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One of the most lead to depression. haunted areas of Bir- One night Walter went mingham is right in to the station with a the heart of the city revolver and shot himat Birmingham New self in the chest. His Street Station, many ghost has been seen deaths have been by numerous people in listed through the working at the station years in the station, mostly at night. in the 1930’s a train derailed and over 20 people were killed. Another character has Birmingham doesn’t often been seen at have a river, therefore New Street, his name a train would be the is Claude. Dressed in most likely choice for a Victorian costume, a person to commit he is often sighted at suicide. It is believed platform 4, Claude that a man names Walter Hartles haunts poisoned himself, the reason for his death is platform four, the unknown. The original 68 year old has been dead for 75 years, he New Street station was built in 1848, a total of used to work at the 4 suicides have been station, it was rudocumented on platmoured his marriage form 4 it is considered broke up then he started having finan- the most haunted railway station in Britain. cial difficulty which

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Birmingham is a place which is surprisingly full of ghost sights and haunted buildings, you would expect nothing out of the norm in a place which is so busy. People go about their daily lives without witnessing anything. For a place with so many reports of ghost sightings, it made us question how supersticious is birmingham? After some surveys and research on the matter we came up with an estimated proportion of who believes and doesnt believe in ghosts, and everything in between.

It is our conclusion that Birmingham is generally a place where the majority of its inhabitants are indeed superstitious. This includes those who are unsure or slightly suspicious, these people are still capable experiencing ghost sightings and other supernatural things. This possibly explains why Birmingham has had so many ghost sightings, but we cant be sure, maybe people who dont believe in ghosts have experienced them, but there could be another explanation.

GHOST HUNTIER Where you get ghosts, your likely to find ghost hunters. These people either proffesionally or in their spare time track down ghosts using a range of equipment specificaly made to detect the deadt. Here at Void we find it fascinating that this sort of stuff happens .We decided to look into the

This is what is known as the Ghosttech full spectrum light. This gizmo utilizes the full range of colors in the spectrum, it is meant to attach to a camera to supposably expose ghosts in the photograph. For a fee of £55 you can buy yourself this tool, whether or not it actuelly works, we will let you be the judge of that.

This device known as the ‘Mel Metre’ Is supposed to measure magnetic frequencies and air temperatures.

These two measurements which this device detects are supposed to fluctuat when there are ghosts around. Our guess is this is another essential tool which the ghost hunters need.

RS EQUIPMENT What appears to be one of the most simple tools of which a ghosthunter carries, surprisingly has one of the most sophisticated purposes from the ghosthunters arsenal.

The laser grid maps out the surrounding area which can then measure the speed and dimensions of a anomoly and even map out a 3d model of it.

Simple called the ‘Ghost Metre’, this device is considered the most important tool for a ghost hunter.

When paranormal activity takes place, this device aparently detects them through their electro magnetic disturbances.



Like with many people who have watched DIY superhero films such as Kick Ass 1 & 2, the notion of being a real life superhero seems quite ridiculous but at the same time achievable.

Scott Cooke has achieved what many have only dreamed, the chance to be a real life superhero. Operating in Birmingham, The Statesman found fame in 2011 when his story was covered in the local and national papers, but that was two years ago, and with it being impossible to locate or contact him, we can only speculate what has happened to Birmingham’s only vigilante. After a voluntary unmasking on the internet , his identity was exposed, with people in his life such as his mother and neighbour commenting on his soft nature, and general lack of fitness for vigilante exploits. But we doubt that, police reports state that he managed to outrun police and catch a felon whilst Cooke was on a team up in London with fellow real life superheroes. So where is he? From research fellow RLSH members, Cooke seemed the toughest and most able in this country at least; Angle Grinder Man seemed content with Grinding clamps off of peoples cars and the Night

Warrior and his sidekick/girlfriend Night Maiden retired when the attempted stopping of a crime ended in a night in A&E for the duo.

It’s quite possible that Crime fighting life in the UK is not stimulating enough for anyone to consistently fight crime. During his unmasking, the Statesman mentioned that crime was low in Birmingham, so he resorted to tending to the homeless, escorting the drunk and not much else. In America, RLSH is popular, Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign featured on Newsnight and commented on the lack of criminal activity in the UK, Jones himself has been recently taken to court over assault, in which attempts to control a crowd outside of a club in Chicago ended with racist remarks towards Jones, a trained Mixed Martial Artist who then challenged someone to a fight and the rest was history/uploaded onto Youtube. Maybe RLSH activity better suits the US than the UK, Scott Cooke seems to think so or the Statesman would be patrolling the streets of Birmingham as you read.

Mike and Ian have been running the ghost walk in Birmingham for 5 years, a lot of people ask if the stories are true? They are not to frighten or scare, but only to share.

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Suicides are the most

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information from

common reason for

something relating

news articles or

hauntings. The spirit

strongly to the per-

passed down stories

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sons life, even objects

from down the years.

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A question commonly

trauma in their life,T

haunted if the spirit

asked is why? Why

which prevents it

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are there ghosts here

from resting

the object in its life.

and why do they lin-

peacefully. The spirit

They gather

ger on for so long,

may be linked to a

and why are they

place where they used

situated at the par-

to spend a lot of time

ticular place.

in their lifetime, or a place of great sorrow and upset,

The seat of local

you enter the Coun-

the storage room the

Government, built

cil House, it is seen

sound stops. It is as if a recorder is re-

between 1874 and

just floating in the

1879, this building

air above the stairs,

peatedly playing the

is full of haunt-

it is known to be a

same sound, the noise

ings as many suicides

local counciler who

is linked to a man who had died in the

and deaths have been

took his own life, by

linked to this build-

hanging himself in

room, the room was

ing. Security guards

the entrance hall.

then converted into a

and cleaners are the victims to most of the sightings of ghosts, when its dark and quiet at night, that is the best time to notice the ghosts, they dont just appear at night. A figure is most often seen above the stairs as

storage room because The sound of quiet tapping of a keyboard has also been heard by many coming from the storage room, but once you enter

nobody wanted to work in there.

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Street Supernaturalism in Birmingham

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