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==== ==== Stop Smoking In 1 Hour ==== ====

You may ask yourself how this can be possible, at least that is what I did when I heard these success stories, especially since I wanted to become a non-smoker as well. After having done a lot of research on how to increase the possibilities of long term success when it comes to completely quitting this nasty habit, it became clear that the hardest thing to overcome are the tricks your mind starts playing on you. Most people are actually able to quit smoking without too much difficulty for a few days or even a few weeks, and in this period of time, your body will actually get rid of the nicotine and thus the physical addiction. However, if you have ever tried to stop smoking after having done so for years, you will know that your mind will be playing with you for a long time to come. You will start thinking that "one cigarette really won´t hurt that much" or feel that maybe you could just smoke 2 or 3 a day instead of the whole pack. Once you start thinking this way, you better brace yourself and resist that temptation or you will be right back to where you started off, being a smoker full time. The one thing that sets the stop smoking in one hour therapies apart from any other method to quit smoking, is that it will actually deal with this mental trap that tries to trick you to light up that cigarette. You can choose to go to a hypnotherapeutic session given by a therapist but you could also undergo such a session in the comfort of your own home. There are several programs that consist of books and DVD´s with detailed instruction that will help you to stop smoking in one hour by implementing feelings of rejection at the deepest level of your mind. This in turn will not only help you in those first few hours and days, but it will actually stop those torturous thoughts that have brought many a quitter back to smoking.

Find out how to quit smoking fast and you too can stop smoking forever!

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==== ==== Stop Smoking In 1 Hour ==== ====

Why You Need to Stop Smoking