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Holiday Handbook

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook


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Plus early registration and the Y – Member discount fee for: Camp Manitou Swim Lessons Adult & Youth Recreational Leagues Family & Teen Programming Childcare Before & After School Programs And More… NEW TO THE YMCA: YOUTH FITNESS AREA THAT HAS DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION (DDR) & MAKOTO Both are interactive games that are sure to get you moving & groovin’! EAU CLAIRE YMCA 700 Graham Avenue Eau Claire, WI 715-836-8460

PHOTO CONTRIBUTORS Kim Acheson + Andrea Seeley + Drew Kaiser + Stephanie Birr +Nick Meyer + the Press-Gazette Collection of the Neville Public Museum of Brown County EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Karline Koehler + Eric Rasmussen + Ken Szymanski + Molly Wendtland + Emily Thierfelder + Gene Power + Matt Banker + Micheal Huggins + Nick Meyer + Jerome Vorndran SPECIAL THANKS Shannon Paulus + Frank Smoot + Ian Jacoby + Trevor Jones, Curator of History at Green Bay’s Neville Public Museum BASIC INFO The Holiday Handbook is published by Volume One – a locally owned, locally operated, and locally focused magazine. The Holiday Handbook prints 15,000 copies and is distributed in a regular issue of Volume One magazine to approximately 275 locations in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls.

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ADVERTISING INFO If you’d like to advertise in the 2008 issue of The Holiday Handbook, call: (715) 552-0457 or email: © 2007 Volume One The writing, artwork, and photography in The Holiday Handbook remain the property of the authors, artists, & photographers. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the publication or its advertisers.



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Holiday Handbook

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Holiday Handbook

handbook CONTENTS greetings Opening Letter......................................8 merrymaking Holiday Traditions....................10 frolicking Yuletide Activities...............................16 gifting Local Gift Guide..........................................22 santa All Things Kringle........................................26 feasting Festive Food............................................32 donating Local Support.......................................36 story Discount Santa ............................................40 happenings Holiday Event Calendar..............44 year’s end New Year’s Celebrations................52 jolly Advertiser Index...............................................54 715.831.1008

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ft Gi

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Holiday Handbook


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very year in early December, when I’m visiting my parents’ house, I’ll walk through the door, and within ten minutes, something familiar happens: My dad will break into a big grin, cock his head slightly to the side and slightly forward, and he’ll say something along the lines of “Did you notice what we’ve got on the front porch?” And every year I sigh and say, “Yes, I did,” and my mom wrinkles up her

like this were destroying the holidays! Twinkling lights are at least something pretty to look at, but this, this, this bearded plastic effigy was an affront to the true reason for the season. Not so holly. Not so jolly. And what was that “reason?” Hell if I knew. It probably wasn’t religious in nature as I was also going though the standard anti-establishment phase at the time. Nope, I didn’t really know why I found this pint-sized Kringle so

This pretty much guaranteed that the horrible plastic Santa will return to the front porch every single Christmas until it biodegrades 800,000 years from now. nose and smiles like she’s being naughty. We go through this like it’s a skit or a catchphrase from an old live radio show. So, what exactly is on the porch? It’s just a three foot-tall plastic Santa my dad brought home sometime in the mid-’90s. It lights up. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the Santa first appeared during my first or second year of college, so obviously, I was pretty full of myself at the time. The whole world was just a big ball of plastic, commercialized, artificial crap. Up until that point, my family had only ever put lights and a maybe wreath on the front of the house. I don’t know what possessed my dad to buy the Santa, but I thought he was an idiot. That man was killing Christmas. How could he? Did he not know that this mass-produced, poorly colorinjected shell of a Saint Nick was filled not with holiday cheer but with lies and brutally broken dreams? Tacky Santas

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

evil, but who cares? I was 18 and full of angst and this stupid light-up Santa was harshing my all-natural holiday buzz big time. So I complained and scowled and made fun of my dad as if he had no idea what he was doing with his life in general. This pretty much guaranteed that the horrible plastic Santa will return to the front porch every single Christmas until it biodegrades 800,000 years from now. In short, I will never live this down. But that’s OK. I guess it’s kind of a Christmas family tradition, and at a time when family and friends have fewer and fewer traditions to call their own, I suppose it’s something I should hold onto. Keep flipping these pages and dig into Volume One’s latest holiday tradition – our annual Holiday Handbook. We hope you’ll find something to remember. – Special Projects Editor Mike Paulus

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

g n i k a m y r r e m “LET’S BE JOLLY ... DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY” Nowadays, most holiday-minded people don’t spend a lot of energy decking their halls. It’s the front facades and yards of a house receiving the brunt of today’s deckings. This shift in festive focus is an excellent indicator of how comfortable we’ve become with our innate desire to be as gaudy and kitschy as humanly possible. Between massive lawn ornaments and twinkle lights synched to blaring Christmas carols, the tradition of holiday decorations has never been so blatantly blatant. Which is awesome – if you’re going to get tacky, you might as well go all out. Flip through the next few pages and dig into some of our holiday traditions from lights to decorations to music.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Irvine Gets Lit Chippewa Falls’s holiday hotspot celebrates 20th year by Eric Rasmussen

On the surface, decorating for Christmas does not seem especially important. In fact, if you think about it, the whole tradition can be a little frivolous. But those little twinkly lights, plastic Santas, and nativity scenes, in all their frivolity, definitely add a little artistry to the community, and they do serve as a way to mark a special time of year and brighten the potentially suffocating bleakness of winter. Even if you don’t decorate yourself, there is definitely a charm to traveling through a Chippewa Valley neighborhood on a December evening, humming a little “Jingle Bells.” Amongst the Chippewa Valley’s many stand-out decoration locations, from neighborhood homes to country estates, one in particular really stands out – Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park. Absent loads of Christmas cheer, Irvine Park is a wonderful slice of suburban nature. From its trees, to its ponds, to its resident animals (the only “zoo” in the area), Irvine is a magnificent place to spend an afternoon, regardless of the season. However, come the middle of November, Irvine turns from a great local park into a downright dazzling holiday destination.

Irvine Park’s Christmas display is a whole lot more than just lights – it’s an entire Christmas village. In addition to 75,000 lights, the park features life-size displays reminiscent of the Victorian era along with replicas of local historical sites. Bill Flaherty of the Chippewa Falls Parks and Recreation Department coordinates Ivine’s annual holiday makeover, but he is quick to give credit to the entire community for Irvine’s Christmas splendor. Each display is sponsored by a local business and painted by Chippewa’s high school art classes. A committee of seven plans the layout, and volunteers are responsible for stringing all the lights starting in October. Donations from interested gawkers pay for all the electricity. Overall, Flaherty explains, “The Christmas Village has grown into an independent project of great size involving individuals, businesses, volunteer organizations and city government.” While many Chippewa Valley residents may already be aware of the Christmas Village in Irvine Park, Flaherty explains that this year is special – it’s Irvine Christmas’s 20th anniversary. Anyone interested in basking in the holiday glow can do so on foot or by car daily, from 7am to 9:30pm, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. As in the past, a collectors’ button and ornament featuring one of the displays will be available, and donations are encouraged to help fund the village. However, the display, like a good gulp of holiday cheer, is free.

Every year, Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls gets dolled up with over 75,000 light bulbs. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

—Give the Gift of a Hobby— The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime


Helicopters • Models • Whittle Wooden Trains (Compatible with Thomas Brio Trains) RC Planes & Cars • Rockets • RC Boats • Trains

Open Mon, Tues, Wed 9 :3 0 - 6 pm, Thurs t ill 7 pm Friday till 5 pm

Sat urday 9 :0 0 -3 pm

723.4421 Downt own Chippewa Falls 3 3 W Spring St -D

Finding the Roots of Bruce the Spruce Volume One tracks down the history of a local holiday memory by Mike Paulus Back in the Eau Claire of the 1980s, if you were young enough to sit on Santa’s lap (and not feel too creeped out), you may remember going to Eau Claire’s London Square Mall and meeting a talking pine tree. Now, calm down. I know what you’re thinking, Eau Claire natives. You’re thinking, “No way. I thought I imagined that tree. Was it really real?” Indeed it was, my friends, indeed it was. The tree’s name was “Bruce the Spruce,” and I’ve discovered its story. Let’s start at the beginning ... My arduous quest to reveal the true story of the talking tree called Bruce wasn’t all that much of a quest. It was more of a relaxed, hassle-free search. Two phone calls, basically. I called a guy named Frank at the Chippewa Valley Museum, and he had me call a guy named Trevor at a museum in Green Bay, and it was Trevor who scooped me up a hearty dish of tasty holiday legend. And I believe what he told me because

he’s the curator of history at Green Bay’s Neville Public Museum. Anyway. According to Trevor, Bruce the Spruce, the talking ChristThe original Bruce. mas tree, was a gimmicky-yetwonderful tradition at Prange’s department stores. Bruce was the creation of George Hanrahan, display manager at the Green Bay Prange’s, which opened in 1972. Hanrahan had some leftover decorating materials, and, flexing his creative/retail-minded muscles, he fashioned a fake Christmas tree big enough to hide someone inside it to act as a kind of auditory puppeteer. Hanrahan named the tree after his son Bruce – who served as the chatty conifer’s first voice. After a successful run at the Green Bay store, Bruce the Spruce was copied for other Prange’s, eventually making it to the store that anchored our long-gone London Square Mall from the early ’70s

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

through 1992 when the company was bought out by Younkers. At all store locations, both male and female teenagers were hired for minimum wage to provide Bruce’s voice during the holiday season. People, you just don’t see this kind of showmanship in the retail sector anymore. As Trevor told me, “there was no factory popping out Bruce the Spruces.” Each one was more or less handmade by Prange’s. For my part, I vividly remember seeing Bruce the Spruce on multiple occasions. Our Eau Clairian mid-’80s Bruce had big, giant, probing eyes and a mouth that moved. The crazy thing was, instead of just spouting canned phrases or electronic Christmas tunes, he actually talked with you. That was a trip. Despite the demise of the Prange’s company, Bruce the Spruce lives on, thanks to the efforts of Trevor (Jones) and the Neville Public Museum, who have meticulously recreated a classic Prange’s holiday window display complete with Bruce. The grand display is an annual tradition at the museum, drawing hordes of yuletide gawkers. So, you’re not nuts – there really was a Bruce the Spruce. And he really did talk.

Jazz Combos for Hire Are you looking to add some sophistication to this year’s holiday get-together? Want to impress your guests with class and taste? If the answer is yes, why not have one of Eau Claire’s fine local jazz groups perform for your guests? These musicians are the best in town and have been recognized for their contributions to the Twin Cities jazz scene as well. Each of these talented individuals can set you up with a truly outstanding musical experience that will fit the needs of your party and guests. Whether you are looking for a large group or a small group, these musicians can work with you to create the atmosphere that you seek. – Gene Power John Raymond 612-599-6574 • Steven Hobert 414-690-7273 • Sean Carey 271-3012 • Jeremy Boettcher 271-9455 •

The RCU Prepaid Visa Card Everyone on your shopping list can buy what they want, where they want. Buy an RCU Prepaid Visa Card today at any RCU Office! 715-833-8111 • 1-800-341-9911 •

12 Months Fr ee Financing

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

rie’s Original Bakery a M Old World Style Scratch Bakery

The Sound of Good Cheer Downtown Eau Claire cranks the holiday tunes in full effect

Regular Hours:Wednesday–Saturday 7am–1pm 307 South Barstow Street •

Consider this a warning to those of you who think the Christmas season starts too early these days – you’ll want to avoid Downtown Eau Claire until you’re ready to stop being such a hum-bug, because the loudspeakered Christmas music in full effect. For those of you who are all revved up for Christmas wreaths and candy canes, and could use a little “Jingle Bell Rock” to inspire your gift shopping, well, it’s time to hit the South Barstow strip. As an annual tradition, Dan Gelzer of downtown’s Calico Shoppe has taken up his special mission of spreading Christmas joy. Sometime soon after Thanksgiving, Gelzer enters a set of glass doors on Graham Avenue, and makes his way through the Fitness Quest weight room into a hidden hallway in the back where he opens up a combination lock-protected closet and switches the magical “Charter” box from “Easy Listening” to “Sounds of the Season.” Out on the streets, the light pole-based speakers begin to project their holiday cheer, spreading peace on earth and good will towards men (and women) through Muzak. – Matt Banker The holiday music begins on Nov. 29 in conjunction with downtown Eau Claire’s Christmastime in the City tree lighting. You can revel in the melodious tones from 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Where Your Best Meals Begin.

3045 N. Hastings Way Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 835-1032 Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook



“WE’LL FROLIC AND PLAY THE ESKIMO WAY...” To be honest, we have no knowledge of “the Eskimo way.” It sounds like a new selfhelp book. Or an ancient form of martial arts involving parkas and dog sleds. At any rate, frolicking and playing seems like a great idea around this time of year. There’s lots to do, what with all the holiday parties, tree farms, sledding hills, sleigh rides, and so on. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, frolicking is at its finest around here throughout December. Check out the following pages for some quick reference to local activities and even a few tips on doing things in what we can only assume to be the Eskimo way.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Tree Farms Nothing screams “Holidays!” like saw& Wagon Rides ing down a gorgeous evergreen ... except Fusing the travel technology of a bygone era with the yuletide magic of today.

Downtown Eau Claire Saturday, Dec. 1

• “Four Corners” parking lot at S. Barstow St. and E. Grand Ave., downtown Eau Claire • 11am-2pm • FREE • 839-4914 • Horse-drawn wagon rides around downtown, holiday entertainment, and celebrations at downtown businesses. Enjoy lunch with Santa at Pizza Plus (208 S. Barstow St.).

