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MR. TRENGER: So, we’re no closer. SAUL: We’re running traces on all their old contacts, sir. It’s just a matter of time. MR. TRENGER: Well, it damn well better be! Don’t wake me until you have something substantial. Lays down wearily on lounger. MR. TRENGER (CONT’D): You can go now, Saul. Saul nods and exits, leaving the file on the desk. As soon as Saul is gone, Mr. Trenger gets up and picks up the file. MR. TRENGER: Well, well, well, Zane. It looks like you have been busy. He takes out the photo of a five-year-younger Zane and almost smiles. INT. DESERTED SCHOOL - AFTERNOON Victor and a few men reach a school, long abandoned. They roam the halls brandishing guns, but no resistance meets them. They reach the computer lab and break through the door. Victor runs to the one live computer, sitting down at the keyboard. The men secure the room as Victor is typing. He waves over another man and takes the file. VICTOR: Alright, men, we’re in! Time to see who our assigned target is. He flips open the file and grins. VICTOR (CONT’D): Well, gentlemen, it looks like we’re going after someone high and mighty indeed. Vice President Woodolph, I hope you’re having a mighty fine dream. ‘Cause we’re about to crash it. Victor throws aside the file and begins typing furiously as the men cheer loudly. INT. VIRO HEADQUARTERS - NIGHT Mr. Trenger walks down the hallway of VIRO Headquarters, a file in his hand. He enters the room where Saul and his team are hard at work. SAUL: Mr. Trenger? MR. TRENGER: I have your rebel right here, Saul. Zane and Victor Nash were last seen by their friend Celia Winters three months ago at her home just six blocks from a deserted hospital. Although it is unused, witnesses have reported heavy activity in the recent weeks. I’d say you’d find him there. SAUL: Uh, thank you, sir. MR. TRENGER: I believe you should get your men on it right away. SAUL: Yes, sir. Tara? TARA: Sir? SAUL: Take this information to security immediately. Tell them they have “go” from Mr. Trenger for a raid. TARA: Yes, sir. Mr. Trenger hands her the file; she exits. Saul waves the others away; they exit, as well. SAUL: Sir, may I ask a question? MR. TRENGER: Yes.


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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