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Drinking Fun! Fun! Fun! Going to parties and drinking with friends. Am I right? It’s fun to get so impaired that you can’t walk straight or your judgment is so bad that you might do something that you’ll regret forever. Yeah, its fun at first but you could end up in a really dangerous situation. Here are a few facts that might surprise you about teen drinking.

The brain’s Hippocampus (responsible for learning and memory) can be 10% smaller in underage drinkers. • Children who begin drinking at age 13 have a 45% chance of becoming alcohol dependent. • A person who starts drinking at the legal age of 21 has a 7% chance of becoming addicted.

I know that reading this doesn’t convince you much that drinking isn’t a good thing…a few quotes from some experienced and educated Doctors, Physicians, etc. “It has become clear that, during adolescence the brain is highly plastic and shaped by experience…Alcohol appears to interfere with the changes in circuitry that occur during learning.” -- Dr. Aaron White, Duke University “Teens, through their choices and actions, have the power to direct the development of their own brains.” -- Dr. Jay Giedd, Chief of brain imaging,

National Institutes of Health.

“The use of alcohol, by itself or with other drugs, can retard the normal growth and development of young people.” -- American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Alcohol: Your child and Drugs”

“In sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic ways underage alcohol use can sidetrack the trajectory of a child’s life- or end it.” -- The U.S.

Surgeon General’s Call to Action, 2007.

If you are still not convinced to wait until you are 21 to drink, then think about this situation…Your parents having to go to your funeral…or your family having to contact you in jail or prison because you killed someone else while you were drunk in some crazy situation. A large percentage of teenagers these days has either gotten drunk or has had some type of buzz from drinking alcohol. I myself have. However, it isn’t as fun as people make it sound. You lose friends, family, and sometimes even yourself. Alesha paxton - Staff Writer



This year’s men’s NCAA tournament started just like any other, but, ended in heartbreak. It was not just for the players and coaches whose teams lost in the first two rounds. Heartbreak also came to the nearly 7 million fans that filled out tournament brackets. Over 42% of the people chose the Kansas Jayhawks to win the championship. Some 3 million people watched their hopes of a perfect bracket go down the drain, when the Panthers of Northern Iowa pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the NCAA tournament. So much for the Jayhawks, a team that was considered to be one of the “best teams of the last 3 decades.” Most people’s brackets had already been ruined by this point. Whether it was Villanova losing to St. Mary’s or Georgetown losing to Ohio, chances are, the Kansas game wasn’t the first major upset that left our so called “bracket experts” holding their heads and eating their words.

Most people enjoy the fact that UNI, St. Mary’s and Cornell made it into the sweet 16. This is because because people do the cliché thing and root for the “Cinderella” team. Remember George Mason in 2004? Of course you do. The Patriots shocked us as they stole our hearts by beating the #1 seeded Connecticut Huskies in the “elite eight” moving on to the final four. Yeah good for them! Some people, on the other hand can’t stand this absurdity. When I look at the elite eight, I want to see teams that I can root for. Teams like Duke, Syracuse, Kansas, Georgetown and Kentucky. I can easily root for them because of players like John Wall, Wes Johnson, and Sherron Collins. These guys are likeable players. These are the teams that we followed all season. Now we are rooting for a team whose best player is named Ali Farokhmanesh. A team we know absolutely nothing about. Yes they’re from Iowa, the northern part. They came in and beat Kansas and ruined everyone’s brackets. I don’t think it’s funny anymore. And all this is for what? To see these unknown teams get blown away by Michigan State or Ohio State?

Kentucky standout fresman guard John Wall

At the end of the day, when people give up on their little crushes for the little guy, they will realize that the elite eight will be way more interesting and watchable. Rooting for teams like Duke and Kansas and players like Demarcus Cousins and Jon Scheyer seems like the right thing too do. Or you could be rooting for UNI or The Cornell Big Red, and players teams against the best teams.

Ali Farokhma WHO?

like Jeff Foote and our good friend Ali. Call me old fashioned, but the tournament should have the best Not some great team vs. an Ivy league team from upstate New York.

The moments raining after one of the biggest upsets in tournament history.

Sam Seymour - Staff Writer

The inside scoop to our soaring athletic falcons Let’s see what the future professionals have to say Rowdy Fisher - varsity tennis player Q. How many years have you been playing tennis? A. 6 years, I started in 7th grade. Q. What made you go out for this sport? A. I had a lot of friends on the team and just wanted to try something new. Q. What’s your funniest tennis moment? A. One time I was just hitting the ball around with friends and we were grunting like Mario characters, and I swung at the ball so hard that I missed it, slipped and fell on my back! Q. What are some challenges you have had to face? A. Defiantly getting on varsity. It was scary and nerve racking. I got on varsity my junior year. Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses? A. My strengths are that I’m ambidextrous in tennis, and I am pretty consistent with slices. My weaknesses are if I get down in a game it’s hard to come back. My nerves take over. Q. who are your friends that you play with? A. Kevin Brady, Andy Gregory, Kristin Batsel. Q. what advice would you give to upcoming varsi.ty A. Don’t be intimated by varsity players. Be outgoing and make a lot of friends, which makes it a lot more enjoyable