Wagon Tours in Chippewa Falls 10 N.

Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • Dec. 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20; 4:30-7:30pm • $3 • 723-7858 • Buy tickets in advance at Gordy’s IGA, 611 Jefferson Ave., Chippewa Falls, or call 726-2500. Wagon rides go through downtown and the beautiful Christmas Village in Irvine Park. Free hot chocolate prior to the ride.

Cabin Ridge Rides 4271 220th St., Cadott • 723-9537 • • Wagon and sleigh rides through beautiful woodland scenery for groups of all sizes. Groups of 16 or more can enjoy bonfires, picnics, and meals in the woods. Two pavilions allow groups to sit around a bonfire to toast marshmallows and sip hot chocolate. (Hotdogs and potato chips optional.) Private cabin and lodge parties available, along with a wide range of catered meals. Call for prices. Swiss Shire Farm 626 19th St., Chetek

• 837-1102 • Shire horse-drawn sleigh rides through the woods in a three-person cutter, or a large sleigh that can accommodate 15 people. Festive bonfires are also available. Call for hours and reservations.

maybe someone who’s really excited about, you know, the holidays.

Anderson’s Christmas Trees N49531 County Road O, Osseo • Mon.-Sun. 9amdark • 597-3509 • Choose and cut your own trees at this 35 year old farm. Precut trees available.

Volume One’s

SLEIGH RIDING TIPS There is so much opportunity for historical reenactment around the holiday season. Just envision how much fun it would be to get all dressed up and relive the Revolutionary War’s fatal Christmas at Valley Forge. However, most historically-minded holiday revelers opt for something with a little less frostbite-induced amputation – a sleigh ride. If you find yourself mounting a sleigh this year, we have compiled a quick list of tips to make the ride as enjoyable as possible. – Eric Rasmussen

Conklin Tree Farms N10595 State

Road 25, Wheeler • Mon.-Thur. 9am4pm, Fri. 9am-5pm • 632-2446 • www. • Choose and cut your own or select a precut tree. Balsam, Canaan, Fraser Fir, or Black Hills Spruce trees available. Wreaths and garland for sale.

Lowes Creek Tree Farm S9475 Lowes Creek Dr., Eleva • Mon.-Sat. 9am-8pm; Sun. 11am-8pm • 878-4166 • www. • Once featured in Midwest Living (and proud of it), this unique, family-owned Christmas Tree Farm is located just 5 miles south of Eau Claire. Visitors will enjoy the handcrafted Log Cabin Christmas Shop, horse-drawn sleigh rides into the fields to cut your own tree, a kids’ play area, farm animals, handmade wreaths, garland, and custom greenery. Free treats include hot apple cider and candy canes. Precut and cut-your-own trees, and shaking and baling services are available. Pleasant Valley Tree Farm N7240 810th St., Elk Mound • Mon.-Fri. 9am7pm, open til 8:30pm Nov. 30 and Dec. 7 • 879-5179 • www.pleasantvalleytree. com • Award-winning Christmas trees. Choose and cut your own tree, or select from fresh precut trees. Wreaths and garland available. Country Store featuring unique home décor, framed

The live nativity at Pleasant Valley Tree Farm features all your biblical favorites. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook


Safety first! This means wearing warm clothes, especially in the rump area – the prohibitive cost of sleighs with heated seats has kept them out of the Midwest market. Also, an air horn is a wise accessory – in snowy conditions, a sleigh looks just like a giant, juicy elephant seal to the North American black bear. The Christmas spirit ends when you become lunch for a hungry bear!


Plan your thermos! While hot chocolate spiked with a little holiday joy seems appropriate, and would be delicious, when it comes to thermos fodder, our money is on a carb-rich potato and rice mash. When your sleigh takes an unfortunate wrong turn, and the cold hours turn into famished weeks, you’ll be the hit of the excursion!


Meet your sleigh fellows! While a quick round of introductions would certainly break the ice, nothing bonds a group of strangers like a cutthroat game of Connect Four, assuming your group finds Greco-Roman wrestling to be inappropriate.


Sing! There are loads of songs that mention sleighs – “Jingle Bells,” “Sleigh Ride,” and of course, anything by Slayer.


Enjoy! Take a minute to breath in the crisp December air, enjoy the nature whizzing past your face, and cherish the company you’re with. Unless you’re prone to motion sickness. Then cherish your Dramamine before you’re hanging off the back, revisiting your potato rice mash!

select from precut trees. Enjoy free hot cider and cookies. Many tree sizes available. Gift shop offers wreaths, garlands, swag, and decorations.

Traditional Tree Farm 14997 50th Ave., Chippewa Falls • Mon.-Fri. 128pm, Sat. and Sun. 8-5pm • 723-5131 • Choose and cut your own Christmas tree – a wide variety of trees and sizes to choose from. Precut trees, wreaths, garland, and other decorations available. Various Tree Lots If you don’t feel

like trudging through the cold snow (and sipping hot cider) while finding your tree, simply visit one of the Chippewa Valley’s many, many, many, many, many precut tree lots located in parking lots all across the land!

Wagon rides in downtown Eau Claire. prints, and the area’s largest Christmas selection. Enjoy a wagon ride through the gorgeous countryside, and don’t miss Santa’s Enchanted Maze. Free popcorn, hot cider, and hot chocolate.

Santa’s Tree Farm 400 Sunday Dr., Altoona • Wed.-Sun. 9am-5pm • 8350611 • Cut your own or select from precut trees. Many shapes, sizes and kinds: Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Spruce, Scotch and White Pine. The Workshop features treats, gifts, homemade wreaths, beeswax candles, JW Leather products and novelties. Enjoy a stroll through The Enchanted Pines and stop in at Santa’s castle. Take the Christmas Quiz and become an honorary elf. Learn about different types of trees and Christmas legends. Smith Tree Farm 6202 Deerfield Rd.,

Eau Claire • Fri., Sat. and Sun. 10am4:30pm • 832-3103 • Cut your own or


Too lazy to decorate your house? No problem! Go check out other people’s hard holiday work. Christmas Village in Irvine Park Irvine Park, Bridgewater Ave., Chippewa Falls • Mon,-Fri. 7am-9:30pm • FREE • 723-0051 • Irvine Park comes alive with color and light as more than 75,000 lights and over 100 illuminated displays and scenes help visitors to enjoy the holiday season. You can walk or drive through the park. Cook-Rutledge Mansion 505 West

Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls • 723-7181 • The Cook-Rutledge Mansion is one of the finest examples of High Victorian Italianate architecture. The Mansion has an interesting history that extends to various parts of Chippewa Falls. For 25 years, the Mansion has been open to visitors to enjoy its special holiday décor, provided by the Lake Wissota Garden Club. Many of the decorations will be on

The Cook-Rutledge Mansion of Chippewa Falls is decked out for holiday tours. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

sale, to be picked up after the holiday tour season. An open house on Sunday Dec. 2 from 1-5pm will feature music, dessert, and refreshments ($6 adults, $3 youth). Guided tours available on Dec. 8, 9, 15, an 16 from 2-3pm.

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery 1 Jefferson

Avenue, Chippewa Falls • Mon.-Thurs. and Sat. 9am-5pm, Fri. 9am-8pm, Sun. 11am4pm • (888) LEINIES • • Enjoy tours of the historic brewery, culminating with the holiday-bedecked Leinie Lodge. Maximum 15 people per tour. Reservations recommended.

Sledding Hills

Nothing brings a family together like cramming together on a little plastic sled to shoot down an Eau Claire hill. Dead Man’s Hill Right next to the Forrest Hill Cemetery (on Huebsch Boulevard) on the East Side Hill, the slope is small and gentle with no major obstacles – just the thing for weakhearted novices. In recent years, its easy accessibility has made it a favorite among area snowboarders. Do not be intimidated by them. If there is an altercation over a collision, they will have a hard time chasing you with their feet strapped to those cumbersome boards. Pinehurst Hill On Eau Claire’s north

side, the behemoth Pinehurst Hill stands as the mother of all sledding hills. This formidable giant was a downhill ski run with a tow rope throughout the early ’70s. Be careful: if you don’t brake or turn, you’ll end up in a parking lot. Try not to hit anyone climbing up the hill, and pay attention so you don’t get hit yourself.

X-Hill Just across the road from the Eau Claire airport’s runways, this is a real treat when jets fly overhead so close that you can feel your chest rattle. It’s a crisscross hill unofficially called the “X-Hill.” You can start at one of two steep, twin trajectories which cross each other at a wicked intersection before going off in any number of directions. This is never the same ride twice. Risk for high impact crashes is high. If you are on the hill, consider yourself a target. Oakwood Hills There’s a great little (unsupervised) hill near the Oakwood Hills Warming House on Golf Road. The hill is open Sat. and Sun. 1-6pm.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

This holida holidayy season, you can give the most important gift of all. You are needed to provide respite homes, foster homes, foster homes for teenagers and foster to adoption homes for the children of Eau Claire County.

The Eau Claire County Department of Human Services' mission is to work together with families and individuals in order to sustain and enhance their full participation within the community. We can provide you with the training, resources and reimbursement needed to provide a loving and nourishing home.

Informational Meetings begin in December! Tuesday, December 11 – 6:30-7:30p Tuesday, January 8 – 6:30-7:30p Tuesday, February 12 – 6:30-7:30p Tuesday, March 11 – 6:30-7:30p All Informational meetings will be held at the Eau Claire County Department of Human Services, 721 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire - Room 2064

Sherill Jahr, MSSW, CSW Alternate Care Coordinator 715-839-1275 Carole Cedzidlo, BSW, CSW Alternate Care Coordinator 715-839-6930

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

g n i ft i g “OUR FINEST GIFTS WE BRING (PA RUM PUM PUM PUM)” This is what it’s all about, people. The giving. Forget all that “receiving” nonsense, because true Holiday Joy comes from the look on someone’s face when they unwrap the special gift you’ve given. You know that look, right? It’s the look you see right after your sister unwraps the set of antique kitchen utensils she gushed about two months ago, the set you went back to buy the very next day despite its obscene price tag, because hey, it’s for your sister, and sure, she doesn’t remember saying how perfect, perfect, perfect it was or even why she liked it at all, but she did say, “Awesome, thanks.” Yeah, that look is freaking priceless. Check out the following pages to see how you can create more of this magic.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

A Buy Local Gift Guide

Here’s an idea: why not pepper this year’s “gifts to buy” list with a number of fine items crafted right here in the good ol’ Chippewa Valley? It’s fun, thoughtful, and it helps contribute to the place you call home. And with the following guide, it’s also easy. There, no more excuses. Cranberry Horseradish Sauce If you only buy one kind of cranberry horseradish sauce for that special someone this year, make it our own Silver Spring Gardens’ award-winning All Natural Cranberry Horseradish condiment. The lucky recipient with be in leftover heaven as they slather in on a nextday turkey sandwich. Pick up a bottle at most local grocery stores or online at www. (bulk orders accepted). Prices vary.

Locally Made Art If you’ve got loved ones with embarrassingly barren walls, why not repair their artless existence by giving them the gift of locally produced pretty things? All kinds of local art will be on sale at the Eau Claire Regional Art Center’s annual Holiday Art Fair (through Dec. 29) and Menomonie’s Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts’ Fine Arts & Crafts Faire (Nov. 1 and Dec. 30). You could even go all out and have a painting commissioned at a place like Mainstreet Mi Casa (, also in Menomonie. If wearable art is what you need, check out the local selection at places like Eclectica on Grand in Eau Claire (8347811).

Cascade Tissues 9-roll Jumbo Premium Toilet Paper According to the expert copywriting found at, “the microquilted Cascades Premium bathroom tissue provides you superior quality with extra softness and thickness.”

Furthermore, with the work “jumbo” right there in the title, you know this practical gift is up for the toughest of jobs. Available at Wal-Mart. Prices vary.

High Season by Jon Loomis Just check out the plot of local writer Jon Loomis’ latest crime novel: “Burnt out after nine brutal years as a Baltimore cop, Frank Coffin returns home to serve as sheriff, only to find himself caught up in an investigation into the killing of a vacationing TV evangelist, whose body turns up strangled and dressed in drag.” Know anyone who might be into that? Pick it up at Crossroad Books in Eau Claire (8319788) and online at $23.95.

The Best of Volume One, Vol. 1: The First Five Years This 300+ page compilation packed with some of the best feature articles, essays, and stories on local living in the Chippewa Valley. Relive the last five years of magic or discover it for the first time in this limited edition book. It’s like a freaking water painting of our lush cultural landscape, only it’s made from words. Pick it up online at (click “shop”). $15.

Hearty Handshake Volume One Membership Package If you’ve got a Volume One fan on that shopping list for yours, why not offer them a “Hearty Handshake?” This membership level gets your lucky friend/relative/ attractive coworker the 07/08 V1 Member Benefits local deal card, a gorgeously shiny V1 Sticker, a hipster-friendly V1 color button , The Best of Volume One, Vol. 1 local survival guide, and six exclusive V1 art postcards. Pick it up online at (click “shop”). $35. Other membership levels (Vigorous Backslap shown) also available.

Eau Claire Express Tickets You can hit a ... um ... ahem ... homerun with this gift. The baseball fan Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

on your list will squeal in delight (or grunt in vague approval) when they unbox a set of tickets or even a season pass to home games with Eau Claire’s own minor league baseball team, The Express. They’ll have no excuse not to root for the home team. Download order forms online at Bonus Book (12 tickets) $48, gen. adm. season ticket $125.

