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OPEN LETTER TO GOVT VIA MEDIA:---------Hundreds of IDPs Families since 1982(30Years ago)are still IDPs, BUT No one asked about Relief and Re-settling of these IDPs …???????WHERE IS CIVIL SOCIETY & FREE MEDIA…???..We demand Govt,Civil Society & MEDIA to take Notice by Highlighting Our miseries:>KINDLY FORWARD THIS HUMANTRIAN ISSUE TO ALL CONCERN U CAN. Almost all Pakistanis aware about the terminology of IDPs after Conflict and Taliban atrocities in Malkand Swat (KPK) and other parts of FATA.All the stake holders like Govt,International Community & Civil Society did all possible help Relief & Welfare with these mentioned areas IDPs even by giving monthly Assistance & compensations etc..It is good aspect We appreciate this act of all concern.. BUT also want to mention an exceptional case of hundreds of IDPs Families since 1982(30years ago) are still IDPs and Living in very miserable condition BUT No one neither Govt nor Civil Society yet asked about Welfare & relief of these Human beings….WHILE these IDPs became IDPs due to state supported so called Jihadi Policy and they became the prey of strategic depth….?????BUT state did not take care of its own citizens for last thirty(30) years which is big q mark ?? We (thousands of IDPs,a list of more than hundred IDPs families heads and their fathers given in below table) displaced from our own Land and property in Sadda Lower Kurram Agency in year 1982(A.D) by American CIA puppet Zia regime and american CIA puppet secrete agencies so called Jihadi Policy(in War between USSR & USA) by forcefully giving our Land and property (Which is even today our ownership according to Revenue record) to so called Jihadis for using Strategic importance of our area called “PARROT’S BEACK” for infiltration in Afghanistan whose four provinces touches Kurram Agency during the decades of 1980’s. At that time in the decade of 1980’s terrorists from world especially Arab countries having Wahabi Ideology and from within Pakistan especially adjacent tribal areas NWFP(now KPK) and even south Punjab in the Leadership of Jihadi Commanders Abdul rasool sayaaf etc were forcefully settled in our native Town/City Sadda ,Our elders at that time protested on this saying that the rude and extremists wahabi ideaology of American CIA sponsored Jihadis are not acceptable to us, BUT no one take notice of this And on one side the state apparatus and law enforcing Agencies completely supported so called Jihadis like Abdul rasool sayaaf etc, actually American CIA sponsored, While on other side through a pre plan settled tens of thousands Afghan refugees within our native Town/City Sadda and surrounding Kurram Agency even by making Pakistanis ID Cards & passports for them to change the demographic of area by converting it into American CIA sponsored Wahabi ideology Jihadi state... After that through a pre plan and state support especially the American CIA biggest Agent Zia regime (God curse be upon Zia Laeen who sowed the seed of Extremism in name of Islam ) the so called Jihadi Commanders of that time like Abdul rasool sayaaf etc with the support of International & national terrorists especially Zia & Saudi Wahabi supported Sipaha Sahaba local & south Punjab Terrorists started a war in form of armed Lashkar attacks even supported by Afghan refugees on native owners of Sadda city Lower Kurram.These wars and attacks during 198284 with full state support were actually the alleged GENOCIDE of local Turi Bangash tribes (Owners of Sadda city at that time and even today according to Revenue record) in the hands of armed american CIA agents and Wahabi Wealth supported by so called Jihadis. The local Turi Bangash tribes (Owners of Sadda city) tried to resist BUT these Wicked Wahabis American CIA agents so called Jihadis and their local supporters were so CRUEL & BRUTUAL that they even fired bullets on babies by murdering Two brothers named Intezar Hussain( a six month baby )and Rizwan Hussain three years child with addition to murdering dozens of men women & children. The wicked so called Jihadis and their local supporters plus afghan refugees with full state support with addition to murdering Children and women also destroyed MASJID AND IMAMBARGAH with explosive like dynamite , WHILE at that time

Commandant Army/FC was silent Spectator instead of taking Action Against militants so called Jihadis ,may be he (that time Commandant Army/FC) was directed by Zia regime to take no action)……Anyhow after that hundreds of Families of the local Turi Bangash tribes (Owners of Sadda city) were forcefully displaced from their own land in Year 1982(A.D) and they took shelter at PARACHINAR Upper Kurram in very miserable and poor conditions….From that time of 1982(A.D) till Date(During Last thirty 30 years) ,these hundreds of IDPs families neither received any help even a penny from Govt nor from any International & National Humanitarian Organization like UNO,UNHCR,Red Cross,HRCP etc etc……Similarly Neither Civil Society & nor so called FREE JUDICRCY have telecasted & highlighted Problems of these real IDPs………..WHICH is proof of MURDER OF JUSTICE……….??????

