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Volanté Systems, a leading technology provider for hospitality industry is all set to co-work with uWink the hospitality and entertainment software company. Both these well-known names are going to partner and develop technology solutions related to the hospitality industry in the coming times. This includes state-of-the-art restaurant point of sale and a wide range of other products for making the job of restaurateurs easy. They are to jointly offer uV Solution related to the hospitality industry, which is an end to end at-the-table, self order, and self pay interactive delivery option related to the entertainment scenario. It seamlessly integrates innovative uWink touch screen, UI software with enterprise back-office and bar POS system from Volanté. It also includes uWink game micro-transaction redemption and credit possibilities. This collaboration has been going on for some time now. For over one year, both the companies have been integrating individual software systems to develop end-to-end seamless solutions successfully. Real-time extensive customer feedback along with stress testing done at uWink 200 seater prototype restaurant facilitated this process. Volanté Systems is all about compatibility in cross-platform scenarios, unique flexibility, with peer-to-peer open source technology. It brings with it feature rich capabilities that include loyalty programs, management of gift cards, and debit/credit processing. uWink CEO said in this regard, “We are proud to work with an innovative company like Volanté with such deep experience in the hospitality technology with such a broad range of hospitality clients.” The up-and-coming collaborative venture is going to allow a seamless transaction in all regards, including processing, billing, and accounting using the latest restaurant software. However, the rate of success is only a matter of speculation and one needs to wait and watch to for the outcome. For more information about the company and the various products and solutions they offer, please visit the website

Volanté Systems has done it again! Their restaurant point of sale solutions is proving to be the leaders in this field with more and more users opting for it with time. In order to bring innovative technologies to their clients, the company has recently announced its partnership with a leading Grand Rapids hotel in Michigan. They are to collaborate in the installation of hotel multiphase POS system. This up-and-coming system is to have 54 terminals across the property. Besides providing point-of-sale terminal related to food/beverage outlets located within this hotel, the installation solution is to include 12 terminals related to Convention Center nearby. Even plans for the future are in the offing, involving expansion of retail operations within the hotel. This restaurant POS related to the hotel is one of the first for Volanté Systems. Earlier they have made forays into the world of casinos, theme parks, fine dining, universities, pizza chains, quick/casual serve restaurants, and stadiums. The complete system is going to have a state-of-the-art LINUX platform base. One of the positive things about Volanté, among many others, is its open standard, which helps to keep the cost down while keeping the related integration seamless. Grand Rapids hotel was looking for a standalone POS software customizable for their varied needs. With years of experience in restaurant and bar POS, Volanté Systems was an ideal choice for such collaboration. They offer high quality loyalty programs and gift cards along with CRM, integrated credit and debit capabilities, real-time data access, and peer-topeer networking terminals. Besides taking care of the current needs of the industry their POS is also ideally suited for the future needs of a company and this is what makes a difference.

For more information about the company and the various products and solutions they offer, please visit the website

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