code 1 $55 SA0018 3 $145 SA0044 6 $275 SA0045

Fitness Fest at the JCC

Fitness Fest is the largest fitness and wellness conference in the Southwest, attracting novice and veteran group exercise instructors, personal trainers, aquatic instructors and mind/body practitioners from around the world. This past Spring, April 28 - May 1, more than 350 people attended the event, hosted by our very own Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center – and 28 different vendors exhibited their wares, where you could find everything from top-of-the-line fitness gear, health & wellness programs to fashionable handbags, jewelry and so much more. The Fitness Fest conference and expo provides the JCC with a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure and showcase our beautiful facility to the local community and beyond. It adds energy to the building, revenue for the facility and café, and offers us a recruiting opportunity for more, qualified, and top-notch staff. The presenters at this conference are Master Level teachers, many of whom travel around the world teaching at similar events. The VOSJCC members were offered a wonderful opportunity to participate in 3 different sessions at no charge throughout the weekend. What a great chance to add variety, try something new, and receive instruction from some of the best in the world. This once-a-year event presents our members with a bit more noise and a little less space – but in this short 3-day span, it also brings with it the sweet sound of progress, growth, community, and future success.

Tributes To: Robert (Bob) Gottschalk Congratulations on receiving the Irv Shuman Award Mathis Becker, Vicky & Howard Cabot, Randee & Shlomo Pri-tal, Mary & Joel Shapiro, Becky & Joe Williams, Freya & Ken Winsberg, Laura Ziff & Scott Lentin To: Amy Bailie Happy Birthday wishes on your special day • Gina Ekstrom To: Steve & Susan Ference In memory of your beloved sister-in-law • Donna & Rudy Troisi

To: Howard Cabot In honor of your special birthday Elaine & Joel Bernick

To: Stacey Arkules In honor of your special birthday Elaine & Joel Bernick, Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: Dr. Aaron Wittenberg Congratulations on receiving the Physician of the Year Award • The Sonder Family

To: Fran Sachs In honor of your most special birthday Stacey & David Arkules, Elaine & Joel Bernick, Shari & Irwin Kanefsky, Phyllis & Len Miller

To: Mirla Raz & Family In memory of your beloved Parents Anna & Danic Geslesewitz • Phyllis & Art Tuber

To: Lee & Jill Weiss In honor of Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: Michael Cohn Happy 75th birthday • Elaine & Joel Bernick

To: Neal & Barbara Galen & Family In memory of your beloved mother Julie & Jeremy Marks & Susan & Robert Weis

To: Amy & Andrew Cohen Thank You – We love you, you’re the best! Elaine & Joel Bernick

To: Cindy Meyerhoff In loving memory of Sally Meyerhoff Janie & Joe Newman

To: Sheila Schwartz Thank you for a great time at the JCC Gala for Good Hope & Eric Slepian

To: Valley of the Sun JCC Thanks for being here! • Julia & David Almoslino

To: Tina Firetag In memory of Dad & all the good times we had Kimberly Firetag Agam & Nathan Agam

To: Seymour & Sandy Rife In honor of Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: Alisa Chatinsky Our best wishes for complete & speedy recovery Phyllis & Len Miller

To: Lee & Jill Weiss In honor of Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: Joyce Lyon In memory of your beloved husband Bob Suzanne Swift, Phyllis Kaminsky & the JCC Volunteer Committee, Beverly & Lee Zoloto

To: Shari & Irwin Kanefsky In honor of the marriage of your children Larry & Lauren Kanefsky • Thelma & Jerry Gross To: Rabbi Elana Kanter In appreciation for your Sunday morning lectures Shelia Groman To: Mr. & Mrs. Sam Glick In loving memory of Florence Glick Arlene & Paul Synder To: Leonard Schwartz Happy 85th birthday • Dorothy & Robert Bramoweth

