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Taiko Workshop

Striking Taiko in Asakusa Done with Sumo training, the winners headed to the next experiential learning, Taiko workshop at TaikoLab Asakusa, one of the most notable Taiko center in Japan. Taiko is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument, or to simply put, it is the name for traditional Japanese drum usually played during special occasions such as cultural festivals and religious ceremonies. In the first session, the winners learn the history and philosophy of Taiko. After the introduction, they started learning the basic technique of Taiko drumming. They learned that playing Taiko is not only about power, it requires feeling and concentration in order to produce a harmonic sound while striking the Taiko. At last, with the Bachi (Taiko stick) on each hand and under the instruction of the instructor, the winners were ready to show their skill on playing Taiko.

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Drinking Matcha Tea

Drinking Matcha with Yukata


The next experiential learning was Yukata Wearing & Tea Ceremony on February 13, 2018. In this workshop, the winners learned about the history, philosophy, and how to wear Yukata (a light cotton kimono) properly. After wearing Yukata, they learned about the Japanese tea ceremony. The Way of Tea, another name for Japanese tea ceremony, is considered as a sacred ceremony in Japan. Each winner followed the instructions accordingly, from the way on preparing the utensils, how to make the tea, how to pour the tea into the bowl, how to hold the bowl, until the etiquette of drinking the tea. Enjoying a hot bowl of Matcha tea while wearing Yukata would make an unforgettable memory of a journey in Japan.

Vooyagers doing Stock Trading

Doing Stock Trading Simulation at Tokyo Stock Exchange On February 14, the winners were able to feel the atmosphere of a stock market at Tokyo Stock Exchange. During this workshop, the winners learned about market trend analysis – monitoring news and predicting the best timing to sell or buy stock. In the last session, the winners had the opportunity to conduct a stock trading simulation to experience the vibe of being a stockbroker.

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The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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