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biography As an artist and a photographer, I strive to blur the boundaries between life and art. I  sometimes ask myself, “Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?” When I photograph  people, it becomes clear to me that the answer to that question is not absolute. Looking  through a lens offers a new angle or interpretation that one cannot always find when  looking simply from the eye, and that is why I choose to create fine art through my  photography. I prefer to concentrate on editorial, fine art lifestyle images.  While I’ve always been an artist at heart, my interest in photography evolved around ten  years ago. Since I became familiar with the ins and outs of professional photography, I’ve  focused my efforts on the development of my craft and have become a dedicated and  seasoned photographer. 

Pricing 2013

Session Fee ­ £125 Your session includes: Up to 2 hours of shoot time with location and outfit changes of your choice,   about 20+ unique fully     edited looks. Images will be hosted on an online viewing gallery (password   protection optional) for 6 months, and a complimentary 8x10 or 8x12 print of your choice.

A La Carte                     Prints          Fine Art Wrap          Acrylic                                       7x5”   £20                        8X10”    £70                             8x10”   £80                                      8x10” £25                        8X12”    £80                            12x16”  £120 8x12” £35                       12X16”   £100                           16x20”  £160                                    12x16” £50                      12x18”    £120                                    12x18” £65                      16x20”    £150                                    16x20” £90


Extras All edited digital files  £750 Per Extra Hour of shoot time ­ £50 Additionally, unconventional print sizes, personalized books and albums can be made available.   Please feel free to get in touch.


What’s in it for me? My goal is to capture the best that is you. I have a passion for finding the beauty in people, and accentuating that unique beauty through my creative process. Where will my shoot take place? Anywhere of your choosing. Do you have or know of a very cool location, somewhere meaningful perhaps? If not we will work together to scout out ideal locations for your shoot. What should I wear? Do wear something comfortable, something that represents you, and something that compliments the shoot. During a typical 2 hour shoot, you will have time for a change of clothes. When do I get to see my Photos? Your completed, edited images will be available for viewing approximately 2 weeks after your shoot. Images will be hosted on an online gallery for you, your friends and family to view. Your gallery can be password protected should you choose. How do I order Prints and related products? Typically after viewing your images, we will schedule a time when I can talk you through your options and choices available. It is impossible to list all that can be offered in terms of products and services. Please do ask.


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Voloro Images 2013 Brochure  
Voloro Images 2013 Brochure  

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