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One of the things my sweetheart enjoys from me are the text messages I send her throughout the day. She tells me she looks forward to checking her phone during her busy day at work to see if I have said something sweet and loving to her. It keeps a smile on her face when I am unable to do so in person. Hearing this from her keeps me motivated to take a moment here and there and say something to make her smile. The more she smiles, the happier I am as well. Sending text messages is a fast and easy way to show your romantic side, and everyone can find a free minute here and there. I am not going to give specifics on what to say, but I will give you some ideas that will allow you to say things in your own words. The idea is to make your partner smile, and put you on their mind while they are busy working. The idea is not to start a conversation back and forth, as that is best through the phone or in person, but instead just a quick "I was thinking of you" type of message. Being consistent with this type of communication can create a little excitement throughout your partners work day and they will be checking their phone periodically hoping for a new message. It adds a little fun to the relationship, and keeps things spicy. The Beauty texts: Everyone likes to hear and feel that they are attractive to their partner. So send text messages saying how much you love looking at them. Talk about what you find sexy about them. Your favorite parts of their body. Keep in mind, that others may be around when they read this, or they may even share it with their co workers as a way of bragging about how romantic you are, so keep it G or PG rated. Instead of talking about sexual things, talk about other features such as eyes, face, neck, ears, hands, etc. I tend to send texts related to my baby's eyes the most because I love looking into her eyes and seeing me in them. Or I will tell her how beautiful her hair is and how I can get lost in her hair as it touches on her neck. The idea is to get them thinking about you kissing their neck or holding their hand without really saying those things. Texts about the person they are: While we all like to know we are attractive to our mate, it is important to let them know we appreciate them as a person and not just an object of our affection. I will frequently make comments to my baby in texts and in person telling her the things I like about her as a person and not just a woman. I comment on her creativeness, her mothering skills, her drive and motivation, and so on. I tell her in many different words that I love the person she is in addition to her being a woman. This type of communication builds her self esteem as a person, and lets her know that I appreciate who she is. It also says that not only do I love her as my lover, but also as my partner, friend, and companion. Nothing brings a loving couple together more than acknowledging the characteristics and traits that you fell in love with, yet this is something couples fail to do on a regular basis. Never assume the other knows how much you love them. Sappy texts: Yes, you knew this was coming. This is where you write poems or just little texts about holding their hand, kissing them, long walks, how the sun is brighter when they are near. If

you are a man, your woman will love these as much as the other types of text messages. Toss out the macho side, and turn up the romantic side. Let her know that you are comfortable enough with her that you can be whatever she wants when she wants it. She knows you are a strong and tough man, but warm her heart by exposing your softer side. She will melt. If you are a woman, your man will love these too, though he may not admit it to anyone else, he will smile when he reads them, and that is the whole object.

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==== ==== Get romance back in your life!! ==== ====

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