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April 2011

Issue No. One

Katherine The Shrew Gets Married!? YES, IT’S TRUE THE SHREW IS MARRIED

Katherine, as a known shrew, has a hot temper with a shar p tongue. She is accustomed to getting what she wants her own way. Then, this young man named Petruchio in search of a rich wife, spots Katherine. Oldest daughter from Baptista Minola, the heiress to a fortune. Petruchio and Kate at the wedding


Petruchio is just a match for Katherine. With a wanton manner and a ruffian behavior, he thinks he can easily tame this so-called shrew, and marry her. At first, Petruchio looked like he was losing the fight. However, after they got married, Petruchio jaded Kate by deprieving her of food, sleep, and clothes.

Petruchio kisses Kate

The currency crowns


Although their marriage looked difficult at first, it was the most successful. Kate was the only obedient wife at the party in Lucentio’s house to celebrate all three weddings.

The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy | Jun, Charlotte, Alex |

Jun, Charlotte Alex LA6

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Kate deprived of sleep



The young and brave Petruchio looks all kind. But, that’s not the truth. He has a wanton manner, and a ruffian behavior. During their conversation, Petruchio showed a behavior not any man can show. He didn’t even care about Kate and was only interested in the dowery. He asked Baptista to organize the marriage with no tarry. It looked liked it worked. Baptista was tired of his old daughter and was actually trying to marry her off by not letting Kate’s younger sister Bianca, who was beautiful, and caring. Hortensio, who was a suitor to Bianca, brings in Petruchio and introduces her to Kate saying that she is a heiress to a fortune.

At Petruchio’s house, It is said that Kate was a victim of domestic violence. Starved, deprived of sleep, and wearing the same clothes for weeks, Kate was jaded. However, this was all Petruchio’s plans to make Katherine obedient. All in all, the transformation from a shrew to a wife is truly fascinating. By Jun Kyu Park


As told above, Petruchio was interested in the dowery only. As soon as the wedding was over, he tried to leave in haste. “But so it is, my haste doth call me hence, And therefore here I mean to take my leave” Petruchio Act 3 Scene 2 In this quote, you can see that Petruchio is hurrying to leave. However, the married couple exit together to Petruchio’s house.

The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy | Jun,Charlotte, Alex |

Business/Jobs Looking for tutors. Baptista Minola 7crowns/hr Mr. Ipsum from the Padua grocery store was fired due to affairs Looking for buyers for furniture and land Please contact Gremio costs differ More shops close down due to financial crisis



offers his home to Petruchio during his stay there and courtship with Kate. He assumes the identity of a

Which suitors will the beautiful daughter of Baptista pick? Will it be Lucentio the young good-looking man or will it be Hortensio the old strange man. With Katherine

schoolteacher named Litio in order to get behind the walls of Baptista's house and woo Bianca, as well. He is the man who suggests the idea of marrying Kate to Petruchio. So far

married, Bianca is allowed to get married. She could choose to get married to Lucentio who is Lucentio is a young wealthy man of Pisa, who has come to Padua and fallen madly

she looks more interested in Lucentio. And will most properly get married to lucentio one could predict that by the way lucentio acts in front of her and how they display

in love with Bianca. He changes clothes with his servant, Tranio, and assumes the false identity of Cambio, a schoolteacher, in order to live within the walls of Baptista's

there affection for each other. Also there are some reasons that give Lucentio an edge over Hortensio. He is younger and also rich. He is handsome and smart. Which leaves

house and secretly woo Bianca. Or she could get married to Hortensio. Hortensio is an old friend of Petruchio. He lives in Padua and

us with one question. Who do you think Bianca will pick?