DEMANDS FROM GOVT AND CIVIL SOOCIETY + FREE JUDICRY VIA MEDIA:--FORWARD THIS E-MAIL TO GOVT HIGH UPS & ALL CONCERN. According to recent Media Reports the Government of Pakistan is interested to bring Peace and development in Conflict areas especially Kurram Agency FATA by announcing compensation package for the IDPs and by Re-settling IDPs……………….We the thousands of Turi Bangash IDPs of Sadda Kurram Agency (since 1982A.D, detail List of more than 100 IDPs families heads name/father name attached)…Living for last thirty(30) years as IDPs in Parachinar Victims of state supported terrorism(Ironically Govt & State neither give us any compensation nor declared us as IDPs..???) want to clear a point to all Via MEDIA that until and unless our Genuine Rights Like Re-settling on our own land and Property in Sadda Kurram Agency with addition to including us in a Special Compensation package announced for Kurram by covering our 30years losses………THEN………………………………..NO PEACE AND STABILITY CAN BE ACHIVED IN KURRAM AGENCY…..We have heard that Government & state has just included those recent two three years IDPs in proposed plan who even supported and backed the militants Jihadis of ban ttp,ssp & lej…….WHILE We the hundreds of Families of real IDPs who opposed (since 1982 & still opposing…)the American CIA sponsored so called Jihadis( currently in the shape of alqaeda and pro alqaeda terrorists militants Jihadis of ban ttp,ssp & lej )…..We are deprived of our Rights…………????????????SO NO PEACE CAN BE ESTILISHED by such STEP MOTHER AND ONE SIDED TREATEMENT IN THE NAME OF ESTIBILSIHING PEACE & JUSTICE…??THINK ON THIS?? Here we want to add a single example that How much loss billions of Rupees We faced during last 30 years…..The wicked so called Jihadis and their local supporters plus afghan refugees with full state support are forcefully living in our homes and doing business in our shops/markets (property own by us even up till now according to Govt Revenue record)…BUT did not paid us the rent of our land, homes and markets/shops………………..????We ask this from so called custodian of Islam and jihad the wicked Wahabis Jihadis that to pray and practice religion and life on other persons own/property is HALAL OR HARAM….???? Similarly from Govt & State Why still silent spectator backing these bloody wahabis terrorists like ban ttp,ssp,lej & their local supporters in Sadda Lower Kurram…..????WE hundreds of families of 30years old IDPs(since 1982) and still IDPs want to ask these Questions from all stake holders including Govt/State,Judicry,Civil Society,Internation Community like UNO,UNHCR,Red Cross etc that WHY they are not FOCUSING AND HIGHLIGHTING this worse ever crime of state supported Terrorism and STEP MOTHER TREATEMENT committed to us……R we not Human Beings………???? THEREFORE, ….1).Govt/State should compensate us by giving 30years losses& Re-settling us in our Sadda city. 2) State should build and protect our Religious places like MASJID & IMAMBARGAH destroyed by Wahabis. 3) OTHERWISE the establishment of PEACE & STABILITY in Kurram Agency will be just dream & big JOKE….. NOTE:-IF ANY ONE LIKE CIVIL SOCIETY & MEDIA WANT TO KNOW THE PROBLEMS OF THESE OPPRESSED 30YEARS OLD IDPS(IDPS SINCE 1982 & STILL IDPS)THEN THEY CAN MEET AND INTERVIEWS THE IDPS FAMILIES ATTACHED.

LIST OF IDPs Families (Family No Head of Family/Name, & Father Name, from Sadda Lower Kurram by Zia Regime in American CIA sponsored so called Jihad with the help of Jihadis & other extremists militants. All these mentioned IDPs Families are living in PARACHINAR Upper Kurram Agency FATA (Ironically undeclared IDPs by Govt/State..???)...If some one(Media,Civil Society want to meet & enquire they can find TRUTH) by Visiting these IDPs Families in PARACHINAR,kurram Agency FATA.




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