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This issue is about secrets, what is your secret to becoming a successful blogger? I think the secret is that there is no secret. Hard work. an understanding of fashion, a desire to be creative, a willingness to improve constantly; these are traits most successful bloggers possess and it's right there for everyone to see. But maybe the fact that it's out in the open makes it the hardest to see.

Give us some words of wisdom! What advice would you give a start-up blogger? Don't get discouraged. Many people start a blog expecting it to be easy and the payoff to come quick. In reality. blogging is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of dedication. It's important to understand what is required and to have a good sense of what you want to accomplish. From there, be creative, be yourself and never stop learning. Giving yourself the freedom to evolve will ensure that your content and readership will never grow stagnant. And lastly. there is no such thing as 'one right way to blog. Let no one dictate your content or your blogging style. Do what feels right for you and don't get bogged down by the naysayers. And don't forget to have fun! What is the next step in your career? Do you have any future projects you are working on? I am first and foremost a designer, so I plan on actualizing that in the near future. I am working on something right now that incorporates designing, but you will just have to wait and see what exactly that is!

List three ofyour favorite blogs you follow. Cheyenne meets Chanel 365 Days Honestly...WTF? honestlywtfcom Lastly, what does the word VOLUME mean to you? Height x width x length Which I guess means that when I think of VOLUME the first thing that leaps to mind is the amount of space that something takes up.

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