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Voice of Fetus, Nepal Helping Mothers, Saving Babies and Ending Abortion.

The teenagers learning to say “No” to Pre-marital sex. Abstinence: Not to have pre-marital sex and get pregnant unexpectedly. Dear Prayer partners, heartiest greetings to you all in the holiest name of our Lord and savior Jesus. It is our privilege to inform you about our ministerial activities. I believe that you mention us in your regular prayer. As scripture says that the prayer of a righteous are effective and powerful. Indeed, your prayer can make huge difference in the spiritual world. Nowadays, Satan has made his main target to the teenagers of 1\3 (one third) of population of Nepal. They are badly influenced by different kinds of glamorous items and technologies. Pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancies and abortion’s events have become common among them. Many of them are already damaged by the abnormal procedure of abortion. They are really in vulnerable situation. Parents do not have time for them, government do not have any specific program for them, teachers emphasize only their study, churches focus only their spirituality but there is none to understand their internal problems they facing. So, on 22nd, June 2010 VOF Nepal conducted an Abstinence Education Class among the teenagers of Balkhu Slum Area at Sanepa Kathmandu. 29 teenagers from the age of 13 to 20 were participated. They were taught about the abstinence to say “No” to premarital sex and about the alternatives to abortion. They were very serious with the teaching. Many of them were in tears and trying to express their feelings. At last, Many of them came to us and demanded to conduct same kind of program in their schools and communities too. They told that their friends have needed it.

VOF Nepal launches its prayer meeting with a small group of people. Actually, VOF Nepal fights against the sin and the Satan. It is a real spiritual warfare. So, the Executive Community of the organization decided to initiate and conduct its prayer meeting twice in a month and it was started from last 25th June, 2010.

The prayer meeting was held at the office of VOF Nepal itself. Mrs, Nirmala Thapa the prayer coordinator, the chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer , executive director and others prayer assistants were involved in prayer.

VOF Nepal receives a precious offering from a beautiful and generous couple Mrs. Goma and Sundar are the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, Nepal. Mrs. Goma who collected some amount of money in the name of her unborn baby as she was pregnant. She was inspired with the billboard placed by the VOF Nepal which can be seen directly from her dwelling place. So, on 17th June 2010 she offered that collected amount to the Executive Director of the organization. Now, she has beautiful baby on her bosom. Please pray for them regularly.

VOF Nepal’s One year Plan and its estimated Budget and Your contribution PROJECT DISCRIPTION: PROJECT TITLE: Abortion Minimization and Reproductive Health Program LOCATION: Kathmandu Valley DURATION: One year STARTING & ENDING TIME: September 2010 to August 2011 PROJECT GOAL:To minimize unwanted pregnancy is to minimize abortion and to minimize abortion is to minimize reproductive health problem. PROJECT OBJECTIVES: • To address the genuine factors associated with unwanted and unplanned pregnancy among the target groups of project area. • To inform the target groups about the conception, pre-natal development of a child and abortion procedures and its types and consequences; • To enlighten people in project area about the appropriate life saving alternative solution of unwanted pregnancies beside abortion. ACTIVITIES TO BE CARRIED OUT UNDER PROJECT: Center based activities: ⇒ Establishing administrative office. ⇒ Establishing counseling center. ⇒ Providing individual counseling and education to clients with • Oral and technical method, • Helpline, • Internet online, • Correspondence. ⇒ Providing free Pregnancy test to clients. Media based activities: ⇒ Publishing Printed Media production. • Public Awareness bookmark • PA brushier or leaflets ⇒ Launching website for clients and visitor ⇒ Publishing organizational brushier. ⇒ Placing Public Awareness Billboard. ⇒ Publishing PA articles through local journals ⇒ Composing and recording PA songs and Jingle.

Community Based Activities: ⇒ Conducting occasional or annual Public Awareness campaign: • Conducting an Abstinence youth Conference among young adults and teenagers on the occasion of Valentine Day of the project year. • Conducting a Public Awareness Peace Rally and Gathering on the occasion of International Women Day of the Project year. • Conducting a Cultural program on the occasion of ‘Teej’ festival or ‘National Women Day’. • Conducting an Appreciation Program on the occasion of National Mother’s Day ‘Amma KO Mukh Herne Din’. ⇒ Conducting Monthly Public Awareness Campaign & capacity building and organizational development program and : • Forming Pro-life group in communities and training them to act as a volunteer. • Conducting training workshop for organizational development. • Conducting interaction program among the leaders of the influential sectors to address the genuine factors of unwanted pregnancy and its alternative solution. • Conducting public awareness table display and sex abstinence & reproductive health seminars in schools and campuses. • Conducting Proper family planning and pregnancy care program in needy communities. • Presenting public awareness DVDs regarding conception, prenatal child development, abortion procedure- types and consequences in communities. • Building adoption link between issues related individuals & families. • Providing the contact of home environment maternity house or hostel for single pregnant ladies. EXPECTED OUTCOME OF THE PROJECT: Abortion will be minimized and become unnecessary and good reproductive health of a woman and right to born of an unborn child will be assured in community. TOTAL NUMBER OF PROJECT BENEFICIARIES: Directly: 30, 000 Indirectly: 100, 000 to 300, 000 TARGETED GROUPS: Family, women, youth and unborn babies FINANCIAL DISCRIPTION: 1 Estimated total project cost: Rs.828, 380\- (Eight hundred twenty eight thou-

sand three hundred eighty only 2. Internal source: NGO & Public contribution: Rs.80, 600\- (Eighty thousand six

hundred only) 3. Amount requested: Rs.747, 780\- (seven hundred forty seven thousand seven

hundred eighty only If you want to be a voice for those voiceless and innocent unborn babies, please open your heart and offer your precious gifts and help us to raise this amount of money from other potential and cheerful givers.

An Prayer Request Thank you

“Please pray that God may help us to raise this fund within the month of July and August, because these are our funding months”

If you want to be our regular or One time giver please contact us or you can deal directly through our bank account. Details of bank account: Account No. 00602676670017 Account Holder: Voice of Fetus Nepal Bank Name & Address: Himalayan Bank Limited, Patan Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal Swift Code: HIMANPKA FOR USD TRANSFER Intermediate Bank: CITIBANK N. A. BIC SWIFT CODE: CITIUS33

GPO: 8975 EPC: 2194 Kathmandu Nepal Contact: +977-9841651569,

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