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PRESS RELEASE VOLLEYBALL WELLNESS SEMINAR On Saturday March, 23 2012, the St. Lucia Volleyball Association (SLVA) will be hosting a Volleyball Wellness Seminar for its Junior and Senior National Teams. The seminar will take place at the Gros-Islet Secondary Schools Auditorium/The National Volleyball Training Facility from 7pm. The areas of anti-doping, athlete nutrition care and preparation will be the topics for discussion. SLVA has deemed this seminar necessary and long overdue, as its volleyball teams have entered the realm of international competition and will be subject of more frequent doping tests. Moreover proper care and preparation is of even greater importance if they are to continue playing at a high level. Currently all international competition (matches involving national teams) requires each athlete to be examined and cleared (M4 Health Certificate) for play by a medical doctor. Effective 2013 SLVA will mandate that all clubs take out medical insurance for their athletes to be eligible for participation in local competition. Affordable insurance has been obtained and will be accessible through SLVA for its affiliates. Dr. Kenneth Louisy, Regional Anti-Doping Agency (RADA) representative, will be the main speaker at the seminar, touching on the areas of drug use, abuse, anti-doping and anti-doping procedures. SLVA has and will continue to keep the wellness of its athletes a high priority, maintaining the sport as being disciplined and drug free.

Volleyball Wellness Seminar