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SAUL: How did you come by this information when we could not? Celia Winters was not even on our contact list. MR. TRENGER: Let us just say that there is a reason I’m the head of VIRO, Saul, and you are not. Mr. Trenger exits. Saul remains where he is, looking pensive. INT. DESERTED CAFE - NIGHT Zane and a few men approach a cafe in an abandoned part of town. They break down the door and wait, but no alarms sound. Zane runs in, surrounded by men carrying weapons, and runs to a line of computers, sitting down at the live one. He begins typing. One of the men, COLIN, comes over to him. COLIN: What is our assigned target, sir? ZANE: (Smirks) A very interesting target indeed, Colin. COLIN: Sir? ZANE: Mr. President himself, Oleander. COLIN: Sir, are you sureZANE: We’re done flying under the radar, Colin. It’s about time we draw as much attention as possible. And eliminating Oleander is an excellent way to ensure our mission’s survival. COLIN: If you’re certain, sir. ZANE: I am. INT. REBEL HEADQUARTERS - NIGHT The women, children, and few remaining men sit in anxious silence as the door is broken down and men with guns and armored bodies run in. Panic ensues, screams are heard, and shots are fired. The scene is violent as more armored men pour in to onslaught the rebels. EXT. LIGHTHOUSE - MIDDAY LEENA TYLER, a middle-aged woman, is walking hand-in-hand with a small boy down a dock toward a beautiful lighthouse. The sun is shining, and both people are smiling. Man In Black runs out of the lighthouse and down the dock toward the two. MAN IN BLACK: Ms. Tyler! Leena Tyler looks up as the man brings up a gun. Her face freezes in fear just as he fires. INT. VIRO HEADQUARTERS/ MR. TRENGER’S OFFICE - NIGHT The buzzer rings in MR. TRENGER’s office. He presses the button without even asking who it is. Saul enters, looking agitated. SAUL: Sir, they’ve attacked again. MR. TRENGER: What? I thought you sent out that raid! SAUL: We did, sir, but neither Nash nor his brother were there. The attack happened just as the raid was being implemented. MR. TRENGER: (Very agitated) Damn it! Who was the target?


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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