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July-Aug 2012 b u s i n e s s d e st i n at i o n s


The pearl of Nordmarka High above the city of Oslo, the Voksenåsen Culture and Conference Hotel not only offers guests the perfect setting for commercial rendezvous, but an excellent introduction to Nordic culture, and is our Best Business Hotel, Norway, 2012

Voksenåsen is a hotel located on Oslo’s rooftop; with the world famous Holmenkollen Ski Jump as one of its closest neighbours. Miles from the noisy city – but yet so very near – as long as you carry on driving uphill you are heading in the right direction. Eventually you will reach a unique hotel offering Oslo’s most spectacular views, a relaxed and international atmosphere and a contemporary interior that helps to inspire guests. Offering something truly out of the ordinary, the hotel always succeeds in enticing guests back. Voksenåsen’ s location, 20 minutes from Oslo city centre and 501m above sea level, is also in close proximity to the Oslomarka woods; the forested and hilly areas surrounding Oslo. Another close neighbour is the Oslo Vinterpark ski centre, which makes Voksenåsen the ultimate hotel for anyone wanting more than just another city break. All 85 rooms, as well as the restaurant and lounges, offer spectacular views of the city and the Oslofjord. The Dag Hammarskjöld pavilion also offers guests stunning views of the forest through huge windows and gives one the feeling of being seated outside. The building itself is

formed of simple, natural materials, with the whitewashed brick walls complimented by slate, oak floors, bright Scandinavian woods and tight lines. Inside, the furniture too is built around timeless Scandinavian design, which instead of competing with nature, plays on the different seasons. All of this works to achieve the hotel’s goal of bringing nature into building – something further achieved through the presence of large windows that allow guests to enjoy natural sunlight.

A national gift from Norway to Sweden A large piece of Sweden in Norway – Voksenåsen is Norway’s national gift to Sweden in return for humanitarian assistance given during and just after World War II. The gift was presented in 1955 and to this day, the Swedish and Norwegian flags wave side by side. The building’s architect, Hans-Kjell Larsen, has been with the hotel since its inauguration in 1960 and he still visits today. The aim of the hotel’s administration and staff is to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and inspiration whilst helping guests face the demands of daily challenges – whatever they may be.


Restaurant Nils Holgersson Voksenåsen is proud of its kitchen and restaurant, and this is a part of the hotel the staff wish that all guests familiarise themselves with. Throughout the year, the hotel’s top chefs serve up everything from traditional Swedish and Norwegian fare to more exotic delicacies from other parts of the world. Occasionally they serve food in accordance with a chosen culinary theme like, for example, Swedish rural food. Regardless of a theme or not, you are always guaranteed an exciting culinary experience at Voksenåsen’s Restaurant Nils Holgersson.

Five-star conferences Voksenåsen’s conference facilities have, as Norway’s first, been granted with five stars. The professional conference department can offer a number of conference and breakout rooms in various sizes and is staffed from early morning to late evening. All of the conference rooms are named after a choice of prominent Norwegian and Swedish celebrities: The Einar Gerhardsen Hall and the Tage Erlander Hall, can both hold up to 180 participants, while the Einar Gerhardsen Hall has its own stage with a grand piano. The VIP room, the Wasa suite, has its own saloon and patio as well as what are undoubtedly the best views in town. Kungaterrassen (the Kings Terrace) was opened in 1999 by the royal families of Norway and Sweden and the Dag Hammarskjöld Hall is used as a high-tech meeting room and banquet facilities. Finally, “Villa Utsikten” offers panoramic views over Oslo and the fjord, and is the perfect choice for intimate meetings and business liaisons.

50 years of events As a national gift, Voksenåsen’s programmes form part of the humanitarian aid that Sweden gave Norway during the war. In this tradition, and inspired by the second United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, a programme has been instituted that looks outward, to the south and developing countries. The culture and programming staff arrange activities that range from language and culture to political and economic affairs, industry, tourism and regional cooperation as well as Sweden and Norway’s international commitments. Voksenåsen also presents classical concerts, folkloric music events and singers, whilst the annual and international Summer Academy for young musicians is renowned and well respected. Swedes are renowned for celebrating various festivals throughout the year, and the following are just a few of the seasonal highlights: ‘Valborgsmässoafton’ (Walpurgis Night) consists of a bonfire and which traditional songs are sung and delicious herrings and schnapps

facilities at a glance The Voksenasen Culture and Conference Hotel offers business guests a portfolio of benefits ➜ 85 rooms ➜ 11 meeting and breakout rooms ➜ Conference capacity – 180 people ➜ Dinner capacity – 225 people ➜ All technical facilities ➜ 12km from Oslo city centre ➜ 50km from the airport ➜ 30 acres of natural gardens ➜ Outdoor swimming pool ➜ Fitness room and Sauna ➜ Free parking ➜ GPS coordinates: 59° 58”31.77 N and 10°39”56.09 E consumed. More delightful cuisine, traditional games and a maypole can also be found during the Midsummer celebrations, while ‘Kräftskiva’ – a long established crayfish party – features cheese from the Västerbotten region of Sweden as well as traditional drinking songs. Last but not least, ‘black soup’ – a soup traditionally made from goose blood – is served at ‘Mårten Gås’, while mid-winter is celebrated with traditional songs early into the morning during the ‘Santa Lucia’ festival.

Art & exhibitions At Voksenåsen you will find a large art collection, consisting of a range of works including paintings, glass and sculptures. “The Queen Crown With Mantle” by Ulla Marit Brantenberg is one of the exhibition’s most prized pieces, and is made from stunning silver and crystal. The exhibition is easily accessed and free of charge, but private tours can also be arranged if required. The Voksenåsen Gallery also hosts exhibitions of well-known artists, such as Håkon Bleken, Ørnulf Opdahl, Dan Young, Frans Widerberg, Lena Cronquist and Lars

Lerin. Guests also have access to a fantastic range of both contemporary and traditional Swedish and Norwegian literature via the Selma Lagerlöf library.

Caring for the environment Voksenåsen wants to adopt an environmentally conscious way of thinking, and the hotel’s ultimate goal is to become one of the most environmentally friendly hotels and conference centres on the market. As of 2012, the hotel is a Climate Neutral Enterprise, and also supports the building of Gyapa Cooking Stoves in Ghana. Voksenåsen sustainability reporting is in line with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – a framework for reporting on corporate economic, environmental and social activities. GRI is a widely applicable, comparable framework that facilitates transparency and real responsibilities amongst participating organisations. further information:

+47 22 81 15 00


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