Tunes by Townies This year, stuff your family’s stocking with little shiny discs – or “CDs” – chockfull of music made by local cats and kitties. With everything from jazz to folk to indie rock to your basic, straight up international flute music – there’s plenty to chose from. Check out local harmonyheavy Random Saturday by Quinn Elizabeth, the folktastic Cool Dry Place by Billy Krause, or the female-fronted electro-pop of EC natives Digitata on II Daggers. You can pick up CDs at shows or at handy websites like Good rock is priceless.

Exquisite Theatre Experiences Maybe you’re rather not give your loved ones another knickknack to be placed upon a shelf or a pair of socks to be stuffed into a bulging drawer. Maybe this is the year you give them something to experience, such as a show at a local theatre. The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center (832-2787), the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls (726-9000), and the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts in Menomonie (2359726) – all of them stage local and touring plays and concerts. Season tickets, ticket books, and memberships are available at a number of price levels for all three venues.

Viking Brewery Brewskies This is a great gift for the brother/ uncle/father/crazy aunt Gertrude who loves to sip upon hand-crated suds. Straight out of Dallas, Wis., the all-natural brews of family-owned Viking Brewery are made without fining agents, chemi-

cals or preservatives in any of their beers. They are unpasteurized – a living product that continues to age and develop over time. Available at about 20 Chippewa Valley shops, including most major grocery stores. Prices vary.

Volume Onesie Widely known as “the cutest darn garment” ever created in the upper Midwest, the all-new Volume Onsie is sure to give your infant of toddler the playgroup street cred they need a baby wasn't one of them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .to. . maintain the Pregnancy testing, education, support. social status FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL you, as a parent, demand of them. Available in sizes 3-6, 6-12, and 12-18 months. Pick it up online at (click “shop”). $15.

You had plans.

Pastured Poultry

PREGNANCY CARE CENTER 2600 Stein Blvd. | 834-7734 |

People don’t often consider “pastureraised certified organic frozen poultry” when filling out their gift shopping list, but it’s just the thing for someone who likes to know from where their tasty pan-fried chicken filets come. Heck maybe you can even cook it for them right on Christmas day. Mondovi’s Coon Creek Family Farm ( has what you’re looking for. Stop out to the farm, drop by a winter farmers market, or visit Just Local Food in Eau Claire (5775564). $3.39/lb.

Chippewa Valley Museum Membership “What’s up, you nutty local history-lover?” That’s what you’ll (practically) be asking the lucky person who rips the wrappings off your gift of memCARSON PARK • 834-7871 • WWW.CVMUSEUM.COM bership to the Chippewa Valley Museum. Not only will your money help support countless educational opportunities, but the recipient will enjoy free admission for the whole family for a year, and more. Memberships can be purchased by calling the museum at 834-7871. $55 (“Sustaining” level). Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Pottery If you’ve got a finicky loved on your list who only gets excited over truly authentic gifts, how about getting that picky-puss a nice piece of kiln-fired pottery, designed and crafted right here in the Valley? Long-time Eau Claire potter David Caradori’s shop is brimming with gorgeous and functional pottery of all sorts, from flooring tiles to flower vases to sake sets. You could even make the scenic drive out to Colfax’s Hillcrest Pottery and Paintings (962-3660) to satisfy your stoneware jonesing.

My Last Best Friend by Julie Bowe A funny middle-grade novel in which 4th grader Ida May is determined not to make a new best friend, despite the best efforts of the new girl in the class. This is local author Julie Bowe’s debut work (www.juliebowe. com). Pick it up at Borders Books & Music in Eau Claire (832-2852) or online at www. $16.

Action! If you’re looking to get a gift for a large chunk of your family – say, a sister, her husband, and their gaggle of kids – look no further than a tidy stack of “Fun Licenses” for Eau Claire’s Action City (838-9663, These cards can used for AC’s main attractions (go-karts, laser tag, mini bowling, etc.), video games, and food vendors. Now they’ll have no excuse not to have fun. Prices are limited to your pocket book, with discounts available for larger orders.

Fairs & Art Shows

Unforgettable moments

Some options for out of the ordinary shopping experiences. Holiday Artists’ Market Friday, Nov. 30-Sunday, Dec. 2 • 1814 Oxford Avenue • 5-9pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday • FREE • 839-8877 • This benefit for the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre will feature local artists and craftsmen selling one of a kind holiday gift items, entertainment by local musicians and refreshments. Mabel Tainter Fine Arts & Crafts Faire Friday, Nov. 30-Saturday Dec. 1 • Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie • 11am-7pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday • FREE • 235-0001 • The Annual Mabel Tainter Fine Arts & Crafts Faire features fifty of the Midwest’s finest artisans in art and craft. Mingle among artists of photography, painting, wood and metal sculpture, textiles, pottery and more on all three levels of the historic Victorian theater. Community Christmas Fair Saturday, Dec. 1 • Fall Creek Village Hall, Hwy. 12 • 9am-1pm • FREE • 877-2790 • Many local churches, organizations, and individuals will have items for sale: dthnic and Christmas bakings such as lefse, punschka, cookies, pies, and breads; locally produced honey, baskets, beaded jewelry, toys, hand knit and craft items; local authors will sign books. Coffee and sweets in the morning, lunch starting at 10:30am. Holiday Expo Saturday, Dec. 1 • Hallie Town Hall • 9am-3pm • FREE • 4561976 • More than 20 different vendors with health and beauty, candles, scrapbooking, jewelry, home decor, and food products. Door prizes and refreshments. Holiday Art Fair Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Eau Claire • Dec. 4-21 • Mon.-Fri. 9am-4:30pm • FREE • 8322787 • • Combining the talents of over forty local artists and artisans with affordable prices, the Art Fair brings original and unique presents to the Chippewa Valley for holiday gift-giving. Art and Jewelry Show Friday Dec. 7 and Saturday, Dec. 8 • 611 Summit Avenue, Eau Claire • 11am-7pm Dec. 7, 11am-4pm Dec. 8 • FREE • 831-1584 • This open house features jewelry, fiber art scarves and purses, watercolor and mixed media, plus the exciting new Mystic Wear Crystals for horse and rider as well as cats, dogs and their people.

Across from Oakwood Mall 715.835.5914 Solid gold, sterling silver, and precious stones • U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507© • All rights reserved visit

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

santa “DOWN THRU’ THE CHIMNEY WITH GOOD SAINT NICK” Let’s be totally honest, shall we? There are a few things about this “Santa Claus” character that feel a little weird. The man has got a list with your name on it. How’d he get your name? Also, he can see you when you’re sleeping. And every item in his entire wardrobe is the same color. He’s always happy. Always. Luckily, all that semi-creepiness is totally made up for by his tendency to bring you a bike or a Nintendo or a giant-eyed, skanky-looking Barbie doll if you just behave yourself and ask nicely. So, not a bad deal overall. Keep reading to enjoy some local Santa goodness.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Local Letters to Santa

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy intercepted by Eric Rasmussen

Dear Santa, First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU for my Xbox 360. It is totally awesome and sweet and I love fragging the bad guys in Halo 3. In fact, I’ve gotten so good I can beat it on Legendary without taking a hit. My mom is really proud of me and all my friends at school call me Master Chief. THIS YEAR I am asking for some diabetes medication. Thanks, Santa! –Jeffy Dear Jeffy, Well, I sure am glad you enjoyed your present. And I have to say, I feel bad for you, kid … childhood obesity can be a bear. It almost looks like I’m grooming a whole generation of kids for jobs as mall Santas, or like I’m on GlaxoSmithKline’s payroll to help increase Avandia sales. Anyway, this year I’m going to bring you Guitar Hero III. That’ll force you to at least stand up once in a while. Merry Xmas! –Santa P.S. Seriously, though, my GlaxoSmithKline contract stipulates I mention Avandia twice within each holiday correspondence, so, Avandia, coupled with diet and exercise, is an effective way to manage your type 2 diabetes. Happy Holidays.

me down as a reference on one of those duplexes out there. They’re really nice. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you drink your “elvin brew” in the basement, you know, if you leave your squirrel and bunny friends outside. I also hear Lowes Creek is still a pretty magical place for elvin gatherings. Good luck! –Grand High Christmas Elf

Dear Santa Claus, We NEED an espresso machine NOW. –The Leader Telegram Staff

Dear Council Members, You’re kidding, right? Because I submitted a plan, and you felt the reindeer rest stop did not have adequate street access, and the Santa’s Hair and Tannery posed significant drainage problems. No, I don’t think so. I’m going to drop off one of those obnoxious, giant, inflatable snow globes, which will nicely compliment your city’s million-dollar dirt lot. To all a good night, suckers. –Santa

Dear Leader Telegram, Sounds like your new morning print schedule is giving you a headache. I have to say, it’s just peachy getting the paper in the morning. There is nothing like the Wizard of Id and classified ads to compliment my buttery English muffin as dawn’s rays dance off the North Pole snow. Not only are you getting an espresso machine, I’m stuffing a case of Rockstar Energy Drink in your stocking. Keep up the good work! –Santa

Dear Mr. Claus, I would like to start out by saying that everything over here on the east side is going just great. All my concrete lanes are just humming with vehicles, those giant cliffs they made by blasting through the hills really add a majestic touch, and all of my on and off ramps just sparkle with traffic-moving efficiency. Now all I need is a handful of chiropractic offices, a big box store or two, and a couple dozen family-style chain restaurants. You’re the best, Santa. –The Highway 53 Bypass

To Whom It May Concern: We, the City Council of Eau Claire, are getting a little nervous about this whole North Barstow Development thing. Seriously, Mr. Buchanon has bitten his fingernails down to just about nothing, and Mr. Adler isn’t sleeping anymore. Perhaps you would be willing to leave us several attractive mixeduse buildings this Christmas? Respectfully, –Eau Claire City Council

To my favorite bypass, It’s great to hear from you! Do you have any idea how long it now takes me to get from Draganetti’s to Highway 29? Like, eighteen seconds!!! You are SO on the top of my “Nice” list. Here’s the problem. There’s still a little soreness over the loss of the green space. I’ve gotten quite a few letters from local deer asking for the “utter destruction of the great concrete river on Eau Claire’s east side.” Do you think you

O Great Kringle of the North! We, the wood elves of the Chippewa Valley, cousins of those that toil in your toy shops, beseech you! The ridge above Oakwood Mall, where our people used to host bonfires and drink our magical elvin brew, is being devoured by commercial development! For many moons we would park in Pier One’s parking lot and then hang upon the pyramid, at least until we reached the elvin drinking age (115) and were allowed into the Water Street establishments. Help us reclaim the land in the name of the elves! Make haste in your response, O Grand High Christmas elf! –The Wood Elves Dear Wood Elves, Oh man. This is tough. I’m going to level with you, here. I think Buffalo Wild Wings is just fantastic. I mean, really top of the line. Have you tried the teriyaki wings? Because if you haven’t, you really should. Serious. I tell you what, how about you put

Providing the jolliest television interviews possible, Eau Claire’s downtown Santa. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Chippewa Falls Santa needn’t worry, as Mrs. Claus and Frosty are just good friends. could make do with a park, an organic food store, and some bike trails? I’ll see what I can do, but my hands are kind of tied here ... –Santa

Dear Santa, You know those Aqua-Dot toys that have the drug-like properties? You can’t get those anymore, can you? I’m just sayin’, if you have any left, I could probably dispose of them for you. You know, I’ll bury them somewhere or something. –A Concerned College Student Dear Shameless College Student Stereotype, You kids are sick, you know that? This is a serious issue, not something to be made fun of. Safety is my utmost concern. You know, you are the reason I can’t deliver cans of whip cream anymore. Get a job. –Santa

To the Jolly Old Elf, I’m a little fearful of sending this letter, as I’ve been forced into hiding as of late. I am not a well-liked piece of modern technology at the moment. First, there’s the bill going through the state legislature allowing for more competition over me, and everyone’s all pissed that Public Access television is going to suffer. Then there’s all the hoopla because I won’t cough up the NFL Network, and all the rate hikes, and shady deal structures. And then there’s this whole Hollywood writer’s strike. It is NOT a good time to be cable television. Maybe for the holidays you could have a couple families curl up in front of the Discovery Channel and

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

remember the magic of the tube? Thanks. –Cable Television To Cable Television, We are not talking until I see some Packer versus Cowboy gridiron action. No way. Oh, look who I have here – Satellite Television!! That sure is a lot of HD programming you have there, Satellite Television. Wow! Impressive! Sorry, cable TV. Eat my remote. –Santa

Dear fat red human, Soooo hungry. Need ash trees! Ash trees yummy! Mmmmmmm, ash. Nothing like a good piece of ash. –The Borers To the Emerald Ash Borers, Holy crap, I mean, hello! I sure would like to help you out, but there’s no ash trees here! Just a bunch of stinky, nasty maple trees. And oak. They’re awful. You’d hate them. Don’t even bother checking. I’m sure you heard our boulevards are full of ash trees, but that was just a joke. Ha ha! I’d check Michigan. –Mr. Kringle

Special Bonus International Letter Dear America’s Santa Claus, Yeah, we need all the toys back. ALL of them. –China China, Don’t even joke around. All of them? Do you have rivers of lead paint over there that you need to get rid of, or what? This is just great. Now everyone’s getting magazine subscriptions. Dammit. –Santa

MAKE THE HOLIDAYS FA-LA-LA-LA-LICOUS WITH FAMOUS DAVE’S CATERING! Let Dave’s cater your holiday get-toether large or small!

$20 OFF $200

Family Fun Night every Wednesday featuring ozseeker the clown with free face painting and balloon animals for kids young and old.

Recieve $20 OFF your catering order of $200 or more. Offer valid only in Eau Claire location. No Cash Value. One per party visit .

Daily Happy Hour from 2-6pm which features half price alcohol except for famous drinks and half off chicken wings and onion strings.

Expires 01/02/08.

