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MR. OLEANDER: (Chuckling) You think VIRO is just a company, but it is more than that. It is a living thing. You may plug-in to VIRO, my dear Zane, but you may never plug-out. President Oleander laughs maniacally. ZANE: But, see, that would mean I would have to be plugged in right now, wouldn’t it? What if I never plugged in? MR. OLEANDER: What are you talking about? ZANE: Oh, I see, you think this is the real Zane Nash, don’t you? No, I’m just a virus. And, this, this is your pod world, isn’t it? You brought me here to kill me yourself. Zane’s prison clothes change to his typical all black; the prison bars disappear. ZANE (CONT’D):Oh, and, if you’re thinking about trying to kick me out, it’s a little late. I’ve already infected your entire pod. MR. OLEANDER: But, you can’t do that! The VIRO mainframe is in my pod! ZANE: I know. Why do you think I let you bring me here? Zane brings up gun which is now back in his hand, points it at Mr. Oleander’s head, who goes to his knees. MR. OLEANDER: You can’t do this. The entire country will be brought down! Billions of people will die! ZANE: No, Mr. President. Billions of people will wake up. The gun goes off, and Mr. Oleander’s body crumples to the ground. END OF ACT ONE


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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