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Volunteer Connection Project EGYPT Summer 2013

What is VCP?


•  began as one-person Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative University conference in April 2012 •  grown to a six-member team of students from Cornell University, Ithaca College, & the American University in Cairo •  CGIU •  growing community of young leaders committed to solving global challenges •  connects VCP with mentor, as well as training and skills to manage the organization •  accepted to renew and expand the Commitment at CGIU 2013

The Problem

There is often a disconnect between those who are willing and able to help expand NGO capacity in Egypt and those organizations that can channel this effort most effectively into results on the ground.

Our Solution Based on the principles of non-profit consulting, VCP provides a platform to bridge the gap between prospective student volunteers and grassroots Egyptian NGOs that require specific skillsets. As a result, the project will increase cross-cultural exchange of information and ideas.

Our Model

Partner NGOs Alwan-­‐Wa-­‐Awtar promotes  visual  and  performing  arts  ac3vi3es  for  youth   between  the  ages  of  7  and  20  years  old  

Partner NGOs

Awaliaa Elgaleel  Founda3on   offers  low-­‐income  families  the  opportunity  to  develop  technical   skills  and  access  to  basic  services,  ranging  from  job  training   workshops  to  health  care  provision  

Partner NGOs

Peace &  Plenty   provides  educa3onal,  health,  and  environmental  programs  that   enhance  the  quality  of  life  in  a  unplanned  community  in   southern  Cairo  

How can YOU get involved?

Example of Volunteer Opportunity Non-Formal Education Volunteer •  planning and leading analytical workshops and activities (Sudoku, origami, etc.) •  conducting English conversation workshops for 12-16 and 17+ age groups •  developing and implementing interactive science curriculum for students ages 12 to 17

Example of Volunteer Opportunity

Monitoring & Evaluation Volunteer •  developing a strategy of M&E for the NGO, including goal-setting, planning activities, surveying and feedback, managing relationships, streamlining operations, ensuring transparency •  teaching a course to NGO employees about measuring NGO performance

Do you want to make a difference in the Arab world?

Does the idea of riding a felucca on the Nile River sound appealing?

VCP is a once-in-a-lifetime professional and cultural opportunity to spend time in Cairo, Egypt!

Learn more •  Learn more about VCP and our NGOs §  Website: §  Facebook: §  Email:

•  Application process to become a volunteer §  Complete online application & submit resume §  Participate in Skype or in-person interview §  Be placed in Egypt for July and/or August for 4-6 weeks


VCP Recruitment Presentation  

VCP Recruitment Presentation without presenter notes

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