To: Mrs. Susan Zelmar & Family In loving memory of Michael Zelmar Shari & Irwin Kanefsky To: Fran & Al Sachs In honor of my parents: The 2012 Irv Shuman Award Recipients • Stacey & David Arkules

To: Tina Firetag In loving memory of Jules Firetag On the anniversary of his Yarzeit Jules Firetag Memorial Basketball Fund Dan, Danielle & Julia Feinblum

To: Sue & Bob Katz Congratulations on your 50 years of marriage Love, Patti & Bill Nicks To: Elaine & Joel Bernick Mazel Tov on your grandson Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah • Phyllis & Len Miller 17

Spotlight on the J Yom Hashoah On May 1, the world commemorated Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Locally, in our community, the Days of Remembrance began with our community-wide Holocaust commemoration at Beth El Congregation. The Week of Remembrance was co-sponsored by the JCC, the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors’ Association, The Bureau of Jewish Education, The Jewish Federation, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Israel Center. These participating organizations, and the entire community came together to never forget. There was a week long art exhibit by Helen Weisman, a talk by Sheryl and Bronia Bronkesh, and a twelve hour reading of the names. Over 11,000 adult names, 1,750 children’s names, and 420 Arizona family names were read. The reading of over 13,000 names represents our commitment to always remember and never forget the six million Jews and five million gays, handicapped, gypsies, and others who perished in the Holocaust. Many synagogues and organizations participated in the reading of the names. There was also a special lecture by Dr. Mark Roseman, the 2010-2011 Ina Levine Invitational Scholar at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Dr. Roseman spoke on Life after Death: Holocaust Survivors in the Post-War World. It is important in every community to remember the Holocaust. We honored Holocaust survivors in a candlelight processional at the community-wide commemoration, and we honored the memory of all who perished by reading the names of thousands to represent the millions who died. Each year we must commemorate the Holocaust in order to Never Forget.

Purim Celebration

Purim is the perfect children’s holiday. It’s the most festive of the Jewish holidays and includes noisemakers, costumes and yummy treats. Our Purim celebration at the early childhood center creates a fun and joyous atmosphere. The children and teachers dress up in costume and parade down the hallway commemorating the Jews’ major victory over the evil scheming of Haman. The children decorate macaroni and cheese boxes to use as groggers. The children then learn about the mitzvot of giving to charity tzedakah as they donate the boxes to families who are less fortunate. Another mitzvot is to give gifts of food (Mishlot Manot to friends and family. No discussion of Purim could be considered complete without mentioning THE Purim delicacy, hamantaschen. All the children enjoy choosing their filling for the yummy triangular cookie that many believe represents Haman’s hat. The children wrap up the Purim Holiday with a visit to the city of Shushan.


JCC’s Kara Gibson Wins Women’s All-Around Triathlon Scottsdale, AZ - On February 27th the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center held its third annual spring triathlon. With more than 300 competitors from all around the Valley, the JCC was pleased to see it’s own Kara Gibson win the Women’s All Around. Congratulations, Kara!

Spring Break Camps This year, the Spring Break camp participants were treated to a variety of fun activities. During their time at camp the campers played dodge ball, did arts and crafts, and they even got to go swimming! Camp was full of excitement and fun! The campers really enjoyed making self propelled boats, as well as, watching super cool science experiments! Everyone around the campus saw how much fun the campers were having, that they wished they could join in the fun. There was also camp during the week of Passover. During this time, the campers not only ate matzah, but participated in fun games, activities and art projects. The campers also enjoyed cooking kosher for beautiful Passover cakes and cookies, learning that when it comes to Passover food looks can be deceiving! Overall, the campers in the Spring Break Camps and the Passover camp had a wonderful experience! Many are coming to Shemesh and we are excited to have them back.

