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Dictaphone Powermic  II  and  Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  

Recently  the  federal  government  has  created  a  stimulus  package  which  will  cover   the  cost  of  purchasing  and  deploying  electronic  health  records  (EHR).    Now  medical   professionals  are  looking  for  the  best  solution  for  their  practice.    Dragon  Medical   Practice  Edition  is  a  software  suite  that  will  effectively  and  accurately  maintain   patient  records  and  in  less  time  than  traditional  methods.         Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  helps  clinicians  efficiently  navigate  and  dictate   medical  decision-­‐making  treatments  directly  into  patient  records.    Medical   practitioners  find  that  this  software  improves  care  efficiency,  reduces  transcription   costs,  ensures  information  security  and  of  course,  improve  the  profitability  of  the   business.    With  regards  to  security,  Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  supports  HIPAA   patient  privacy  protocols.     Dictaphone  Powermic  II  has  built  in  control  buttons  that  integrate  with  Dragon   Medical  Practice  Edition  so  that  dictation  and  navigation  through  the  different   screens  is  easy.    Its  ergonomic  design  makes  it  comfortable  to  use  for  long  periods  of   time.    The  microphone  uses  the  latest  in  technology  for  background  noise  removal,   is  able  to  recognize  different  accents  with  ease,  and  has  over  60  installable   vocabularies  for  specialties  and  subspecialties.    In  addition,  the  user  is  alerted  when   the  software  detects  poor  audio  input  and  offers  remedies  in  order  to  increase   future  accuracy.       Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  includes  a  template  library  that  can  be  customized   to  the  practice’s  business  style.    Many  software  products  require  the  user  to  adapt  to   the  flow  of  the  software.    The  creators  of  Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  believe   that  it  is  the  software  that  should  be  customized  to  the  business.    In  fact,  once  the   software  has  been  installed,  it  searches  the  network  for  resources  in  order  to   maximize  the  user’s  experience.     Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  can  be  installed  on  just  about  any  PC  that  has  a   processor  of  2.4  Ghz  or  more,  2GB  of  RAM,  5GB  of  free  hard  drive  space,  a  sound   card  and  a  DVD-­‐ROM  drive.    The  software  is  designed  for  Windows  7,  Windows   Vista,  Windows  XP  and  Window’s  Server  2003.    Dictaphone  Powermic  II  connects   via  USB  and  comes  with  a  9  foot  long  cord  so  that  the  practitioner  has  the  freedom   to  move  around.     Dragon  Medical  Practice  Edition  is  designed  for  medical  firms  with  up  to  24  medical   professionals.      Practitioners  will  find  that  they  will  be  able  to  provide  a  better   service  to  their  patients  with  a  higher  level  of  record  accuracy  as  well  as   reimbursement  rates  from  insurance  companies  will  rise  due  to  the  reliability  and   accuracy  of  the  patient  record.          

Dictaphone PowerMic II & Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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