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wagensvillenews Volume 54 Number 8 February 2009

The Official Newsletter of the Volkswagen Club of Victoria Inc.

For more information on the 2009 Victorian Bug-In visit

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month. This event just gets bigger and bigger every year and once again the Volkswagen Club of Victoria won the award for best club display for 2009. Later in Feb we have the VW Magazine Australia All Volkswagen Drag Racing on the weekend of 21st and 22nd Feb.

President’s Report Dean Holden, VWCV President Hello and welcome to the February 2009 news letter, it’s hard to believe we are already a couple months into 2009. January was a busy time for the VW community with a number of us attending the Kustom Car Nationals at the Philip Island race course over the 12th and 13th of January and the Australia Day Cruise on the 26th. Both these excellent events were well attended and reports are featured else where in this newsletter.

Exciting news is that Michael Adi has been able to finish his 1957 Entry for VW Portland can be Goggomobil Dart in time for Portland. completed online at Powered by a supercharged VW Type 1, 1600cc engine, this little rocket or an entry form can be downloaded competed on OZ dragstrips in the 60s. and posted to VWMA, PO Box 3551, Originally owned by Michael and his late Loganholme, Qld 4129. If you are brother Lou, the car was sold when the intending to compete, please get your entry in as early as possible. Cut-off is Friday February 13th.

The last event for February 09 is the Kennet River Weekend away.Come and join your fellow VWCV members on this relaxing but fantastic weekend. With the beach just a walk across the road and plenty of bush to explore it’s a great place to bring the whole family and get back to nature, as well as getting back into your VW.

Our first general meeting was held at Bells Hotel on Tuesday the 27th and despite competing with Jelena Dokic and the Australian Open Women’s Quarter Finals, the meeting was very well attended.

Looking forward to March we have the 2009 VW Jamboree at the Caribbean Gardens on Sunday the 22nd.

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February brought with it the Picnic at Hanging Rock on the 8th of this

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brothers had had their fun, but recently Michael was able to purchase the car back and restore it in memory of Lou. This car is guaranteed to entertain on the strip. The Goggomobil will compete in the VW Special class. Along with Mike Kristen’s Ghia (twin blown, not turbo), there will be plenty of action on the Portland strip.

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Event includes a VW Show & Shine and Swap meet. Get in before midday if you want your VW to be in the trophies. We also have been invited to attend the Philip Island Classic, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of March, again this year. Our club will join other Victorian Car Clubs and be part of the Shannons Walk. We have been allocated 10 spots over the weekend, so if you are interested in being part of our club display please let me know. Into April and the big event for the VW Club Vic is the 2009 Bug In. Who could think of a better way to spend Easter. VW’s, car racing, historic Bendigo, all with the backdrop of the colourful Bendigo Festival. If you haven’t registered yet, please ensure you do. So lots of VW action to be had over the next couple of months. See you at the general meeting at the Bell’s Hotel on Tuesday the 24th Feb.

Calendar of Events

FEBRUARY February 24th VWCV General Meeting. Bell’s Hotel at 8pm. 157 Moray St, South Melbourne.

MARCH February 28th - March 1 Kennett River Weekend. See Ad for full details.

APRIL April 10th - 13th Bug-In 2009 Bendigo Victoria. See Ad for details or visit

MAY May 5 Autumn 2009 Swap Meet - Organised by Veteran Car Club of Aust (Tas) Inc Northern section. NOTE NEW VENUE Willis Street Council Car Park Launceston Tasmania. Start time - 9am $10 per site Further information contact - Ken Watts Phone 0411 404 560 After hours.

PICNIC at HANGING ROCK 2009 At around 7.45am, Sunday 8 February 2009 around 22 VWCV members and their cars assembled at the BP servo a few kilometres up the highway from the Calder Park Raceway. We met at this early hour to make sure that when we arrived at Hanging Rock we would get a good group display spot which was far less likely for later arrivals. Given the terrible news about the Victorian fires still raging the mood was, understandably, more subdued and sombre than it would normally have been at a normal VWCV event.