2011 JCC Fore the Kids Golf Tournament Scores over $45,000 for Youth Scholarships

Israel at 63 This year, Israel turned 63 and to celebrate Israel’s birthday, 1500 community members showed up to the JCC on Sunday May 15 to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel’s Independence Day. Community organizations were invited to display any information, upcoming programs, or useful resources that everyone can take advantage of. The organizations also participated in activities for the children. The children got to bounce in the bounce houses, and enjoy some tasty cotton candy. The celebration also included an Israeli art exhibit and a photography exhibit by an Israeli photographer. There was live music and Israeli dancing led by our local Israeli dancing group. Everyone enjoyed delicious Israeli food as they walked around, met representatives from community organizations, and shopped at the jewelry tables. Israeli flags were waving all over the campus, and everyone had a great time celebrating Israel’s birthday! Sharron Topper-Amitai and her committee did a fabulous job making Israel at 63 a birthday to remember!

The VOSJCC held its 13th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament on Wednesday, March 9, at Silverado Golf Club in Scottsdale. Co-chaired by Lanny Lahr, Lee Weiss and Jack & Phyllis Rosenstock showcased over 115 golfers and raised over $45,000 in scholarship dollars for children’s programs and services that have a direct and substantial impact on the lives of Valley area children and their families. Jenny Norton, Bob Ramsey and PMT Ambulance were the Presenting sponsors. Infiniti of Scottsdale and Right Honda provided a hole in one car and their team won the Men’s overall. Dan Siegel from Raymond James hit a hole in one. For the first time ever the Tournament had 13 women playing in the field. Amongst those playing were Elisa Pinkus, Liz Delgado, Marlene Lahr and Julee Landau. Many thanks to all of our Sponsors, Golfers and Volunteers who helped to make the Tournament an outstanding success!

Thank you to our fabulous sponsors Presenting Sponsor Birdie Sponsor

Jess & Sheila Schwartz Family Foundation

Golf Ball Sponsors Par Sponsor • Alliance Bank of Arizona • Friedel Family Foundation • Mark Mellen • Peachtree Partners

Passover in the Desert On April 14, the JCC, in collaboration with the Phoenix Chapter of Brandeis National Committee held the second annual women’s seder. Rabbi Elana Kanter led the 85 attendees through the seder using special haggadahs, an inter-active computer presentation and dancing.

Golf Cart Sponsor • Gary Weiss

• Asset Management • Cypress Homecare Solutions • Flader Wealth Consulting Group - RBC Wealth Management • Infinity Solutions • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney • Silverware

Tee Sponsor

• AZ Golf Central Magazine • David & Lois Goldman • Hilton Cabinets • Right Honda • Trademark Visual

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors

The preschool made the colorful centerpieces filled with meaningful Pesach symbols while Leah and her team catered the delectable Passover meal. This years Seder was such a wonderful event, we hope you will make it a point to attend next year.

Chocolate Seder This year the youth department had an incredibly fun and exciting Chocolate Seder! Over seventy-five children, parents, and grandparents came together to celebrate Passover with sweets and songs. Families dipped matzah in chocolate, learned about jumping frogs, and sang songs about Moses, Miriam and the items on the Seder plate. The traditional items on the Seder plate were swapped for green M&M’s, chocolate eggs and other sweet delights. Everyone had a great time singing and eating a lot of chocolate! It was a delightful way to celebrate Passover with our families at the J!


Background Screening 19

Members of the Month march Howard Zell

Howard Zell has been a member of the JCC for the past 5 years. Howard and his wife are committed fitness enthusiasts and enjoy participating in group fitness, cardiovascular exercise and weekly strength training. Howard says his fitness goals are simple, “I want to maintain good health and fitness”, this is a very important part of his life since he has 4 grandchildren to chase around the JCC. Congratulations Howard! Have someone you would like to nominate for Member of the Month? Contact Dae Williams at ext. 1278 or e-mail!


Diane Owens When I began Zumba in November with my first tentative step into Gali’s class, I stood self-consciously in the back row. I am not a dancer. But a woman I knew at the JCC convinced me I should try the class, so I finally jumped in with my two unhappy feet.

