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Spectacular Sicily

FOR ANY QUESTIONS CONCERNING YOUR STAY IN THE COUNTRY, PLEASE CONTACT OUR ORGANIZATIONAL GROUP: tatiana Myka +38 067 23 11 403 Nataliya Markovich +38 067 543 20 66 lyudmyla Grigorenko +38 067 445 12 18 USEFUL INFORMATION: information telephone numbers in Sicily: catania airport: +39 095 723 91 11 Catania Airport Ticket Office: +39 095 345 367 Emergency services in Taormina: police Station: 113 or +39 0942 61 11 11 Hospital San Vincenzo taormina, contrada Sirina: +39 0942 57 19 Fire and emergency response service: 115 or +39 0942 58 276



aormina is Sicily’s most famous, upmarket and expensive resort, and it’s all (or at least mainly) down to its fabulous location high up on Monte tauro. the town’s beautiful old Greek amphitheatre provides perhaps the most impressive scenery in Sicily, with the brilliant blue sea and coastline down below and the majestic Mount etna dominating the inland horizon. the place perfectly embodies Greek and roman ideas of beauty, harmony and proportion and so seems to offer a true link from the modern world back to classical antiquity.

the story of taormina is interwoven with that of Giardini-Naxos, the Greek colony founded by teocle and then destroyed by Dionysius (430-367 B.c.), tyrant of Syracuse in 403 B.c. the survivors moved to Mount taurus, on which they founded taormina. taormina really seems to be born as a touristic resort since past times, when ancient people like the Sicels, Greeks, romans, Byzantines, Saracens, arabs, Normans and Spaniards chose it as their residential site thank to its favourable position, mild climate and magic atmosphere. taormina



grand hotel timeo


GraND HOtel tiMeO (Via Teatro Greco 59, 98039 Taormina, +39 0942 627 0200)

Built in 1873, the Grand Hotel timeo occupies an excellent position in the historical centre of the city. Since the 19th century and the era of the Grand tour, the hotel has been popular with an elite group of international travellers, who enjoy the hotel’s unique location, swimming pool, wellness centre and the parkland which surrounds it. Grand Hotel timeo also has long been a favourite destination of glamorous european

and Hollywood stars, from Sophia loren to Marcello Mastroianni and from audrey Hepburn to elizabeth taylor. As the first hotel to be built in taormina, it naturally sits in the most perfect location, directly in front of the Greek theatre and with sweeping views of the coastline and majestic Mount etna.

SERVICES AVAILABLE AT THE HOTEL: • Il Dito e la Luna restaurant serves Sicilian and Mediterranean gastronomic specialities • Pool Snack Restaurant • The Literary Terrace and the bar • Timeo Wellness centre. • Private shuttle service to and from the private beach at sister property Villa Sant’andrea

grand hotel timeo



grand hotel timeo

RESTAURANTS LOCATED AT THE HOTEL: Il Dito e la Luna restaurant it is set on a panoramic terrace with spectacular views of the Mount etna and capo taormina. the menu focuses on mouthwatering seasonal produce and local specialties. Pool Snack Restaurant a wide range of light snacks, brick-oven pizzas, a salad buffet and a selection of freshly caught fish - grilled in front of you by the chef - can be enjoyed overlooking the enchanting panorama of the volcano and the sea below. The Literary Terrace and the bar the literary terrace is the ideal spot from which to admire the stunning panorama of Mount etna and the Bay of taormina while sipping a Bellini or a limoncello. the indoor bar is a masterpiece of Sicilian art and design, evoking the magical atmosphere of a 19th century winter garden.

grand hotel timeo



villa sant’andrea

taormina Mare

Villa Sant’andrea Hotel

(Via Nazionale 137, 98039 Taormina Mare, +39 0942 627 1200 )

Villa Sant’andrea is one of the most exclusive hotels in taormina, preserving all the charm of a private residence. it was built in the late 1800’s as a private villa by an englishman called robert trewhella, who married an englishwoman he met in Sicily and had the beach front Villa Sant’andrea built in taormina Mare to use as his summer house. in the 1950’s his son, alfred percy trewhella, transformed the Villa into a hotel.