How Safe is our Communities? Because of this, many citizens feel Do you think Nampa has a high crime rate? Is it dangerous, maybe even scary? Well, if you think you’re surrounded by crime, such as rape and murder at its max, then what you’re about to read might make Nampa sound like heaven. Here’s “The Top Five most Dangerous Places to live in the world.” 5. Russia: Russia has more gangsters and rebels than the entire police force. Someone is assassinated every 18 minutes. On average, there are about 84 deaths per day due to murder. The total population is 143 million. 4. Venezuela: It is known as one of the most dangerous place to live in Latin America. Their law enforcement cannot be trusted. They have found that many of the officers themselves are delinquents and corrupt .

the need to take the law into their own hands. A hit man can be hired for as little as $20. The murder rate stands at around five a day in a nation of 25.6 million people. 3. Jamaica: 5 murders a day in a nation of 2.6 million. Yes, Jamaica is a beautiful place. However, in certain parts of the country, it is rampant with crime. 2. South Africa: It is rated the highest for rapes per capita. 50 murders a day in a nation of 47 million. 1. And last but not least…Columbia with 47 murders a day in a nation of 45 million. Its crime rate is over 3 times more than that of New York’s. So, again, do you think we are safe? We are very blessed to live in a such safe place. We can trust our law inforcement officials, as well as look out for each other and ensure that ourcommunities continue to be safe havens for our families. Alesha Paxton - Staff Writer

We recently spoke with Logan Bull a junior in ASB leadership. We asked Logan who was in charge of decorations and her response was: Stephanie Krantz and I were in charge. The theme was a combo mix between the city, and something classy like a garden, and we came to a compromise of a Rooftop theme and it turned out better than I hoped it would. There were some weight issues with the tent, but when we got it up it was perfect. I wouldn’t do anything different. It ran super smoothly and teachers were really tolerable with students being pulled out of class. The music was perfect, I was super stoked about it. I was nervous they would only use crazy stuff and everyone would be upset, but I’m glad they threw in different types of music. The backdrops for the pictures were okay, but they were really romantic and cheesy. It was either garden and city in the background or a Brooklyn bridge, so you have to find the happy medium. If you could pick your own prom what would you pick? We always joke about making a cowboys and Indians prom just to make everyone upset, because it would be funny. However, planning prom is so hard to pick a theme because it’s really formal.

The first thing you do when planning prom, is just talk about what you like and don’t like. The D.J. is really important, so getting this figured out early will help you with the budgeting issues. We asked Logan about any complaints she had heard concerning prom. Logan’s responded that only a few people complained. This seems exceptable knowing that you will never make everyone happy! Most feedback was good. Lighting and music is huge and if you don’t get any complaints back on those, than you know you did well. “We wanted to prove everyone wrong and it turned out great”. Logan Bull Becuase of this years success, we think prom should be at school from here on out. Administration liked having it at the school too, because we can control more things such as lighting and that’s super important. We talked about reducing the students grinding on each other. This is definelty an issue we have to deal with it. We have to keep the administration happy, because if you don’t, they’ll shut us down. If you heard a song and said to yourself, “you can’t dance to this”, its because they had to tone down the music.

Vallivue High School


Prom Review

Rowdy Fisher: “I loved the decorations this year. They were great, and I loved hanging out with friends in big groups, taking pictures and dancing. It was so much fun. The only thing I disliked was spending so much money. Becoming prom king made my whole entire senior year. The only time I cried was because I was laughing too much.” “The whole entire experience with prom was pretty great. It was the best prom that I’ve attended. I’ve only been to two proms, however, this one was defiantly the best.”

“My dream prom would be at the Idaho center, where it’s nice, big and not too hot. I’d have to say for a theme, it could be lights, camera and action. Calvin Mangun: “I thought prom was good, but, honestly I thought it was too dark. I tripped a lot on the trash bags that were lying on the floor. I thought the teachers were a bit too picky on dance moves. Some students weren’t even that close and they got yelled at. The music was intense and I liked dancing to it. Some of the songs had inappropriate words. Nonetheless, we are grown up and we can deal with it.”

Calvin goes on to say, “My dream prom would be at the Idaho center, where it’s nice, big and not too hot. I’d have to say for a theme, it could be lights, camera and action. I liked the theme this year, and the decorations were nice.” filled with bright colors. What does this year’s prom theme mean to you? I would think more like going on a date, parking up on a hill and just looking at the city lights. I don’t feel the decorations really interpreted the theme. It was more like a gazebo thing and having that special dance with that special someone. The backdrops for the pictures weren’t intense enough and they were really boring for me. They should have been filled with more awesomeness filled with bright colors. Devhan Morgan: “what I liked about prom is that they actually made the gym not look like a gym. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was just that the music got pretty slow at times. It was defiantly different.”“If I could pick any place to have prom, I would pick the Rose Room in Boise, it would look really cool.” Jordan Thornton - Staff Writer

Minors Smoking

Cigarettes… Do you think that minors should be able to smoke? Do you think that smoking should be legal regardless? I think it should be illegal, but then again there’s nothing illegal in a cigarette. It doesn’t impair you or anyone around you. Cigarettes are dangerous though; they can start fires and most importantly can kill. Second hand smoke is proven to be worse for you than actually lighting up and smoking a cigarette yourself. It’s very addictive and can be a hard habit to break. All in all, there’s no way that anyone can convince every smoker on earth to quit smoking even if it is illegal. So, I guess that making it illegal for minors to smoke is the best the law can do. Alesha Paxton - Staff Writer

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