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I want to Volunteer Why Volunteer? Volunteering can make a difference to people in your community and yourself. Volunteering can be really good fun and give you many benefits: • Use your free time doing something positive and fun • Meet like minded people and make new friends • Try something exciting and new to suit your interests • If you are thinking of a career change explore new options • Learn new skills and gain valuable experience for your CV • Give something back to the community Share your knowledge and experiences

What is volunteering? "An activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or groups other than (or in addition to) close relatives." As a volunteer you will be supported by the organisation or person you are helping in a number of ways. This can be through reimbursing your travel expenses, training opportunities, to be covered by insurance to carry out any tasks you are given, to feel valued by the organisation and have somebody supportive to talk to if you are unhappy with your volunteering experience.

What can I do? We can find something to suit your interests or background. There is a vast range of volunteering available. You can do something with people, in offices, with animals, conservation, sport, the elderly, fundraising, finance, craft workshops amongst a host of other areas. Volunteering is so diverse, there are many activities available. It doesn't matter your age, level of work experience or skills there is a voluntary role out there that you can get involved in. It is just about deciding what your interests are, activities you would like to do and getting started...

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We Involve Volunteers Why Involve Volunteers in your organisation · Volunteers can help you expand and enhance your services · Volunteers bring their own unique skills, experiences and qualities · Volunteers can add a personal touch to your organisation · Volunteers bring a different attitude and spirit that is different to paid staff · Volunteers can free up time for paid staff to focus on other parts of the project · Volunteers can be part of community your organisation is trying to serve ·

Volunteers can also be the link to a new client or community group

Are you looking for volunteers? If you are a community group or voluntary organisation you can register your volunteer opportunities with Volunteer Centre Oldham. If you are a public sector organisation you can register your opportunities with the Public Sector Volunteer Co-ordinator Mel Whitehead. Alternatively if you are looking to involve young people as volunteers, Fiona Pickles from the Vinvolved team can help you set up your volunteer programme and help you think about effective ways to recruit young people.

We can promote your volunteer opportunities by: · Uploading opportunities on the national volunteering website · Including information on the opportunity of the month section of the website · Including information in volunteer centre drop in area · Listing information in Volunteer Centre monthly volunteer e-bulletin Please note: Each volunteer infrastructure organisation will refer volunteers who in their judgement seem appropriate for an organisation. The final decision on whether or not they will work together belongs to the organisation and the volunteer. The Volunteer Infrastructure organisations do not screen volunteers.

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Free Training All of our training courses are held at Volunteer Centre Oldham, Voluntary Action Oldham in the Springboard Conference Suite. All courses have limited availability and priority is given to registered charities and voluntary and community groups. For more information or to book contact Alia Ullah on 0161 633 6222 or Places are subject to availability so please book well in advance.

Pre Volunteer Course Dates and Times: Tuesday 10th August and Tuesday 17th August 2010, 1:00 -3:30 Tuesday 23rd November, Tuesday 30th November 2010, 1:00 - 3:30 Tuesday 8th February 2011 and Tuesday 15th February 2011, 1:00 - 3.30 An opportunity for anybody who is thinking about getting involved in volunteering to find out what its all about. We will spend time informally looking at the benefits volunteering can give. There will be time to explore the expectations of both volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. The course will end with an opportunity search to show the wide variety of opportunities that exist. This course is suitable for individuals and people interested in volunteering.

Involving Young People as Volunteers Date and Time: Thursday September 16th 2010, 10am - 4pm More and more people are realising the potential that young people can bring to their organisation. With the help of the Vinvolved team this course will make delegates think of ways to engage young people as volunteers, how to develop best practice and how to ensure they retain young volunteers once recruited. This course is suitable for volunteer coordinators, volunteer managers, or anybody with responsibility for recruitment or increasing the diversity of volunteers.

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Volunteers and the Law Date and Time: Thursday October 21st 2010, 10am - 4pm This course examines the legal framework that covers volunteering, we will examine the difference between law and best practice, look at health and safety legislation and the benefits system and lots more. You will have the chance to examine your own organisations practice and make sure that you are not putting yourself or your trustees at risk. This course is suitable for volunteer coordinators, volunteer managers, or anybody with responsibility for volunteers.

Leadership Training Date and Time: Thursday November 11th 2010, 10am - 4pm Details of this course remain unconfirmed; please watch this space for updates! This course is suitable for any staff or volunteers within organisations who need to develop leadership skills.

Train the Trainer Date and Time: Wednesday January 5th 2011, 10am - 4pm An introduction to the world of training, this course is a must for people new to training. There will a chance to develop a course from idea to evaluation, we will examine the impact of learning styles on delivery and also have a chance to do some delivery in this very safe environment. Bite the bullet and book. This course is suitable for volunteer coordinators, volunteer managers, or anybody with responsibility for recruitment or increasing the diversity of volunteers.

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Volunteer Stories Volunteer Performer Of All the People in the World at Gallery Oldham

Carly Henderson is one of the Volunteer Performers for the exhibition, Of All The People In The World which took place at Gallery Oldham. What types of tasks do you do in your role as a Volunteer Performer? In my role as a Volunteer Performer I have to weigh out the rice, lay rice out on the papers and look for new statistics. I also talk to visitors, explaining the show and asking them about the type of statistics they’d like to see displayed and which piles they’d fit into. I also support the community group visits and help them with the questionnaires as they go round the exhibition. What do you find most enjoyable about your role? I enjoy engaging with the young people about the show and seeing their reactions. I also enjoy learning new facts. Plus I really like the show which makes this role really enjoyable. Why would you recommend volunteering at the Gallery and in general? I would recommend volunteering at the Gallery, it is really interactive, you get to see different people and it’s always varied. I also personally enjoy the cultural element. Volunteering is a great way to gain new experiences, meet new people, you also learn new things and pick up new skills for your CV. Volunteer Case Study, Gateway Club

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Barry Carroll has volunteered as the Club Leader at the Gateway club for the past 3 years. Barry is from Royton Oldham and works full time for the Ambulance Service as Station Manager.