The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy | Jun, Charlotte, Alex |



Above are pictures of Lucentio wooing Bianca while Horsentio watches helplessly

Benvolio’s Soup Kitchen For The Poor

Cherub St. next to the Blacksmith’s Shop

Run by Benvolio Gianni ~ Donations are accepted




Ask Diomedes Need help? No worries. Diomedes has the answer to all of your questions. Dear Diomedes, How can I tame my shrew of a wife? She’s a complete lunatic! She’s made me sleep in the barn for the past two weeks and she never stops shouting. Help! -Whipped By A Woman Dear Whipped by a woman, My dear fellow, taming a woman should be nothing to fear! It’s rather simple. Women love compliments. Whenever she’s angry or yelling at you, tell her you love it when she yells, that she looks beautiful when she’s got all those wrinkles because she’s frowning, etc. For another tip, you must kill her in kindness, as I would say. The key to this is act like you want the best for her and only the best. If she’s tired, tell her the bed isn’t comfortable enough and do not let her sleep. If she’s hungry, tell her the food is marred and do not let her eat. In her mind, she’ll think you’re looking out for her but in reality, you’re the one whose slowly making her more obedient. Tame her as if you might tame a falcon. Also, for better instruction, I highly suggest you go down to Petruchio’s country home and watch him work his magic as he is taming Kathryn right now. Hope it works out! Dear Diomedes, How can I become the favorite daugher in the family? My father clearly favors my sister because he thinks she’s all sweet and innocent. But in reality, she says things like “Is it for him you do envy me so?” (William Shakespeare.Act 2.Scene 1.Line 20) When it comes to things about men and such. She’s the real shrew, not me! - Hated Daughter

Dear Hated Daughter, Not to fret mistress, for I have some ingenious advice for you which is sure to get you to be the favorite. First of all, you must be obedient and respectful at all times. That’s the main key to getting on any parent’s good side. Also, always be ready to do things for them even when they don’t ask you. Act as if you’re willing to get on your hands and knees for them. However, don’t only act as a slave, bring personality into it as well! Discuss things that your father takes interest in as well as common interests. Suggest events to attend together and other things to go and do together, such as take an archery class or join an equestrian club. Keep doing all these things and make an effort to keep his attention, and you’re sure to be the new favorite in the household soon.

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Diomedes Vincent, Advice Column Writer and Editor By Charlotte Richardson

The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy | Jun,Charlotte, Alex |




Baptista Finds Out His Tutors Are Really... Suitors? INSIDE THE FULL STORY... It was only last week that Baptista Minola was searching for tutors for his two daughters, Bianca and Kate. With great satisfaction he found that he could hire two within the next day, however little did he know that these two “tutors” were in fact suitors looking to woo his youngest daughter, Bianca. As most of the population in Padua knows, many men this year h ave d e s p e r a t e l y f o u g h t a n d attempted to win Bianca’s love and affection. However, most have failed as the beautiful young woman simply smirked at them and walked the other way, leaving many heartbroken. After most men gave up, there were still two extremely eager suitors waiting for the perfect opportunity to woo Bianca and hopefully, win her hand in marriage. These two suitors just so happen to be Gremio and Hortensio, both thirsting for Bianca’s approval. Our insiders say that both men were seen outside the Minola residence one morning seeking Baptista’s approval for one of them to marry Bianca. We believe it was then that Baptista proclaimed Bianca was off limits until he could find a suitor for his not so pleasant older daughter, Kate. “Gentlemen, importune me no farther, for I am firmly resolved you know: that is, not to bestow my youngest daughter before I have a husband for the elder,”(William Shakespeare.Act 1.Scene 1.Line 50) he had said.

All the while, sources affirm that during this little chat, that yet another young suitor stood nearby, watching. Whilst all this was occurring, he saw Bianca for himself and immediately fell in love. The young man, who goes by the name of Lucentio, was originally in Padua for educational purposes but things changed after he witnessed Bianca looking out from her upstairs window. In a recent interview we had with Lucentio, he explained how this whole mess came about in the first place. “ We l l , y o u s e e , a f t e r eavesdropping on Baptista, Gremio, and Hortensio’s conversation, I decided I must be the one to win Bianca’s affection. She was beautiful and I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Subsequent to that, I overheard Baptista telling Hortensio and Gremio that he needed some tutors for his daughters and that was when I saw my golden opportunity. Right then, I switched clothes with Tranio and went off to trick the old man. Little did I know, Hortensio was going to pull the same stunt. The next day, Gremio took me over to the Minola household while Tranio also showed up claiming he wanted Bianca for himself. To cut to the chase, I wooed that woman in a matter of no time. In addition to that, Hortensio had gotten some lunatic to marry Kate! Ha!