Purchase a $25 dollar gift card and recieve a coupon for $5 Off Good from January 1st, 2008 to Feburary 12th 2008.

2911 Mall Drive


Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

A Quick Phone Interview with the Santa Man

reindeer. V1: Have you ever been seen by a child on Christmas Eve? SC: Not that I know of. I’ve heard a lot of stories about kids trying to.

Santa Claus enjoys local downtown scene, cookies

V1: How do you visit all the houses in the world in one night?

By Molly Wendtland As many locals know, Santa Claus is often spotted roaming the streets of Chippewa Falls about this time of year. He might stop at Irvine Park, a dance studio, or a party – with or without invitation. Somehow, Santa just knows when Christmas is being celebrated. He carries candy canes as a peace offering, and from newborns to ninety-somethings, everyone’s eyes are wide when he walks through the door. (He saves the chimney for Christmas Eve.) Since the big guy is in such convenient proximity, I was able to track him down tand ask a few questions. The conversation went as follows: Volume One: So, why do you come to Chippewa Falls so often? Santa Claus: There are so many volunteers there that put things on to celebrate Christmas. I crash parties now and then and give candy canes to all the people I meet. V1: What song is most likely to bring you out of hiding?

Appearances by Mr. Claus Chippewa Falls Main Street Stores

Thursdays through Dec. 20 • Misc. Main Street locations, Chippewa Falls • 5-8pm • 723-0331 • See Santa as he visits various Bridge Street businesses and hands out candy canes.

Oakwood Mall Now through Dec. 24 •

4800 Golf Rd., Eau Claire (near Scheels) • Mon.-Sat. 10am-8pm; Sun. noon-6p; starting Dec. 16, Sun. 11am-8pm • 836-0044 • Have your picture taken and purchase various packages. (Regular old lap-sitting is free.) Santa takes periodic afternoon and evening breaks. On Monday Dec . 24, Santa will be at the mall from 9am-4pm.

Rutledge Charity Building Saturdays,

through Dec. 23 • 404 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • 11am-3pm • 723-7858 • Sit on Santa’s lap while enjoying the holiday décor of the Rutledge Building. Mrs. Claus will be taking polarized pictures for $2, or you can take your own. Candy canes available.

SC: “Here Comes Santa Claus.” V1: Does it bother you having your picture taken so often? SC: I don’t think about it much anymore. I just like seeing everyone in the Christmas spirit. V1: What do children ask you for most often? SC: Every year is different. Some kids just want things to go right in their families. I’m often surprised by the wisdom of these kids. V1: How can children stay off the “naughty” list? SC: Treat everyone real nice. (Ho ho ho!) V1: What are your favorite kinds of cookies?

SC: Well, it’s something just Santa knows about. And the reindeer – we use them on Christmas Eve only. V1: OK, I’ll let that one go. How does Santa celebrate Christmas after he’s done delivering presents? SC: He celebrates Christmas by relaxing – it really is an exhausting thing in some ways. You have to really stay on your toes. V1: No doubt. What is unique about your job? SC: I tell everyone I wish they could see Christmas through Santa’s eyes. They don’t see Christmas like I do. And since I had Santa on the phone, I asked him for a new bike. He said, “It depends on how good you’ve been.” After checking his records, he added, “I don’t know if that’ll fit in my sleigh or not, but I’ll work on it.”

SC: Whatever the kids make. Some kids also leave carrots out for the

Thanks, Santa.

Downtown Eau Claire Thursday, Nov.

Santa at Schultz’s Country Barn Sat-

Eau Claire Wal-Mart Dec. 1-2, 8-9 • 915 Gateway Dr., Eau Claire • 834-5966 • Visit with Santa in Wal-Mart’s Holiday section. Pictures with Santa are free. Call for times.

A Walk Through the Park Saturday, Dec. 8 • Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls • 6-8pm • 723-0051 • Santa Clause will attend this holiday walk through Irvine Park’s Christmas Village, where participants can carol and take in several light displays.

29 and Saturday, Dec. 1 • Pizza Plus, 208 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire • Nov. 29 57pm, Dec. 1 11am-2pm • 839-4914 • Have dinner (Thursday) or lunch (Saturday) with Santa! Singing and other entertainment to be featured. Horse-drawn wagon rides on Saturday. Part of the Christmastime in the City celebration.

Santa & Mrs. Claus at Pleasant Valley

Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9 • Pleasant Valley Tree Farm, N7240 810th St., Elk Mound • 11am-3pm • FREE • 879-5179 • • Visit the big man and his little lady.

18th Annual Bridge To Wonderland Parade Saturday, Dec. 1 • Downtown

Chippewa Falls • 6pm • FREE • 723-7858 • Watch illuminated floats and listen to area bands play holiday favorites that bring a sparkle to the eyes of children and adults. See Santa on the final float. Complimentary hot drinks served at businesses with red carpets.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

urday, Dec. 8 • Schultz’s Country Barn, 50996 N. Main St., Eleva • noon-2pm • 287-4684 • Sit on Santa’s lap, visit with Mrs. Claus, enjoy sleigh rides if there’s enough snow, and dine on cookies and hot chocolate. Pictures w/ Santa are $3.

WinterDaze Holiday Parade and Fireworks Thursday, Dec. 13 • clock tower

plaza, downtown Menomonie • 4:30pm • FREE • 235-2666 • • Caroling, visiting with Santa, and free hot chocolate. Parade at 6:30pm with fireworks afterward.

Dinner with Santa and Friends at Fanny Hill Dec. 17 & 18 • Fanny Hill •

5-7pm • kids $6.99 kids, adults $12.99 • 836-8184 • Kids can talk to Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, and the elves. Enjoy a meal and holiday music from strolling carolers, and a special holiday performance.

Mon-Tues Thurs Fri & Sat Sun

10am 10am 10am 10am

– 5pm – 6pm – 8pm -4pm

JUST IN Hand Crafted Christmas Items the perfect gift! • Create-A-Gift Basket – Always 10% off • Gourmet Foods & Coffee • Natural Pet Food & Products • Outdoor Furnishings, Grills & Planters • Seasonal Gifts & Fair Trade Products • Amish Quilts & Original Arts & Craft • Specializing In Contemporary & Rustic Western Furniture • Unique Window Coverings & Accessories • Standing Twig Planters • Antler Lamps, Tables & Chandeliers

13803 Seventh St. Osseo, WI Phone 715.597.2525 Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

g n i t s fea “WE WANT SOME FIGGY PUDDING, PLEASE BRING IT RIGHT HERE” Man, oh, man – let’s go get us some figgy pudding, y’all! Yum! It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a big, um, brimming ... bowl ... or cup(?) of that awesome pudding. Unfortunately, the pudding experts at Volume One were unable to track down a local source of this smooth, liquid gold, but they did discover that it’s really more of a cake. However, along the way, they discovered some great little shops for all kinds of other deserts, candies, and baked goods, not to mention great recipes from local chefs. So, figgy pudding or not, dig in and save room for dessert.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Steal a Taste!

Chippewa Valley chefs give you their favorite winter/holiday recipes The holidays are jam-packed with foods of all sorts – especially at family gatherings – and everyone’s got their favorite dish. But if you’re sick of your family’s favorites, why not try out the favorites of someone else’s family? Better yet, why not try out the food real, live local chefs prepare at home? Well, you can do just that with the following recipes. Get cooking.

Fransway’s Chicken and Homemade Noodle Soup A hearty, feel-good meal for the coldest of winter days provided by chefs Loretta and Bruce Fransway of Franzwa’s Café (800 Wisconsin Street Bldg 2, Suite 210, Eau Claire). ½ cup diced carrots ½ cup diced onion ½ cup diced celery 3 cups diced chicken meat 6 cups water 3 Tbsp chicken base Noodles: 8 eggs, whipped 1-2 cups flour Salt and pepper to taste Combine first six ingredients. Cook down until all vegetables are al dente (firm but not hard.) Meanwhile, prepare noodle dough. Combine eggs and flour in a small bowl, and mix until doughy. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Roll dough out on a cutting board to desired thickness. Cut with a pizza cutter and drop noodles into the boiling soup. Cook until noodles are soft or float to the surface.

Frikadelle A savory, personal-sized meatloaf popular throughout Germany provided by the good folks at Das Bierhaus (120 6th Ave. W., Menomonie). Guten Appetit! 2 lb ground beef 2 lb ground pork 2 medium yellow onions, finely chopped 4 eggs 2 Tbsp spicy mustard (Dijon works really well) 1 tsp nutmeg 1 Tbsp paprika 1 Tbsp black pepper 2 cups damp breadcrumbs 1 cup oil or shortening for frying Mix all ingredients (except oil) together.

Form into 1/3lb balls and flatten them slightly – not as flat as a hamburger. In a small pan, heat oil over medium heat. Fry each Frikadellen until internal temperature reaches 165º.

Julie’s Raw Pecan Pie Bars This wonderfully healthy, guilt-free, delicious twist on a holiday favorite was provided by raw chef, Julie Fedderly of The Raw Deal (544 S. Broadway, Menomonie). 6 cups raw pecans, divided 1 cup dried coconut flakes 3 cups pitted dates, divided 2 tsp vanilla flavor (or bean) 1/3 cup freshly ground flax seeds Crust: Combine 3 cups of raw pecans, 1 cup of dates, and coconut flakes in a food processor until you reach a moist crumbly texture. Press into the bottom of a 9x12 glass pan. Filling: Blend remaining 2 cups of dates with 1 1/2 cups of raw pecans in a food processor – the mixture will be quite thick. Transfer mixture into a bowl and, by hand, mix in the flax seeds, and the remaining 1 ½ cups of pecans (reserve a few pecans for garnishing, if desired.) Press filling onto top of crust. Decorate with raw pecans, and serve!

(Nathan’s) Uncle Bob’s Hot-buttered Rum A toasty after dinner drink provided by chef/owner Nathan Berg of Native Bay Restaurant & Lounge (9504 County Hwy S South, Chippewa Falls), whose uncle Bob Berg “used to make these buggers” for family holiday gatherings. ½ lb butter 2 cups brown sugar 3 whole eggs (farm-fresh and free-range, of course!) ½ tsp ground cloves 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp grated nutmeg Rum, for serving In a mixing bowl, combine eggs and sugar on medium-low speed. Meanwhile, melt butter and spices together in a saucepan. When melted, slowly add mixture to the eggs and sugar. Beat for 20-30 minutes, until a rich batter is obtained. (Unused batter can be stored in refrigerator.) To Serve: Bring water to boil in a teapot or saucepan. Place two sizeable spoonfuls of the batter and a healthy shot of rum (to taste) into a decent-sized coffee mug. Add hot water to fill the mug and stir until thoroughly combined. Relax with family and friends … and enjoy! Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook



*1ST ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: Thursday, December 6th, 6:00–7:30pm

DECEMBER 4–21, 2007 F R E E


2ND ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: Saturday, December 15th, 1:30–3:00pm

“You won't want to miss the ECRAC Holiday Art Fair; one-of-a-kind gifts at affordable prices!”


Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

*Coincides with the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Gallery Show’s artists’ reception, “Wood & Metal Matters”.

Sweet Stuff

This holiday season, if you find yourself nestled all snug in your bed while visions of sugar-plums dance in your head, don’t just lie there. You better get up and do something about those crazy visions, because you need something sugary and delicious, you hallucinating candy fiend! Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of Chippewa Valley’s many sweet spots. Have fun, and while you’re stuffing your face, don’t forget to pick up treats for the office or some truffles for Grandma.

Blakelee’s Chocolates & Sweet Things 416 Water St., Eau Claire • 514-0226 •

d a d Navi uevo

io* n t z a o i P l ñ l Fe spero a migos De

y preosean sus a

les d

Blakelee’s offers hard-to-find, “old-fashioned” candies and chocolates.

Dessert First Bakery Café 210 S.

Barstow St., Eau Claire • 833-8440 • www. • Famous for its multi-

tude of cupcakes, this California-inspired bakery and café offers cookies and scones as well as lunchtime sandwiches.

Hoepner’s Bakery & Party Shop 805

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire • 832-5115 •

Hoepner’s offers made-from-scratch items like breads and muffins, as well as seasonal treats like fruit cakes and Christmas cookies.

Inside Scoop Oakwood Mall, Eau Claire • 838-0150 • This bulk candy store offers a

Cantina & Grill

in Eau Claire • 228 Water St (715) 855-8590 • 2823 London Rd (715) 552-5973 * Merry Christmas and a happy new year from your friends at El Patio

variety of scoop-able candies like gummies and jellybeans, as well as gourmet chocolates like truffles.

Legacy Chocolates 643 S. Broadway St., Menomonie • 231-2580 • • Legacy Chocolates uses Venezuelan cocoa to make 32 flavors of hand-made truffles in four chocolate intensities: 41, 68, 85 and 99%.

Lilybelle Bakery & Confectionary 213 N. Bridge St, Chippewa Falls • 720-1435 • • The menu

at Lilybelle includes homemade pastries, scones, artisan breads, galettes (fruit-filled French pastries), specialty cookies, and cakes, all of which come in their signature pink Lilyboxes.

Marie’s Original Bakery 307 S. Barstow

St., Eau Claire • This European-style bakery offers seasonal sweet treats and homemade baked goods.

Obsessions Chocolate 310 Water

St., Eau Claire • 514-1720 • Obsessions Chocolates offers a variety of hand-made gourmet truffles, with flavors like pear, honey-lemon, mint, root beer, passion fruit, and of course, dark and white chocolate.

Simply Chocolate 2425 Seymour Rd., Eau Claire • 838-0811 • • Simply Chocolate offers gourmet sweets like truffles and chocolate fountain displays.