Villa Sant’andrea was built by a rail-man, so it seems like fate that the hotel was purchased in 2010 by Orient-express, the company behind the words most famous, indulgent and authentic train journeys. the hotel sits on the Bay of Mazzarò and therefore boasts its very own private beach with crystal clear water and powder sand, a beachfront restaurant specializing in seafood, and exclusive access to the caves and marine life that form part of the bay.

RESTAURANTS LOCATED AT THE HOTEL: Restaurant Oliviero it is set on a panoramic terrace with spectacular views of the Bay of Mazzarò and the calabrian coast, and exudes a refined and elegant atmosphere. the menu is based on regional dishes which use the freshest seasonal, local produce. Al Fresco Bar it is the perfect place to enjoy a drink, a snack or a light lunch by the beach. in the evening, it is the ideal spot for a cocktail or an

after-dinner drink under the stars with live music entertainment. SERVICES AVAILABLE AT THE HOTEL: • The Oliviero Restaurant, which is famous for its fresh seafood specialities • Al fresco bar directly on the beach • Indoor bar • Private beach • Wellness centre • Courtesy shuttle service to centre of taormina

villa sant’andrea



places worth visiting



1. The Greek-Roman Theatre it is the most important and best preserved ancient monument in taormina. as it is still practicable, the theatre seated the audiences of the most important italian cinematographic event, the “David di Donatello” award, for many years; now an international festival entitled “taormina art” is held there with cinema, theatre, ballet and symphonic music reviews. 2. St. George’s Anglican Church Built in the early twenties on the initiative of a small community of english people who spent most of the year in taormina, it was planned by the english architect Sir Harry triggs, son-in-law of Sir edward Hill who was the owner of the land and was a real enthusiast of the beauty of taormina. 3. Naumachie the ruins of the “Naumachie” are formed by a massive wall, 122m long and 5m high. the name

“Naumachie” (from Greek meaning “sea battle”) improperly given to these ruins is probably attributable to the fact that there is a large reservoir on the remaining wall, which used to be a water supply for the Gymnasium and a reserve for the whole city. 4. Roman baths remains of a large thermal complex dating to the roman imperial age and made in elegant brick-work. 5. Odeon the “Odeon” was built by the romans when taormina became a military colony in the year 21 Bc under caesar augustus Octavian, the first Roman emperor. Much smaller than the other theatre, it is evidence of how important culture was to taormina in those days. 6. City wall taormina’s medieval and ancient city walls that still remain very much intact in the old city. 7. Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano this Xiii-century palace has a beautiful garden in front of its main facades and was the home of the De Spuches, a noble family of Spanish origin, who were Dukes of

Santo Stefano and princes of Galati, two towns on the ionian coast in the Messina area. 8. Church and convent of San Domenico the complex was begun in 1374 on the remains of the castello dei rosso di cerami. the church (destroyed by bombing in 1943) was sixteenth century in design, as was the main cloister, while the other cloisters and the belltower were added in the eighteenth century. 9. Palazzo Ciampoli typical noble palace of the fifteenth century with a courtyard to the front, of which a finely made perimeter wall and an entrance arch remain. 10. Cathedral (San Nicolo di Bari) Founded by the Hohenstaufen in the 13th century and altered several times in the 15th-17th centuries, it combines medieval and more recent features. the unplastered exterior with its crenellations is original, whereas the Baroque main door was added in 1636 and matches the 1635 Baroque Fountain in the middle of the square. places worth visiting



places worth visiting

11. Archaeological museum (Badia Vecchia) this museum, located in the so-called “Badia Vecchia”, displays a collection of archaeological founding brought to light between 1948 and 1998. the exhibition is set out on two floors, and it includes objects such as little statues, pottery, various pieces coming from the Greek-roman theatre, earthenware, an alabaster urn and a Byzantine sword found in the sea next to the “isola Bella”. 12. Chiesa del Varo (Visitation church) chiesa del Varo, which translated from its Spanish name, means Visitation church is situated at the top of a stairway leading up from the far end of the corso umberto. the outstanding feature of this church is its solid gold altar. 13. Torre dell’Orologio a medieval clock tower along the corso umberto i, named for the date Garibaldi liberated Sicily and joined it to italy. 14. Church of San Giuseppe it was built during the second part of the 17th century, is the only baroque church of taormina.