At this event you will always see some bizarre sights and many rare non-VW cars. A small motor bike powered hearse came in early in the day, an With Richard in the lead we set off original Bathurst entry Ford GT HO was from the servo at 8am, arrived at on display, there were heaps of original Hanging Rock around 30 minutes later pristine condition examples of the Ford, and secured a top spot just opposite Holden, Mini, Jaguar, Lotus, Morris, the motor bike entry point. We set Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Plymouth up a really terrific multi-coloured and probably a dozen or more other kaleidoscope display of nearly a full range of VW cars. After settling in most famous marques. There were car and bike owners of all shapes sizes and members soon took the opportunity to descriptions including a formidable wander off to see the incredible range of cars that were assembled in the huge leather clad gentleman

May (Last Weekend) VWCV Concourse See future issues for full details.

MOTORSPORT EVENTS For information on Motorsports Events contact Michael Clark VWCV Motorsports Co ordinator on 9878 1554

display area that must have covered 15 or more acres. There were several thousand cars in attendance but the numbers seemed to be a bit lower than in previous years, no doubt due to the bushfires. Throughout the day we had a constant stream of very interested people continually wandering up to us to comment on their VW experiences, ask us questions about our cars and take heaps of photos.

Kustom Car Nationals Philip Island January 2009

who was walking around with a formidable sulphur crested cockatoo on his shoulder. With so much to see and do the day passed very quickly. At the presentations held at the conclusion of the day the VWCV was awarded the prize for Best Club Display which is the second time in three years that we have picked up this award. With the huge number of clubs and individuals involved in this event this is a very significant achievement indeed. Well done all the members who contributed to the display and the enjoyment of a great day with thousands of likeminded car enthusiasts.

A small contingent of VW’s attended the 2009 Kustom Car Nationals at the Philip Island Race Track on Sunday the 11th of January. This 2 day show has a huge turn out every year with well over a 1000 Custom Cars and Hot Rods attending over the weekend.

Our VW’s certainly caught the attention of the V8 brigade with much interest. The highlight of the Kustom Nationals is the opportunity to cruise the Philip Island race track in your VW. We all made good use of the 2 track cruising sessions held over the weekend.

VW’s that attended: Karmann Ghia, Kombi Panel, Single Cab ute, Early slammed Beetles and Type 3’s.

This is a great car show, well supported, highly recommend and would be great to have VW’s showing on mass in 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: All additions to this section MUST be accompanied by either registration number, chassis number or VIN number. Advertisements for vehicles without these details WILL NOT be published. Advertisements will be limited to a period of two months only. If you wish to continue your advertisement beyond the initial two month period or your Ad has been SOLD in the first month of Advertising, please contact the Editor(s) so the Advertising space can be updated for NEW Ads. Send your for sales and wanted ads to the Editor: VWCV Editor GPO Box 1215 Melbourne VIC 3001 Email

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Super Sprint

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Saturday 23rd May

Wakefield Park - Braidwood Road, Goulburn

Show & Shine

Sunday 24th May

Fairfield City Showgrounds - Smithfield Rd, Prairiewood

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The annual and ever popular Kennett River camp-out is on again in 2009.

Experience the picturesque Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast to Kennett River with the VWCV this coming February.

Saturday 28th Feb to Sunday 1 March

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Kennett River

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Contact David Birchall (02) 9534 4825 or Proudly sponsored by Volkswagen Australia -

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Accommodation costs are as follows: Site cost are - Powered sites - $30 a night Non powered - $26 a night Cabins delux - $115 a night Cabins standard - $105 a night ���������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������

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VWCV General Meetings

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Melbourne Club meetings are held every fourth Tuesday of every month at 8pm at Bell’s Hotel, 157 Moray St, South Melbourne, unless advised of an alternative venue in the Club Newsletter.

Membership Application also available at the VWCV website

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