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My attempt at home laser hair removal Me test driving the Silkn Flash & Go from Sephora. I of course used this machine in much more detailcare and for a longer time than whats in video (otherwise it would have been really long! My dream is to permanently remove some of my most annoying body hair for good from the comfort of my own home! Just tried it for the first time, so it will be a while until the real results are in! Doesnt really hurt or leave marks that last…well see! And again, No, it does NOT hurt! At first the noiseflash were a bit surprising, but there is no pain involved. I have since tried it on my bikini line on the second setting, and though there was definitely more heat, there was no pain, and it not feel like a "rubber band snapping" as many people have said about laser hair removal. It will be a while and more treatments before I have the actual results!!! Continue reading My attempt at home laser hair removal 174 words, reading time ~ 42 secs Laser Hair removal

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My attempt at home laser hair removal  
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