I kept showing up, fumbling feet and flailing arms, after that first humbling day in the back row. Pretty soon, I knew the steps, the hand motions and began loving “Dyno-mite!” A song that teenagers love. My favorite instructor, Gali moved, but I vowed to continue with Zumba, even though at first it made me sad to hear songs we danced to with her. But by then, I realized Zumba’s benefits. It helped my balance and the moves became easy. My happy feet moved so easily now and my confidence in my body soared. I discovered another benefit of my new Zumba feet whenever I attend Sue’s Heart & Sole class on Wednesdays. Prior to starting Zumba, I had tried Sue’s class, feeling silly and uncoordinated

during the 30 minutes of music and aerobic-type moves— grapevine, what’s a grapevine, my feet would ask—but not only can I now keep up with Sue’s moves, I am rocking and rolling with every step! And just at the point when my happy heart is wildly pumping, Sue slows us down and works on those muscles we need to strengthen as we age. She leads us in balancing exercises too, which now, thanks to Zumba, I’m much better at. Every strengthening session is different because Sue is such an imaginative teacher. And at the end of Heart & Sole, I’m energized and ready for even more fun, so I stay in the studio for the first 30 minutes of Zumba with either Laija or Ruthie. Six months ago, I would have never imagined that I’d so willingly submit to a 90-minute workout. If you’re looking for happy feet and a happy heart, reserve Laija’s Monday Zumba Gold with its low impact moves and great music mix, Wednesdays for Sue’s Heart & Sole, and Fridays for Thomasa’s Zumba party. These are my new secret weapons against aging! Congratulations Diane!

Small Children On Board!

Attention Members: Please remember that talking on your cell phone and driving through our parking lot can mean an accident waiting to happen.

Let’s make our parking lot a CELL FREE ZONE! 20


Neil Wolf

Neil was born and raised in New York City, he graduated from ASU with a Broadcast Journalism degree. In 1994, after having worked for ESPN for 4+ years in Connecticut and Chicago, he moved to the wonderful state of Arizona. He has two children, Kaitlyn (11) who plays volleyball at the JCC and Jeremy (17) who attends Chaparral High School. His wife’s name is Cynthia. He ran the San Diego marathon in 2004. After back and shoulder surgery, he decided to join the JCC on April 1st 2010. A few people at the JCC have been instrumental in my lifestyle improvement. Without my “team” nothing would be possible. His support staff includes; Lifeguards; Kendall, Danielle & Sam, Aquaman; Boyd, Bicycle & Swimming confidant; Scott McKeon, Training Partner; Matt Lamp (JCC member); Fitness Mentor; Noel. What he loves most about the JCC is the sense of community and the health benefits attained with a regular fitness routine.


Murray Sharkey

Murray started at the J to increase his physical activity and started out in the elliptic and bike area. About a year later, he had some rotator cuff issues and switched to the swimming pool. While he had been swimming since 2007, he did his first mile swim in 2007, that is 36 laps in the J pool. In 2010 he joined the 100 mile swim club and began to record his laps in March of 2010. Initially he was swimming about 60 laps per week. That has grown to about 120 to 150 laps a week. In June of 2011 he reached his goal of 100 miles of swimming since he started recording his laps. His next goal is to complete 500 miles by his 80th birthday. Encouraged by his friends and staff at the JCC, he believes it will happen. Thank you Steve Rosenberg and your wonderful staff members for adding this to my life: L’Chaim! Congratulations Murray!

Congratulations Neil!

