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Art imitates life and death in new show about war Seventeen artists will attempt to give audiences an awakening experience by depicting war’s many forms Von Jeppesen Galleries There is no shortage of conflict and war around the world today, and a collection of artists are bringing that message home in the new show Signals in the Dark: Art in the Shadow of War. The project, which includes an exhibition of 17 international artists at the Blackwood Gallery (University of Toronto, Mississauga) and Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (Hart House, University of Toronto) confronts the issues of global warfare, how it is depicted and how it is imagined. “It’s impossible to really depict every representation of war but what this project is attempting to do is to [show] different faces of war and all which speak to a phenomenon of global war,” said Séamus Kealy, Blackwood curator. The exhibition, which runs Jan. 17 to March 2, features a 40-day film/video program, catalogue and a public symposium. “I hope that the exhibition will enable people to re-think what it means for us to be in a conflict right now,” said Kealy. “ I think people in Canada have very different opinions about our current status as a nation and how we approach other nations in terms of conflict and war.” While Canada has historically fought in global conflicts and is currently fighting in the so-called War on Terror, Kealy notes there are no statements portrayed by Canadian artists regarding the conflict in Afghanistan.

‘The work speaks about how war is not just about two armies gathering on a battlefield [and how] anymore. It’s a very complex network of representation.’ “There aren’t any direct references to Canada and Afghanistan, but what we see I think are a few different perspectives of what war means today in terms of how it’s represented or how it’s experienced,” he said. Kealy hopes the exhibition will be an awakening experience for visitors. “What does this mean in terms of Canada’s role in Afghanistan or as a former peacekeeper?” We can’t even say that Canada is a peacekeeping country anymore,” said Kealy. “Now countries like Bangladesh are far outnumbering us in terms of peacekeepers active in the world. It’s really quite extraordinary.” “It’s a question that will linger I think in the background of the exhibition,” he added. All programming and events are free of admission. For more information about Signals in the Dark: Art in the Shadow of War, you can call 905-828-3789 or visit www.

Mississauga celebrates the birth of art festival Real-time event connects local artists with other parts of the world Joana Duque Galleries The Mississauga Civic Centre will celebrate human creativity today with an eight-hour live multi media art festival. Dubbed Art’s Birthday, the day has been celebrated yearly since 1963 around the world. This is Mississauga’s first time taking part in the celebration. The one night event was first proposed by a French artist named Robert Filliou who believed that, through the inspiration of a sponge being dropped into a bucket filled with water, that Jan. 17 would be marked as the birth of art. “The idea of this event is to bring people together,” said event coordinator, D.B. Boyko. “We want to engage residents and artists to think a little differently about Mississauga.” This event is about exploring telecommunica-

tions through radio waves, the Internet and mail art. A r a d i o t r ans m i s sion race that will be seen through satellite between Tetsuo Kogawa from Japan, and Stephen Kelly from Halifax, are just some of the many performances and telecommunications one can expect to see at the exhibit. “I find this to be a creative way to connect with other parts of the world and organizations,” said spokesperson for the City of Mississauga, Sandra Desrochers who will be attending the event later today. “This is something so foreign to me.” The event will be held in the Great Hall at the Civic Center and will run from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Not only is the event free but also there is also free parking. Free bus transportation is also available from downtown Toronto. Just contact or RSVP by calling 905-6153200 ext 4065. For more information, visit Birthday_Flyer.pdf

Art imitates life and death in new show about war  

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