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Q. What exactly is Employer supported volunteering? A. Volunteer Canada uses this definition of Employer-Supported Volunteering “The term refers to a continuum of employer support for employee volunteer activities. It describes a company that voluntarily supports its employees’ involvement in the community. Typically, employersupported volunteer initiatives are integrated into the workplace and involve various levels of employer involvement and expenditure�1 Q. What can we do? A. Most companies are limited only by their imagination. Consulting with your staff and colleagues to identify strengths and areas of interest can bring forward creative options. They may range from simple tasks such as a park beautification project, to something more complex where your company and local not-for-profit integrate to launch programs and services for their clients in the community. Q. Why is Employer supported volunteering important? A. A smaller number of volunteers is shouldering a bigger share of the volunteer work performed in Canada each year. In 2000, about one quarter of all volunteers in Canada contributed 73 per cent of all of the hours volunteered that year. 2 Following the 80/20 rule, approximately 25% of all volunteers contributed 73% of all volunteer hours in 2000.


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Q. What can employer supported volunteering look like? Do staff have to take time off? A. Not necessarily. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that the most common forms of employer support for employee volunteering were:   

Use of workplace facilities (57 per cent), Time off (57 per cent), and Change in work hours to accommodate volunteering (54 per cent). 3

Q. What are the benefits to my company for supporting employees to volunteer? A. The Center for Corporate Citizenship reports that companies with extensive corporate community involvement programs consistently win battles for talent.4 Q. What are the benefits to employees for volunteering? A. Research has proven that people who volunteer live longer, because they volunteer! 5 Q. What is the benefit to the community? A. Healthier and more active communities attract new businesses and new employees. They cost less to operate and thereby contribute to economic as well as social development. Vigorous communities create an environment which is clearly more conducive to business growth and bottom line success. Enriched communities also benefit those who live in them, so employees who get involved in their own communities directly and indirectly reap the rewards of their own efforts for themselves and their families.6 Q. What does Volunteer MBC do to help us help our employees? A. Volunteer MBC is your connection to the community. Leveraging their established connections with not for profit agencies, Volunteer MBC is able to tailor an event or activity to match your stated goals and objectives. 3

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Q. What does it cost to have Volunteer MBC help us? A. Volunteer MBC recognizes that not every corporation has a robust budget set aside for employer supported volunteering. With this consideration, a menu of service delivery options is available to you to meet your budget starting as low as $100.00 to secure an activity for you. Q. We’re onboard! What are the steps and time frames? A. We’re so glad to help you on your journey. Step 1 is to complete the registration form and return to Volunteer MBC. Once that has been received, an invoice will be generated depending on the level of service you’re requesting. Upon receipt of payment, we will work together to identify your goals, objectives and time frames. The more lead time available, the better. You will work closely with a Volunteer MBC representative to create an opportunity that will be fun, meaningful and memorable to your entire team!

Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you.


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