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Sugaring for Hair Removal~Nina’s Technique I love this recipe which I have used for a long while. Sugaring is a tried and true method of simple hair removal. Just as you may purchase hair removal wax, you can make your own hair removal product that only require sugar, lemon juice and water! For centuries, women have relied on this and similar methods. Sugaring is safe to use and is great for body and face. All hair textures seem to work well with this recipe. For best results, allow hair to be longer than a stubble‌this will allow hair to be "grabbed" in the sugar. 1 cup sugar 14 cup lemon juice 14 cup water Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Bring down to a simmer once you have brought this to a boil. Adjust temperature as needed and continue stirring until mixture is a rich brown or amber color. Pour into freezer quality plactic containers or mason jars (run jar under hot tap water and dry before using to avoid cracking glass) Place lid on jar after product has cooled to room temperature or warm enough to handle. Any questions? Just send a message here or to my page. Thank you!! Continue reading Sugaring for Hair Removal~Nina’s Technique 206 words, reading time ~ 49 secs Laser Hair removal

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Sugaring for Hair Removal~Nina’s Technique  
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