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The Curvy, Burlesque Pop Sensation



mad. My favorite place was Key West,

beauty and voices inspire me to grace.

FL. We couldn't show enough! We


Betty Paige and Marilyn Monroe of

had secret admirers and drag Glama-

foursome. The songbirds of New York

course! Even Beyonce: I appreciate her

zons; it was great, quite the opposite.

burlesque, their attraction is more

ode to glam and curves. I have a deep

Oh this crazy biz!

aural than visual, which is not to deny

love and appreciation for the body. A





their spectacular, pillowy charm. So much burlesque is of the silent-movie variety, but the Glamazons' caper is also a capella: a double whammy. I started performing in burlesque in 1997 as Lady Finger. I started The Glamazons in 2001; we started out

woman's thickness and curves, and

[Candy Apple]: We went to Italy

how she uses them, is a story I try to

twice and it's true what they say

relay in my movements. It's hard

about the men!

because sometimes I even catch myself saying "oh my thighs are too

[Lady Finger] Key West, Florida! I met

big", but I have to step back and love

my husband there!

myself and focus on how to use them. [Ginger Snap] We've been so many

singing and dancing in the old-school

[Lady Finger]: Bette Midler is my

amazing places! But I'm a California

burlesque style. As the group has

favorite! I love how artistic her shows

girl born and raised, and nothing

evolved, and changed, we have found

are and her Sophie Tucker jokes are the

beats coming home to Los Angeles

unique our "burlesque/pop" sound

best! Bette has the perfect mix on song

and playing a packed house, with my

and have recorded an original album

and dance in her shows and has been a

friends and family front row.

that will be available on itunes soon!

big inspiration for The Glamazons. JNU: How do you stay fit?

[Lady Finger]: I auditioned for a show I saw in Backstage and met Angie Pontani there. She helped me put on my first pair of false eyelashes and I

Thanks to my parents, I was raised on Mel Brooks, Broadway and old movie

[ALL]: We rehearse or dance at least

musicals. I grew up doing musical

three times a week together. We

theater, so I also have a great love for

have different hobbies individually

composers. From Kander & Ebb to

that help keep us fit. Ladyfinger

started out performing in is The

William Finn; I love them all! And, of


course, Meryl, Sandy and Laura inspire

VaVaVoom Room at Show World on


me on a daily basis. They won't let me

42nd street and FEZ.

Apple plays football and Ginger

give up, even when I feel too tired to

Snap is involved in MMA (Mixed

go on. We push each other to be the

Martial Arts). As for our diets, we all

[Candy Apple]: Jennifer Hudson is one

best we can be. And what's more

have our own regimens that keep us

of my biggest inspirations. She has

inspiring than that

entered into the world of Burlesque! I

overcome so much in her life and she







fitting into our corsets! Overall, we try to stay away from processed and

puts that into her work. Her passion

[Caramella]: Branson, Missouri. It's all

fried foods on a regular basis. Our

and commitment to her work inspires

about God and Guns there. We

aim is to keep it all tight and fit but

me want to work a whole lot harder.

performed in a Mormon run theater

still keep our assets!

and they made us cover our neck, arms [Caramella]: There




and legs limit dancing. ugh. tever! had

JNU: When's your next show in New

wonderful artists who have inspired us.

a sign saying "The Glamazons in


For me: I love the old blues muses like

Branson attire." It was great to be in the

Ma Rainey and Besse Smith; they were

mid-west and meet our fans and

so dirty even back in the 1930's.

perform for them so the exposure was

Laurie Beechman Theatre 407 W.

Dorothy Dandrige and Lena Horne's

great but, even some of our fans were

42nd Street , 7pm.

[ALL]: December 8th and 15th at the

& &

just for the




a F





“Stores like Torrid or Dots make plus lines... it can still be hit or miss”

I want to wear sexy, affordable fashionable, non-plus size clothes. Now-a-days it's easier then when I was in high school. There was nothing for me to wear when I was in high school. Now its slightly easier because I have lost weight from the surgery. But now I teeter totter between plus size and regular clothes. Stores like Torrid, Lane Bryant and Dots have produced clothing lines that are fashionable for younger people. It still can

be hit or miss. I want to wear sexy clothes. Like, show a little skin, feel like a hottie, sexy. I HATE it when big girls squeeze there butts into tight clothing thinking they are all sexy. What is that? I know I have deli ham arms. That's why I don't let them things hang out at the club. I don't get it. You are suppose to dress for the job you want, not the body you want! You dress the body you have. If those jeans are going to give you a muffin top, BUY BIGGER JEANS. I’d

rather go a size up then have my ass looking ridiculous spilling out of a pair of jeans. Short skirts, skin tight clothes, tank tops, etc these things are not for us porkers! I don't even know why these company's make clothes like that in our size. Its not flattering. If you have a bigger sized body, smaller clothes aren't going to help you! OK, that rant is over.