Why We Give – Dottie & Murray Goodman The term “it runs in the family,” is taken quite literally in the Goodman home. Dottie and Murray, married 46 years, recently shared why they support the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center. “The JCC has been central to our family life since the 1950’s,” Murray explained. As a young man, Murray was drawn to the J for basketball, the community pools and camaraderie. After meeting at Rabbi Plotkin’s spring open house for young people, Dottie and Murray married in 1965 and moved close by the “new” JCC on Maryland. “Our kids attended preschool, camp, played basketball and swam on the swim team. Nothing symbolizes our life more than the JCC.” As an active member of AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph), their then teenage son, Adam decided to run his first fundraiser—the Sy Clark Golf Tournament. Unfortunately, after ordering the golf tees, he realized there was a lot more to coordinating a fundraiser and it fell by the wayside. Recently, Dottie and Murray found the golf tees while going through some memorabilia for the Gala for Good. “Adam’s heart was in the

right place, but it was more difficult than he anticipated,” said Murray. Today, Adam and his family support a variety of Jewish organizations including the JCC. “The concept of giving has always been a central part of our lives. We have taught our children, who in turn, taught our grandchildren,” said Murray. During the 1973 war in Israel, their son Scott chose to donate his bar mitzvah money to families who had lost loved ones. “I asked him if he had everything he needed and he said yes,” Dottie said. It was an easy decision for Scott to make. The Goodman grandchildren have continued the family’s tzedakah by donating their bar and bat mitzvah funds to charity as well. The grandkids researched organizations that they were interested in and presented to the entire family for approval. The Goodman’s have set up an endowment to support the JCC through the Jewish Community Foundation. “We must have funds to support the long-term viability of the Center,” Murray stated. “If every person made a commitment to what they believe in, whether it be a gift now, or a planned gift for the future, the world would be a better place.” For the Goodman’s, they have made the world a better place by making tzedakah an important ingredient to their family’s recipe for a good life. The Goodmans have been Habonim Society members since 2003. They continue to support the J with their annual gift and donations for Center-specific needs such as our scholarship fund. 21

Supporting the J With Your Annual Gift

Help ensure financial stability and continuity for the future of our Jewish community with your annual gift.

Scholarship Society $10,000 + Judith & Robert Gottschalk Barb & Barry Zemel Platinum Members Donna & Joel Kramer Family

Gold Members

Debra Berkowitz, Gary Weiss & Family Jean & Harold Grossman Foundation Suzanne & Steven Hilton & Family Penny & Robert Sarver & Family Sara, Bob, Adam & Jeffrey Silver Benee Hilton-Spiegel & Jay Spiegel Families Kathy & David Tinkelman & Family Mary & Larry Trachtenberg

Silver Members

Sandy & Edward Adler Tiffani & Dan Bachus & Family Morey Bernstein Charitable Trust Cindy & Adam Brooks & Family Ron, Jordan, Dylan & Allie Cohen Kaprice, Rory, Henry& Charles Collins The Crystal Family Foundation Amanda & Brian Donarski & Family Alison, Michael, Nora, Sadie & Joshua Feinberg Brenda, Jim, Megan & Courtney Fried Dottie & Murray Goodman Helen & Steve Gubin


Susan & Jonathan Harris & Family Shari & Irwin Kanefsky Elaine & Ted Kort Kimberly & Norman Kur & Family Karen & Frank Lewkowitz Stephanie, Jeff, Ethan & Ella Mindlin Mintz-Delgado Family Collette & Benjamin Myers & Family Karen, Rob, Arielle & Maia Nagle Elisa, Jonathan & Hailey Pinkus Jennifer & John Rawicz & Family Stacy, Bill, Samantha, & Gabrielle Richman Julia Rosen & Rich Kasper Family Fran & Al Sachs Family Leiba & Danny Schwartz Jess & Sheila Schwartz Family Foundation Marie & Leonard* Siegel Shannon, Matthew, Zachary & Samantha Sonder Suzanne & Richard Swift & Family Anne & Drory Tendler & Family Irit, Jonathan & Maya Tratt Donna & Rudy Troisi & Family Nancy Waldman & Andrew Filipowicz & Family Laura, Scott, David & Josh Weinflash

Gayle & Jay Weiss Jill & Lee Weiss Ann & Ted Zinmanc Anonymous (2)

Matanah Society Vicki & Howard Cabot Mandy & James Daitch Stephanie & Adam Goodman Peg & Neil Hiller Esther Sue & Robert Karatz Elaine & Michael Kates Trudy & Mark Klein Sue Jaffee & Neil Kurn Julee Landau Sondra & William Myers Gail & Jeff Obstfeld Morton Scult Sharon & Garry Shuster * of blessed memory

For more information contact Alisa Chatinsky at ext. 1203.