Sue’s Deluxe Bake Shop 1319 Birch St., Eau Claire • 552-3931 • Sue’s mostly homemade items include bars, sweet rolls, cookies, and cakes.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

g n i t a don “OUTSIDE THE SNOW IS FALLING AND FRIENDS ARE CALLING YOO HOO” As the temperatures drop and the long Wisconsin winter sets in, it’s a good time to reflect upon the things that place us among the lucky – things like heat, and roofs, and fast food tacos. If you’re looking to share some of that luck with those around you and give a little nod towards your less fortunate neighbors here in the Chippewa Valley, simply peruse the following list of local charities, all of whom are doing good work right here in town. A hearty “yoo hoo” to people in the area that usually don’t catch your attention may be just the thing you need to find purpose within all this crazy holiday hoopla.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Help Them Help Others

Here are some of the Chippewa Valley’s many organizations working to help those in need. They’ll accept money, food, special items, or your time as a volunteer. American Cancer Society 2427 N. Hillcrest Pkwy. #7, Altoona • 832-0181 • www.cancer. org • Nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization. Donate. American Red Cross 3485 E. Hamilton

Ave., Eau Claire • 835-4020 • www.redcross. org • Many charitable services. Donate or volunteer.

Arc Eau Claire 515 S. Barstow St., #110, Eau Claire • 834-7204 • Advocating for the rights of citizens with cognitive disabilities. Donate. Beacon House (Interfaith Hospitality Network) 309 E. Lake St., Eau Claire • 834-

4357• A facility where the homeless can stay while they seek employment and housing. Donate.

Beaver Creek Reserve S1 County Road K, Fall Creek • 877-2212 • • Beaver Creek Reserve provides programs, activities, and experiences to help people of all ages explore and discover the natural world. The Reserve includes a nature center, butterfly house, observatory, youth camp, nature store, citizen science center, field research station and charter science research school. Donate or volunteer. Big Brothers Big Sisters 312 S. Barstow St., #1, Eau Claire • 835-0161 • www.bbbs. org • Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships. Volunteer. Bolton Refuge House 404 Broadway St., Eau Claire • 834-9578 • Bolton Refuge House is a nonprofit organization designed to provide services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Donate. The Bridge P.O. Box 700, Menomonie • 2359074 • • A domestic abuse and sexual assault agency, serving Dunn and Pepin counties, whose goal is to end physical, sexual, and emotional violence in our society. Donate or volunteer. Catholic Charities 204 E. Grand Ave. #4,

Eau Claire • 832-6644 • • Many charitable community services. Donate or volunteer.

Children’s Service Society 2004 Highland Ave., Eau Claire • 835- 5915 • • Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin is the state’s largest private, not-for-profit provider of child welfare services. Donate or volunteer.

Chippewa Valley Free Clinic 421

Graham Ave., Eau Claire • 839-8477 • www. • The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic’s mission is to provide health related services to persons whose financial status impairs their access to health and medical services. Donate or volunteer.

Chippewa Valley Museum 1204 Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • 834-7871 • www. • The purpose of the Chippewa Valley Museum is to discover, collect, preserve, and interpret the history and culture of the Chippewa Valley and its people. Donate or volunteer. Community Table 1300 1st Ave., Eau

Claire • 835-4977 • www.thecommunitytable. org • Serves meals to those in need. Donate or volunteer.

n style Uptow

Community Television 800 Wisconsin St., Building D2, Suite 405, Eau Claire • 8395067 • • Providing the community with a televised outlet. Donate or volunteer. DeLong Middle School 2000 Vine St., Eau Claire • 852-4907 • www.delong.ecasd.k12. • DeLong staff and students work with many parent and community volunteers who help to enhance the teaching and learning that goes on at the school. Volunteer. Dunn County Interfaith Volunteers, Inc.

1920 S. Broadway St., Menomonie • 235-2920 • A non-profit umbrella organization that manages three vital community programs: Interfaith Food Pantry, the House of Hope homeless shelter, and the Interfaith Caregivers for the disabled, isolated, frail, and elderly. Donate or volunteer.

Easter Seals 5021 E. Hamilton Ave., Eau

Claire • 834- 9452 • • Easter Seals Wisconsin provides services to children and adults with disabilities and support to their families. Donate or volunteer.

Eau Claire Community Foundation 306 S. Barstow St., Suite 104, Eau Claire • 5523801 • • Offers donors opportunities to establish charitable legacies by making grants and by serving as a catalyst to address community needs. Donate. Eau Claire County Humane Association 3900 Old Town Hall Rd., Eau Claire • 8394747 • • Shelters animals throughout Eau Claire County. Donate or volunteer.

Feed My People Food Bank 331 Putnam

St., Eau Claire • 835-9415 • • Provides food pantries, soup kitchens and shelter programs in west central Wisconsin with enough food so that thousands of people can be helped each year. Donate or volunteer.

Goodwill Industries 3605 Gateway Dr., Eau Claire • 835-0532 • • One of the world’s largest nonprofit providers of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages, such as welfare dependency, homelessness, and lack of education or work experience, as Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

115 W.Grand Ave

O p e n

H o u s e





‐Watercolor & Mixed Media from Janice Kling ‐Jewelry from Marciadesign ‐Fiber Art Scarves & Purses from Leanne Johnson ‐Jewelry from Max & Lucie ‐Mystic Wear Crystals for horse and rider,cats & dogs, too...

Gentlemen, we can help you select perfect gifts for the ladies in your life! FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7TH 11AM TO 7PM


611 SUMMIT AVENUE, EAU CLAIRE, WI located 6 blocks east of Water Street bridge between Rust and Frederic Street

Stumped for a holiday or special gift? Hate the January blahs? Come to Ragtime '08! Featuring: Frederick Hodges; Renowned Jazz Pianist Sue Keller; Ragtime Dynamo from Chicago, Adam Swanson; World Jr. Ragtime Champion Butch Thompson; of Prairie Home Companion Fame!

Along with dozens of regionalfile:///C:/xdocs/ragtime/2008/ and national Ragtime talent.

“Our largest and most varied line-up ever!” For more info, or to download a registration form: by e-mail: via mail:

e-mail: c Ragtime Festival /o First Congregational UCC 310 Broadway, Eau Claire, WI 54703

for info:

715.834.2668 (M-F)

well as those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Donate or volunteer.

Hope Gospel Mission 8 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire • 552-5566 • www.hopegospelmission. org • Offers short term emergency shelter and long-term programs dedicated to addressing the root of a homeless person’s problems. Bargain center store and auto sales on Moholt Drive. Donate or volunteer. L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library 400 Eau Claire St., Eau Claire • 831-5301 • www. • The library’s “Capital Campaign” raises money for expanding and remodeling the library to meet demand for improved services for children and adults. Donate through various membership levels. Literacy Volunteers - Chippewa Valley 800 Wisconsin St., Building D02, Suite 301, Eau Claire • 834-0222 • • Literacy Volunteers - Chippewa Valley is a non-profit organization that formed in 1986 to help adults achieve their personal goals through literacy. Volunteer. Lutheran Social Services 3707 S. Valley

View Place., Eau Claire • 839-9107 • www. • Offers a variety of compassionate social services from adoption to counseling to older adult services. Donate or volunteer.

Salvation Army 2211 S. Hastings Way, Eau


Claire • 834-1224 • The Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization that helps whenever possible, surviving on the kindness of others from donation of money or items for its thrift store, and volunteer help. Donate or volunteer.

Toys for Tots 2211 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire • 834-1224 • Drop off new toy donations to any of Eau Claire County’s 2007 toy collection sites: Eau Claire Fire Stations, Associated Banks, Big Lots, Best Buy, Bothun Autos, K-Mart, Pak Mail Hamilson & Gateway, Prestige Auto, MJ Clothiers, Shopko, Werner Electric, and more. Donate. United Cerebral Palsy 206 Water St., Eau


Claire • 832-1782 • • One of the largest health charities in America, the UCP advances the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities. Donate.


United Way of Greater Eau Claire 131 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire • 834- 5043 • www. • Works closely with service providers, government agencies, and the business community to identify heath and human service problems in the community, then develops solutions to address those problems. Donate or volunteer.




West Central Wisconsin Community 1421

Stout Rd., Menomonie • 235-4511 • Works to promote the self-sufficiency of low-income families in the rural communities of west central Wisconsin. Donate.

Western Dairyland 418 Wisconsin St, Eau Claire • 836-0540 • www.westerndairyland. org • Established to help disadvantaged individuals in Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson, and Trempealeau counties. Their mission is to alleviate poverty-related conditions and provide opportunities which enable people to advance economically and socially. Donate or volunteer.

616 3rd Street Menomonie 715.231.1133 (East of the post office)

Hours: Mon-Fri. 10-5:30pm, Sat. 9-2pm, Sun. CLOSED

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

  ™

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Need a unique Holiday Gift? Back by popular demand four years after their sell-out performance here, and better than ever!

This concert incorporates a full complement of brass and percussion for a musical travelogue through American history. From the time of George Washington to the present day – music will be selected from the masters – Copland, Bernstein, Gershwin, Berlin, John Williams, Sousa; from bands like the Tijuana Brass and Chicago; and styles from Dixieland, swing, Broadway, folk, patriotic, pop, and even hip-hop! There is definitely “something for everybody” This show is for ages 5 to 105! Visit for music samples and videos, then run and get your tickets before they SELL OUT!

Monday evening, Jan. 21, 2008

7:00 p.m. - - Memorial High School Auditorium Tickets available at Alchemy Fine Foods, Copps Foods, Festival Foods, Mega Foods East and West, Ron’s Castle Foods, Schmitt Music, Morgan Music, and Brickhouse Music. Presented by the Memorial High School Band Parent Org. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Tickets Only $5 students/seniors and $10 adults!


t Prange Way, which was Wisconsin’s version of Target, I was nothing but a grunt worker. I unloaded semis, refilled bulk displays on the sales floor, stacked pallets, and dealt with anything too heavy or too dirty for the clerks. It was an enjoyable, though predictable, job. One weeknight in December, however, I broke routine. And on that night, I became a celebrity. Wearing jeans and a Prange Way Tshirt, I clumped back to the stockroom to check the “to-do” list left by Dean, the head of shipping and receiving. It was usually something like: 1. Empty truck 2. Stack Clorox 3. Take pallet of kitty litter to display 4. Make a cart run every hour I was working my way through college, one stack of Clorox at a time. We were entrenched in the Christmas season, with customers ransacking the aisles ki like an army Szymans n e K y b n of degenerate non-fictio Scrooges. We put out the first of the Christmas merchandise before Halloween. By the time the actual holiday rolled around, it was two solid months of cranky holiday shoppers arguing about coupons, two months than stacking cases of Clorox and kitty of screaming babies, and two months litter, I asked for details. of the same eight Christmas songs on “We have an ad in the paper that the PA. In the stockroom, I remember says Santa will be here from six to eight hearing “I’ll be Home for Christmas” for tonight,” he said. “Rex usually does it, the two hundredth time and thinking but he can’t make it. We thought of you that I would not be home for Christmas. right away.” I was a tall, lanky, darkInstead, I’d be pulling a twelve-hour haired college kid—not your prototype shift at Prange Way. Kris Kringle. Still, I was warming up I had stacked the Clorox chest-high to the idea. Rex, the Santa I would be onto a flatbed when Larry, our manreplacing, worked in hardware and

t n u o c s i D Santa

I tried several ho-ho-hos. It came out too gruff, too loud, too quiet, too scary, too monotone, too much, or too little. I finally settled on a twisted mix of John Candy and John Madden. ager, approached me. He was wearing a white long sleeve dress shirt, as always, and a blue-stripped tie. “Hey Ken, how would you like to play Santa Claus tonight?” he asked, in the same tone he would’ve used to ask me if I was going to watch the Packer game that weekend. Thinking this Santa gig might be better

sporting goods. Though he was in his seventies, most of us couldn’t keep up with him. He’d be a tough Santa to replace. “We have the outfit,” Larry said. “Whadaya say?” He had this Jedi-mindtrick way of convincing people, like when he’d get you to agree to come in Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

early on weekend mornings or stay overtime when all you wanted to do was go home. Before I knew it, I was in the break room surrounded by clerks tying pillows around my waist. On with the red pants, red coat, beard, glasses, and hat. I tucked my mullet up into my hat, and the only other flaw we could find was my Reeboks. Larry took the rubber puddle covers off his dress shoes and slipped them over mine, while everyone stood around me, pointing and laughing. I stood there feeling like a dumb zoo animal. I had just a couple of minutes before show time. Jan from the shoe department, who would be snapping Polaroids of the kids and me, offered some tips. “Let me hear your ho-ho-ho,” she said. I tried several ho-ho-hos. It came out too gruff, too loud, too quiet, too scary, too monotone, too much, or too little. I finally settled on a twisted mix of John Candy and John Madden. “That’ll have to do,” Jan said. “Let’s

