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What did parents say?

Vooya’s programs are not only for the curious students who want to explore their true passion. We also value Vooyagers’ parents as they hold a very important role in helping their children preparing their future. Take a look on what the parents from our previous study tours say about Vooya’s #UnlockingYou Project!

Learning Side by Side with Her Daughter “Vooya provides a very good learning process. The tour was very useful, entertaining, efficient, and systematic. The workshops were very hands-on and I get to learn something like robotics, general building, and stocks exchange which I would not randomly learn if not for these workshops (if I did not become a participant).” Mrs. Jiya

Parent of Pareena from ACS Jakarta

Vooya Helps Student to Decide Their Future Career Path “Overall it is a very good program. It gives students clear image of what they can pursue for their professional career. I want to thank Stephanie for accommodating both parents and students needs during the trip.” Mrs. Nia

Parent of Anta from ACS Jakarta

A Program that Digs Students’ Potentials “I would really like to recommend this tour, especially for those who haven’t decided what they want to study further. In Vooya, students have the chance to learn various career from professionals at established institutions. It is a program that digs students’ potentials and help them decide the career they want to choose.” Mrs. Rosje

Parent of Dominique from ACS Jakarta

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The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

The Vooyagers  

The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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