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Afternoon Tea vs High Tea For your information, afternoon tea and high tea are two completely different terms. People tend to misuse the terms, saying both mean the same while they are not. Afternoon tea refers to the ritual that we’ve discussed in the beginning, the long-lasting tradition that’s considered as the fashionable way of drinking tea, held at the gap time between lunch and dinner, accompanied with cakes. On the other hand, high tea is the opposite. While afternoon tea is the Royal ritual, high tea is what the working-class do, held during the dinner time after a long day at work, accompanied with evening meals. What to Prepare

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First and foremost, you should have traditional tea – a pot of leaf tea, a pot of hot water, and don’t forget the milk and sugar. After that, you need to provide the required utensils such as cups, saucers, teaspoons, a tea strainer, and a large starched napkin. As for the food to complete the ritual, you should have sandwiches, cakes, and scones. Lastly, if you do the ritual at house, it should be served in the sitting room on a low coffee-style table. However, if you do it in hotels, it may be served at a higher dining-style table.

last, after the tea and the milk. Stir the tea elegantly back and forth with your teaspoon. Avoid stirring your tea in a circular motion but do it in an up-and-down motion instead. Place the teaspoon lengthwise along the back of the saucer.

The Roles and Manners In an afternoon tea, someone who hosts the ceremony will pour the tea for all guests. The host should pass every cup she or he has filled one by one to the guests. Everyone can add milk and sugar as they please. But remember to add the milk after the tea has been poured. The sugar should be added the

Drinking Your Tea While drinking your tea, you should sit up straight. Spread out the napkin on your lap. Hold your cup by the handle without raising your pinky. Make your thumb and index finger meet in the handle then let the middle finger support the holding from below. Sip your tea slowly and never slurp. Remember to never blow your tea if you think it’s too hot. Put down your cup on the saucer after the sips. Eating the Accompaniments Use only fingers while eating the sandwiches, cakes, and scones. Put the accompaniments on your place in between bites. When you eat your sandwiches, you should first remove the crusts. Then eat your sandwich in a couple bites regardless how small it is. Eating scones is a bit trickier than sandwiches.

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The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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The ABC of Passion. Adventure, Bio Stories, and Credos of Passion.

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