go.” Walking out feeling highly underqualified, I remembered my brother Ron. One Christmas Eve, he decided to play Santa for my three-year-old nephew at the last second. We dug through clothes in the basement, trying to jerry-rig an outfit. Old red wool hunting pants. Old red wool hunting coat. Red stocking hat. Pillow case beard. It looked awful. My nephew bought the whole thing though, happy to get the He-Man Castle Greyskull he’d always wanted. After the present, my brother handed him a candy cane, told him to be good, and vanished like a clumsy burglar. I figured that if Ron could fool a family member with such a ridiculous get-up, I ought to be able to pull this off. *** I settled into my chair, and the kids had already formed a line. The first kid in line was a gimmie. He wore a belt buckle that said “BEN.” Here goes, I thought. “Well hello there Ben,” I said. “How are you doing tonight? Have you been a good boy, Ben?” “Mom!” he shrieked, exploding suddenly in a miniature stationary sprint. “He knows me!” We smiled for a photo. I asked him if he’d been good. He told me what he wanted for Christmas. I left it vague by saying, “We’ll see what Santa can do. You just be sure to be good. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!” I had found my groove. Next. One girl, about four years old, walked in looking in the other direction. When she finally turned toward me, she had almost walked into me. Her brown eyes grew and her cheeks puffed out, seemingly ecstatic, and she then proceeded to vomit on the shiny tiled floor in front of me. As the stock guy, I was the one they paged for clean up, but it wouldn’t look good to see Santa slopping a mop over a puddle of puke. The unfortunate stock guy that agreed to replace me that night took care of it while I sat on my throne. For once, I was on top in the retail world. It got even better when a group of bubbling beautiful women stopped to get their picture taken with me. I probably don’t need to clarify this, but that was not something that normally happened to me at work. A group of friends dropped by for a photo, and I still have the Polaroid of the five of us. Everyone looks younger, almost baby-faced, except me. I just look old and fat, yet jolly. Perhaps it was a look into my future. Toward the end of the night, one little girl stopped by holding hands with her mom. She was hesitant, but clearly wanted to talk about more than the usual theseVolume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

are-the-presents-that-I-want chitchat. It took her a little while, but she finally, quietly, said, “I knew you were real. Some kids at school say you’re not real. You are real, aren’t you?” I felt like a fraud. Thoughts ricocheted off the walls of my brain. Should I lie or tell the truth? Do I explain how I’m not really Santa? Explain that I’m just the stock guy filling in for the real Santa? That the real Santa is just Rex from the hardware department? A part of me wanted to clear the slate, tell her about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, everything—stop the deception once and for all. I couldn’t look at this girl and lie to her face. “Do you think I’m real?” I slowly asked, pulling the classic answering-a-questionwith-a-question technique, trying to buy time until I thought of a way out of this. “Yes,” she said, hopeful. “Then I…. must be… real,” I slowly answered. Mom nodded a look that said, “Nice save, Santa.” I could weasel circles around lawyers with these true-on-a-technicality answers. But was I just setting this girl up for more teasing and humiliation when she gave my statement as testimony against the playground taunters? Some say teaching kids to believe in Santa is “sharing a myth.” Others call it flat-out lying. I was just trying to save face for myself and for Prange Way. I wasn’t really trained for these philosophical dilemmas. I was paid minimum wage to do what was on Dean’s “to-do” list. If you needed an entertainment center hauled out to your car, I was the guy to call. I’d even cut you some twine if you didn’t have a bungee cord. That’s about as far as I was meant to go. Sometimes in the retail call of duty, however, you have to step up. When the second-string quarterback has to take over his team because of injury, it doesn’t matter if it’s preseason or the Super Bowl; he has to play like the starter and march the team down for the win. *** On Christmas morning, when Ben ripped open the Legos that he asked for, he probably remembered our conversation. Maybe he still does. I know that I think of Prange Way every Christmas: the overtime; the eight-song Christmas soundtrack; the empty shopping carts scattered throughout the parking lot like cattle waiting for roundup; the babies with upset stomachs; and the Medusa-like tangled mess in the Christmas lights aisle. I miss that place. There, among the clamor of the cash registers and flurry of shoppers, I had a two-hour stint as the real Santa Claus. And just like hauling an entertainment center out to your car, I delivered. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Truffles 4/box




12/box $2395

18/box $3750

Order your custom gift boxes early for the holiday!

Shipping Available.




Cup Cakes Reg. Lg.

Coffee Coco

Made in house with local organic ingredients. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

$195 $300



happen ings “DANCING AND PRANCING IN JINGLE BELL SQUARE ... IN THE FROSTY AIR” Christmastime is probably the only time all year long when you can get out there and do some good ol’ fashioned dancin’ an’ prancin’ and not draw dirty looks. People just kind of expect you to be all happy and celebratory. It’s too bad the stress of family diners, travel arrangements, and gift-buying tends to put a damper on our holiday prance fest. Fortunately, the following pages list a plethora of the Chippewa Valley’s many prance-worthy events, helping you to shake off some of that yuletide anxiety. From theatre to concerts to special dinners to art fairs to full-on, city-wide, holidays-in-your-face celebrations, there’s plenty of reasons to get out there and get your prance on. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

A Calendar of Holiday Fun

If holiday-themed events were snowflakes, there’d be quite a blizzard swirling about The Chippewa Valley. Grab your hats and mittens and take a stroll through our special Yuletide Edition of the Full Slate. Events run right up to Christmas.

Live Music

Ye Olde Madrigal Dinner Friday, Nov. 30 and Sat-

urday Dec. 1 • Council Fire Room, Davies Center • 6:30pm • $25 • 836-3727 • A 15th century-style banquet with music and entertainment by the Court Chamber Choir, Court Brass Choir, Court Recorders, and Court Thespians.

American Lutheran Homes Christmas Tea Saturday, Dec. 1 • American Lutheran Homes, 915 E. Elm Ave., Menomonie • 1:30-3pm • FREE • 235-9041 • Families and friends are invited to celebrate the Christmas season with the American Lutheran Homes Auxiliary Christmas Tea. Arlene Hofland will be performing Christmas music, followed by refreshments and fellowship. Eau Claire Male Chorus Saturday, Dec. 1 • Regis

High School Auditorium • 2pm & 7pm • adult $8 advance/$10 door; youth $4 • 830-2271 • The Eau Claire Male Chorus presents “A Christmas Greeting.” The chorus will be joined by the Chippewa Valley Boy Choir at 2pm and the Eau Claire Madrigal Singers at 7pm.

Hope for the Holidays: Thomas Built the Wall + Hyentyte + Heavy J and the Fantastics Saturday, Dec.

1 • Waterfront Bar and Grill, Menomonie • 6pm • $5 • 313-0392 • Alternative and jam music by regional bands. This annual event is organized by Susan Wolfgram’s Abuse in the Family class at UW-Stout.All proceeds go to the Bridge to Hope in Menomonie to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Pine Meadow Charity Christmas Party Saturday,

Dec. 1 • Barley Club, Pine Meadow Golf Club • 7pm • call for cost • 831-9224 • Hors d’oeuvres and live music from The Contenders. Formal to semi-formal dress requested. Bring a toy and a non-perishable food item to donate.

Chippewa Valley Symphony: Celebrate! Saturday, Dec. 1 • State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7:30pm • adults $18, seniors $17, youth $8 • 832-6366 • The Chippewa Valley Symphony presents “Celebrate!” with guest artists The Pacibells. The ensemble will play a variety of favorite Christmas selections.

When it comes to gifts, there is no bigger surprise.

Northwinds Brass Band Saturday, Dec. 1 • Heyde

Center for the Arts, Chippewa Falls • 8pm • $5 • 7269000 • A special program will present sparkling brass Christmas music from around the world, and other favorites conducted by Ross Wilson. The band is made up of musicians from northwestern Wisconsin.

Holiday Harp Concert Sunday, Dec. 2 • Chippewa Valley Museum, Carson Park • 2pm • $4 museum admission • 834-7871 • A highlight of the holiday season, the Harp Ensemble presents its annual concert. Refreshments served after the concert. UW-Stout Concert Band + Jazz Band Holiday Concert Sunday, Dec. 2 • Memorial Student Center, UW-

Stout • 2pm • $4 • 232-2308 • Student ensembles perform holiday music.

The Memories: Holiday Show Sunday, Dec. 2 • Ma-

bel Tainter Theater, Menomonie • 2pm & 7pm • adults $16, seniors/students $14, kids $6 • 235-0001 • The Memories return with their traditional holiday show performing a wide variety of popular music. Vocal music, comedy, and novelty songs.

How do you wrap togetherness? Or put a ribbon around a memory? Can you even put a bow on fun? It's easy when you give a Carnival cruise from Chippewa Valley Travel. It's a gift of fun everyone will treasure. Gift certificates available in any amount.

Love-Light Christmas Tree Ceremony Sunday, Dec. 2

• Sacred Heart Hospital Chapel • 5:30-7pm • $5 donation per light • 839-4255 • Honor and memorialize relatives and specal friends by lighting a love-light in their name.Tree lighting will follow the ceremony. Organized by the Volunteer Partners of Sacred Heart Hospital.

Torte Theater Sunday, Dec. 2 • Heyde Center for the

Arts, Chippewa Falls • 6:30pm • adults $8, youth $5 • 726-2406 ext. 1422 • The Chippewa Falls High School Music Department Torte Theater is a festive holiday tradition that features the Madrigal Singers and the 11th/12th grade orchestra performing. The Madrigal Singers are a select vocal ensemble who perform in costumes reminiscent of the Renaissance era. Following the performance, a delicious selection of tortes and cheesecakes will be served along with punch and coffee.

Lorie Line and her Pop Chamber Orchestra: The Glory of Christmas Monday, Dec. 3 • Zorn Arena,

UWEC • 7:30pm • $21-49 • 836-2737 • Lorie Line and her Pop Chamber Orchestra present their 2007 Holiday Extravaganza titled “The Glory of Christmas” The en-

Ah! The Christmas tractor arrives at Menomonie’s WinterDaze Holiday Parade. Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

CHIPPEWA VALLEY TRAVEL 31 E Columbia • Chippewa Falls 723-9352 • 800-826-6644

tire show is brand new, and will take you back in time as they explore the traditions of the Christmas season.

String Ties Friday, Dec. 7 • Heyde Center for the Arts,

Chippewa Falls • 7:30pm • adults $10, seniors $9, students $6, family of four $28 • 726-9000 • The String Ties band has been playing bluegrass for over ten years. Their Christmas show features songs from a foot-stompin’ version of “Sleigh Ride” to a calming “Silent Night.”

Festival of Bells: Season of Wonder Saturday, Dec. 8,

3pm; Sunday, Dec. 9, 6:30pm • Grace Lutheran Church, 202 W. Grand Ave. • freewill offering • 832-9713 • Grace Lutheran Church presents its annual festival of bells featuring six choirs, three handbell choirs, organ, and brass quintet.

UWEC Holiday Concert Sunday, Dec. 9 • Zorn Arena, UWEC • 2pm & 5pm • FREE, but tickets must be reserved in advance • 836-3727 • Theisoncert will feature performances by the Symphonic Choir and Symphony Orchestra, the Singing Statesmen, the Women’s Concert Chorale, the Women’s Chorus, the Concert Choir and the Wind Symphony. There will be a preconcert performance by Two Rivers Brass, a brass quintet. Following a holiday greeting from Levin-Stankevich, the concert will conclude in traditional fashion with participation by the combined choirs, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony and the audience in Ross Hastings’ arrangement of “The Joy of Christmas,” a setting of familiar carols that was commissioned for the Holiday Concert and premiered in 1989. Chippewa Valley Concert Band: Christmas Festival

Wednesday, Dec. 12 • Oakwood Mall Food Court • 7pm • FREE • 205-2901 • This group is made up of local musicians including band directors and teachers and is directed by former Bloomer High School band director Ronald G. Gard. They will perform a Christmas Festival featuring the sentimental classic “Greensleeves,” upbeat and fun tunes like “Sleigh Ride” and “We Need a Little Christmas,” selections from the Canadian Brass Christmas Suite, and many other seasonal and festive favorites.

The Master Singers: Lessons and Carols: The Gift of Love Friday, Dec. 14 • First Congregational Church,

310 Broadway St., Eau Claire • 7:30pm • adult $10, student $5 • 836-4056 • The Master Singers perform repertoire from a rich choral tradition. The ensemble is dedicated to the fostering, promotion and appreciation of choral music in the greater Chippewa Valley. The members of the Master Singers come from colleges and universities that are noted for a strong choral tradition throughout the Midwest.

Crazy Keys Dueling Pianos Friday, Dec. 14 • Ramada Convention Center, 205 S. Barstow St. • buffet 6-8pm, show 8pm-midnight • general $35, VIP $45 • 855-0871 • Clean comedy, limericks, props, hula hoop contest, audience particpation and more from pianists Johnny and Rob. This event is geared toward company holiday parties.

Natural Healing Center

Home for the Holidays Saturday, Dec. 15 • Ramada

Convention Center, 205 S. Barstow St. • dinner 6:30pm, show 8pm • $23.95-$30.95 • 855-0871 • Holiday musical revue featuring classic and contemporary music, skits, and sing-alongs. This event is geared toward company holiday parties.

Enhancing Health "Without Worries"

.Ashiatsu - foot pressure

The Roches: Holiday with a Twist Tuesday, Dec. 18 •

Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie • 7:30pm • adults $24, seniors/students $20, kids $6 • 235-0001 • With a recording career that spans over three decades, The Roches have blended influences from church choir music, traditional Irish folk, contemporary folk, rock, country and pop with their own innate musical sensibilities to produce what can only be called “Roche music.” Now they’re singing seasonal favorites Roche-style, from “Hallelujah Chorus” to “Frosty the Snowman.”

massage Hot Stone massage

. .Therapuetic massage

Heyde Center Holiday Bash Friday, Dec. 21 • Heyde

Center for the Arts, Chippewa Falls • 7-11pm • $5 • 7269000 • Music by local high school and college bands and musicians.

927 Loring St Suite 4 Altoona, WI 54720 Phone 715.830.9890

UWEC Jazz Ensemble I: Christmas Day, My Favorite Day Friday, Dec. 21 • Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie • 7:30pm • adults $12, seniors/students $10, kids $6 • 235-0001 • Directed by Robert Baca, the award-win-

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

ning Jazz Ensemble I at the University of WisconsinEau Claire has recorded its first Christmas CD featuring nearly 30 current UW-Eau Claire jazz students or alumni performing holiday classics.