(Barry Carroll is featured in the centre of image) What are the main tasks involved in your role as Club Leader? The main part of my role is to plan and organise the activities at the Gateway club each week. I make sure that everything runs smoothly and that all the equipment is ready for the evening. I also support the team of 18 volunteers, if they have any problems or questions they can come and speak to me. Most importantly, just like the rest of the volunteers, my role is to get stuck in and socialise, speak and have fun with the members. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your role? The most enjoyable part of my role is working with the members. Every week, we have so much fun. Why would you recommend volunteering at the Gateway club? I find volunteering at Gateway very rewarding and it gives you such a fulfilment I don’t get from anywhere else. You can go home feeling like you’ve done something really worthwhile and as result you feel really good about yourself. What skills would you say you needed to be a volunteer at Gateway? I would say that patience is the most important skill any volunteer at Gateway can have. There are a lot of members who all want a bit of you so you need to be prepared to be patient. You also need to be a sociable person, someone who is willing to talk to everyone and anyone, if you can do that you fill straight in.

Page 9 of 13 Claire Blakeley Claire is 21 from Chadderton Oldham and is studying psychology at University. Tonight is Claire’s first session at Gateway. Why did you want to volunteer at the Gateway Club and how did you find out about it? I’m studying psychology at university and next year one of my modules is Learning Disabilities so I wanted to get some hands on experience of working with people with a range of abilities. I was also looking for a rewarding volunteer role. I heard about Gateway through Mencap. What tasks have you been asked to do tonight? So far, I’ve helped some of the members get off the bus, I’ve also given out some of the refreshments but mainly just chatting to people and getting to know everyone. Is this the first time you have volunteered? No, I used to volunteer at the hospital in the speech and therapy section. I worked with children and helped with developing their speech, it was a great seeing the kids grow in confidence.

Page 10 of 13 Volunteer Coordinator Interview: Marjorie Smith at The Gateway Club How long have you involved volunteers? 45 years How many volunteers do you involve in your organisation? Presently 22 What type of tasks do your volunteers undertake? Everything from inter-acting with members, brewing up, helping with sporting activities, mostly indoors, some board games, helping develop members acting abilities. Organisational tasks include producing activity programme, treasurer duties, committee meetings including helping members committee. Are there any services or activities you wouldn’t be able to deliver without the support of your volunteers? We just would not have a club without volunteers How do you thank people for their voluntary contribution? Our Chairman ensures people are thanked at every opportunity. We also give all our volunteers a gift at Christmas. Traditionally the bulk of our volunteers came from parents/carers who got involved so that their son/daughter would have an opportunity to socialise. As our parents are ageing, we have had to re-evaluate our recruiting programme. Would you recommend involving volunteers and why? Many young people of volunteered in the past to gain experience of working with people with learning disabilities. This has often led to gaining employment in the social care field. Our volunteers do make a difference in the lives of our members and that is why I would recommend anyone to give it a try. What do you enjoy most about working with volunteers? The variety of skills and personalities that our volunteers bring. It takes some volunteers a while to get used to us all, but for me it is vital that we encourage young people to take up the challenge in helping give our members more opportunities.

Page 11 of 13 A volunteer's story who has been working with the Vinvolved team: I decided to try volunteering because my key worker Steve suggested I look at some volunteering opportunities. I was feeling depressed and he thought it might help to get me out more. I met with Alice from vinvolved and since then I have volunteered as a marshal at the Great Manchester Bupa Run and helped at the Eurocultured festival. Then I volunteered at a Silver Surfer event, helping old people to use computers, it was amazing how even though people are older, you can still have a good laugh with them about stuff! I’m now volunteering regularly with MBEET which stands for Moston Brook Environment Events Team. It’s given me loads more confidence and I’ve realised what I’m good at, like marketing. The events are going well and more people are coming. I was supposed to join the Prince’s Trust programme after college but it wasn’t a good time but now I feel better and it’s great, I’ve made loads of friends I didn’t know before. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning instead of sleeping all keeps you motivated!’.

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Contact David (Volunteer Coordinator), Sian (Development Officer) or Alia (Project Support Assistant) Volunteer Centre Oldham Voluntary Action Oldham 12 Manchester Chambers West Street Oldham OL1 1LF Tel: 0161 633 6222 Fax: 0161 624 7451 Email:

Contact Mel Whitehead (Public Sector Volunteer Coordinator) Public Sector Volunteering Meadowbank Tweedale Way Chadderton Oldham OL9 8EH Tel: 0161 770 8116 Mobile: 0783411056 Email:

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Contact James Ferguson (Volunteer Coordinator) Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale Environment Centre Shaw Road Higginshaw Oldham OL1 4AW Tel: 0161 624 1444 Email:

Contact Fiona Shirley (Youth Volunteer Development Manager) Alice Munby (Youth Volunteer Advisor) Tel: 0161 621 9309 (Oldham) 0161 274 3377 (Manchester) Email:

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