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VOF newsletter: 43

Date: 6th July, 2013 Please visit Voice of fetus, Nepal’s newly designed website:

Helping mothers, saving babies and stopping Abortion

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Dear Pro‐life friends and families,  None of us are without purpose living in this World. We all are designed by God for some  purposes. In order to make our life meaningful and significant we must live a purpose  driven life. So, I believe that God has made me for this wonderful ministry of saving lives. I  really feel real peace deep inside my heart on doing the Pro‐life ministry. I know that I am  not doing the things of my heart but God’s heart.      Last month, God permitted me for two important things. First, He allowed me to make  VOF promotional video of  10 minutes and another is to design the official website of VOF.  So now, you can enjoy watching the video and visiting the website of VOF by following the  link:     As usual, on 2nd July, 2013 Soman Rai (Elisha) was invited for 3 hours class in Woman  Leaders Training (WLT) in NCFN. There were 14 young ladies and women from different  parts of Nepal. Soman Rai presented teaching on the sanctity of human life through using  several teaching materials. He presented Pro‐life DVD produced by Gabriel International  (GI) as a main teaching material. Students received the teachings with tears and sometime  with great smile. At last, all the students were led to commitment prayer and distributed  the life bags for the use of their ministry.  

A Model -Khatri Family Rajendra and Esther Khatri are  the missionary of Mahima Bap‐ tist Church in Kathmandu and  they are doing church planting  ministry in Baitadi, Far‐western  Nepal. They are really commit‐ ted in teaching the Pro‐life edu‐ cation. VOF supplies needed  Pro‐life materials to them. Last  month, they had an opportunity  to teach the Pro‐life teaching in  a Bible training centre in Dha‐ ran, Eastern Nepal. There were  20 students from different  churches of Eastern Nepal. Simi‐ larly, they had another opportu‐ nity in Baitadi itself to teach the  issue among the young leaders  from several churches in Far‐ western Nepal, who were there  for evangelism.  According to  their report, Khatri family had a  golden chance to present the  teaching on abortion in a semi‐ nar organized by the local group  in Baitadi. All of them were non‐ Christian but received the teach‐ ing with great interest. Likewise,  God is using Khatri family very  mightily. We are really happy  with their partnership as they  report us regularly.  

Special Prayer Points: ● Please pray for the participants in our last seminars so that they can use the provided materials to teach their churches and communities. ● Please pray for Khatri family as they are doing wonderful ministry. They have some threatens from some extremist groups. Pray for their safety. ● Please pray for my Delhi trip from 7-12th July, 2013 for Pro-life Hindi DVD recording project. ● Please pray for VOF team as they are making new year plan and budget.

Fund: VOF believes in vision than provision. We are committed to fulfill the vision from God. How about your commitment to support the vision from God? Please open your heart and hand to involve in this LIFE saving movement. VOF receives any kind of grant: prayer, financial, commodity, volunteers, technical, etc. Thank you. Banking Detail: Account No.: 00602676670017 Account holder: Voice of Fetus, Nepal. Bank name and add: Himalayan Bank Ltd. Patan Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal. Swift code: HIMANPKA

For further information: Voice of Fetus, Nepal GPO 8975 EPC: 2194 Katmandu, Nepal. Email: Contact: +977-9841651569 website:

Vof newsletter 43  
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