The Menomonie Five: A Night in December to Re-

member Saturday, Dec. 22 • Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie • 7:30pm • adults $10, seniors/students $8, kids $6 • 235-0001 • Dudley Markham, Gary Johnson, Dale Freberg, Paula Smith and Barb Lyons present a variety of winter and seasonal classics from the 1940s to the present, including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Water is Wide,” the Irish ballad “Sally Garden,” and many others. The evening will include a traditional holiday singalong.

Fairs & Art Shows

Holiday Artists’ Market Friday, Nov. 30-Sunday, Dec.

2 • 1814 Oxford Avenue • 5-9pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday • FREE • 839-8877 • This benefit for the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre will feature local artists and craftsmen selling one of a kind holiday gift items, entertainment by local musicians and refreshments.

Mabel Tainter Fine Arts & Crafts Faire Friday, Nov.

30-Saturday Dec. 1 • Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie • 11am-7pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday • FREE • 235-0001 • The Annual Mabel Tainter Fine Arts & Crafts Faire features fifty of the Midwest’s finest artisans in art and craft. Mingle among artists of photography, painting, wood and metal sculpture, textiles, pottery and more on all three levels of the historic Victorian theater.

Community Christmas Fair Saturday, Dec. 1 • Fall

Creek Village Hall, Hwy. 12 • 9am-1pm • FREE • 8772790 • Many local churches, organizations, and individuals will have items for sale: dthnic and Christmas bakings such as lefse, punschka, cookies, pies, and breads; locally produced honey, baskets, beaded jewelry, toys, hand knit and craft items; local authors will sign books. Coffee and sweets in the morning, lunch starting at 10:30am.

Featuring UW-Eau Claire music ensembles Sunday, Dec. 9, 2 and 5 p.m., Zorn Arena

free admission

Tickets must be secured in advance from the University Service Center, Davies Center 161 (open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Tickets also may be ordered online at

Holiday Expo Saturday, Dec. 1 • Hallie Town Hall • 9am-3pm • FREE • 456-1976 • More than 20 different vendors with health and beauty, candles, scrapbooking, jewelry, home decor, and food products. Door prizes and refreshments.

Holiday Art Fair Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Eau Claire • Dec. 4-21 • Mon.-Fri. 9am-4:30pm • FREE • 832-2787 • • Combining the talents of over forty local artists and artisans with affordable prices, the Art Fair brings original and unique presents to the Chippewa Valley for holiday gift-giving. Art and Jewelry Show Friday Dec. 7 and Saturday, Dec. 8 • 611 Summit Avenue, Eau Claire • 11am-7pm Dec. 7, 11am-4pm Dec. 8 • FREE • 831-1584 • This open house features jewelry, fiber art scarves and purses, watercolor and mixed media, plus the exciting new Mystic Wear Crystals for horse and rider as well as cats, dogs and their people.


That’s My Boy Now through Jan. 27 • Fanny Hill Din-

ner Theatre • times and prices vary • 836-8184 or (800) 292-8026 • Is the world ready for two Poznarskis? We might just find out in the latest holiday fun from Don Hodgins. It’s Christmas time and Rudy and his clan are getting ready to celebrate. There’s a knock at the door. It’s a young man who seems somehow familiar. This young man has a big secret and a big story to tell.

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild: The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol Grand

Little Theatre, 102 W. Grand Ave. • Dec. 6-8 & 13-15, 7:30pm; Dec 9 & 16, 1:30pm • adults $18, seniors $17, youth/students $8 • 832-7529 • In a festive mood, the ladies guild mounts an assault on the classics with their stage version of A Christmas Carol. They portray a dizzying array of characters from the Dickens classic. Join

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Holiday Handbook


New, unwrapped children’s books will be collected for distribution to area children in need through the Give-A-KidA-Book project of the Friends of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library.

Downtown Eau Claire’s Christmastime in the City event features Madrigal magic. us for this funny new holiday classic as the ladies battle crazy sets, missing props, and big egos.

Menomonie Theater Guild: Nuncrackers Fridays,

Dec. 7 & 14, 7:30pm; Saturdays, Dec. 8 & 15, 2pm & 7:30pm; Sundays, Dec. 9 & 16, 2pm • Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie • adults $15, seniors/students $14 • 235-0001 • The zany Nuns of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, along with Father Virgil and several of Mount Saint Helen’s most talented students, assemble for an evening of hilarity. The basement of the school has been “converted” into a cable access TV studio where the nuns are taping their very first Christmas special. The show features all new songs including “Twelve Days Prior to Christmas,” “In The Convent,” and “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive.”

will perform the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Chinese, Spanish and Russian dances from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky while Deborah tells the story of the famous ballet. A Christmas party and reception will follow.

It’s a Wonderful Life Dec. 14-15, 7pm; Dec. 16, 2pm •

North High School • adults $5, students $3 • 852-6724 • High school students stage the holiday movie classic starring Jimmy Stewart. There will also be a cakewalk, pictures with Husky Claus, carolers, a band, and booths for several local charities.

Special Events

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker Friday, Dec. 7 • State Theatre • 7:30pm • $26-$66 • 832ARTS • With an all-Russian cast renowned for exquisite dancing, choreography by artistic director Anatoli Emelianov and spectacular scenic design by Valentin Fedorov, the 15th anniversary U.S. tour of Great Russian Nutcracker comes to the State Theatre. Luminaries of the Perm, Vaganova, Kiev and Moscow Academic Choreographic schools will present Emelianov’s unique setting of Nutcracker, incorporating an ethereal Dove in Act II, “The Land of Peace and Harmony.”

Santa’s in Town Now through Dec. 22 • Rutledge Charity Building, 404 N. Bridge St. • 11am-3pm Sat. and 5-8pm Thur. • FREE • 723-7858 • Santa will be downtown to visit with children.

the Arts, Chippewa Falls • 2pm • FREE • 726-9000 • Students of the Performing Arts School of Dance at the Heyde Center for the Arts directed by Deborah Lang

Lights in the Park Now through January • North Park,

Nutcracker Ballet Sunday, Dec. 9 • Heyde Center for

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Holiday Handbook

Christmas Village in Irvine Park Open daily through New Year’s Day • Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls • 7am9:30pm • FREE • 723-0051 • Irvine Park comes alive with color and light as more than 100,000 lights and over 100 illuminated displays and scenes help visitors to enjoy the holiday season. Walk or drive through the park. Bloomer • dusk-9pm • FREE • Check out the twinkle lights at Bloomer’s annual holiday display.

Teen Literacy Initiative Book Sale Nov. 28-30 • Memorial High School Library • 9am-7pm Wednesday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Friday • FREE • 852-6301 • Memorial High School’s Teen Literacy Initiative is hosting a book sale with half-off new books for all ages. Profits go to promoting literacy and donating books to children and adults in the community.

Christmastime in the City Thursday, Nov. 29 • Corner of S. Barstow Street and Grand Avenue • 5-7pm • FREE • 839-4914 • Dinner with Santa at Pizza Plus. Old fashioned tree lighting ceremony at 7pm in the parking lot across from the Children’s Museum with carolers and other entertainment. Live Nativity Saturday, Dec. 1 and Sunday Dec. 2

• Pleasant Valley Tree Farm, N7240 810th St., Elk Mound • 11am-3pm • FREE • 879-5179 • www. • The Living Nativity features real-life members of the Holy Family. Llamas, sheep, donkeys and goats complete the holy scene.

Brunch with Santa Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23 • Fanny Hill, 3919

Crescent Ave., Eau Claire • 9:30am-2pm • kids $9.99, adults $16.96 • 836-8184 • A mid-morning buffet with Ol’ Saint Nick. Kids under 3 eat free.

Christmastime in the City Saturday, Dec. 1 • downtown

Eau Claire • 11am-2pm • FREE • 839-4914 • Lunch with Santa at Pizza Plus, horse-drawn wagon rides around downtown, holiday entertainment, celebrations at downtown businesses.

Bridge To Wonderland Parade Saturday, Dec. 1 • Downtown Chippewa Falls • 6pm • FREE • 723-7858 • Watch illuminated floats and listen to area bands play holiday favorites that bring a sparkle to the eyes of children and adults. See Santa on the final float. Complimentary hot drinks served at businesses with red carpets.

Reindeer Display and Petting Saturday, Dec. 1 • Corner of Bridge and Birch streets, downtown Chippewa Falls • 3-5pm • FREE • 723-7858 • Live reindeer come to downtown Chippewa Falls. Christmas In Cornell Dec. 1-31 • Mill Yard Park, Cornell • 239-3717 • Mill Yard Park on the corner of Bridge Street and Park Road is decked out in thousands of lights. Advent at the Ager Sunday, Dec. 2 • Ager House, 514 W. Madison St. • 11:30-3pm • FREE • 832-0956 • A day of old-fashioned Christmas activities for the whole family. Cookie decorating, Scandinavian basket making, tree decorating, christmas carols, treats, and more.

Victorian Christmas Open House Sunday, Dec. 2 • Cook-Rutledge Mansion, 505 W. Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls • 1-5pm • adults $6, kids $3 • 723-7181 • The Cook-Rutledge Mansion is decorated for the holiday season by the Lake Wissota Garden Club. Music, dessert, and refreshments. All proceeds go towards upkeep and restoration of the mansion. Author’s Tea Sunday, Dec. 2 • Christ Church Cathedral, 510 S. Farwell St. • 2-4pm • $25 • 834-3709 • Author Sandy Hanson will present A Camel’s Story, a story told from a camel’s perspective that approaches the magi’s discovery of the Christ Child in a new way. Homemade goodies and tea will be served. The North High School Northernaires and harpist Bethany Scheida will also entertain. Call for reservations.

Horse-drawn Wagon Rides Dec. 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20 • rides leave from Gordy’s True Value parking lot, Chippewa Falls • 4:30-7:30pm • advance tickets $3 at Gordy’s • 726-2500 • Tour the Irvine Park Christmas Village and downtown Chippewa Falls.

Emotional Eating During the Holidays Thursday, Dec. 6 • L.E. Phillips Senior Center, 1616 Bellinger St. • noon-1pm • FREE • ages 55+ • 839-4909 • Learn about different and healthier options for dealing with your emotions. Call to register.

Holiday Art Fair: Meet the Artists Thursday, Dec. 6 • Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Eau Claire • 6-7:30pm • FREE • 832-2787 • • Hang out with the contributers to ECRAC’s annual art fair.

Pet Night With Santa Thursday, Dec. 6 • Scheels wing,

Oakwood Mall • 6-8pm • 836-0044 • Bring your pets to visit and have their photo taken with Santa. Free goodies for pets.

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Holiday Handbook

Holiday Open House Thursday, Dec. 6 • Borders Books and Music Café, Eau Claire • 7pm • FREE • 832-2852 • An evening of in-store festivities – bring the whole family. Kids will enjoy caroling, coloring, storytimes, board games, and fun activities. Enjoy tasty treats from Seattle’s Best Coffee, too. Celebrate the Holidays Storytime Saturday, Dec. 8 •

Borders Books and Music Café, Eau Claire • 10:30am • FREE • 832-2852 • Kids of all ages can listen to stories and do a related activity or craft. Read Rob Scotton’s latest Russell the Sheep story and other holiday stories featuring favorite characters.

Walk Through The Park Saturday, Dec. 8 • Irvine Park,

Chippewa Falls • 4-8pm • FREE • 723-5515 • Enjoy thousands of lights and caroling, followed by hot chocolate and cookies.

Ballroom, Swing and Latin Dance Saturday, Dec. 8 •

St. Marys Community Center, 1812 Lynn Ave., Altoona • 7:30-11pm • $14 • Sponsored by the Chippewa Valley Dance Club. Dance to the music of the Larry Busch Band. They will play a variety of Ballroom, Swing and Latin dance music. Open to all interested dancers. Beginners welcome, dressy attire.

Ken Seguine + LeAnn Ralph Thursday, Dec. 13 •

Menomonie Market Food Co-op, Menomonie • 11am2pm • FREE • 235-6533 • Ken Seguine is the founder of Hay River Foods based in Prairie Farm. He will be sharing samples of his organic pumpkinseed oil which is sustainably and lovingly produced on small family farms in Northwestern Wisconsin. Author LeAnn Ralph of Colfax will be signing copies of her book Christmas in Dairyland: True Stories from a Wisconsin Farm. The stories celebrate Christmas in the country during simpler times.

WinterDaze Holiday Parade and Fireworks Thursday, Dec. 13 • clock tower plaza, downtown Menomonie • 4:30pm • FREE • 235-2666 • • Caroling, visiting with Santa, and free hot chocolate. Parade at 6:30pm with fireworks afterward.

Victorian Christmas Dinner Friday, Dec. 14 • Mill Pond

Market, Eleva • reservations starting at 6pm • $45 • 2874646 • • Traditional Victorian Christmas dinner buffet with a brass quartet playing Christmas music. Call for reservations.

Christmas Dance Friday, Dec. 14 • Parkview Elemen-

tary School, Chippewa Falls • 7:30-10pm • $10 • 8331879 • Come by yourself or with a partner for an hour of instruction in ballroom, Latin and swing followed by dancing. Participants will be introduced to the basic patterns in swing, waltz, and rumba. In addition, dancers will develop timing as well as leading and following skills while practicing to classic dance and holiday tunes.

Animals & Holidays Storytime Saturday, Dec. 15 • Borders Books and Music Café, Eau Claire • 10:30am • FREE • 832-2852 • Kids of all ages can listen to stories and do a related activity or craft Theme: Do you think animals in the forests and animals all over the world celebrate the holidays?