Our JCC Membership Just Got Better!

Save with these Merchants! We know that it is hard to improve on a good thing, but we’ve added more value to your JCC membership. As a thank you to our members, the VOSJCC is pleased to present these discounts and special offers from participating local businesses in our community. To take advantage of these discounts, simply show your valid JCC membership card at the time of purchase. Avydal Shaved Ice | Avy Merovitz

9668 E. Sharon Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260 602.421.3707 | | 10% off hourly event rate

Awen Event Planning & Management Shelly Gibson

19056 N. 47th Lane, Glendale, AZ, 85308 | 602.329.5159 | 5% off full management services plus additional discount on consulting & planning

Freedom Inn Scottsdale Assisted Living & Memory Care | Will Limban

Sunrider International Aaron Shuster

15436 N. 64th St., Scottsdale, AZ, 85254 | 480.948.6950 | Complimentary Lunch or Dinner for 2 at Freedom Inn Scottsdale

15029 N. Thompson Peak Parkway, Ste. B111-434 Scottsdale, AZ, 85260 | 602.295.1781 | 10% off over 100 natural healthcare, skincare, sports & weight loss products

Home Instead Senior Care Debbie Seplow

Tara Reality Zohara Shepkman

AZ Luxury Ride | Lucas Muturi

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Best Arizona Homes | Sandy Adler

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8628 E. Thoroughbred, Scottsdale, AZ, 82558 480.250.5400 |

Best Ride Airport Service | Larry Schleicher 480.277.3055 | Reasonable Rates, Dr. Visits, Nights Out | 5% of each fare donated to the JCC

Brookdale Place Paradise Valley Independent & Assisted Living | Sharon O’Keefe 13240 N. Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ, 85032 | 602.953.3600 | Complimentary Lunch or Dinner for 2 at Brookdale Place Paradise Valley.

Cohens’ Tutoring Gary Cohen

480.595.0793 | 30 year educator/specialist in math- Experienced with grades 1-12. SAT PREP. Free introductory session

Pat Cohen, MA

602.330.2821 | 30 year educator/specialist in reading, English, organizational skills. SAT PREP. Free introductory session

Curiosity Sparks LLC Barry Jaye

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Danny’s Family Car Wash Simon Zaya

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David Owens Insurance-Farmers David Owens

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Farhi Family Chiropractic Dr. Moshe Farhi

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602.909.9755 | 1 hr Photo Shoot, with Disc & Virtual Album, Photo Release for $100

Langsner Jewelry Designs

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Leave No Stone Unturned Sharon Friendly

2409 E. Christy Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85028 602.788.0351 | 10% off earrings, necklaces or bracelets

Mutual of Omaha Chuck Karp

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Realty Executives Jennifer Cohen-Mikkelsen

11211 N. Tatum Blvd. #130, Phoenix, AZ, 85028 602.363.0266 | Contribute 10% of commission towards clients closing costs (up to $2,500) |

Reilly’s B&B for Dogs, LLC Elsa Brett

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Toni Drugmand

602.295.1781 | 10 % off dog training services (not applicable for equipment or products |

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Get Your Zumba On! See what the fun is all about. Try a Zumba or Body Pump class today. Are you ready for a heart thumping, get you moving, fun & exciting Zumba or Body Pump class? Classes offered nearly every day of the week. Try one... you’ll be glad you did!

July/August 2011 Centerline  

This is the July/August 2011 Centerline for the Valley of the Sun JCC.

July/August 2011 Centerline  

This is the July/August 2011 Centerline for the Valley of the Sun JCC.