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Voice of Fetus, Nepal Strengthening and Promoting the value of human life

Volume: 41 Newsletter Date: 7th May, 2013

VOF is busy in promoting the value of human life in biblical perspective Dear Pro-life friends and families, it is my great pleasure to update you the Pro-life activities done by VOF in last month. As I had shared you the prayer point to pray for my trip to some hilly and mountainous districts of Nepal, the trip and trainings went well. Thank you so much for your fervent prayer. Now, please enjoy the reports with photos below: Dhankuta is one of the hilly districts of Eastern Nepal. The head quarter of this district is Dhankuta Bazar, which is very beautiful. On 7th April, 2013 VOF conducted a Pro-life training of trainer (ToT) in Dhankuta Baptist Church with the active coordination of Christian Society. Despite of strike ‘Banda’ more than 80 participants from different churches, Bible schools, press and media were participated in the training. In whole training, Soman Elisha Rai presented the teaching on the humanity of unborn baby, abortion, its types, complications, alternatives and church response with different teaching materials. All the participants were touched and moved with the teachings. They were challenged to be an active Pro-life service provider or advocate for life in their locality. The Life saving bags (trainer bags) contain of Pro-life DVD, book and brochures were distributed to the participants. The event news was also broadcasted through two local radios (Makalu FM & Dhankuta FM) and published by weekly newspaper also. Shankhuwa-sava is one of the mountainous districts in East Nepal, where Mt. Makalu is situated. This district is famous for trekking and China market in boarder. Khandabari is the head quarter of Shankhuwa-sava. According to Shankhuwa-sava times (an online news) the abortion industry is alive in Khandbari. Non-listed service providers are active in that job. There are very few churches and Christians. So, on 9th April 2013 VOF conducted one day training in Believers Church, Khandbari on the topic called ‘Abortion Free Society’ with the active involvement of the local churches and communities. More than 50 participants were participated in the training. Some of the participants were non-Christian also. And they were there for the first time in church, coming and learning together with Christian like that. They shared their wonderful experience and feedbacks of the training. One of the ladies shared that the kind of program should be conducted in an open place where all people can have awareness. We had some mother participants too coming from long distance by walking and carrying their baby in bamboo basket. We amazed looking their active participation and interest in teaching. Some college students were also there, who made notable questions to resource person, which he had not expected from them. After the training one pastor came and offered to VOF one thousand rupees and said that he will pray for VOF and the ministry. What a kind heart!

Pro-life Training of trainer in Dhankuta

Pro-life training of trainers in Sabkhuwasava

Page 2 Taplejung is the last district of Far-east Nepal joined with India and China border. It is also one the tourism points of Nepal. It is famous for Mt. Kanchenjunga, lakes, red pandas, etc. After the Sankhuwasava Soman Elisha Rai went to the Taplejung and conducted training on 12th April, 2013. The training was happened in Taplejung Baptist Church with the active coordination of Christian society. More than 80 people from different churches, district woman and children development association, and media were attended in the training. Many participants were in tears after hearing the teaching and watching the DVD presentation. Mrs. Sita Gurung the woman representative from District women and children development association admitted that the training was best and tough training for her. And Mr. Santosh Purkuti the news reader of Tamor FM also commented about the significance and standard of the training and he also read the news about training through the Tamor FM in evening and morning news. The Ps. Dhana Bikram Iwaram Limbuthe Chairperson of Christian Society shared his experience after the training that he feared a lot and humbled before God. Many realized their past wrong deeds. At last, all the participants were committed to be the voice of the voiceless unborn babies and received the Life saving bags as trainer’s bags in order to train their communities.

Voice of Fetus, Nepal

The Pro-life training of trainers (TOT) in Taplejung

The Pro-life training of trainers (TOT) in Ilam

Ilam is a hilly district, which is famous for tea. It is also a tourism zone. After the Taplejung, VOF conducted another Pro-life training in Ilam with the active coordination of Ilam Christian Society and networking with District Development Committee in Ilam. The training was took place on 17th April, 2013 at New life Church, Ilam. More than 80 participations were there to learn and to be trained for Pro-life mission. Soman Elisha trained them with various topics related to Pro-life education. Many hearts and lives were touched and transformed with the teachings. At last, they were made to be committed for advocacy for the lives at risk. The ‘lives saving bags’ were also given to all participant to aware the people in their community. Just recently, I got a report from Ilam that a young man presented the teaching in his community, where more than 100 hundred people were participated. He was so excited.

Sindhupalchock is one the hilly districts in central region of Nepal. Chautara is the head quarter of Sindhupalchock. It takes four hours to get there from Kathmandu. On 23rd April, 2013 Soman Elisha and Ps. Hem Lal Gautam went to Chautara, Sindhupalchock and conducted one day Pro-life training in Chautara Koinonia Church under the active coordination of Christian Society. More than 80 people from different churches and communities were attended the training. The chairperson of Press Sindhupalchock and the news reader of local FM also took part in the training. They collected the event news and published and presented them by their media. All the participants responded the teachings with great interest and excitements. Some received the teachings with tears. The participants were challenged to make valuable resolution to speak and stand for the lives at risk. At last, they all were prayed for their inner healing and recovery and handed over the ‘Life saving bags’ to train the people in their communities.

The Pro-life training of trainers (TOT) in Chautara, Sindhupalchock

Volume : 41

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Dhading is also one the hilly districts of Central Nepal. It takes four hours to get Dhadingbensi the head quarter of Dhanding from Kathmandu. On 28th April, 2013 VOF conducted a Pro-life training for trainers (ToT) in the Believers Church of Dhadingbensi. The training was happened with the active coordination of Christian Society. More than 70 pastors, womanyouth leaders, interested believers and youths were gathered together for learning. Soman Elisha Rai had educated the participants with Pro-life teachings with various teaching methodologies. All the participants were wordless and quite by hearing the teachings and watching the Pro-life DVD. Many of them were shocked and taken back to their past life by the teachings, but same time Soman Elisha Rai presented the teachings of hope and forgiveness through Christ with loving and non-judgmental manner. At the end of the training, all of them were excited and committed for new mission Pro-life. An excitement: Mrs. Lidya Gurung one of the participants in the training called Soman Elisha by mobile and shared her passion for Pro-life as she started the work from her family by presenting the DVD at same night of the training. What a passion!

The Pro-life training of training (TOT) in Dhading

Funding: VOF believes in vision than provision. We are committed to fulfill

the vision from God. How about your commitment to support the vision from God? Please open your heart and hand to involve in this LIFE saving movement. VOF receives any kind of grant: prayer, financial, commodity, volunteers, technical, etc. Thank you

Special prayer points: ● Please pray for the train-

ing of trainers (TOT) in Gulmi & Lamjung in 10 -13th. May 2013. ● Please pray for the

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needs in VOF’s administration and human resources. ● Please pray for all the

participants in our last six trainings of trainers so that they might use the materials and save lives.

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