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Via del Boschetto 118, 00184, Rome, Italy (39) 3401020850 (Italy) 19.05.1993 Rome Italy Female Italian ... I was born in Rome in May 1993. For the first five years of my life I lived on a sailboat with my family and I was lucky enough to travel around the world. In 1999 we returned to Italy and I started my school education. In 2012 I got my High School Diploma specialized in Latin and Greek Literature. The same year I started my studies in Architecture. In July 2018 I completed my student career and I got my Master’s Degree in Architecture with full marks and honors (Magna cum Laude). My thesis was particularly appreciated by the Commission and was proposed for publication. Before graduating I won a scholarship which gave me the possibility to study and develop my thesis research in South America. I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I could define my design project. I worked on an experimental thesis by designing a Floating Theatre able to navigate along the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires. Presently, I am a qualified architect who works as a freelancer. In the last years I have been working in collaboration with some Italian and foreign practices, lately with an Argentinian firm based in Buenos Aires, Alonso&Crippa Estudio Arquitectura. In November 2018 I won a merit scholarship which gave me the possibility to attend a postgraduate master’s degree at the YAC Academy, in Bologna, Italy. The theme of the course concerns the architecture for wellness, not only aimed at the design of wellness centres and spas, but also aimed at understanding what is the best architecture that can provide for the daily comfort of human beings.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Education ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Esame di Stato per l’Abilitazione Pescara, Italy Architetto: Sez. A - Sett. A

02. 2019

(Architect Licence Practice)

YAC Academy Bologna Bologna, Italy Corso di Alta Formazione “Architecture for Wellness”

11. 2018 01. 2019

(Post-Gradued Training Course)

Ammessa con borsa di Studio per Merito

Università di Roma Sapienza Rome, Italy Laurea Magistrale in Architettura [LMCU (DM 270/04 – Ordin. 2012]


(Bachelor’s + Master’s degree in Architecture)

110 cum Laude e Dignità di Pubblicazione

Universidad de Buenos Aires Bunos Aires, Argentina FADU Ricerca per Tesi di Laurea all’Estero

09. 2017 12. 2017

(Thesis Research in foreing country)

08. 2017

Università di Roma Sapienza Rome, Italy Borsa di Studio per Mobilità extra UE (Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility)


Liceo Ginnasio Statale Virgilio Roma, Italy Diploma di Maturità Classica (High School Diploma)


:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Work Experiences ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 02. 2019 on going

Domenico Minchilli Design Roma, Italy


11.2017 12.2017

Alonso&Crippa Buenos Aires, Argentina

Internship Student

2018 on going

MONUMENTALE Architecture Association Co-Founder

Research for an Urban Regeneration (working in progress project)

::::::::::::::::::: Workshop and Competition :::::::::::::::::: 02. 2019

Site Chapel Competition Ilha Passeguiro, Potugal International Architecture Competition by Arkxsite

Castle Resort in Rocca Mandolfi Molise, Italy by YAC

01. 2017

03. 2017

Un Giardino in Comune Riqualificazione del Parco Comunale Pomezia, Italy by Sapienza Università di Roma

05. 2016 11. 2016

Workshop DEEPbrera Milan, Italy by Accademia delle Belle Arti Brera by Politecnico di Milano

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Published Works ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 08. 2017

PH THAMES Buenos Aires Argentina Alonso&Crippa Arquitectos Revista PLOT AUG. SEPT. 2018, N°44

02. 2019

LIBRO BIANCO LIBRO NERO Le Ragioni dell’invenzione DINA NENCINI Gangemi Editore - Architettura Progetto Pubblicato pag. 120 - 123

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Technical Skills :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Languages

Italian English Spanish


Windows iOS


AutoCAD Revit

Design Editing

Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Lightroom


Rhinoceros SketchUp



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