Dinner with Santa and Friends Dec. 17 & 18 • Fanny Hill, 3919 Crescent Ave., Eau Claire • 5-7pm • kids $6.99, adults $12.99 • 836-8184 • Kids can talk to Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, and the elves. Enjoy a meal and holiday music from strolling carolers, and a special holiday performance.


Weihnachtsmarkt Ongoing • Das Bierhaus, 120 6th

Ave. West, Menomonie • 231-3230 • The beer house is decked with the trappings of a traditional German Christmas.

Cookie Walk Saturday, Dec. 1 • Christ Church Cathe-

dral, 510 S. Farwell St. • 9-11am • FREE • 835-3734 • A wide assortment of cookies, candies, and other goodies will be on sale.

Christmas Cookie Walk and Craft Sale Saturday, Dec. 1 • L.E. Phillips Senior Center, 1616 Bellinger St. • 9amnoon • 839-4909 • Purchase homemade goodies for preholiday parties and festivities.

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Holiday Handbook

Scandinavian Bake Sale Saturday, Dec. 1 • Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 910 Ninth St., Menomonie • 9-10:30am • FREE • 235-0693 • Many baked items including lefse, sanbakkels, krumkake, tea rings, kifla, Berliner Kranzer, rosettes, and fattigmann. Recipes for a Healthy Holiday Tuesday, Dec. 4 • Festival

Foods • 7pm • FREE • 838-1000 • Get recipe ideas and recipe makeover strategies for healthier holiday favorites. Bring a favorite recipe and get tips to “lighten” it. Taste sample holiday dishes. Presented by Lisa Eierman.

Christmas Cake, Bake and Take Wednesday, Dec. 5 • Chippewa Falls High School, Room 106 • 5:30-9pm • $55 • 720-3749 • Get your Christmas baking done in one night in the foods room at Chippewa Falls High School. Each participant will work with a partner to make two recipes. Everyone will take home a dozen or more of 1214 different kinds of treats. Cost includes baking ingredients and recipe book. Call to register.

Eau Claire Winter Farmers Market Saturday, Dec. 8 • St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church, Hwy. 53, south of Brackett • 9am-1pm • FREE • 834-4547 • Find late season vegetables, meats, chicken, honey, wool products, milk, cheese, ice cream, buffalo, lamb, apples, and goat milk soap. Winter farmers markets will be held the second Saturday of each month. Benefits Feed My People. Healthy Holiday Entertaining Tuesday, Dec. 11 • Festival

Foods • 7pm • FREE • 838-1000 • Take a one-hour store tour to discover healthy and festive food selections to add to your holiday celebrations: appetizers, snacks, desserts, dinner selections, and food gift ideas. Presented by Lisa Eierman. Call to register.

Winter Seasonal Beer Tasting Wednesday, Dec. 12 • Haymarket Grill, 101 Graham Ave. • 7-9pm • FREE • 552-5564 • Sample a variety of winter beers.

Teen Café Event: Edible Gifts Saturday, Dec. 15 • Chippewa Falls Public Library • 10:30am-noon • FREE • 723-1146 #4 • Teens can create edible holiday gifts for their favorite chocoholics.


Create a Holiday Swag Thursday, Nov. 29 • The Potting

Shed, 1804 Rudolph Rd • 6pm • 831-4000 • $20 • Learn how to create an evergreen swag for your door or mantel. Call to register. Participants should bring wire cutters.

Wreath Decorating Class 6:30pm Thursday, Nov. 29;

10am Saturday, Dec. 1 • May’s Floral Garden, 3424 Jeffers Rd. • $20 • 800-422-6297 • Have fun decorating your fresh evergreen wreath for the holidays.


Recycling Holiday Cards Thursday, Nov. 29 • L.E. Phil-

lips Senior Center, 1616 Bellinger St. • 9:30-11:30am • members $2, non-members $3 • ages 55+ • 839-4909 • Joni Heitz will teach you how to reuse all those beautiful cards you’ve received over the years so that you may share their beauty and messages again. Start now and you’ll be able to use your new cards for the fast approaching holidays. Bring any old cards (if you have some) and scissors. Call to register.

Porch Pot/Wreath Decorating Make-up Class Thursday, Dec. 6 • May’s Floral Garden, 3424 Jeffers Rd. • 6:30pm • $20 • (800) 422-6297 • Create a decorative evergreen porch pot or a fresh evergreen wreath.


CONSIGNMENT SHOP Dianne Jones Sharon Muenich

Gingerbread House Workshop Sunday, Dec. 9 •

Chippewa Valley Museum, Eau Claire • 2-4pm • $39 members, $45 non-members • 834-7871 • Families are invited to create a gingerbread masterpiece at the CVM’s annual gingerbread house workshop. Making a gingerbread house as a family is a German Christmas tradition that brings the family together and creates a wonderful holiday decoration. Ursula Whelan, a German baker from Chippewa Falls, will lead the class and provide tips for decorating the house, yard, and roof with icing, assorted candies, and other treats. Cost covers the whole family.

Holiday Make and Take Tuesday, Dec. 11 • Family Re-

source Center for Eau Claire County, 2105 Heights Dr. • 6-7pm • FREE • 833-1735 • Get into the holiday spirit! Bring your child for hands on crafts, snacks, and music. Take home lots of great ideas for the holiday break. Call to register.

11 E. Central Street

C hippewa Falls, WI 54729

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Holiday Handbook

715.738.1230 715.271.3047

FAX 715.738.1231

d n e s ’ year “ANOTHER YEAR OVER, AND A NEW ONE JUST BEGUN” If your idea of a rockin’ New Year’s Eve involves sitting at home with a bucket of Moose Tracks ice cream and a bag of Doritos while you watch some sort of giant street party in some other city on network television, then perhaps it’s time to broaden your horizons. The Chippewa Valley offers all manor of events surrounding the midnight hour on December 31, and the following page lists a good many of them – from black tie/cocktail dress affairs to an evening with a Tool cover band. Yes, there’s something for everyone. We love a good dose of ice cream and tortilla chips, but New Year’s Eve only comes around once a year, folks. Make the rockin’ most of it.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

New Year’s Eve Events on Monday, Dec. 31

New Year’s Eve Dinner Haymarket Grill, 101 Graham Ave. • evening • $45 • 552-5564 • Special New Year’s Eve dinner with prix-fixe menu. New Year’s Eve Dinner and a Show Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre • $31.99 plus cost of dinner • 836-8184 or (800) 292-8026 • • Two special showings of That’s My Boy. Dinner begins at 4:45pm for the 7pm show, and at 7:30pm for the 9:45 show. Stick around for a Champaign toast at midnight. New Year’s at the Joynt The Joynt, 322 Water St., Eau Claire • 4-10pm • call for cost • 835-6959 • The Joynt’s annual, dressy New Year’s soiree. Tickets go on sale Dec. 15, and the price covers Champaign. Fabulous Forties New Year Eve Gala The Florian Gardens, 2340 Lorch Ave., Eau Claire • 6:30pm • individual $115, table of six $650 (discounts prior to Dec. 17) • 8328836 • Experience an evening of dining, dancing, and live music with intimate night club seating. Enjoy two complimentary drinks, a five course dinner, and midnight Champagne. Music includes Bruce Hering’s Big Band with “appearances” by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, The Andrew Sisters, and Frank Sinatra. Formal attire (’40s fashion encouraged). Emerging Artists Showcase Mabel Tainter Theater, Menomonie • 7:30pm • adults $10, seniors/students $8, kids $6 • 235-0001 • This New Year’s Eve celebration will be a family-friendly event featuring some of the best young talent in the region. Local professionals Yata, Patchouli, and Timothy Young present Western Wisconsin’s most talented middle and high school students in music and spoken word. Bailiwick Sammy’s Pub, 2812 London Rd., Eau Claire • 8pm • call for cost • 831-5950 • Bailiwick is a folky rock band that plays the Eagles to the Bodeans and everything in between. New Years Eve Bash House of Rock, 422 Water St. • doors at 8pm, show at 9pm • FREE • 838-0158 • www. • A giant, totally free show featuring QuinnElizabeth, Church of the Holy Rifles (former members of Silvering and Solidarity), The Ottoman Empire (of Madison), Purge the Woods, The Jaggernauts, The Edgar Allen Pose, Meridene, Antihero, and a “Bullet the Blue Sky” U2 tribute set featuring membes of the Jim Pullman Band. And who knows, maybe more. Borderline + H3O Stout Ale House, Menomonie • 9:30pm • FREE • 233-3333 • Borderline plays a variety of popular/classic rock/blues from the ’60s thru the ’80s and the best hard rock/blues from the ’90s to the present. H3O plays classic and current rock. A Very Special Tribute to Tool Stones Throw, 304 Eau

Claire St. • 9:30pm • $7 • 552-5882 • Minneapolis Tool cover band 10,000 Days takes the stage to prog-rock the year away. Party all night after the show with guest DJs and special festivities. Balloon drop at midnight! FREE Tshirts to the first 50 paid customers starting at 9:30pm!

Action City’s New Year’s Blast 2402 Lorch Ave., Eau Claire • 10pm-2am • $25 • 838-9663 • www.actioncityfun. com • Ring in 2008 with unlimited play, pizza, and pop for just $25. Hats and horns will be provided for the big countdown, and food will be available after the ball drops. Call or stop in to make a reservation. “Play” includes all indoor attractions. Bill and Dan’s Excellent Adventure The Mousetrap, 311 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire • 10pm • FREE • 832-8418 • A rock ’n’ roll funky jam act featuring Bill Hamilton and Dan Sebern with a varying cast of musical friends including John Neitz, Beau Brantner, and Billy Angell. Expect an eclectic mix of everything from brand-new originals to Motown covers. Champaign at midnight. New Year’s at the Bar Chord The Bar Chord Music Club,

307 Hwy. 12, Knapp • 10pm • FREE • 665-2582 • The Congo Eels and The Mammy Nuns comprise twin pillars of power rock ready to ring in 2008.The bands will alternate round-robin style all night long.

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook

Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry, Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry,

Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry, Handbags, Henna

Shoes, Jewlry, Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry, Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry,

Now available at

by Nelly


Handbags, Henna Shoes, Jewlry, Handbags, Henna Shoes,

Oakwood Mall


Chippewa Valley Ragtime Society....................38 Eau Claire Regional Arts Center......................34 Florian Gardens...................................................55 Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater.......................9 Memorial High School........................................39 Ramada Convention Center...............................34 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.................47


4 Seasons Florists................................................47 A Brand New Tattoo............................................35 Alchemy Organica................................................49 Arji..........................................................................54 BlakeLee’s Chocolates........................................45 Brent Douglas Floral............................................8 Cabin Chic.............................................................31 Chippewa RC Hobby Junction...........................11 Digital Daisy...........................................................7 Eclectica on Grand..............................................24 Economy Furniture.............................................13 Framery and Art Gallery....................................55 Giles Photography................................................54 Gloria Jean’s.........................................................14 Gordon’s Tributes..................................................7 Hahn’s Market......................................................15 Sharp One Hour Photo..........................................5 Just Kiss it Good Buy..........................................51 Lasker Jewelers...................................................25 Lydia’s Gallery......................................................20 Legacy Chocolates................................................20 Marcia Design.......................................................37 Marie’s Original Bakery......................................14 May’s Floral...........................................................53 Mill Pond Market..................................................53 Menomonie Market................................................6 Muldoon’s Menswear...........................................18 Obsession Chocolates..........................................43 Paper Kutz............................................................38 Sandy’s Clothing and Art....................................37 Silver Feather.......................................................49 Tastefully Simple.................................................45 Trucker’s Union.....................................................9 Unique Treats.........................................................7 Williams Diamond Center..................................28 Willow.....................................................................18


About Baby & Birth.............................................12 Apple Pregnancy..................................................24 Badger West Distribution...................................42 Chippewa Valley Chiropractic..........................41 Chippewa Valley Travel Service.......................45 Cosmetic Laser Center..........................................3 Denovo Med Spa..................................................39 Eau Claire County Human Services.................21 Enza Medispa........................................................56 Lotus Spa.................................................................2 Planned Parenthood............................................29 RCU........................................................................13 Rude Dog U...........................................................11 Sans Souci Massages...........................................46 Thomas Video Studio..........................................19 Valleybrook Church...............................................6 YMCA.......................................................................5


Amber Inn.............................................................19 Creamery Restaurant and Inn.............................4 Dairy Queen..........................................................48 Dooley’s Pub.........................................................12 El Patio..................................................................35 Famous Daves......................................................29 Fanny Hill Dinner Theater................................33 Fischers’ on the Green.......................................50 Grizzly’s Grill n’ Saloon......................................28 Haymarket Grill...................................................15 Native Bay.............................................................50 Noodles & Company............................................51 Norske Nook at Northwoods Brewpub..............8 Sammy’s Pizza & Pub..........................................13 Topper’s Pizza.......................................................41

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Holiday Handbook

Step back into the 40’ go forward into the New Year! Join us Monday, December 31, 2007, 6:30 PM Experience an evening of dining, dancing, music and entertainment with intimate night club style seating at tables of 6. You will receive two complimentary drinks , five course dinner, midnight champagne toast and party favors. Formal Attire (Forties Fashion Encouraged) Tickets purchased before December 16th: Individual $99 / Table of 6 $540 Tickets purchased December 17th to the 31st Individual $115 / Table of 6 $650

For information & reservations, contact:

Great gift to give for the holidays-

family, friends, employees or employer Don’t miss out on the event of the season!

Volume One 2007


Holiday Handbook


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Holiday Handbook 2007  

The Holiday Handbook is the Chippewa Valley's most complete holiday guide, featuring events, gift ideas, and more in Eau Claire, Menomonie,...

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