15. Town library (Ex St. Augustine Church) the church of St. augustine was built towards the end of the 15th century by the people of taormina and is said to have been originally devoted to St. Sebastian who had worked a miracle and saved the city by keeping the plague away. 16. Saracen Castle Situated on the top of Mount tauro. Here there was the ancient Greek acropolis. it is called Saracen castle too, because it was rebuilt in the thirteenth century by the arabs. 17. Church of Saint Catherine Built during 1600 on a place that was once a little roman theatre, the Odeon. On the portal, made of pink marble, there is an architrave reproducing a triangle gable of a Greek temple. 18. Corvaja palace a medieval Sicilian palace, dating from the 10th century. it was originally built by the arabs and takes it name from the corvaja family, who were amongst taormina’s most important aristocrats and owned it from 1538 to 1945.

19. Antiquarium is the little archaeological museum housed in two small rooms of the custodian’s house in the ancient theatre, a house which was once called the House of the english because, it is thought, it was lived in by english families during the beginning of tourism in taormina. Also you can visit: 20. Byzantine tombs 21. piazza San pancrazio 22. church of San Francesco di paola 23. porta catania 24. church of San Michele 25. carmine church 26. church of Madonna della rocca 27. church of Madonna delle Grazie 28. church of the cappuccini 29. Fountain and arch of the cappuccini 30. church of San pancrazio 31. church of Santa Maria del GesÚ 32. church of San pietro 33. porta Messina 34. palazzo dei Giurati (town hall)

places worth visiting



places worth visiting

places worth visiting



tours for your choice

Etna Tour Excursions for your choice on Day 2, October 16, 2010 Please mark the tour you would like to visit in the excursion list and leave it at the reception desk before going to Gala Dinner on October 15, 2010 11:00-17:00 Excursion 1. ÂŤEtna TourÂť excursion to Volcano is a completely unique experience. the volcano is still active and therefore a huge cloud of smoke always rises above its highest crater. On the way up the hill one can easily see that vegetation gradually changes, and later on disappears completely giving way to rocky panoramas. at this volcano you can safely get closer to one of many craters or see how a piece of paper applied to the soil begins to burn.

Regatta 12:00-17:00 Excursion 2. ÂŤRegattaÂť participants are divided into teams and after having a short instruction provided by captains teams put to sea and go to point a. the task for each team is to be the fastest in reaching the final point. participants of each team take turns in yacht navigating. Having arrived at final point teams go ashore and have a traditional Sicilian lunch in one of the fish restaurants.

tours for your choice



tours for your choice

Castelmola Tour 14:00-17:00 Excursion 3. Castelmola Tour. For girls only castelmola is a beautiful village perched almost precariously above taormina. its narrow winding streets and Olde world charm make castelmola a destination for anyone wishing to experience the enchanting beauty of Sicily from one of its most spectacular villages. this is absolutely small town – a wonderful place for ladies` pastime as there are a lot of craft shops with authentic Sicilian products. Besides, it is castelmola where a well-known almond wine is made and participants will have the opportunity to taste it during the excursion.

The Godfather Sicily tour 14:00-17:00 Excursion 4. «The Godfather Sicily tour» a scenic drive runs inland to Savoca which is considered to be one of the most attractive places in the environs of taormina. Bar Vitelli with a gorgeous terrace has a collection of photographs taken when Francis Ford coppola shot some scenes of “the Godfather ii”. the table where Micheal corleone sat to ask the padrone for the hand of his delightful daughter apollonia is still there. participants will also visit the church of Santa lucia, where Michael and apollonia get married. Forza d`agro village – is the next stop in the tour. in 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot some scenes of the film”The Godfather iii” there. tours for your choice 19

Spectacular Sicily  

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