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KYARA-BEN: A Kawaii Lunch Box from Japan Have you ever feel bored with your daily lunch? Do you want something different in your lunch box? If you want something different for your lunch box, you can try a Japanese way to pack your meal in a creative way. It’s called Kyara-Ben or Character Bento.


he word “bento” comes from Chinese slang meaning “convenience”. This method of preparing meal box came around 18th century when dried rice was prepared to eat outside by outdoor workers such as farmers and fishermen. Nowadays, the Japanese bento is a symbol of picnics (usually during the Hanami season) and parties. Bento boxes are basically made to pack lunches. In addition, Kyara-Ben is a specific type of bento boxes specially designed for kids. By decorating the bento with cute and adorable characters, Japanese moms try to increase their children appetite in a very creative way. They also believe that this is an effective way to deal with picky-eater children.

So for the sake of knowledge and curiosity, here are some steps for you on how to make a Kyara-Ben: 1. Choose the menu A healthy meal contains carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, fruit, or other additional menu. Traditionally, the layout for bento making follows a 4:3:2:1 ratio (4 parts of rice/other starch, 3 parts of protein, 2 parts of vegetables, and 1 part of dessert). So, don’t forget to keep the menu balanced!

Kyara-Ben is all about kawaii (cute) characters such as anime, video game heroes, and cute mascots. In Japan, there are even concerts and competition for Kyara-Ben. It has become an important part in Japanese culture. Can you imagine how it's like to have a Bento of your most favorite anime or super hero characters? It must be so cool! But the first thing you need to know is how to make it. Learning the steps and the ingredients

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The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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