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Experientially Yours Choosing the perfect title for this magazine was daunting. After much consideration, we found it fitting to chose ‘The Vooyagers’ as the title. We would like to dedicate this magazine to The Vooyagers, people who are not afraid to embark on the journey of passion exploration and self-discovery. In this magazine, we want to share the ABC of Passion, the basic and most important facts, details and stories about passion. First, we want to encourage our readers to start their own daring Adventure of passion exploration. Second, we want to inspire them through learning from other people's Bio Stories. Third, we want to share our Credos in facilitating people to reach their dream and to live a fulfiling happy life through our services.

Stephanie Wijanarko Program Director


elloo! Did we say something wrong? Heloo is not a typo, but it is is simply our way of saying ‘hello’. The double oo represents the infinity of excitement and experience we want to share to others. These past couple years have been such a long journey for us, sailing through the sea of experiences with our fellow Vooyagers and creating tons of memories together. But what is the use of good memories if they are not shared? That’s what we intend to do.

Last but not least, we hope to continually deliver the best contents that will excite you, trigger you, broaden your knowledge, and more importantly, make you to know us better!

Sincerely, Stephanie Wijanarko Vooya - Passion without Borders Darmawangsa Square 1st Floor Unit 68 Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX Jakarta Selatan 12160, Indonesia

With the release of this magazine, we would like to recapture the memories we made with some variations here and there for you to enjoy.


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The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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