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Whatever the device, whatever they’re doing, and wherever they are, no impression is wasted.

t n e m n o r i v n E

New name Newer attitude

Click, touch, swipe, rich media... we have all the bases covered.

y t i v i t c a r e t In In 1996, we began by developing breakthrough solutions to predict consumer buying behavior for our blue-chip clients. In 2003, we revolutionized the mobile space with innovative mobile web and app advertising solutions. Today, we’re combining the best of both worlds, to bring you unique, real-time, optimized approaches for targeting the customers with the greatest propensity to buy.


We’ll find the best targeted audience based on your campaign.

Now... no impression is wasted. Discover why.

Every Consumer Interaction Matters Precision Audience Targeting

We create a precise snapshot of your audience profile by combining multiple attributes from our own behavioral data along with respected third-party data sources. It learns in real-time, grows, and becomes your custom profile.


Campaign Learning

No impression is wasted because we learn from each transaction. With automatic machine learning, your campaign optimizes in real-time. This also makes your audience profile smarter.


360° fully automated learning and modeling optimization process

Audience Matching

Campaign Targeting

No batch or post-processing here. We use key attributes to continuously find the right audience for your specific campaign.

We improve pre-flight targeting by collecting detailed profile data (brand, campaign, creative, offer), and use our planning software to find the right inventory for your specific campaign.

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Right audience. Right place. Right device.  

Overview launch document at the MMA CEO/CMO Summit