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Traveler Tips For More Responsible Travel

Look Inside! Tips to Help You: — Prepare Before You Leave Home — — Be a More Responsible Traveler — — Reduce Your Travel Footprint — — Make a Positive Impact —

Congratulations on Booking Your Vacation!

By Becoming a Responsible Traveler, You Help:

Now that you’ve booked the vacation of a lifetime, here are some helpful tips on how to have an even better experience while you’re away.

The Environment! The Earth’s physical environment is very delicate, and as a traveler you have a unique opportunity to help protect some of the more beautiful parts of the world.

Local Cultures! When you travel, you are privileged to experience some of the richest cultures in the world, so do your best to respect and appreciate them.

Yourself! As you become a Responsible Traveler, you’ll find your vacation much more fulfilling, and you’ll have some great stories to tell when you get home.

How to Prepare Before You Leave Home

Start Here! Being a responsible traveler starts before you leave home.

Turn your water off! Not only should you make sure that none of your taps waste water by dripping, but you can save money on your hydro bill by shutting your water off entirely.

Unplug your electronics! You will save a lot of energy (and money!) by making sure your PVR and computer are off, or unplugged altogether. And note: standby mode is no power saver!

Turn down your heating! You’ll save a lot of energy, and you’ll save yourself some money if you turn down your thermostat before you go. Remember to shut the timer off too!

Make sure all your windows are closed! Shut them all tightly—including your doggie door! You won’t get drafts sneaking in, and you’ll save money reheating upon your return.

Cancel your newspapers! Call your delivery service and have a temporary hold put on your papers. Remember to have the post office hold your mail so your postbox doesn’t overflow.

How to Be a More Responsible Traveler

Be Conscious! Tourism is the industry with the largest impact on the environment, so please do your part to help.

Save energy! Make a difference in your hotel room by opening drapes instead of turning on lights, or opening windows instead of using AC. When you leave, turn off the heat, lights, TV and taps.

Recycle! Ask your hotel or cruise ship if they have a recycling program. Conserve water by plugging the sink when you wash your face or brush your teeth instead of letting the tap run.

Save plastic! Instead of buying bottled water, bring your reusable bottle from home and carry it with you. Just make sure local tap water is safe to drink first!

Protect endangered species! Don’t participate in the commodification of at-risk animals by purchasing furs or crocodile skin bags, eating shark-fin soup or tasting endangered species.

Respect the ocean! On your diving or kayaking adventure, respect the aquatic life around you, and never take anything from a coral reef or mangrove forest.

How to Be a More Responsible Traveler

Respect the Culture! Set an example by taking the right steps to actively respect local traditions and beliefs.

Go local! Ask your hotel or cruise ship if they use local guides. If not, look for one yourself. Not only are you supporting his/her livelihood, but locals are often more knowledgeable.

When in Rome, do as Romans do! If you’re visiting a culture where it’s appropriate to cover up, then do so. You will often be greeted by locals with a warmer reception.

Photograph respectfully! Always ask before you take a photo of someone, their house or store. And if you do, and you have a digital camera, show them the picture after you’ve taken it.

Develop language skills! Before you go take a short course on the local language or buy a phrase guide; don’t assume that locals will speak the same language as you. The better you communicate, the more you will learn. Donate smart! You may want to give money or trinkets to beggars or street children, but think again; this encourages them to stereotype you . Your generous gifts will be more meaningful when dispensed through a reputable NGO.

How to Reduce Your Travel Footprint A “footprint” is the amount of resources you use (in square miles) when using a product or participating in an activity.

Eat locally! Ask your hotel or restaurant if they purchase locally; there is a much larger environmental impact when food has been shipped overseas than if you go somewhere with a local supply chain.

Take the train! Ride the rails or drive whenever possible; you see more of your host country, and you expend much less carbon. Consider biking or walking instead of taking a taxi.

Buy local souvenirs! You’re helping the economy and craft-makers when you buy your souvenirs at a local shop or market. This way, you know they are fair trade.

Offset your flight! For a small fee, you can reduce the carbon impact of your flight by donating to a charity or research organization. Ask the airline how to do this when you book!

Don’t litter! Beaches and national parks can become spoiled very quickly with many tourists coming to visit, so take a small bag for your littler, and carry it out .

How to Make a Positive Impact on Vacation Now that you’ve learned how to be a Responsible Traveler, here are some last tips, to make sure our world is there when next you want to visit.

Ask, ask, ask! One of the best things you can do is let your hotel or tour provider know that you place importance on responsibility. So ask your hotel if they have a responsible tourism policy, or fair labour practices. Ask your cruise ship what their waste management system is like; and see if you like their answers!

Go independent! Consider being more selective about your suppliers and activities. Stay in hotels with good green ratings, use airlines who are doing their part, and rent that hybrid car! Individual vacations don’t have to be more expensive, and you can still rely on a travel agent to help you do research.

Have a great trip! When you tell your family or friends about your meaningful holiday, you are influencing their choices too. Keep the ball rolling by giving this guide to others. Also, do extra research; we’ve just skimmed the surface! The more you know about sustainability, the more impact you will have.

Bon Voyage!

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Traveler Tips For More Responsible Travel  

This Code of Conduct contains tips for travelers who want to be more responsible while on vacation. Read on to see how you can behave in mor...

Traveler Tips For More Responsible Travel  

This Code of Conduct contains tips for travelers who want to be more responsible while on vacation. Read on to see how you can behave in mor...