The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy|Jun, Charlotte, Alex|

After I was finished with my ‘lesson,’ shall we say, Hortensio realized I wasn’t a tutor. Bianca left to go do something and we began to bicker, and right then was when Baptista just decided to appear. It’s funny how right when we begin arguing about who was going to marry Bianca first, he just decides to step out into the courtyard. The look on his face was priceless, however he did get pretty angry at first. After my fake father offered up a generous dowry though, he was all in for letting me marry Bianca!” -Lucentio We had also originally tried to conference with Baptista for the story, however he refused the offer saying he would make no commentary on such matters. The Minola residence has been going through some crazy events lately, and we here at The Padua Herald can only imagine what might happen next. We’ll keep you posted, people of Padua. You never know what may happen in this weekend full of madness. Stay tuned! By Charlotte Richardson

Above, a picture of Lucentio and Bianca getting cozy...




Prato della Valle

Basilica of St Anthony

One place which you must see in Padua is the Basilica of St. Anthony. The Basilica of St. Anthony is mainly a place for divine worship and religious care. But it also is an remarkable site, which even some nonbelievers will enjoy visiting, whether it is for having a good time or for of curiosity about the religion.

were having military success. It is located in Pisa's Campo dei Miracoli which is not only famous because of its outstanding beauty but also because of its awkward geometry. It served as the bell tower of the just as impressive Cattedrale and Battistero. The tower has leaned almost since its construction reached 3 stories high due to the poor swampy soil beneath. Today, one side is 5m closer to the ground than the other.




A beautiful, relaxing and breathtaking place to see is Prato della Valle' is a huge oval shaped square surrounded by a canal. There are many sculptures on the channel sides. These sculptures are representations of culture and art personalities. The third Sunday of every month there’s an open-air market hosted there. Between the 'Prato della Valle' and the Basilica there’s one of the most interesting Botanical gardens in Europe, The Orto Botanico was made in 1545 has exotic flowers and plants. It’s another recommended visit in this city. In the start the garden was dedicated to cultivate natural medicines.


The Colosseum is an almost two thousand year old gladatorial arena located in the heart of Rome. It is Italy's most visited tourist attraction and is an magnificent reminder of the wealth and power of the Roman Empire, and a reminder of the barbarism that was enjoyed as a sport in Roman days. Construction of the Colossem began in 70AD and was completed 10 years later under the reign of Emeror Titus. It's original name was Flavian Amphitheatre but renamed in the middle ages to Colosseum. The stadium was able to seat 50,000 spectators and has eighty entrances around the arena which allowed spectators to enter from the outside and be seated in a matter of a few minutes.

The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa was Constructed in 1174 a time when the Pisans

The Padua Herald, Padua,Italy |Jun,Charlotte, Alex|

Torre Pendente Di Pisa

There are many beautiful and interesting places all over Italy. These four places that we at the Padua Herald recommend you to see are connected to the Story the Taming of the Shrew except the last one. The first two are located in the same city as in which the story takes place. The third place is the city in which Lucentio a character of the book comes from. And the last site is a place which you can not miss if you are visiting Italy. Your stay would feel incomplete without a visit there. We recommend that you see these places since they are beautiful parts of history.




Weekly Poll Which couple are better for each other? Petruchio and Katherine


Lucentio And Bianca

Last weeks results: Is Lucentio right for Bianca? 85% Yes 15% No

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The Padua Herald, Padua, Italy | Jun, Charlotte, Alex |

Padua Herald  

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