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Form足rhythm足colour.Those three elements are most important in the works of Marc Wensma, who has been a professional artist since 1982.

In the early years of his career his ceramic objects were influenced

by the alpine landscape and figurative by nature. Slowly but steadily they become more and more abstract and at the same time more colorful.

Impressions of landscapes are still playing a role but music also inspires him and in his works this is all mixed together with his emotional adventures.

For his stoneware objects he uses different sorts of clay and ceramic pigments to give structure and colour to his works. After the first firing the ceramic is rubbed in with various kinds of metal足oxides and glazes and is fired again at about 1200 C.

He travels and exhibits throughout Europe and takes part at the main ceramic events.

His works has been sold to many people from all over the world

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Marc Wensma was born in 1954 and spend his childhood at "Slot Assumburg", a castle from the 14th century in Heemskerk near the dunes of Holland. After moving to Alkmaar in his teens he became active in making music and played and toured with several bands in the north of Holland.

At about 30 he began making ceramics, inspired by his father, who was also a ceramist and graphic artist. Together and apart they attended the most important ceramic events in Europe and also sold their works at artmarkets in the Netherlands. Nowadays Marc is present every week at the artmarket at the Spui in Amsterdam. Other interests are traveling, mountaineering, eating out and music.



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marcwensma boekje  

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