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SAUL: Uh . . . sir . . . MR. TRENGER: Who was it, Saul? SAUL: It was Secretary of War, Ms. Tyler. Mr. Trenger falls onto the lounger, mouth agape. MR. TRENGER: That’s it. My job is done. He’ll sack me for sure, if not execute me. I’m dead. SAUL: Sir . . . MR. TRENGER: Damn it, what is it, Saul!? SAUL: The link wasn’t broken. We believe they’re trying to attack again. Mr. Trenger jumps up and grabs Saul by the collar. MR. TRENGER: Well, good God, man, we have to stop them! Let’s go, let’s go! Mr. Trenger shoves Saul out of the door. He follows behind. INT. MANSION - MORNING MR. WOODOLPH, a man in his mid-thirties, is lounging by a pool, watching as two model-like women in bikinis swim. They laugh and wave at him to join them. He motions for them to wait as another woman begins to lather sunscreen onto his back. Man In Black suddenly leaps out of the pool, causing the women to scream and Mr. Woodolph to gape at him. Man In Black pulls out a gun. MAN IN BLACK: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Woodolph. I won’t be staying much longer. Man In Black fires. INT. VIRO HEADQUARTERS - NIGHT Mr. Trenger and Saul stand gaping in the main circular computer room as two scenes play out before them on the screen. SAUL: That makes two, sir. MR. TRENGER: I can count, Saul. SAUL: Sorry, sir. But those weren’t just random clients. They wereMR. TRENGER: Targets. Yes, I know. Did you get anything out of the rebels from the raid? Saul motions to one of the blue jumpsuited men to bring him a file. SAUL: Yes, sir. One of the woman. She kept crying "Rex! Rex!" Rex is her husband. When asked where he was, she started crying, but we finally got her to say "Mission." They must have already planned these attacks, sir. We’ve got all the surviving rebels in interrogation. MR. TRENGER: Well, you’d better hope one of them talks real fast. Or we’ll all be out of a job. SAUL: Yes, sir. INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT Mr. Oleander is sitting at the same table as before, having dinner with a young blonde ACTRESS. He talks, and she laughs and giggles a little too enthusiastically. He takes her hand, and she doesn’t shy away. Man In Black runs in from


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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