Macy’s stylish royal blue wrap dress by INC $98 Fergiliscious Black Tri-stapped patent leather heels $69

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Macy’s stylish zebra print wrap dress by INC $298 Fergiliscious Black Tri-stapped patent leather heels $69 Red rose ring by Betsy Johnson $36

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‘s res

Div Amber Riley is having a year worth singing about. The feisty alto is featured on the Fox TV show “Glee,” which has blossomed into a hit. Riley recently led her castmates in a performance of the national anthem at the World Series. And this week, the first “Glee” soundtrack album was released in stores.The Ambassador program, started last year, recruits some of music’s biggest names to spread the nonprofit’s goal: promoting music education in public schools. The inaugural class of ambassadors included a motley crew of performers including Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, Natasha Bedingfield, The Fray and Gavin Degraw. Last night’s event officially ushered in a new class of ambassadors that includes Kelly Clarkson, Fall Out Boy, Jason Mraz and the band OneRepublic.

“I can’t even tell you the number of times kids have come up to me to say that they’ve started a glee club at their school,” says Riley. “It should be Esquire, Save the Music…and ‘Glee! I think it’s letting kids know that they have a voice too - and if they want music back in schools, they don’t have to rely on their parents, they can rely on themselves and make their voices heard,” she says about the show’s impact. About being the resident curvy girl, she has strong opinions on the subject... “You’re not your dress size, you’re not your shoe size, you’re not your pants size. If I’m going to wear a name tag, it’s going to say ‘Amber Riley,’ not ‘Fat Girl’!” The self-admitted shoeaholic, Amber likes formfitting clothes rather than "plus-size clothes that look like tents." She has a



shape and she wants to show it. This young actress rocks a size 16, looks up to Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson, and is brimming with confidence. In Hollywood, a land where it is rare for women to be satisfied with their looks, body, and weight, I find her positive body image refreshing. Getting rejected by the world’s biggest singing reality comeptition was good for Amber Riley, the “Glee” star said on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Wednesday.“I auditioned for ‘American Idol’ at 17, they told me, ‘No.’” Amber told Wendy.“I got to the producers,” she said of her audition experience. “I didn’t get to meet anybody.” But the star, who now plays Mercedes Jones on the FOX freshman hit, said it all worked out in the end.

“You know what? I still work on FOX and I get paid!” Amber said. “Thank you, ‘American Idol!’”

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Big is beautiful, but healthy is sexy

don’t worry if you can’t do that!


workout program Exercise is the main basis to any healthy lifestyle. It’s a drag, I know, but it is necessary. You need to make it fun and stay away from the boring or embarssing aspects. I was at ballys, on the bike, doing my cardio and got ambushed by a very happ tiny personal trainer that works for the club. She was very nice and very interested, she somehow talked me into a free session. Which I did today. When I tell you how this 90 lb. 5-foot woman kicked the living crap out of me, I mean it. Wow. I feel like jelly. She had me doing jumping jacks and all sorts of strange legs lifts. Which was cool, except I didn't like doing that in front of other people. I don't think thin people really understand how if feels to have all

your fluff-n-stuff show, bouncing around mid jumping jack. Especially in front of other people. Definitely not a self esteem booster. After the session she was saying how we should do this twice a week...and then showed me the prices. Eleven hundred dollars for 16 sessions or 400 dollars a month for 16 sessions. Holy crap. I cant afford that. Do I look like Oprah? No. She was very nice, and her workout was awesome, but there is no way. If that's how much it costs to be thin. I cant be. I will do this myself. Ill take what I learned from her tonight and try to keep it going.

the plan Stretch all muscles adequately -20 jumping jacks

-20 Knee Pushups -20 Crunchs

-20 Squats -repeat

30 minutes of cardio of your choice (jump rope, tredmill, elipticall, and misc. sports) go to for more detailed exercise plan.


the good kind of

FAT after a seven day diet rich in avocados, patients showed a 17% decrease in total serum cholesterol levels.



4 ripe, Fresh California Avocados, seeded and peeled 2 Tbsp. lemon juice 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 tomato, finely chopped 1/4 finely chopped onion 1/8 ground cumin 3 drops hot pepper sauce Tortilla chips Instructions: Using a fork, coarsely mash avocado with lemon juice and garlic. Stir in remaining ingredients to blend.

The avocado (Persea americana), also known as palka or aguacate (Spanish), butter pear or alligator pear, is a tree native to the Carib bean, Mexico,[1] South America and Central America, classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceae along with cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. The name "avocado" also refers to the fruit (technically a large berry that contains a large seed[2]) of the tree which may be egg-shaped or spherical. Avocados are a commercially valuable crop whose trees and fruit are cultivated in tropical climates throughout the world (and some temperate ones, such as California), producing a green-skinned, pear shaped fruit that ripens after harvesting. Trees are partially

self-pollinating and often are propagated through grafting to maintain a predictable quality and quantity of the fruit. High avocado intake has been shown to have an effect on blood - serum cholesterol levels. Specifi cally, after a seven day diet rich in avocados, hypercholesterolemia patients showed a 17% decrease in total serum cholesterol levels. These subjects also showed a 22% - decrease in both LDL (bad choles terol) and triglyceride levels and -11% increase in HDL (good choles terol) levels.[20] Additionally a Japanese team synthesised the four chiral components and identified (2R, 4R)-16-heptadecene-1, 2, 4-triol as the natural antibacterial component.

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